The Woman in the Water by Charles Finch

The Woman in the Water

This chilling new mystery in the USA Today bestselling series by Charles Finch takes readers back to Charles Lenox's very first case and the ruthless serial killer who would set him on the course to become one of London's most brilliant detectives.London, 1850: A young Charles Lenox struggles to make a name for himself as a detective...without a single case. Scotland Yard refuses to take him seriously and his friends deride him for attempting a p...

Details The Woman in the Water

TitleThe Woman in the Water
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery

Reviews The Woman in the Water

  • Charles Finch
    This is the first ever 100-star book in my humble opinion. I have written to Goodreads and am hoping they add a unique "100-star" rating just for the book, will keep you apprised of any response I get!
  • Susan Johnson
    For the eleventh entry in the Charles Lenox series, the author has written an entertaining prequel that sets up the characters well. Lenox is 23 and just done with Oxford. As the second son of a baronet, he is at loose ends with no need to earn money and two desires- to travel and to solve crimes. He decides to open his own private detective agency, an almost unheard of career. Scotland Yard is new itself so this is a brand new undertaking. A mur...
  • ❇Critterbee
    Excellent. I simply adore Charles Finch's writing. We return to Victorian-era England, meet a much younger Charles Lenox, and witness his first real case as a detective. He is 23 years old and living on his own in London. His parents are present, and the parts with his Father and Mother are written so beautifully, with such love and sadness. It was emotional, heartwarming, bittersweet, all that without being syrupy or manipulative or too much. Fi...
  • Judy Lesley
    Many thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press Minotaur Books for a digital galley of this novel.Important to both first-time and long-time readers of the Charles Lenox mystery series, this story takes place at the beginning of Lenox's career as a detective with his first important case. This is where Lenox and Graham cut their detecting teeth on a very difficult puzzle and establish a relationship with Scotland Yard. At twenty-two years old Len...
  • M.
    Really good read, I look forward to reading more in the series.
  • Mary Truitt Hill
    How delightful to spend some time with the young Charles Lenox and so many of the friends and acquaintances we will come to know in the later books of the series! I hope there will be more stories of the young Lenox.
  • Jill Meyer
    Author Charles Finch has written 11 or so novels in his "Charles Lenox" mystery series, set in London in the 1850's and 60's. (He's also written a standalone, which I've read). I've read maybe seven or so of his "Lenox" series; I try to catch them when I see them for sale but I think I've missed a few. ("So many books, so little time..."). Anyway, they're a well written series of books, concentrating on Charles Lenox, who has build up a private i...
  • Tracy Rowan
    Once again I found myself at a disadvantage by joining a series in progress.  The Woman in the Water is a prequel to the Charles Lenox mystery series, and recounts his very first important case, that of two murdered women found in the vicinity of the Thames, one in a trunk, and the other, covered in flowers and laid on a door.  The latter becomes known as the Thames Ophelia because she floated down the river and was beached on the shore. Or wa...
  • Diane
    The Woman in the Water by author Charles Finch is set in the 1950's England. This is a prequel to the series of Charles Lenox detective mysteries. The young would-be detective is often joked about in his circle of friends and soon catches his first big case. He is taunted by a newspaper notice about a person who has pulled of the perfect murder or crime. This sets in motion a series of events which tests the young detective's abilities and furthe...
  • Jan
    What a great idea! This is a prequel to an existing series. It provides the reader with an introduction to Charles Finch and his friends and colleagues with humor and tension and a cracking good case! I’ll be reading more in the series!
  • Julie
    Very charming! Loved the historical details, especially those educational/explanatory asides. Memorable characters (I’m still thinking about them, hoping they are well). Not thrilling, hard, or violent.
  • Wit & Wonder Books
    **ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**What an unexpected surprise this book was! The Woman in the Water by Charles Finch is a prequel to the Charles Lenox Mysteries. Written in the style of Sherlock Holmes, this book introduces the characters who star in the following books. I read this one before reading the rest of the series, even thought it was the newest release. It can be read as a standalone, but I am planning on r...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher –This chilling new mystery in the USA Today bestselling series by Charles Finch takes readers back to Charles Lenox’s very first case and the ruthless serial killer who would set him on the course to become one of London’s most brilliant detectives.London, 1850: A young Charles Lenox struggles to make a name for himself...
  • Jen
    I've read many of Charles Finch's Charles Lennox historical mysteries and enjoyed them. The Woman in the Water is unusual because it details the first investigation by a very young Lennox, who is determined to become a detective, treading cautiously between youthful hubris and social hierarchies, learning as he goes.Sometimes young Lennox makes mistakes and looks foolish, but his occasional flashes of insight outstrip his missteps. He is balancin...
  • Lorna Gundaker
    I received an ARC of THE WOMAN IN THE WATER, by Charles Finch, from a Goodreads/MacMillan giveaway on January 23, 2018. I read it over the weekend and loved it. This was my first novel by Charles Finch, particularly, the Charles Lenox series of mysteries. This book is described as a prequel, explaining why an aristocratic, Victorian gentleman would decide to delve into the murky world of private detecting and mingling with those beneath him. This...
  • Sandy
    Thanks to Netgalley for providing an ARC of this book, in exchange for a fair and honest review.I have read and enjoyed all of the previous books in this series, so it felt a little strange to go back to the earliest days after Charles Lenox left college and decided that he wanted to be a private detective. The author did an excellent job of portraying the young and inexperienced Lenox - quite different from the Lenox that we know in his later da...
  • Jill
    This was the perfect read on a Christmas beach vacation. I loved three things about it. The mystery was intriguing. At first I thought it might be a cheap, non-creative crazed serial murderer. But the killer had motive. Next I appreciate the historical research Charles Finch puts into his books. You can always learn something new. Last, but not least, I loved getting more back story on Lenox! Elizabeth didn’t fool me. But I loved meeting Lenox...
  • Kim McGee
    Charles Lenox and his valet are armchair detectives in 1850 London who are on the hunt for what could be an interesting serial killer and their first real case. Women are being found in various locations in or near the water and the killer is sending letters and clues to various newspapers only to be ignored and the events unconnected. With obvious nods to Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, the witty Lenox and his friend/valet Graham are desper...
  • Susan
    1850 and Charles Lenox no tlong finished at university is finding it difficult to get cases as a private investigator. How can he prove himself to his friends and Scotland Yard. A letter published in a newspaper which the author claims to have committed the perfect crime would seem to be the answer.This is a prequel to the series as Lenox is only 23 years old, and it is my first read of these stories. It was an interesting mystery, and I am sure ...
  • Viva
    2 stars = "it was ok" by GR's 5 star rating system.It was ok. This is not a bad book by any means. In fact, I love old tyme Victorian style detective stories and I specifically picked this book for that. However this book lacked excitement and it was a bore to read. The writing just wasn't written in a way that made it interesting and made me want to continue. I had put this book down several times and had to force myself to continue to read it. ...
  • Meg
    This book serves as an introduction to the Charles Lenox mystery series. However, it not merely a novel that "sets the stage" for the major characters and settings in the series. This does well as a stand-alone mystery which has the reader guessing until the last chapter. I greatly enjoyed reading it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a captivating mystery. I received this book as part of the Goodreads Giveaway program.
  • Dgordon
    What a wonderful prequel to the Charles Lenox mystery series. The cast of characters that populate this series all make appearances that establish their relationships with Lenox and how they all go forward. The backstory of Lenox's parents and Lady Elizabeth are particularly revealing and sad knowing what the future will bring. The mystery itself is very good with Lenox trying to solve his first big case involving a serial killer no less. A fun, ...
  • Pam
    Well, I did it again. I started a book that has been a series. What I did NOT realize is that this is a "prequel" to the Charles Lenox series. In this book we get to see the back story as he talks about his first case.I recommend this book and I will be looking for the rest of the series to read.My thanks to netgalley and Minotaur Books for this advanced readers copy.
  • Karen
    Finch does it again with this one. The amount of characters that are woven in to this book is incredible.