Black Hammer, Vol. 2 by Jeff Lemire

Black Hammer, Vol. 2

When a visitor from the outside world arrives on the Farm, looking for the Black Hammer and bringing news of Spiral City to its Golden Age heroes, everything changes. Her arrival stirs up old memories and awakens new hope in the marooned heroes and they make a new attempt to escape their strange prison. - Jeff Lemire's (Descender, All-New Hawkeye) most earth-shattering work yet! - Indomitably illustrated by Dean Ormston (Lucifer, 2000 AD) and Da...

Details Black Hammer, Vol. 2

TitleBlack Hammer, Vol. 2
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherDark Horse Books
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics, Comic Book, Superheroes

Reviews Black Hammer, Vol. 2

  • David Schaafsma
    One of the best ongoing comic series, winner of the 2017 Eisner award for best ongoing series, based in part on the trust they had that this team would create a great story. Lemire seems increasingly to bring together two things he loves: 1) Realistic, character-driven stories based in the bleak and desolate northern Canadian towns he knows well, and 2) superheroes. It’s both a tribute to Golden Age comics for the geeky True Supe Fans, and an e...
  • Paul
    Seriously great stuff; even the 'fill-in' issues are worth five stars. I love this book...
  • Chad
    Black Hammer's daughter arrives and she's not OK with being stuck on the little farm as the rest of our tragic heroes have been. While she investigates the town we delve deeper into each character's backstory. Lemire has done such a fantastic job of reintroducing these archetypes of our youth with just enough of a tweak to keep you coming back for more. Ordstrom's moody art fits the setting and I really enjoyed David Rubin's fill in issue for the...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    With so many great titles in this comicbook era, it is easy to overlook this genius work written by Jeff Lemire. Black Hammer: The Event combines Lemire's themes of sadness, family and transcending yearning for love and acceptance with sci-fi and drama in this yet another great volume. Black Hammer's main strength is in the deep yet troubled personalities of the Golden Age heroes who were trapped in a strange rural town for a decade. The way they...
  • Richard
    I enjoyed this second volume of Black Hammer even better than the great 1st volume! An unexpected visitor from the outside world has appeared on the farm, not only sparking a bit of hope for escape in our heroes but also sparking old memories. Similar to the first installment, it's structured by cutting back and forth between the present times and flashbacks to the past in our heroes' lives. But while in the first book, the flashbacks were used a...
  • Shadowdenizen
    4.5 stars.
  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)
    I love how happy this depressing story makes me.Holy shit. Talk about not catching a break. I mean really, Lemire, would it kill ya to just throw one of these characters a bone?Black Hammer is one of my pulls that I get really excited for each month. Within these first two volumes, I have grown to care about each and every character in the book. I feel their plight, I feel their pains, and at times I almost feel guilty for taking so much joy in w...
  • Wing Kee
    A beautiful melancholy tale. World: Fantastic art the tone is very must informed by it and it's fantastic. The world building continues to be both so nostalgic and fresh at the same time. It's Lemire's signature small town, it's a DC love letter. It'd beautifully tragic and brilliant. Story: A continuation of the slice of life of these heroes trapped where they are. It's the small stories, the past the present the emotions are all real and relata...
  • Paul
    Just brilliant. My favorite current comic.
  • Chris Lemmerman
    [Read as single issues]With the heroes of Black Hammer firmly established, we can now begin to explore their pasts as they work to escap-Oh, wait, no, they're happy where they are. But someone definitely isn't. Black Hammer's daughter is new in town, and she's not about to let the heroes of old go down without a fight.God, these characters break my heart. Everything about their backstories is tragic, and the twist on each character archetype is j...
  • Chad Jordahl
    All around excellent. Lots of art extras.
  • Nicola Mansfield
    Excellent follow-up volume. We met everyone in vol.1 and now in vol. 2 everything starts happening. What they've been waiting for is finally arriving. Bad things are happening and we know who it is. Two members of the family do dreadful things that shock us They feel vindicated but if the others find out it will be even worse. A new Black Hammer discovers their new identity. And the book ends on a significant note, making us excited for the next ...
  • Pop Bop
    Character FirstSo, all of Black Hammer's superhero companions have been trapped in some dullsville pocket universe for the past ten years. Hammer's daughter, Lucy, is somehow transported into that bland nowheresville as this Volume 2 opens, and being the good reporter she is, she pokes around and starts asking questions. Apart from some flashbacks about the early days of some of the heroes, (Colonel Weird, Black Hammer, Barbalien, Abraham Slam, G...
  • Zedsdead
    I continue to delight in the shifting styles, the way the illustration, speech patterns, even the fonts change depending on what period and genre is being evoked. Plot points:(view spoiler)[--Black Hammer's daughter Lucy appears out of nowhere but has no idea how she got there or what she was doing.--Black Hammer's backstory as [Thor].--The battle against Antigod which led, in a burst of light, to the heroes' imprisonment.--Colonel Weird's backst...
  • Rod Brown
    This is a very well done wallow in comic book superhero nostalgia. I'm still not sure how this will appeal to anyone who is not a middle-aged fanboy like me who read almost everything DC published in the '70s and '80s. Even I'm having a little trouble with the pacing, as a plot development obvious from the first few pages doesn't occur until the last page of the story. The pages in between are fine, but in general I'm losing patience with stories...
  • Derek
    Part deconstruction. Part loving homage.Part gentle parody.Writer Jeff Lemire has created a comic about comics but one that never becomes annoyingly precious or meta. Lemire never seems satisfied with being merely intellectually cute. The reflective nature of his work here serves a purpose: he uses comic book tropes to ask questions about identity - who we are and who we believe ourselves to be. The differences between the two can be devastating....
  • Thor Larsen
    Serien fungerer bare rigtigt godt, dejligt med nogle twists jeg ikke havde set...Eneste bekymring er om serien kan leve uden sit mysterie, plottet er meget high-concept...
  • Beth
    I like the world of Black Hammer, I really do. I've got the single issues of the related mini-series, Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil, and I'm going to get the single issues of Doctor Star & The Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows when they come out. But Black Hammer Vol.2 was a bit of a disappointment. Issue #12 wasn't included and now I want to track it down at a comic shop because I feel like I missed out on part of the story.Vol.2 ends on a ...
  • Hal Incandenza
    A mani basse Black Hammer si conferma una delle migliori serie in circolazione. Lemire racconta sempre di più le psicologie dei suoi personaggi, che appaiono sempre più tridimensionali numero dopo numero. In questo secondo volume, che raccoglie i numeri dal 7 al 13 della serie originale (a eccezione del nr. 12, se non ricordo male), capiamo meglio chi sono e soprattutto chi erano i supereroi di Spiral City, prima di arrivare alla fattoria. Ho s...
  • Brian Clopper
    I came late to this series and read the first 12 issues in trades. I love this book! Great unfolding of narrative and perfect art. I am curious why this collection contains 7-11 and 13 but no 12. Is that because 12 was an annual that never got published? I seem to recall an annual being solicited and then cancelled. Curious.Anyway, highly recommended to superhero fans who tire of the the mainstream publishers just going through the motions with t...
  • Sarah Sammis
    Black Hammer Volume 2: The Event by Jeff Lemire picks up where Secret Origins ends. The woman — a reporter by trade — has tracked down the location of her missing father and his companions, only to find herself trapped too. With her arrival we're given the origin story of Black Hammer as well as the gruesome details of his death.
  • Kasia
    Part 2 of Black Hammer is better than first part. Script has its logic and inner side stories, which are making the whole plot more human, than heroes related. I like it a lot. You sense the main characters loneliness and how they are trapped in the village. It is a story for adults who dare to dream their inner children.
  • Ji Le
    un second tome toujours aussi élégant et raffiné, ou les super héros tournent en rond dans leur univers confiné et leurs obsessions, qui se désagrège peu à peu. Si l'univers des super-héros a pris les couleurs de la diversité, on en voudrait toutefois plus, peut-être plus de surprises, ou de rebondissements.
  • Lara
    Yeah, I'm loving this series! Jeff Lemire is just so good at the human stuff, even when dealing with superheroes. More on the characters, more on the town, more angst, more heartbreak, more mystery, more beautiful moments, and some very interesting developments towards the end. And now the long, cold wait for volume 3 begins...
  • Jamie Connolly
    This is an outstanding series! I expect nothing less from Jeff Lemire. I would say I liked the first book a bit more but this deserves nothing less than 5 stars. In parallel with the Sherlock Frankenstein series that is making its rounds this is shaping up to be one great new world of superhero stories. 5 stars.
  • Daniel
    This is another strong volume in the series but I hear that it's being rebooted after 13 issues. And this volume is missing issue #12. Not sure why. Hopefully the reboot has a little more momentum than the initial series.
  • Ron Turner
    I haven't been this excited about a superhero series since Watchmen. I really like how it's done. The mystery of why these superheroes are trapped in a mysterious small town. Their backstories. How they're coping with their new life.
  • Marc
    Superhero comics are my reading junk food. I’ve been reading them since I was five. They are my escape from literary fiction and my escape in general.So I am delighted to find a series that is somehow superhero and literature.
  • Jay Borenstein
  • John
    More intriguing than volume 1, but still mostly shallow - by design, since this is all playing with archetypes.