The Fixer by Jessica Gadziala

The Fixer

AVEN- There are a few things I don’t believe in. Like santa. An honest politician. And gut instincts. That was, of course, until I woke up with one.And I knew.This was the day I was going to die. The cops, thus far, have proven useless and uninterested in my issues. When you couldn’t get help from legal channels, what other choice did you have but to look elsewhere?That was how I came across Quinton Baird. A “fixer.” Whatever the hell tha...

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TitleThe Fixer
Release DateDec 7th, 2017
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

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    I see a book in my queue (even without a blurb) written by the talented Jessica Gadziala and I click "want to read." SIMPLE. AS. THAT.Update 11/13/2017: That cover. That blurb. Soon it will be on my kindle where it belongs.DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants and swearing.29 year old Aven Armstrong has a problem. A stranger has taken an unhealthy interest in her and turned i...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UK
  • Leonor
    Hmm, I don't know if I actually liked the book, it was ok enough.It is wrong of me that I half expected him to take her to his place instead of shoving her in one the rooms upstairs in his office building? I wanted him to say "f*ck it I'll take her to my home and protect her with my life." I really didn't feel any chemistry between them. I did loved the secondary characters, Jules, Fenway, Gunner, Kai who is in love with Jules but he was dating a...
  • Dianne
    Where do you turn when even the police no longer seem to care if you have a stalker, because he is just too smart for them? Aven is terrified for her life. The man in the shadows keeps finding her, taunting her and he is getting closer, too close and she knows she is going to die.In desperation, she calls a firm in town that “fixes” things. Apparently even they do not feel things are “broken” enough for them and then it happened. Her stal...
  • Nikki ღ Navareus
    ***FIVE STARS***Wow, what a story! This one sucked me in from the very first page, and kept on pulling me through to the very end. I'm totally digging these darker waters JG has been taking her characters into in her past few stories. This one had a bit of everything in it: action, mystery, suspense, freakishness, and (my fave) romance. I loved the slow burn of Quin's and Aven's magnetic draw to each other, and I enjoyed the distance Quin tried t...
  • Bunny
    I loved this book. Sexy Quin and beautiful Aven (even her name is beautiful).A book of craziness and love all wrapped in a sexy book. What an amazing ride!
  • Brittany
    I wanted to cry when I finished this book. I read 3-4 books a week but this one made me drop everything else and was just one of those books that captivates you from the start. I really loved Aven and Quin. Their story is realistic, passionate, and loving. I've been reading JG books for a while now and I consume every word she writes, but this one was a level above the rest. The Fixer is a new standalone novel, although it is based in the "univer...
  • Sara
    DOLLS!!!!! Y'all are in for ride with this new series! We start off with our leading lady Aven (love that name) who is having some serious trouble. She tries to get help but nobody can do anything so she decides she will have to take matters into her own hands which she does. Now enter Quinn. Oh Quinn you sexy beast you were everything I was hoping for! Quinn is a "fixer" & he employees a few other people (new characters 😃) that have different...
  • boogenhagen
    I love JG's Navesink Bank, but I would never want to live there. I like a nice placid, unadventurous life really. I don't have to worry about it tho, cause JG just keeps writing stories about the place and I keep reading and re-reading them, getting a vicarious thrill before I go back to posting internet cat pictures. This one introduces some new characters outside of the normal NB groups and Aven the h was AWESOME. This woman was in no way shape...
  • Cheryl Norris
    Here’s hoping this book turns into a series because not only was the main couple fantastic, all the supporting characters had me wanting to know their stories and what made them tick. After the worst night of her life, Aven meets Quin when he shows up to “fix” her situation (hence the title The Fixer). What should be a normal situation for Quin, has him reaching for more, wanting to check in on Aven, talk to her. While trying to fix things ...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    What a perfect gift right before Christmas.. A new series from an author I love.. Set in her Navesink Bank world she introduces us to The Fixers, a group of professionals that fix complicated problems for people. The company and team is run by Quinton Baird whose story is the introduction to the series. The Fixers are comprised of 6 men and one woman who are all kick ass and each has a specialty they bring to the table. This was another start to ...
  • Elisa Griffin
    If you loved 14 weeks, 367 days or Jessica's Dark series you are really going to love the Fixer! Jessica is on-point with this one. The Fixer is a firm that fixes problems that sometimes people need help with as a last resort when even the law can no longer help them. Aven has a problem, which is not something Quin and his team can help her with, until her problem gets worse. Then it is up to Quin, Finn, Gunner and Kai to help put Aven's life bac...
  • Chloe
    Another perfectly wild ride by Jessica Gadziala!This book is a standalone story with insanely amazing future potential for a great new cast of "Professionals" - I can't wait to see where JG takes these delicious people!
  • Skip
    Aven is worried. For months, she has had a stalker, a creepy guy taking photos of her, leaving notes, and now it's escalated to the point where he is jerking off outside her house and worse. The cops in Navesink Bank are pretty much useless. She gets a pitbull from the pound, who barks like a nutjob but doesn't actually seem to like her. In desperation, she calls the new "fixer" firm in town, but they tell her that generally, stalker situations a...
  • Jill
    Loved it!!! Hopefully a whole new series happens with all the wonderful characters introduced in this book!!!
  • Christen
    I really hope this is a start to another series by Jessica Gadziala! As always... intriguing characters, smooth writing, and delicious romance! I can't seem to get enough of this author's storytelling!
  • Krystyn Mace
    A great new addition to the NaveSink Bank world!We get to finally meet the fixer firm that popped up an had everyone wondering about and they are an amazing group of people. They are so diverse and bring such new personalities. Aven a sweet girl who wanted a new beginning in a new place and ended up with a stalker. She tries to do anything she can to get help and it seems no one is willing to including the NBPD. Quin is the boss of the fixer firm...
  • Paula
    I kept thinking of Olivia Pope throughout the book and I had to keep reminding me that he was a guy and definitely not Olivia.
  • Alex ♈
    3.5 starsA good book. Safe.MCs were ok. Damsel in distress, but a decent one. I missed romance a bit, MCs’ connection wasn’t very good developed, IMO of course.Nevertheless a fine read.
  • ~ Cariad ~
    4.5 starsI really enjoyed getting back to Navesink Bank. I'd love for more stories from Quin's team.
  • Kodie Mackay
    I do this thing with my favourite authors were I try to wait it out as long as I can before reading the latest release so I doesn't seem as long of a wait for the next one. My logic I fucked i know🙄 but it doesn't stop me trying😂. I lasted all of two days. Jessica Gadziala never fails to complete my life with her endless amounts of fictional bliss. I devoured Quin and Aven's story in a short few hours literally glued to my kindle just about...
  • Debbie
    Another great story from Jessica Gadziala that looks like the beginning of another wonderful series.Aven and Quin grabbed my attention from their first scene together and had me working myself half to death in hopes they’d get their happy ending. The Fixer has more angst than some of the other JG books I’ve read. Both Aven and Quin are strong willed and stubborn. Due to circumstances surrounding Quin’s job, he and Aven weren't together as m...
  • Bette Hansen
    FantasticAn amazing story of a young woman protecting herself the only way she knows how and the man that will come in and fix the problem that might cause. Even and Quin's story isn't your usual fairy tale but their HEA is beautiful nonetheless. There are great characters in this one I would love to know better. I hope to see more from this group. Definitely a recommended read.
  • Gigi
    Quin!!!!I don’t know how Jessica does it? Every book I think this is my favorite and then another book comes out. That being my new favorite. She draws you in straight from the beginning. I love all the characters and hope they will all get a book too. Once you read a JG book you get drawn in to all the characters and want to know more about them.
    This is another winner for Jessica. She's an amazing author. If you haven't read any of her books I highly recommend any one of them. I don't like to go into details about the book in my reviews because I'm a big fan of not spoiling I for anyone. I will say that all of Jessica's book have had me run through a Gambit of emotions. I love that feeling when a book can make you feel. It makes me feel like I am living in that moment with the characters...
  • J.J. Cobban
    I absolutely loved this! I’m a huge Henchmen fan and didn’t think anything could top them but Jessica has done it! I read this book in one sitting and am already dying for the next one. I’m hoping it’s Gunners HEA next 😍 this was an amazing read and I’m already looking to reread it! #JessicaStrikesAgain
  • Christina Sweeney
    omg once again i was blown away by this story. Quin and Aven were brought together by horrible circumstances but their attraction to each other was undeniable. They both got stuck in their heads. I loved loved loved their story cant wait to see what's in store foe the rest of the fixer crew
  • Angela
    A real page turner! This was great start for a new series!! I'm so excited! I loved Aven and Quinn and I can't wait to see who's next!! I love Navesink Bank and all of Jessica's characters.
  • Julia
    Romance plot gets 3 stars, overall plot gets 4.5 for not going the typical route.