The Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth

The Mother's Promise

A poignant and breathtaking novel from the author of The Things We Keep and The Secrets of Midwives.All their lives, Alice Stanhope and her daughter, Zoe, have been a family of two, living quietly in Northern California. Zoe has always struggled with crippling social anxiety and her mother has been her constant and fierce protector. With no family to speak of, and the identity of Zoe’s father shrouded in mystery, their team of two works—until...

Details The Mother's Promise

TitleThe Mother's Promise
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Griffin
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Adult, Adult Fiction, Novels, Realistic Fiction, Audiobook, Family

Reviews The Mother's Promise

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...This is the first novel of Sally Hepworth's that I have read. I absolutely loved it, and now I want to read everything she has written or ever will write.As soon as I read the description of this book I knew I was likely going to be an emotional mess while reading it. Oh and I was right. But while it was emotional and I definitely ugly cried, it's a book that I won't ever for...
  • Mischenko
    To see this review and others please visit www.readrantrockandroll.comThis review may contain spoilers...I discovered this book on Audible and had a free credit, so I added it. This is the first book I've read by Sally Hepworth. I normally like books like this as they sort of remind me of Lifetime movies. I knew it was going to be an emotional ride after reading the blurb. The book starts out with Alice, a mom of a teenage daughter named Zoe. Zoe...
  • Elyse
    This is one of those books with many 'hot-topics' to discuss. Perhaps a 'women's book- group would be best. I'm sure a few 'men' might take to this novel....but my husband wouldn't be one of them. He wonders why I read it. Gotta call a spade a spade: This is definitely 'Women's Fiction'. It seems Cancer is not interesting 'enough' any longer in which to build a story. The more physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles that can be added...
  • James
    4+ of 5 stars to Sally Hepworth's The Mother's Promise, a touching story that will give you a tremendous amount to consider. I received this ARC from St. Martin's Press as a giveaway through Goodreads, choosing it because it had a gripping summary and a similar sentiment as the book I'd recently written. It definitely was worth the read: a ride through your emotions with several eye-opening questions to ponder. Story Alice and her 15-year-old dau...
  • Susanne Strong
    4 Stars.Is it possible to rely solely on someone else and have it be to both of your detriments? Even if you have the tightest bond imaginable and can't imagine hurting the other? What if, in relying solely on each other, you end up enabling each other's behaviors and realize it a little to late to pick up the pieces?In A Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth, Alice Stanhope and her fifteen year old daughter, Zoe, are thick as thieves, the best of f...
  • Cathrine ☯️
    3★A single mother with a life threatening illness and no support community of family or friends is at the heart of this story. Where does she, or any person so alone turn for help? A real life event was the author’s inspiration for choosing this topic. Children or not, I believe this is going to be more of an issue for society in the years ahead and was interested to see where her writing would take it.This is a very easy, comfortable read ab...
  • Karen
    Single mom Alice Stanhope is dying of ovarian cancer. She is raising teenage daughter, Zoe, a girl with a debilitating and chronic anxiety disorder. After Alice receives her grim medical diagnosis, she is forced to make plans for Zoe’s future without her. An emotional and difficult task as Alice never had a support system, no family other than an unreliable alcoholic brother. Enter the caregivers and school friends who become a godsend in Alice...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    This was my first book by Sally Hepworth, and I was instantly struck by her character development. The characters were the center of this book, and each had a life struggle to battle. There were a number of issues tying these sympathetic women together, and isn't that how life is? I can't think of a friend who isn't going through "something" currently. It's life, and it's very real. One question mark for me was that I wasn't so sure about a direc...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    A mother's love is constant no matter what, and Alice definitely has a mother's never-ending love for her daughter Zoe.Alice and Zoe are close and even closer than a mother and daughter normally are because Alice does not have a husband or any family, and obviously Zoe has no father.Zoe along with the absence of family and friends has a social anxiety disorder that causes more worry for Alice and deeply affects Zoe. When Alice finds out she has o...
  • Inge
    You know, if Sally Hepworth continues to write like this, I could probably write a heartfelt review about my own experiences every single time. I told myself that I would actually write about the book in my review this time around.I lied. "Happiness was something you shared, chatted about, asked after. Suffering was something that you had to do behind closed doors, in silence, all alone." It is quite possible that I fell in love with The Mother...
  • Susan Peterson
    The Mother's Promise touches on so many of our fears and emotions; fear of being alone, fear of leaving those we love and fear of being left behind. For 15 years, Alice had raised her daughter, Zoe, almost exclusively on her own. When Alice gets sick, she comes to the sad conclusion that she has nobody to depend on, nobody to step in and help with her daughter. Zoe suffers from social anxiety to the extent that, when her mother is hospitalized, s...
  • Laura Rash
    This book had such an interwoven cast of characters in a story so heartwarming & heartbreaking that it will stay with you long after you finish it. It made me question how many of us have someone to depend on in time of need, what defines family & how much you can open your heart to another person.
  • Melissa
    2017-01-05's also a giveaway (ending 2/26)!
  • Bill Kupersmith
    If Sophie Hannah or Sharon Bolton has left you feeling like an idiot, this is your book. Everything you anticipate happens at the end exactly as you expect. It is the dullest & most predictable book I have read (sort of) in years. At halfway I couldn't bear the plodding pace & jumped to the final chapters (this book has James Patterson sized chapters for easy reading) & it ended just as I'd figured when still at the middle. Only the identity of Z...
  • Judy Collins
    Master storyteller, Sally Hepworth returns following The Things We Keep (2016) landing on my Top Books of 2016 and Secrets of Midwives (2015) all 5 stars, with an unforgettable story of courage, THE MOTHER'S PROMISE. Richly told. Memorable and poignant. An emotionally-charged portrayal of motherhood friendship, and love — in the midst of tragedy. Hepworth digs deeply into the ties of love, between both family and strangers. Mixed with hum...
  • Susan Johnson
    A single mother is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, terrible news for anyone. It's especially tough for Alice who has a teen-age daughter, Zoe, who has a social anxiety disorder. She has also literally no one to rely on. She has no family or friends as she has cut herself off from everyone. Alice was a difficult character for me to like and I think she is responsible for Zoe's disorder even thought the doctors say she isn't. The cancer journey is v...
  • Janine
    I loved The Secrets of the Midwives by Sally, and was not disappointed in her latest offering. Such a powerful story about people who all have issues to deal with. So many situations were dealt with in this book, social phobia, infertility, abuse, alcoholism, terminal illness, first love - wow, and all handled with the utmost care and consideration by the author. Sally has a wonderful way of expressing her characters and this book had me turning ...
  • Carole
    Great women's fiction! I highly recommend this touching story of a Momma who gets diagnosed with cancer, and her teenage daughter who suffers from anxiety disorder. Their lives are touched by a nurse and a social worker who come to their aide. Sally Hepworth is an author I've become a fan of. Can't wait to read her future novels!
  • Vanessa
    *I won a copy of The Mother's Promise in a Goodreads giveaway.This is the first work of Sally Hepworth's that I have read (I have The Things We Keep but haven't read it yet), and now I am making it a goal to read everything of hers. So many issues were tackled in this novel, making it all the more heart wrenching and achingly real. There was a great cast of female characters, and each one faced a life-altering situation, and their stories were in...
  • Laurel-Rain
    All their lives, Alice Stanhope and her daughter, Zoe, have been a family of two, living quietly in Northern California. Zoe has always struggled with crippling social anxiety and her mother has been her constant and fierce protector. With no family to speak of, and the identity of Zoe’s father shrouded in mystery, their team of two works—until it doesn’t. Until Alice gets sick and needs to fight for her life. Desperate to find stability fo...
  • Vicki
    Heartfelt. Emotional. Thought-provoking. “The Mother’s Promise” is all that and more. It’s the story of Alice Stanhope, a single mother who has just received a cancer diagnosis. Alice has a fifteen year old daughter, Zoe, who suffers from social anxiety disorder. The father is out of the picture, and Alice’s family and social network is very limited. Alice has to confront the realization that she is dying, and she is forced to make one ...
  • Amy
    This is one of those beautiful, heartfelt novels that make you feel something as well as explore various situations that can make you think about life in a new way. In this novel, there are several things happening – a single mother facing a horrible health prognosis, a teenager facing crippling anxiety, a nurse struggling with infertility and a social worker facing her own demons. As these four come together in this novel, they are all changed...
  • Brooke
    3.5* An enjoyable read, albeit a heavy one. I thought the POVs from the four female MCs (Alice, Zoe, Kate & Sonja) worked well & the story flowed fairly easily. While I didn't have any particularly strong feelings for any of these characters, I didn't abhor them & could feel their pain as they each deal with the upheaval in their lives. From my own standpoint, I could certainly relate to Zoe with her super tight bond with her mother & social anxi...
  • Donna
    Special Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to read "The Mother's Promise" in return for a fair and honest review. Kudos to Sally Hepworth for this extraordinary story!! For 15 years it has been Alice and her daughter, Zoe. Alice, being a single mom devotes all her time and energy caring for her daughter. Zoe has a social anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for her to make friends. They are a family.. A Team of Two...
  • Laurie • The Baking Bookworm
    4.5 STARS - I have read Sally Hepworth's first two books (The Secrets of Midwives and The Things We Keep) and her writing and characterizations just keep getting better and better! Her latest bookish offering is an emotional, compulsive read that focuses on the bonds between women - especially the bond between mothers and their children.Hepworth doesn't shy away from big issues and there are a few in this book. One of the main issues discussed is...
  • Jessica
    All my reviews can be found at: is quite a novel. Alice and her teenage daughter Zoe have been on their own for Zoe’s entire life: They have no one else. Alice then gets sick and they need help. Kate and Sonja come into their lives and no one will be the same again.You get to know all four ladies through the novel. You feel the social anxiety that cripples Zoe; you want her ...
  • Vlada
    A total gem of a book, this is women's fiction at its best. You will meet 4 women. There's Alice Stanhope, a single mother of a teenager, Zoe. Alice copes with life brilliantly but has no support network to speak of. Her parents died, Zoe's father is not in the picture, her brother Paul is a drunk. But she needs support more than ever, because she's diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Wait, cancer? Alice CAN'T have it, because if she dies, what would ...