Flight Season by Marie Marquardt

Flight Season

Back when they were still strangers, TJ Carvalho witnessed the only moment in Vivi Flannigan’s life when she lost control entirely. Now, TJ can’t seem to erase that moment from his mind, no matter how hard he tries. Vivi doesn’t remember any of it, but she’s determined to leave it far behind. And she will.But when Vivi returns home from her first year away at college, her big plans and TJ’s ambition to become a nurse land them both on t...

Details Flight Season

TitleFlight Season
Release DateFeb 20th, 2018
PublisherWednesday Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Flight Season

  • Morgan Smith
    This book was absolutely beautiful. The novel follows three main characters: Vivi Flannigan, a college sophomore who is struggling in school after the death of her father, TJ Carvalho, a nursing student working at his huge family's restaurant, and Ángel Solís, an orphaned immigrant from Guatemala who has a life-threatening heart condition. These three characters are thrown together when Vivi gets a summer internship at a hospital- the same hos...
  • Cassandra
    Solid 4.5 stars. (Half stars GR, get the memo!)Wow. I didn't expect this to be as emotionally moving as it was. I certainly didn't expect to love Vivi, TJ, and Angel as much as I did. There was nothing I didn't love about this book. Nothing.This review will be a struggle to write. I loved the characters that much.
  • Magdalena Deniz
  • Tikaa
    Such an incredibly important read. I can’t wait to review this ❤😭 Such an incredibly important read. I can’t wait to review this ❤️😭
  • Madison
    Flight Season is a beautiful, heartbreaking book that had me smiling and laughing and crying, both despairing and rejoicing in humanity, and so happy just to spend a little time with these amazing characters.Vivi Flannigan has returned home from college for the summer to pull her life together. If she can stick it out at her hospital internship she might have a slim hope of passing her semester's courses. If she can help her mother get back on tr...
  • Gilly
    Flight Season is a gorgeous tale of love and loss and the power of human connection to heal. This is a stay-up-way-too-late-because-you-can't-put-it-down kind of story.Main characters TJ, Vivi and Angel are strikingly drawn, so real and raw and fleshed out, I know them. More than that - I *was* them, we all were - young adults stumbling and fumbling through the transition into adulthood in all its pain and glory. I truly appreciate the focus on a...
  • Lethmi
    What a beautiful book. Frankly, I do not think the blurb does not do this book justice, and I'm finding it hard to find the words to express how poignant I think it is. I think I expected a typical romantic comedy with a slightly annoying sick person to bring the other leads together. Instead, the story introduces two complex stories of people struggling to find peace with the world and three characters I really loved. TJs story is underplayed bu...
  • Tara Weiss
    I fell hard for Flight Season. Loved it.Well-planned and engaging, the story is told from the point of view of three characters. Blending Vivi's birdwatcher's journal with the plot of the story, Marquardt matches various species of birds with scenes from the story, and it worked so well I actually cared about birds, which I so often overlook (Note to HS English teachers: good classroom discussion point . . . what's right in front of us that we do...
  • Maddi
    (I received an ARC in a giveaway)This was such a good book and honestly I loved the characters so much! I feel like they came such a long way from the beginning and they didn’t change too quickly. I finished the book in a day and I don’t regret it one bit because I fell in love with these characters and the friendships formed. I cannot wait for the book to officially be released so I can get my hands on a final copy!
  • Haniya (Voracious Bookling)
    Original Post: http://booknauthors.blogspot.com/2018...Story revolves around 3 different people, Vivi, TJ & Ángel. Vivi loves birds and is pretty obsessed with them. TJ is studying in a community college becoming a nurse. Ángel is a heart patient whose life is at risk 24/7. When TJ discovers that Vivi is the same dancing girl from the bar, the real story gets started from here!!!This novel was one emotional piece of beauty. Vivi is an extremely...
  • Lisa
    What a beautiful story. I'm just at a loss for words.
  • Nina O'Daniels
    I have read two books by Marie Marquardt and have unapologetically balled my eyes out in both of them for completely different reasons. The Radius of Us elicited my tears toward the hopeful ending but Flight Season was a constant trickle, sometimes stream of tears that didn’t finish until well after the book ended. Her writing is becoming some of my favorite. The relationships between her characters are believable, flawed, and painfully raw. Sh...
  • Jennifer
    Wow, I Loved this Book! It was such a beautiful story and very memorable characters.It's Definitely going to be a book I'll recommend to friends looking for reading suggestions.A solid 5 Stars!
  • Rachel
    I didn’t know what to expect other than a YA romance when I started this book, but it exceeded all my wildest expectations and was so much more than that. Flight Season is about a lot of things: grief, unlikely friendships, discovering what you really want out of life, immigrant experiences, the treatment of illegal immigrants and deportation, and, yes, also falling in love. The book deals with more than just romantic love, though. It’s also ...
  • Delia Devin
    Thank you to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for providing me with an ARC in exchange of an honest review.I usually write down my thoughts as I read ARCs that are provided to me through NetGalley because I want to show my appreciation by writing a great review, but this time around I had a hard time doing that because I was so immersed in the story itself. I'd read for hours and look up from my phone and is hit with the disbelief and surprise that ...
  • Robyn
    I felt like there was a lot that could have been explored that sort of fell flat. Vivi's ambitions, her love of birds, and her time at Yale could have been explored more fully, and I feel like the bird thing would have been more compelling if there were more hints throughout the story about the reason for her love of birds. As it is, the reveal felt lackluster. Furthermore, I felt like the revolving perspectives were a great way to build the thre...
  • Breeny
    I was able to read an arc of Flight Season in exchange for an honest review.I thoroughly enjoyed Flight Season. It took me a few chapters to really get into the story and to connect with Vivi and TJ. However, once I did I felt very attached to the characters. Vivi's character arc is really wisely built, and I loved seeing her transformation within the story. While I felt that TJ's story was a bit lackluster and incomplete compared to Vivi's, and ...
  • Michelle - Firstbooklove
    I received a free eARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a honest review.Flight season is a beautiful and emotional novel about life, loss, regret and love.Vivi is a Yale student who adores birds and is about to start her internship at a nearby hospital. T.J., a nursing student is also working at the hospital and he definitely knows Vivi. As the story progresses, Vivi, T.J. and Ángel all face new problems.I personally did feel a b...
  • Teresa
    ****4.5 Stars****I wasn't expecting this book to move me as much as it did (like several reviewers I noticed). I fell hard and fast for Vivi, TJ and Angel (Angel...man that character was my favorite in this book). Vivi is struggling; in all aspects of her life and when she has an opportunity to intern at a hospital for the summer she can't refuse. Enter TJ, an extremely hard working that has seen Vivi at her lowest point, a nurse's aide that is j...
  • Charlotte
    My librarian once told me there are to many good books out there to force yourself to read one you aren't interested in, which is why I gave up on this one. I gave this book a neutral 3 stars because I didn't complete it and I wanted to be fair. I read to page 197 and this is my thoughts; this book starts very slow. I kept reading hoping for something interesting to happen, it just never did. Vivi lost her dad and has problems getting back into t...
  • Ashleigh
    **Arc received from the publisher via Netgalley**This book was so different from what I usually read and not what I was expecting at all. It's a pretty quick read with a slow start, but as the story was being built I became more and more interested in the characters. I felt there was a lot of story that could have been told (more about TJ and his family, for example) but other than that the characters were pretty well rounded.In spite of the pret...
  • Marisa
    ***Won an arc***I enjoyed reading this book. I liked being inside all three main characters heads and seeing what they thought about the same things. It was hard to connect to the characters in the beginning, so having their pov helped with the connection. I thought the relation between the bird journal and what was happening in Vivi's life was unique and fun. All in all, this was great, heartfelt read.
  • Sandy Korom
    Totally enjoyable
  • Renee Cowdery
    At the beginning I didn't think I was going to like this but I was in for a very big surprise. As I read I got further invested and liked it that much more. It was a very engrossing story
  • Stephanie
    4, 4.5? I'm torn. Review to come!
  • Kylene
    The last few YA books I had read made me feel done with the entire genre. I'm very glad I gave Flight Season a chance. It's what a contemporary YA should be.The main character, Vivi, is not silly or whiny (unlike a lot of the female YA protagonists I've read recently). Sure, she's made some bad decisions while suffering from the loss her father, but she's trying to pull her life together and realizing how strong she is.TJ pretty much is the perfe...