Chord of Evil (Phineas Fox #2) by Sarah Rayne

Chord of Evil (Phineas Fox #2)

A mysterious 1940s’ portrait leads researcher Phineas Fox to uncover a devastating wartime secret in this chilling novel of suspense. Phineas Fox finds it impossible to refuse when his sport-loving neighbour Toby begs for his help in finding out what’s happened to his cousin Arabella, who seems to have disappeared without trace. The only clue to her whereabouts is an obscure 1940s’ portrait left in her flat, a gift from her godfather, Stefa...

Details Chord of Evil (Phineas Fox #2)

TitleChord of Evil (Phineas Fox #2)
Release DateDec 1st, 2017
PublisherSevern House Publishers
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Chord of Evil (Phineas Fox #2)

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: On the first night she knelt on the window-seat of her room, staring across the darkening landscape towards a huddle of buildings. At first she was not sure what they were. They were too large to be farm buildings, and too neatly laid out to be a village. She thought the word for it might be regimented. Might it be a factory? But as she went on looking, her eyes began to adjust to the darkness - or perhaps the moon simply came out from b...
  • Rissa
    3.75⭐Thank you so much to severn house publishing via netgalley for sending me an ARc copy of chord of evil by Sarah Rayne . will be released on December 1, 2017. Toby and Phin are attending a neighbors party but tobys cousin, Arabella doesn't show up so they go looking for her at her apartment and find that she is missing. The only thing left in her apartment is a painting drawn by a women named Christa. A vague note is left on the painting. W...
  • Sue
    Chord of Evil is a mystery set in two eras. The story moves between the past, the early war years (the late 1930s) in Germany, and present-day England with a missing person in the present and questions about links to people from that unknown past. As in the first book in the series, Death Notes, there is music, mystery, a touch of the fantastic and much history. Here that history involves Nazi Germany, their use of forced labor to turn out propag...
  • Annette Gisby
    ARC from Netgalley courtesy of the publisherThis is the second adventure for music historian and researcher Phineas Fox. You don't need to read the first one to be able to enjoy this one as it is a self-contained mystery, but the first one would give more insight into the characters. And it's an excellent read too, so why not?Like most of Sarah Rayne's books, we get different interwoven tales, some in the present, some in the far past and some in...
  • Helen Carolan
    I am such a huge Sarah Rayne fan. I think she could write a book about paint drying and I'd still enjoy it. Thankfully she hasn't. Instead it's a second outing for Phineas Fox, music historian and lover and a man who seems to have a way with the ladies. Well I like him anyway!!! In this second outing Phin is asked by his neighbour Toby to help find his cousin Arabella who has disappeared. Her disappearance seems to be linked to a picture of Chris...
  • Judy Lesley
    Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House Publishing for a digital galley of this novel.I have read other books by Sarah Rayne and liked them very much. I began this series with the first Phineas Fox novel and rated it a three star experience. I had hoped this second book would suit me better, but I've only given this one three stars so I don't think I'm going to ever warm up to Phineas enough to follow the series. This second story relies too heav...
  • Kathleen Gray
    Well done dual time line mystery. I'd not read Rayne before and was impressed with her ability to manage a lot of characters and events in a fairly short read. You'll learn a bit about WWII and musicians - Giselle is forced to create a piece of music for the Nazis. This echoes down through the years until Toby and Phin become involved in the mystery of what really happened. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Try this one for a complex and well thou...
  • Lizzie Hayes
    ‘Chord of Evil’ by Sarah RaynePublished by Severn House, 31 August 2017. ISBN: 978-0727887412 (HB)We first met Phineas Fox, a professional music researcher, in 'Death Notes'. At that time, he had just moved into a new apartment that had rather stretched him financially, and become aware of his upstairs neighbour Toby who had a penchant for noisy parties, although he seemed a pleasant enough guy, who sensibly always invited Phineas to his part...
  • Joyce
    5 plus starsI read the kindle edition.Toby Tallis, Phineas “Phin” Fox’s neighbor is having a party. When Toby’s cousin Arabella doesn’t show up, Toby is concerned. Toby and Phin go to Arabella’s apartment and discover that she is missing and the only thing left behind is a painting of a woman named Christa which was painted in the 1940’s. Christa died years ago but was the sister of their godfather Stefan. In the painting, Christa i...
  • Heather Fineisen
    This is a creepy mystery that flashes back to Nazi prison camps and a piece of music that may have been written for Hitler. Phineas Fox is on the outskirts of the story, a charming sleigh who provides modern day assistance in tracing the music. There is a disappearance of an eccentric cousin that leads to a murder mystery from the war years. Kind of a cross between a cozy mystery and a wartime novel. Copy provided by publisher and NetGalley