Heart Spring Mountain by Robin MacArthur

Heart Spring Mountain

In this evocative first novel, a young woman returns to her rural Vermont hometown in the wake of a devastating storm to search for her missing mother and unravel a powerful family secretIt’s August 2011, and Tropical Storm Irene has just wreaked havoc on Vermont, flooding rivers and destroying homes. One thousand miles away—while tending bar in New Orleans—Vale receives a call and is told that her mother, Bonnie, has disappeared. Despite a...

Details Heart Spring Mountain

TitleHeart Spring Mountain
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
GenreFiction, Mystery, Literary Fiction, Novels

Reviews Heart Spring Mountain

  • Diane S ☔
    4.5 This is the kind of book I best like to read. Quiet books that tell the story of land,, nature and the strong people who are tied to this place. The mountains of Vermont, the book begins with a hurricane and heroin. Bonnie has just shot up when the hurricane hits, her daughter n New Orleans, making a living as a barista and part time dancer. She receives a phone call that her mother is missing, and leaves immediately for home.Strong women, un...
  • Angela M
    Complex characters, complicated relationships, women living seemingly simple , quiet lives in the woods. A narrative structure that can pose at first a challenge, trying to keep tract of the characters in the present and past since there are multiple time lines, multiple narratives. Yet I enjoyed the challenge and found myself vested in them. In this story of this place called Heart Spring Mountain and the family who lives there or have left ther...
  • Cheri
    Returning home in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, August of 2011, a young woman named Vale leaves her job at a bar in New Orleans to search for, and hopefully find, her mother Bonnie, who has not been seen since the storm.They haven’t seen each other in years, Vale can’t even remember the last time she had spoken to Bonnie, and yet when she hears that her mother is missing she doesn’t hesitate to pack what few things she has and head to V...
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    I didn't forget about this book, finally I can share my review:Via my blog: https://bookstalkerblog.wordpress.com/"She knows nothing of war. Her pain comes from different wounds, but isn’t all pain shaded the same color? Soft blue, plum. Running up and down our veins. Recognizable across the room."I had the pleasure of reading an uncorrected proof of this novel months ago and it found me at just the right time. I was in the mood for nature, for...
  • Jessica
    A lot of potential, but a little hard to follow. Full review to come.
  • Chris Mara
    A highly absorbing story of three generations of women each coping with their own lives, loves, losses and pain. They are deeply connected to their rural home land of Vermont and are tied to each other but not in a normal, open way. There are hidden inter generational family secrets and inner struggles. So there is a quest by the youngest woman, Vale, to find her missing mother, Bonnie, (presumably drowned) during a tropical storm. It’s been a ...
  • Ann
    I found this story very difficult to follow. It was narrated by several women and the story line bounced over several time periods. Bonnie disappears during a hurricane and her estranged daughter Vale returns home to look for her. Lena the grandmother is still around and Vale works on developing a relationship with her. The story line was a good one, mirroring recent events but I just couldn't stay interested in the characters.
  • Michelle
    extraordinary in its depth and beauty- this novel is not just about family, and place, but how the two impact each other and how our relationship to each other and the land (the love that grows, the secrets that are kept) plays out across generations and around the globe. Honest and lyrical, I feel like Robin MacArthur truly understands the desperation of hope.
  • Kathleen Gray
    A challenging read as it moves back and forth in time and between narrators. Family secrets and lies usually make for good novels; this is no exception. Vale has returned to Vermont to find her mother Bonnie, who has gone missing in the wake of a hurricane (ironically, she was working in New Orleans.). This is not the Ben-and-Jerry's Vermont. Heart Spring Mountain has been home to generations of Vale's family and it's not always pretty. It's inte...
  • Caroline
    3.5/5This book had some interesting concepts. It discusses what we owe to our ancestors, what we owe to the land we grew up on, and what we owe to the world in general. There were a lot of good descriptions of the land and I liked that. However, after awhile I was a little bit over it all. There were too many weird descriptions of sexual experiences. That’s not my favorite and I guess for some people that is a part of life and caring for yourse...
  • goodoldtree
    Family secrets & the quiet, sometimes complicated nature of small towns are at the heart of this book. In alternating perspectives across decades, the women of one family reflect on their lives, and loves, and a distinct connection to family land. MacArthur manages to capture both the magic and grit of Vermont perfectly here--I loved it.
  • Lynn
    Thank you for making this title available. Unfortunately, the further I read, the more I was convinced that this was not the kind of book that I would enjoy. This is no criticism whatsoever of the plot, characters, writing style, setting, or the author. Merely a statement of my own preferences.
  • Vivek Tejuja
    What is home and what does it mean to you? For the longest time, I have asked myself these questions and gotten nowhere with knowing the answer. Maybe I don’t want to anymore. The idea of home if ever, is just people and memories, I suppose. The place you perhaps can go back to every time you feel out and down in the big, bad world. Isn’t that home? “Heart Spring Mountain” is to be read with all this in mind but at the same time, it deman...
  • Sara
    If you are a Vermonter, and if you are familiar with Southern Vermont, you'll want to read this if even just for the setting. MacArthur gets women in Vermont and she gets Vermont itself. The narrative is complex and a bit hard to follow at the beginning. I found myself wishing I'd diagrammed the characters. But it is worth hanging in there as it all comes together. It weakens a bit towards the end, but mostly it meanders appropriately and some of...
  • Melissa
    I’m not sure what I think about this book. I have mixed feelings. I do give it a 3 star rating. It was 2011 in the mist of hurricane Irene. Bonnie a drug addict goes missing. When her daughter Vale comes home to search for her mother. She finds a whole more. Family secrets are dug up. Secret bones that were meant to stay hidden. Complex characters, Women living their simple live in the Mountains. There is a lot going on and sometimes hard to fo...
  • Stacey
    Touching on the lives of four generations of Vermont women living on Heart Spring Mountain. A beautifully crafted story about family, love, ancient magic, global warming, and the opioid epidemic. I picked this up ready for a good but slow dark read. Instead I found the story’s structure of weaving all the characters together kept the pace going even with the darkness.
  • Kim
    Robin MacArthur's debut novel is an earthy, true grit, tri-generational story by a woman, about women, and for women. Exceptionally well crafted, a multi-sensory feast---at times, I could close my eyes and and smell the cabin she described, then feel and see it. I can not wait to read more of Robin's writing.
  • Jane Sorensen
    This book touched me. It was a recommendation in the Duxbury Free Library newsletter last month, and I am grateful for that. Set in rural Vermont, multi generations of women cope with their worlds. Its a lovely, thoughtful read.
  • Anna
    Admittedly, this was a DNF for me -- nice writing, unique settings, but too many fragmentary narrative threads + not my brand of bleak.
  • Kristina
    First book i received from my subscription to Literati Cultura. Loved.
  • Kim Le
    I liked the story itself but the way it was set up made it so difficult to follow; no lie - I was taking notes and eventually drew a family tree.
  • Lee Ann
    Loved this first novel by a native Vermonter!