This Could Hurt by Jillian Medoff

This Could Hurt

A funny and deeply felt novel that illuminates the pivotal role of work in our lives—a riveting fusion of The Nest, Up in the Air, and Then We Came to the End that captures the emotional complexities of five HR colleagues trying to balance ambition, hope, and fear as their small company is buffeted by economic forces that threaten to upend them.Rosa Guerrero beat the odds as she rose to the top of the corporate world. An attractive woman of a c...

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TitleThis Could Hurt
Release DateJan 9th, 2018

Reviews This Could Hurt

  • Ron Charles
    Jillian Medoff knows corporate America intimately. She once worked for Deloitte, the multinational professional services network that exists so that Don DeLillo doesn’t have to invent it. In addition to three previous novels, Medoff’s résumé includes stints as a management consultant, a communication strategist and all manner of related workplace necromancy. The cover of her new novel, “This Could Hurt,” is an employee termination check...
  • Marcy Dermansky
    I am lucky to have gotten the chance to red Jillian's new book before its release. I even blurbed it. This is what I wrote -- and mean every word.Searing, sexy and surprisingly funny, Jillian Medoff’s This Could Hurt burns through the pages. No one is safe in this cruel but compassionate take on corporate America. I loved it.
  • Jill
    It’s obvious that Jillian Medoff knows whereof she writes. Anyone who has ever been in a corporate environment will instantly recognize the truths that serve as the foundation for this plot. Many of us have either worked at a company like Ellery Consumer Research Group or have known friends who have.So, if the characters seem just a tad bit stereotypical, it’s for good reason. Rosa Guerrero is the widowed and childless HR Chief who is fiercel...
  • Cindy Roesel
    THIS COULD HURT (Harper) by Jillian Medoff is an inspired satire on something we all (well, mostly all) have to do daily! Go to work! For the people working peeps in the Human Resources department of the Ellery Consumer Research Group, sometimes it’s a good day, sometimes bad, but at Ellery, it's never boring! Five somewhat dysfunctional people work hard, hoping to stay employed while the economy shifts making layoffs more realistic than ever b...
  • switterbug (Betsey)
    This has to be the only novel I know of that centers on Human Resources, a department in the workplace that is often mystifying to me (especially as I’ve worked at some places where HR personnel were the most brutal and unkind). I found it an original idea, so decided to check it out. Medoff does is effective at solidifying characters so that they leap from the pages. Also, the manner in which your work family can be supportive, dysfunctional, ...
  • Ettore
    Warm, funny, enchanting, intriguing... What words of praise could one not use about this book? Jillian Medoff takes what seems on its face a rather mundane topic--corporate human resources--and fashions a tale about the behind-the-scenes machinations that's thoroughly engaging yet heart-achingly and gut-bustingly real. The characters are so fully formed and well written that you'll come to feel you've truly spent time with these people. This is a...
  • KBev
    Really loved this book. Super cute & let’s be honest - we all work with people like Rob, Lucy, Leo and Rosa! We know them all! It’s like a Book version of The Office, but with more heart & less Dwight.
  • Emily
    Jillian Medoff is one of my favorite writer. Her new novel is a warm, witty look at modern office life that anyone who has ever come near corporate politics (and even those who haven't) will adore. Her quirky characters and their all-too-human relationships will stay with you long after you finish the book.
  • Karen Bergreen
    I was obsessed with this book from page one. Medoff reminds me of Franzen, although she is less judgmental in her writing. At first read, I felt as if I were spying on a bunch of very psychologically interesting characters. And then, all of a sudden, I found myself very emotionally attached--both to them and the story. A day after I finished, I found myself missing the characters.
  • Courtney Maum
    Absolutely heartwarming!