A Marriage in Dog Years by Nancy Balbirer

A Marriage in Dog Years

When Nancy Balbirer learns her beloved eleven-year-old beagle has kidney failure, she’s devastated. She and her husband had gotten Ira as a puppy—a wedding gift to each other, and their first foray into “parenthood.” Now, her dog is terminal, her marriage is on life support, and Nancy is desperate to save them both (whether they want it or not). In a single year, she loses her two best friends, but Nancy’s life is about to take yet anot...

Details A Marriage in Dog Years

TitleA Marriage in Dog Years
Release DateJun 1st, 2018
PublisherLittle A
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography

Reviews A Marriage in Dog Years

  • Jennifer Blankfein
    AVAILABLE IN JUNE! PRE-ORDER NOW! Author Nancy Balbirer takes us with her on the rocky journey of life as we see her joy filled marriage filled with hopes and dreams blossom then fizzle, at the same time her beloved, terminally ill beagle struggles to defy the odds and live another day. This touching true story is told with honesty and humor, stirring up so many different emotions...well written in the author's voice, it had me crying and laughin...
  • Fiona Macdougall
    Wonderful, raw and very open and honest. We all go through trauma in our lives but to be so honest is refreshing. It was absolutely devastating in places and relatable. Amazing!
  • Chani Knight
    More like 4.5 stars. But still. This was a well written memoir that really touched on how we start to view our past and present when it feels like we have lost control. Also how we use different units of measurement - i.e. the dog - to try and quantify or even qualify a situation or timeline to follow what they’ve been through with us.Our pets don’t live for nearly as long as we all wish they did, but it is entirely true for this book that we...
  • Barbara
    I’ve been on a good run with Amazon’s monthly free books for Prime members for the past few months. With two great, positive, life-affirming, building-yourself-up-again-after-great-loss novels (‘Digging In’ by Loretta Nyhan and ‘When Never Comes’ by Barbara Davis) in March and April, I was hoping my good fortune would continue when I picked the autobiographical ‘A Marriage in Dog Years’ for my May choice. It’s about a woman with...
  • Deborah
    Sweet and sadSo many feelings so aptly expressed in this book. Very well written and I could relate to so much of her story about her marriage and the horror of losing her precious dog, Ira. Definitely glad I read this book
  • Melissa Jackson
    Wordy Way too many different words to say the exact same things over and over. Ira was the only character I liked.
  • Mags
    Here is a Whole-Foods-eating, cleansing-candle-lighting, psychic-consulting, horoscope-believing, chi-modifying, yoga-ing, wine-shop-owning, witch-seeking-when-stumped ex-actress-turned-writer’s majestic I, I, I! monologue.Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly an incredibly sad interlacing of two heartbreaks—a dying dog and a dying marriage. But it was just, I don’t know, a bit too narcissistic to spark empathy. I love my dog and during th...
  • BLS and QF
    Beautiful and rawI started reading this book this morning and couldn't put it down until the last page. So raw and beautiful. I cried and laughed and felt really connected with the author. This memoir reveals her marriage, the perfect beginning, the changes in careers/goals, the infertility, IVF, the lack of sex, counseling, sacrafices, the distance, and finally the end. Meanwhile it parallels her relationship with her dog who she got right after...
  • Donna
    I chose this book as my Amazon Prime Reads choice for the month of May. A Marriage In Dog Years is officially on Friday, June 1st so look for it on Amazon soon! Meh. I felt meh throughout the entire book. Spoiler alert, I’m going to essentially tell you about this book so if you’re curious about it, stop reading my blog post right now and come back after you’ve read it. Or heed my warning and know that you really are not missing much by pas...
  • Dottie Resnick
    Although the book was promising, it was also disappointing. After 11 years of marriage, the puppy that was a wedding present to each other is now dying as is the marriage. The author spent a lot of time justifying keeping the dog alive, despite horrendous vet bills (which the couple really couldn't afford) in hopes of also keeping her marriage alive. Felt the story which really related more to the disintegrating marriage and two individual with d...
  • Kayo
    This book really hit me. Very enjoyable although the points were tough. Highly recommend.
  • Melanie McKinley
    Happy at times and sad at timesSPOILER ALERT. I cried so hard at end. The story was just amazing I am still crying right now 😠
  • Pamela Scott
    https://thebookloversboudoir.wordpres...I wasn’t expecting much from this memoir. I chose it, by default because all the other Amazon First Read titles were a thriller of some sort. I’ve gone off thrillers again. A consequence of reading so many. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed A Marriage in Dog Years.I was moved to tears by Nancy facing the death of her beloved dog Ira. You need to be a dog person to get it. A dog is more th...
  • Shir
    This book tried really hard to follow in the footsteps of Eat, Pray, Love with regards to Elizabeth Gilbert's discussion on her failed marriage. I respected the author's process here, and felt bad because Ira seemed like such a wonderful, supportive dog who didn't deserve all of the heartache his human was experiencing. It seemed like the author had spent more time trying to save her dog's life than trying to salvage her marriage, in the hopes th...
  • Elly
    Wow. It’s a very messy book (being a memoir and all - real life doesn’t tie up all the loose ends) - it’s a whole deep dive of mess and honesty and raw emotion. I struggled... half the time I was thinking ‘why doesn’t she leave him?’ and the other half recognising my past self in her inability to leave and the avoidance/pretending it’s all fine/flipping between taking full responsibility and not/wanting to be the perfect person for ...
  • Jane
    The first half of the book seems confusing and the pace slow. The only thing I understood was that her dog was dying and she's having marital problems. However, the latter didn't seem all that bad. It wasn't until the latter half of the book when I see the marriage going into full throttle down the divorce route except Nancy has her blinders on. There are places where it gets too new age-y but I respect her beliefs and it evidences her coping mec...
  • Tina Bailey
    For a memoir, it was good.I picked this from May's kindle first list because I normally always read thrillers, and wanted something different. It did have humor, but not as much as I thought, but then again it's about a marriage ending. I am in a happy marriage for almost 30 years now, so I can't relate. I did relate to losing my dog, Jack, a Scottie who gave us tremendous happiness and will always be remembered for loving us through many things,...
  • Alicia
    A relatively interesting memoirThe author has written an engaging memoir for the first half of the book. From about halfway, the novel was quite repetitive in regard to how horrible her marriage was and her reluctance to leave and the despair that it continually caused her. While this was to be a story of the last year of a terminally ill dog, it was mostly about a terminally ill marriage. If the memoir had been condensed a great deal, it would b...
  • Beth Brown
    A marriage that has lost its way, and a beloved canine companion whose poor health does not stop him being a source of strength and love...these are the building blocks of this book.I highly recommend reading this book...if you have been in a marriage or any long-term relationship, and if you loved or currently love a dog (yes it matters that it is a dog in this particular situation), you will find shades of your own experience in this book - and...
  • Cristin
    Beautifully written, evocative, heart wrenchingThis is simply lovely. After having both my marriage and love of my life (the dog. Not the ex) I could relate to each heart breaking step of her journey. Beautifully woven together, made me think. And laugh. And cry. Like buckets of years and snot, overwhelming sorrow kind of crying. But somehow after that cathartic cry, peace. And appreciation for the road traveled, regardless of the outcome.
  • Becky Knapp
    Parallels of lifeI was married and had a dog. In so many ways this was a parallel to my own love and loss I thought a lot about that time in my lifetime and where I am now. I miss the days of us but I love the memories we made together. I think of those times but I loved tribe fact the hurt is all to real and some days even five years later I feel the loss and sounder was it ever real. Love you my boy Cody and my former wife. Weall were once good...
  • Tina
    Once again I chose a book that held such promise and did not deliver. Yes, it contained bits about Ira, but it was more about her struggling marriage. Her husband quit his NYC lawyer job to open a wine bar which left the family struggling. Then he quit that to "find himself" while having an affair. This book was more about my lousy husband. I understand that the author recently published a book about her marriage. Is it Volume 2 because this book...
  • maudann robinson
    This is a sad book about saying goodbye to both her marriage and her dog. I am not sure which one was the hardest to let go of. It makes you return go about your own live . I would recommend this book to my older friends who have lived e and choices we all make. It is a good read even when it is sad.Through similar events in their lifes. Younger readers might not understand the way things turn out. It is an interesting book.
  • Laura Alpert
    The book is well written. However, I find the narrator exhausting. I lived through a difficult (first) marriage, much worse than this one. Now that I’m happily remarried, I’d really rather not relive the angst. She careens from one philosophy to another to try to make sense of her life and marriage. Not sure if I’m going to finish this one.
  • Taylor and Angie Dribben
    Easy enjoyable read; just a little overdoneAppreciated the reality of it. The honesty of her reflection on herself. However, there were many times I felt several paragraphs could have been trimmed down to one. I didn’t need the author to make and remake her points. I would’ve preferred one strong statement.
  • Julianne
    The author is a little nuts and there’s a fair share of weird spiritual references but I’m actually nuts in exactly the same way so it didn’t bother me much. I loved the prose. I don’t think there was much of a “story” here but I just really like the way she writes. Curses interspersed with poetic narration. I want to be this woman’s friend. That’s basically all I have to say.
  • Lallen
    Humorous and SadI liked the prose, even read aloud to my husband parts I really liked; something that is rare for me. My own sweet, sweet dog Maggie developed a weird neurological disease and passed away. It was a week or so later I started reading and could identify with everything the author was feeling about her dog and life in general.
  • Marybeth
    Good bookLaughter and tears notwithstanding this was a good read. The way she strings her story together makes it hard to put this one down. I fell in love with Ira and identified with Nancy which for me defines a book: could this be my life? This book reads like a Woody Allen movie. Angst and the human experience are one and the same for Nancy.
  • Virginia Brown
    I criedSpoiler alert... the dog does die. I cried. I ugly cried about the dog. Much of the story is told in flash backs, frequent flashbacks that repeat themselves. Yet, I also see as our world falls apart, we keep thinking if I had chosen a different path at that that point...A little tough reading because of the frequent flashbacks, but overall a good story.