Need to Know by Fern Michaels

Need to Know

The Sisterhood: a group of women from all walks of life bound by friendship and a quest for justice. Armed with vast resources, top-notch expertise, and a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right. Through all their missions and adventures, the tightknit group of friends who make up the Sisterhood have learned one vital lesson: everybody has a weak spot. In the case of Yoko Wong's ...

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TitleNeed to Know
Release DateDec 26th, 2017

Reviews Need to Know

  • Aljean
    This is a little picky but I was confused with this book. I've read all the others in the series. I was under the impression that it began in Washing, DC ; Nicki had her law firm there, Jack was a prosecutor, Maggie worked at the Washington Post and Myra lived at Pinewood which was in Virginia. After they were all found out, they moved to Annie's mountain, then the other mountain, then a different location, but came back and settled in the DC are...
  • Joyce
    Another fast read about the Sisterhood and their righting the wrongs ofpeople in their quest for justice. This time a famous singer “Garland Lee”Has been taken advantage of by her lawyer Arthur Forrester. The Vigilantesare on the case and seeking justice for the wrong. I enjoyed the book, but didnot think it was as good as others written. I did not think there was as muchaction in this story.
  • Nancy
    3.5 Fern Michaels is back with a Sisterhood book. I'm so glad this series is highlighting the woman vigilantes again. I like me some good revenge! Garland Lee has been swindled out of millions of dollars and she has enlisted the help of "the girls". This book's blueprint is similar to the others in Sisterhood series..but I do enjoy them!
  • Maryann Fox
    Great book. The Sisterhood ladies are out to come to the aid of a well known singer whose lawyer has been stealing money from her by unethical means. This was a wonderful story about righting an injustice and "taking care of" the "weasel" in the manner they do best at.I love this series.
  • Linda Smatzny
    This is a Sisterhood novel. This time the women are brought a case by Yoko Wong that involves a lawyer who has taken money from a client. When the client fired him, he sues and the client counter sues but the case is now almost three years old with nothing happening. There is tension between the women and Charles with lines be drawn. The book was a very quick easy read.
  • Lois Rixner
    This was a real quick read as usual. I enjoyed the plot, but I miss Charles laying out the plan. The women are totally disorganized even though they do get the job done. The set up for the next book is in the epilogue. I think I know who Myra and Annie are going to visit and can only imagine the results of that meeting!
  • Veda
    I loved this book. Yes it was an unorganized, not the usual mission, but the sisters pulled off what they do best. And left it open to do something more, but you just never know what. Loved Kathryn's mention of a date, and wat more. Now waiting impatiently for the next book.
  • Nancy
    This series has outlived its believability. You have a group of women with a total disregard for the law (of which two are lawyers) and feel that whatever they do to achieve "justice" is fine. This book is so wrong on so many levels. Not at all believable.
  • Melissa mckim
    This my first book by this author I loved it I may have found A new author for me to read. Not new to others but to me It was A very short and easy read ..but very good...I recommend it..
  • Rho
    entertaining as usual - a one day read
  • Sandy
    This is a 3.5, fun, quick read.
  • Shawn
    I still enjoy this series and finding out what the sisters will conquer next.
  • Lynda Chapman
    love "sisterhood" books....another good one!
  • Sandra
    I always enjoy the Sisterhood books.
  • Carol Dass
    I just love the Sisterhood! This is my favourite series of Fern Michaels.
  • Debbie
    Great Book!!