Drive by Kate Stewart


Music . . . the heart’s greatest librarian.The average song is three and a half minutes long; those three and a half minutes could lead to a slow blink, a glimpse of the past, or catapult the soul into heart-shattering nostalgia.At the height of my career, I had the life I wanted, the life I’d always envisioned. I’d found my tempo, my rhythm. Then I received a phone call that left me off key.You see, my favorite songs had a way of playing s...

Details Drive

Release DateOct 13th, 2017
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Reviews Drive

  • Christy
    5+ stars!!! Music is the heart’s greatest librarian. THIS is one of those books that I will be recommending to all of my friends, because Kate Stewart has delivered in a big way with this book! Drive is an epic story of love, self-discovery, and it blew me away! The perfect amount of angst, steam, laughs, and emotion, Drive is my favorite Stewart book to date! Drive starts with Stella on top of the world. Her career is in the exact place sh...
  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    4.5 STARS He was my song, my soul, my everything, and his love had propelled me forward into the woman I wanted to be. And that woman would burn out with the man who was made to keep her warm. Wow. WOW. Seriously, wow. This book. This was quite possibly one of the most unique, memorable, and captivating romances I've read in a long while. I have no idea how to even go about reviewing this book because I feel like you really need to go into it c...
  • Paige
    5+ “Grenade” StarsI’m bleary eyed and sleep deprived but it is oh so worth it. Drive is an epic romance full of self discovery, hard choices, true, ever lasting love and don’t forget angst. So much angst. But it was SO WORTH EVERY SINGLE SECOND. Two days later and I am still a mess. But in the good kind of way that means not only did I read a good book but I experienced something great. So great in fact that I literally read it a second t...
  • Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks*
    Kate Stewart! She's capable of writing anything and I mean anything. From suspenseful erotica, hilarious romcom to angsty second chance romance. She masters any genre. Drive nurtured my music loving heart and my love for romance. I was blown away by this epic story and the author's lyrical prose. Drive has cemented Kate Stewart as an author who writes without restraint. Her love and passion for music shines through every word. I'm in love and on ...
  • Stacey is Sassy
    ***IT'S ALIVE!!***I got the music in me...I realised something while reading Drive, I’ve never known heartbreak. Sure, I’ve seen the heartbreak and experienced someone else’s heartbreak, but I’ve never been gut-punched by love. I wonder sometimes if we go looking for what we don’t have, or what we haven't had, in our reads. You may think that seems weird to want to read about another's anguish and pain but there seems a lot of fulfilmen...
  • Nicola
    I’ve read several books by Kate Stewart this year—The Brave Line introduced me to her writing and she immediately leapt onto my must-read list. I have to say though, Drive is the best I’ve read from her and I absolutely adored this story and the feelings it pulled from me. It was indeed one hell of a ride. “Take any song from the Rolodex of your life and you can pin it to a memory. It translates, resonates, and there it will remain.” I...
  • Astrid - ☆Vanilla & Spice Books☆
    Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books✮✮✮ ALL OF THE STARS ✮✮✮ Love doesn’t die, even when you stop feeding it. There is no expiration date on the ache of missing someone you shared your heart, life, and body with .Kate Stewart's star is rising. She is one of the most versatile writers I've had the pleasure to read so far and she always, ALWAYS delivers.I have read a couple of love triangles in the past and I'm extremely picky about them b...
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Drive by Kate Stewart5 stars!!! “You have to wait one minute past desperation...” To be honest, 5 stars is not enough for this book. Out of the thousands and thousands of books I have read I have two all-time favourites that I recommend to anyone who will listen. These two books have been on that list for a long time with no stand out books that have deserved to match them…until now. I have read this book three times already, three times ...
  • Corina☞BookTwinsReviews
    Drive was one EPIC ROCK STAR LOVE STORY!!!! It was a messy, and emotionally engaging story of second chances, soulmates, and an overwhelming passion for music. Reading the blurb I knew DRIVE would be a thoroughly touching read, a moving triangle story with heart and soul. It was all about missed opportunities, mistakes, demons, wrong timing, and the soul deep yearning for the right person. I don't usually like to read triangle stories, but I c...
  • Snow
    4.5 "music is life" stars A powerful, emotional and angsty filled drama of second chance love, choices, life, finding your own path and owning it...Making a choice between two men, is no choice at all, both men carved a memo in one woman's heart, breaking it, mending it and yet their stamp was once and for all...but through it all, she needed to let go, let all of it go and find herself first and then once more...again The point where my heart wa...
  • Kim Bailey
    Kate Stewart just rocked my world. First: the music in this book - wow! Amazing selection of some of my favorite songs/artists. I was hit with a huge sense of nostalgia based on music alone.Second: Stella. This leading-lady stole my heart. Seriously, she just ran away with it & didn't bother giving it back to me until the story was over. Actually, she may still have a piece of it.Third: Nate. Wowza. This steadfast, caring, and devoted man is one ...
  • Bex (Night Owl Reader)
    This book is E-P-I-C!!! Heartwrenchingly beautiful, it's a must-read for any romance reader — especially if you are a fan of Kate's writing. [full review to come]
  • Ella Fields
    Kate Stewart has created the mother of all emotional roller coasters, one I happily strapped myself in for. It evoked laughter and smiles one minute and had my heart plummeting in the next.Extremely moving, grippingly entertaining, and so totally unputdownable, this book right here is what angst-lovers dreams are made of.
  • AC Book Blog (Anne Christine)
    DRIVE by Kate Stewart ~ 6 StarsHoly God! Just devoured this book in one sitting into the wee morning hours and it is phenomenal. EPIC.  I was crying, laughing out loud, swooning and losing my damn mind. I was complete enthralled. I will say this - DRIVE is Kate's best work!!! My review won’t do this book justice. It's too simple and Kate is anything but simple so please trust me and read this one. Her writing is exquisite. First half – Meet...
  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    OUTSTANDING. RIVETING. HEART-STOPPING. HEARTBREAKING. I’m in awe of Drive. It’s every angst lovers dream.I don't know where to start with this review. Drive was breathtaking, heart stealing, soul searing goodness that is completely unforgettable. It's a book that hooked me from the start and still hasn't let go. I'm in it's clutches, ruined in the best way by a story that felt so incredibly powerful. It's actually hard to articulate what I'm ...
  • Alba and Her Secrets..♥
    5 'Love, life & music' Stars!ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.FULL REVIEW TO COME!I've said it many times but let me say it again.. Kate Stewart is a writing genius. Such a beautiful, highly emotional story! I am almost out of words. Loved it!
  • Michelle
    *I won this arc from the author*This is amazing! This is the first book I read from this author and I dont know why cause this book was brilliant. I'm a big rock star fan so I knew I would enjoy but I loved everything about it. The story was so good I couldn't get enough of it. I really liked the way the book was written the playlist was just prefect and went with the book so well. Stella is a great character she really so quirky and and fun she...
  • Alex ♈
    Double spoiler tag, don't click on the 2nd spoiler, if safety issues are not your triggers!The book was well written.IMO it was a love-triangle and it was definitely 2nd chance. Both are not my reading preferences, but I was convinced and tempted by fabulous reviews.I didn't like any character, main and side ones. But it could definitely be another case of 'it's-not-the-book-it's-me'.I won't write about my thoughts and feelings, I just point out ...
  • Michelle Claypot
    You know when you finish a book and you realise you are going to remember it FOREVER. This book. Drive. This is one of those books. It's quite simply extraordinary.I finished it at 3am and it took me til almost 5am to let go of the story enough to finally fall asleep. Even now, I have tried to write my review three times but am at a loss for what to say. I don't want to give anything away and ruin anyone's experience but more than that, I know wh...
  • Tiffany Johnson
    I feel like this book was written especially for me. It's like the author knew my book kryptonite. A book that is driven by music...check. A broody, closemouthed, down on his luck to the breaking point musician...check.A feisty, passionate, slightly superstitious heroine who fate seems to love to play with...check.Angst, angst, and MORE ANGST...CHECK! Oh, and did I mention there is a love triangle? :)I LOVED this one. So much. I honestly didn't w...
  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    ★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★What can I say? I read this book in one sitting, I had a break towards the end to have a shower but that was pretty much it.Old school angsty read, I loved it even when it hurt.Stella was a fabulous heroine, I would have loved to have been her BFF - and as for the hero (my hero), I adored him, flaws and all... <3Top marks from me!
  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    5 memorable stars!‘Love doesn’t die, even when you stop feeding it. There is no expiration date on the ache of missing someone you shared your heart, life and body with.’We didn’t come up for air, not even once, whilst we read Drive, it was absolutely everything we love in a rock star romance. The music element was superb and so passionately written with the chapter songs being spot on for drawing out every heartfelt emotion from us. This...
  • aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog
    In his warmth, I was forgiven , desperately in love with the love that was embedded before I knew the meaning. The love that waited for me; the love that showed me the way home. Complete.Have you ever read a book that resonated with you from deep within? A book that even hours after is still in your system it's so hard to let go? A book that even listening to it's playlist will get you back in time from start to finish reliving each moment? Damn!...
  • Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    Wow! I loved Drive! Being lovingly nicknamed "picky-ass" by Kate Stewart, I am definitely a picky-ass hit or miss kind of reader. With Kate, I typically love it...or not. This book I loved. So much that my favorite book by her, Loving the White Liar might be close to being pushed to second place on my Kate Stewart bookshelf. And that's no small feat. Drive is a slow-build book that occurs after our heroine gets "the phone call." He got married. ...
  • Gitte TotallyBookedBlog
    ‘Love doesn’t die, even when you stop feeding it. There is no expiration date on the ache of missing someone you shared your heart, life and body with.’We didn’t come up for air, not even once, whilst we read Drive, it was absolutely everything we love in a rock star romance. The music element was superb and so passionately written with the chapter songs being spot on for drawing out every heartfelt emotion from us. This book became the a...
  • Jan
    Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars, Five Stars.I love it. I loved it. I love it. I loved it.Caution: My most nonsensical ramblings evah. Day 1 - It trampled on my heart, crushed my feelings, poked my ulcer, put me short of sleep. Day 2 - *like a zombie*Mercy, dear author.No. Counting the minutes to my break, grabbed my kindle to feed my obsession, eat...
  • Steph's Rom Book Talk
    I am so emotional from this book. This is a journey of Stella's life in music form. To say anything other than that would lead to spoilers and we all know I hate spoilers. I found myself so many times over the 48 hours that this book had me in its grasps opening my YouTube app finding the song that had been referenced to find Stella's mood. This is another side of Kate Stewart that I am just LOVING!! This entire story threw me for a loop. It twis...