Mark of Fire (The Endarian Prophecy #1) by Richard Phillips

Mark of Fire (The Endarian Prophecy #1)

An ancient prophecy. A young woman’s destiny. Lorness Carol, coming of age in the kingdom of her warlord father, Lord Rafel, aspires to wield magic. But she’s also unknowingly become the obsession of Kragan, an avenging wielder as old as evil itself. He’s waited centuries to find and kill the female prophesied as the only human empowered to destroy him. However, dispatching the king’s assassin, Blade, to Rafel’s Keep, ends in treason. F...

Details Mark of Fire (The Endarian Prophecy #1)

TitleMark of Fire (The Endarian Prophecy #1)
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
GenreFantasy, Fiction

Reviews Mark of Fire (The Endarian Prophecy #1)

  • Dee Arr
    Right from the first page of “Mark of Fire,” author Richard Phillips begins the hard-charging pace that could describe this entire book. This is definitely an action-oriented story, neatly wrapped inside a world that also has its share of magic wielders and evil half-men called vorgs.The author trades description for story. Although providing the least amount of words forces the reader to ingest more imagination into the book’s world, Mr. P...
  • Kevin Bergin
    Arrrrrrgh, its finished. No. I was so engrossed in this book I never saw the end coming. Yes I know I must have realised at some level. This book needs a warning, “So good will leave you panting for more”. And who let me read this book before the sequel is released? Now I walk around with the possible next part of the adventure in my head.Just how I love my books, fast and furious and plenty left to my imagination rather than being led and fe...
  • Nadine
    Full spoiler-free review now on my blogSometimes you read a book and realise that it's just not for you, for various reasons. For me this happened with Mark of Fire, the first book in the Endarian Prophecy by Richard Phillips.At the beginning of the story, we get to know King Gilbert and his magic wielder Blalock, who controls the king. King Gilbert is new to the throne, doesn't trust his Lords and expects betrayal from everyone. Therefore, he se...
  • Ryan Sparks
    I bought this book from Amazon, the Fantasy book of the month for October in the Kindle First program. I'm going to be completely honest on this, I accidentally pressed the buy now button, but since it was $1.99, I figured no harm no foul.I love fantasy books, but starting a new series, especially one without a following already, is always a roll of the dice for me. Not only is this a new series, but I have never even heard of the author, Richard...
  • Michael Kremen
    Did Not Work for MeI got this book as a Kindle First book, it comes out in November, with the remainder of the trilogy out in early 2018.Maybe this book would work for younger readers, or those less versed in fantasy, or someone along those lines. It has heroes and villains established rather quickly, and action gets going relatively early to get the plot moving.That said, though some passages were descriptive, I felt more like I was being told t...
  • Deedi (DeediReads) Brown
    I downloaded this title as my Kindle First October Book. I enjoyed it, but I knew I was going to get myself into trouble reading the first of a series that isn't fully published yet!My overall impression is that this book has a classic but compelling fantasy plot, but I wish everything had been more fully developed. There wasn't much world-building in the beginning and the characters are not very complex, but I can feel their potential. I hope th...
  • Jennifer
    I'm not even sure how to shelve this book. While it is written for a YA audience (no swear words, no intimate scenes or mention of sex at all, and overall clean content), the MCs are adults- the h is 22 and the H is 27.This book shouldn't be shelved under romance since there is absolutely no interaction between the MCs. They think back on their shared history, but at the beginning of the story, haven't spent any time together in five years.The ma...
  • Kirstin
    Struggled with what rating to give this, I read it all, but unlikely to bother with the next book when it is published.Hard to say what was wrong with it, it just felt like “fantasy by numbers” if that makes sense... once upon a time this happened , then this , and this but it all turned out okay ... everything felt rushed, no detail, no history, no character building.. and when anyone got in any sort of mishap, it was always resolved with no...
  • Diana Carson
    Fun light read. Character development very light but nice plot. Classic hero's journeyThis is a fun fast read, not a complete story to itself. If you want to read all the books in the series, then dive in. Good for young teens, nice female character.
  • Cherryl Stiles
    Endarian equals engrossed.The book was very well written. I gave a 4 rating because, well it was almost superb. But as much reverence the author has for his wife, having the names Carol for a great and powerful wielder that was professed from thousand years back, I felt like Carol was not a very apt name for a such setting of magic and time. Neither is Kim for an Endarian princess. Anyway, story was really good all in all. Can't wait for the next...
  • Gloria
    The book was good enough to want to continue the series.The description is somewhat misleading, because though Blade (or Arn) and Carol have feelings for each other, there was no interaction between them in this book. Rather, the King believed that Rafel, Carol's father was being treasonous and sent Blade to kill the family. Blade warned Rafel and then went on his way. beginning his repayment of Rafel for raising him after his parents were killed...
  • Steve Pillinger
    I hate it that young adult books are so seldom (change that to 'never') advertised as such! It always takes me a while to realise that that's what I'm reading, and then I feel conned.It gradually dawned on me that this was not like Phillips's Rho Agenda books (which I thoroughly enjoyed): everything happened very quickly, major decisions were taken at the drop of a hat with no build-up and very little justification offered… and so, finally, the...
  • Jacqueline Firster
    Wow. Not worth it even tho it was freeI wanted to say that this was one of the worst books I’ve read but I couldn’t make it through to the end so I will say that it just was not worth the effort. It read like a boring D&D adventure. I seriously googled the gist of it to see if it matched an actual adventure because it sounded so much like a straightforward battle/collect treasure group. Tedious. I got through the first 15-20 chapters by readi...
  • Kendra Parker
    There were some good lines and fun imagery, but there wasn’t enough to this story for me to really get into it. I think there was too much exposition and not enough action or dialog. The whole time I found myself pushing myself to read it rather than being eager to get back to it. Phillips’ world building was quite good, but the characters seemed lacking in interest. Sometimes I had trouble figuring out a character’s motivation or logic. I ...
  • Dawn
    I received an advance copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Promising premise, weak story. A prophecy to stop a madman—of course said madman must find and murder the main character of this prophecy. Carol is the daughter of a nobleman and warrior. Surprisingly she is a well of magic, and she masters this magic quickly and efficiently—this I found hard to believe, but of course if she is the woman of the prophecy this has to be ...
  • Barbara Cannon
    I found this epic fantasy book captivating and it's the first of a trilogy, so the second is pre ordered and I am waiting for it to fly onto my kindle on January 9th 2018. There are several tribes who have developed different powers that they use to defend their kingdoms. This story is about the need for one tribe to venture out and seek a safer place to live and help from other kingdoms. The weather is changing as winter sets in and they only ha...
  • Kevin Black
    Plot! Yay! I can't stand turning a page to see what happens next and finding to my risk surprise that I had just finished the last page. Boo! Those are my more obvious reactions. What intrigues me more is that I wish I knew what made the writing seem pedestrian rather than great. It was not _bad_, but that would have been easier to detect. But from the first pages, I felt something 5 cents out of tune. If I could explain why, I would be a better ...
  • Kara Prem
    3.5-4 stars. This was a long book, but overall a good read. It follows 2 main people. Carol is the daughter of a Lord who has been targeted by the king (who was influenced by an evil sorcerer). Her father and his people flee across a desert to escape the king and his army. The other main character is Arn, who was raised by Carol's father after his parents were killed by vorgs, evil wolf-human type things. Arn became the king's assassin and is sen...
  • Maria
    One of my free picks from amazon, I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but have to admit I had trouble putting it down. Unlike most books, the first half is action-packed and fast-paced while the second half is spent more in setting the scene for the ongoing series. Since most books tend to do this in reverse, I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are interesting and I felt invested enough to immediately order the next book in this s...
  • Cynthia Chaney
    Great not so muchTerrific story that really keeps your attention! Well written with a nice vocabulary range, too. As for the audio... While the narrator does a fantastic job with the voices, I just cannot stand when someone butchers the English language. If there are two T's in a word don't leave them out all together. It's lazy English and is usually practiced by the younger generation. Also, don't leave a soft T out altogether. Exa...
  • Mark M Griesenauer
    A wonderfully told tale of a mystical land.I am very happy that I chose to give this book a try. Magical stories and make believe lands are not my usual choice for reading material, but Mr. Philips has done a remarkable job. He keeps his characters interesting (and their names easily readable), and his description of the countryside is detailed without being overly boring. When you add this to an excellent story, the result is a very readable and...
  • Kayla
    I received a copy of this book in kindle form via a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.This book isn't terribly well written, but it's not awful either. I did enjoy the magical elements, though they weren't really explained much in detail. I would have liked a lot more world building and for the magic system to be etched out a little more. The pacing of the book was all over the place, as well. Overall, i...
  • Vashon Stucker
    I received this advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Mark of Fire was an interesting read. I thought it was going to be more of a science fiction read, but alas it was pure fantasy. That's probably my fault. However, the story was interesting nonetheless. It's great for people who love magic and fantasy worlds, but the characters and relationships fell a bit flat for me. GREAT for people that love magic and superb world-...
  • Vanessa Nunes
    What a shame. The story line had potential, but unfortunately it lacked so many vital details and was slightly ridiculous so I could not finish reading. The story rushed through, very methodical as well - They got up, ate, saved a damsel, escaped vorgs, managed to break in a wild stallion.. all in the space of 2 or 3 pages. And the assassin, I cannot see why he was so amazing. Most of his actions seemed amateurish.
  • Alex Rodriguez
    Good BookI really liked this book and will probably read the next one. This book sets up a big event but I was disappointed when I realized how little of this big event that this book offers. Even though there are three books something bigger should have happened in this book. It was exciting to read I just wish the ending would have somehow connected t h e main characters a bit more.
  • Susanne Curran
    TI was surprised!I usually like to read adventure thrillers and legal thrillers. This was the first time I had read a fantasy thriller and didn't know what to expect. I was really surprised how I got engrossed right away in this story. It had all. The hallmarks of a wonderful writer captured my imagination. Now I have to read the rest of the series to find out what happens to the characters well drafted in Book 1!
  • Steph
    Interesting start but no storyThis was an interesting start to a story but it felt incomplete. Too much foreshadowing makes it obvious whom the main rivals are to be. There also isn’t much of a plot in this book as we are just introduced to many of the main characters and races. If I had to read this again, I would have waited for the second book in order to get more of the plot.
  • Araldia
    A fully developed world embeds a great plot.It feels like Richard Phillips worked hard on developing an entire world, before identifying the characters and story that takes place in this book.Two magic systems, numerous species with their own codes and communities, and a great range of believable environments all mesh together to make the situations and challenges of the characters feel perfectly situated.Very glad I chose this book, and looking ...
  • loraine cooke
    Good read.This author is New to me and I was unsure if this would be my kind of book but thought I would give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a great book. The start of a great adventure with likeable characters and a different world of magic . Will be reading the next book.
  • Chris Clarke-Williams
    A scene shifting take that means to go the reader from the start.This is quite a well written tale with a number of main characters for the reader to follow. The take switches between them sometimes mid chapter and enough questions are left unanswered to make the reader want to open the next book on the series.