Torrid Little Affair (Forbidden Desires, #3) by Kendall Ryan

Torrid Little Affair (Forbidden Desires, #3)

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And I have the perfect candidate all picked out. My new assistant is tempting beyond belief with her curvy body and take-no-shit attitude. All those luscious curves, and a juicy ass I’m already in love with. God, the things that I would do to that ass…But it’s the haunted look in her eyes that speaks to me. Like she’s taken just as much shit in her past as I have—maybe more....

Details Torrid Little Affair (Forbidden Desires, #3)

TitleTorrid Little Affair (Forbidden Desires, #3)
Release DateDec 11th, 2017
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Did Not Finish

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  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****3.5 STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Something about this woman—the feel of her, the taste of her, just her general presence—made me want to know her. To have her completely as my own.Cooper is the youngest of the Kingsley brothers and the one with the biggest heart. In the previous book, his heart had been broken when Emma chose his older brother Gavin over him. So Cooper left Boston to get away for a while and has been losi...
  • Christy
    4 stars!When I’m in the mood for a quick, sexy, read- Kendall Ryan is one of my go-to authors. I listened to the audio book of Torrid Little Affair and it didn’t disappoint. It was a short and steamy read and just what I was hoping for. It also didn’t hurt that one of my favorite narrators, Zachary Webber, narrated Cooper! Cooper Kingsley has had his heart broken… by his brother’s girl. It’s not a good place to be. But you know what t...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And I have the perfect candidate all picked out.” Yay!!! First read of 2018 done and dusted… Kendall Ryan is one of those authors I will always read, and even though I somewhat enjoyed Torrid Little Affair, I have to say it is not my favorite of hers to date. Kendall Ryan does what she does best and that is write a steamy hot as hell novel. To be honest, that is probably what ...
  • Kendall Ryan
    It's almost here! You will LOVE Cooper!A forbidden office romance ... With all the slow burn you can handle![image error]Come meet Cooper! You know you wanna!About the BookThe best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And I have the perfect candidate all picked out. My new assistant is tempting beyond belief with her curvy body and take-no-shit attitude. All those luscious curves, and a juicy ass I’m already in love with. God, ...
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    4.5 Stars “Second place was first loser. And I knew that better than anyone.”Awww, my sweet Cooper was so hurt by the events of the previous books so I really wanted him to get his own HEA. It was obvious in Book 1 that he was so sweet and an all around great guy, but not THE ONE. So, here we are after the fact and his living the wild life. Going into this book, I was so worried that his character would change and I wouldn’t enjoy him as mu...
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Full review can be found HERE -->*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.* ~Sonal
  • Karen Mc
    Ever since meeting and falling in INSTA-LOVE with Cooper in Dirty Little Secret, I did not just want but NEEDED him to have his happily ever after. I needed this broken alpha with a big heart to meet his match. I needed this lover of love to find love. Cooper finally gets his love story in Torrid Little Affair and oh what a FAIRYTALE it is with explosive chemistry and endearing moments that are UTTERLY SPELLBINDING! Kendall Ryan delivers Cooper...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    3,5 stars review to come :)     
  • Jacqueline's Reads
    Torrid Little Affair is a stand alone and is the third book from the Forbidden Desires series. You can read the books out of order (except for the first two books), but I highly suggest you read the first two books prior starting this one only because Copper’s influence is huge in the first two books. I liked Copper from the first books because he’s the dependable straight-up no games kind of guy. I like that he is direct and he’s basically...
  • Jess
    3.5 StarsHaving never read anything by Kendall Ryan, I wasn't too sure what I was getting myself into with TORRID LITTLE AFFAIR, but I did enjoy where the story took me. Not only is this book full off hope and second chances, it's also about acceptance of yourself and the life you live. A message we could all learn a little from. Cooper has been burned. Burned hard. Loving someone who doesn't love you back can be a bitter pill to swallow. Running...
  • RentasticReads
    4.5 little dove stars It’s official—Cooper Kingsley is by far my ultimate favorite Kendall Ryan man! He’s just everything I ever wanted in a book boyfriend and more. He’s so sweet and thoughtful, so charming and selfless; a man with a tender side who’s not afraid to show his under belly and his vulnerabilities. But at the same time, he’s still the kind of alpha that I crave. I honestly just wanted to be wrapped up in him forever and m...
  • Courtney
    UGH - Please do not hate me Kendall for rating this book so low. It was extremely hard to do but I am always honest in my reviews.Another tough review for me.... BUT let me start off by saying if you love books that are fast paced, don't want a lot of details, and love a sweet romance, then this book is totally up your alley. However, if you are like me and need more...then proceed reading my review as to why this book just may not be a good fit....
  • bookbruin
    3.5 starsAfter reading books 1 and 2 in the Forbidden Desires series, I couldn't wait for Cooper's story. This is book 3 in the series, but it can be read as a complete stand alone. Characters from the previous books do appear, however.I loved how patient and caring Cooper was, after a somewhat rocky start with Corinne. He has been burned by love and though he lost his way for a bit after Emma, he continues to love deeply and search for that conn...
  • Shayna
    TORRID LITTLE AFFAIR is book #3 in Kendall Ryan’s delectable Forbidden Desires Series. Some people may find that this can be read as a standalone, but I recommend starting with book #1, DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. “What kind of offer was that anyway? He wanted to help me overcome my fear of physical intimacy? Who did he think he was? A sex god who’d make my problems disappear with a single wave of the magical wand between his legs?” You are ALWA...
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewTorrid Little Affair by Kendall Ryan is the newest standalone in the Forbidden Desires Series that chronicles the Kingsley brothers. In the first two books, we witness Gavin finding love and getting his happily ever after and now it’s time for Cooper Kingsley to get his. **Note: While Torrid Little Affair can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend you to read the first two books so yo...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    It's pretty much a given that I will read any and all Kendall Ryan book. I absolutely love her sexy alphas and sassy heroines and honestly could not get enough of Gavin, Emma and Cooper in the previous Forbidden Desires books so I was SOO excited to get more of Cooper in Torrid Little Affair! Gahh Copper and Corinne were pure FIRE!! Their banter was snappy and on point and their chemistry was combustible. I just loved their story.Nursing his woun...
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    Honesty time here. I was very afraid to read this book and I was stalling because I thought Cooper was going to be a very bitter man for a large part of the book. As it turned out, I loved it from fee first chapter when I realised that I wouldn't have to read about his manwhoring ways. All that is behind him. He meets Corrine and that's it for him. He is solely focused on her and how to win her over. I loved that man. Cooper wasn't the man I was ...
  • Bethani Carter
    This is the third book in the forbidden desires series. We met Cooper at the beginning of the series and I was so excited for Cooper to get his own Happily Ever After. Cooper is trying to get over heartbreak and he thinks Corinne is the perfect solution. He never intends to start a relationship, much less fall in love. I loved seeing Cooper fall for Corinne and get his happily ever after after everything hes been throuh.
  • Kelly Emery (Beneath The Covers Blog)
    Oh, Cooper.*sigh* Cooper, Cooper, Cooper....He finally gets his own HEA. Or does he??...We all fell in love with Cooper in book 1 of the Forbidden Desires series. And our hearts also broke right along with his. We're finally given an inside look into his mind, and the not-so-hidden turmoils he's endured trying to nurse his broken spirit. He's quite a unique character...lovable, funny, and just an overall good guy. Throw in his gorgeous good looks...
  • Red Cheeks Reads
    4.5 SMOOCHES!Torrid Little Affair is the third book in Kendall Ryan’s Forbidden Desires series, which began with Dirty Little Promise, a book that has earned a spot on my 2017 top favorites list. Ryan created an intriguing, sexy and emotional series in Forbidden Desires, and after finishing the first two books, I was very excited for Cooper’s story. Technically Torrid Little Affair can be read as a standalone, but I strongly recommend reading...
  • Rebecca
    After witnessing Cooper’s heartbreak in Emma and Gavin’s story, I definitely was ready for Cooper Kingsley to find his ‘one,’ and while I knew it would take Cooper time to sort out his feelings, using booze and one-night stands to distract him from the pain, I wasn’t prepared for him to be so flippant and even a bit douchey upon his return to Boston and his company, especially given the nature of the business and the type of lawsuits th...
  • AC Book Blog (Anne Christine)
    Torrid Little Affair by Kendall Ryan ~ 4.5 StarsTorrid Little Affair is the third book from the Forbidden Desires series and it can be read as a stand-alone. However, you really don’t want to miss Dirty little secret and dirty little promise. They are fantastic and it will give you a little bit of a background on Cooper which will explain why Cooper was away nursing a broken heart at the beginning of this book.I love Cooper from the previous bo...
  • Escape into a Booksite
    *4 Stars* ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review. The third book in the series, this one is about the ever charming and sensitive Cooper Kingsley. We got to know him in the first two books of course, but this one is his own story.I’m not a huge fan of the insta love/lust thing that goes on in these books, but once I got into the meat of the storyline it wasn’t so bad. Coop seems to fall fast and hard, so I chalk it up to just b...
  • Lamplight Review
    This was a fun and HOT book!Chapter one had me laughing and everything after that was fabulous.I read this book in ONE SITTING!I think my favorite thing about Torrid Little Affair was how it pulls out your emotions. Cooper is so hurt about his past relationship failure with Emma. Corrine is scarred from a bad past and is having a hard time opening up to Cooper even though she really wants to. Watching their relationship bloom is really a workout ...
  • Amy
    4 Little Dove Stars!“This thing between us–whatever it was–was powerful. Overwhelming.”“Something abut this woman–the feel of her, the taste of her, just her general presence–made me want to know her. To have her completely as my own.”“I wasn’t generally a cuddler–at least, I hadn’t been for a long time–but tugging her against my chest was a powerful instinct. I needed her close, needed her safe. I needed her to understa...
  • Kahea
    ***4.5 ‘#TeamCooper’ Stars*** After finishing Dirty Little Promise I was more than a little curious to see what was going to happen with Cooper and yet when Torrid Little Affair landed on my Kindle, I had a moment of...hesitation...anxiety....because of all the ways his story could go, and believe me there were many, many paths open considering where Coop was when we left him. But, I needn’t have worried. I did a bit at the start, but soon ...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***AVAILABLE NOW - FULL REVIEW***4.5 Little Dove CROWNSIs it possible to love three brothers? Heck yes! Kendall Ryan has already made me fall head over heels with the domineering and often abrasive Gavin during the previous Forbidden Desire duet, and with Torrid Little Affair, my heart was been seduced by the charm and heart of Cooper.I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Cooper’s story, as my heart absolutely broke for him and the outcome of hi...