The Coincidence Makers by Yoav Blum

The Coincidence Makers

In this genre-bending novel, there is no such thing as chance and every action is carefully executed by highly trained agents. You’ll never looks at coincidences the same way again.What if the drink you just spilled, the train you just missed, or the lottery ticket you just found was not just a random occurrence? What if it’s all part of a bigger plan? What if there’s no such thing as a chance encounter? What if there are people we don’t ...

Details The Coincidence Makers

TitleThe Coincidence Makers
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Coincidence Makers

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    All the stars! Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:Behind the scenes of our lives, pulling the strings for the benefit of humanity, are the people assigned as “coincidence makers,” arranging the events that need to happen in people’s lives, both on a personal and larger scale. It may be making a particular love connection by arranging that two people meet at the right time, or taking steps to help an accountant find his true wo...
  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is
    About: The Coincidence Makers is a fantasy written by Yoav Blum. It will be published on 3/6/2018 by St. Martin’s Press, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers, paperback, 304 pages. The genres are fantasy and fiction. This book is the author’s debut. My Experience: I started reading The Coincidence Makers on 2/4/18 and finished it on 2/15/18. This book is an excellent read! I love this whole idea of coincidences. I love the coincidence at the st...
  • TL
    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own:). -----This was what I expected and yet not.. which had me laughing a bit on the latter. Bit like where a magician shows you one thing but we all know something else is going on behind the scenes, even if we don't spot it.An interesting concept, this world where there are people behind the scenes making things happen. Imagine if that winning lott...
  • Taryn
    “There’s always a broader picture. There’s always something beyond the system you’re concentrating on. Never forget that. There are no clear boundaries. Life doesn’t stop at the boundaries of the table. And there are always more than six pockets you can fall into. There is always something beyond. Always, always, always.” 3.5 Stars. Behind the scenes, imaginary friends, dream weavers, luck distributors, and other types of "reality-bac...
  • Melina Souza
    Tem vídeo resenha no canal
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is extremely well-written and has an interesting story and characters that are well-depicted and fully dimensional. And yet it didn't connect with me in some fundamental ways.I think the biggest disconnect is that, while there are relationships that (will probably) grow into love, this isn't in any way, shape, or form, a romance. I mean, we see the conflicts and yearning and desire and even the connection. But in both love relationships show...
  • Pam Gonçalves
    4.5Você cria o seu destino ou espera acontecer?
  • Karen
    A clever and inventive concept that made me think differently about coincidences and how a carefully orchestrated series of events can make a difference in situational outcomes. One simple tweak or a more elaborate plan makes no matter, these highly skilled confidence makers will ensure their tasks are done. What a cool but stressful job making each piece fit together! In one instance, a simple rearranging of a teacup at the edge of a table snowb...
  • Anatoly
    An excellent debut! The writing was simple but in a good way and was very enjoyable and fluent. The story itself was absolutely lovely and original and Blum did a fantastic work especially when at the end he connected all the dots, though some were kinda obvious (well, the book is about coincidence makers).
  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    I won a copy of The Coincidence Makers in a Goodreads Giveaway.3.5The concept of The Coincidence Makers is intriguing: what if we really don’t have any control over our fate. What if there are people out there somewhere pulling the strings, causing certain events to happen - or not happen - in order to create the future you are supposed to have? What if things do not happen by coincidence but are orchestrated by people called The Coincidence Ma...
  • Gabriela Kozhuharova
    „Творци на съвпадения“ ще разлеят кафето ви, ще ви бутнат пред автобус и ще променят съдбата ви:Наистина харесах идеята на „Творци на съвпадения“ – не просто е чудата и запомняща се, но е и изключително изпипана в детайлит...
  • Cristina Smith
    “For every beginning, there is a beginning that proceeded it.” Intrigued by this book’s description, I contacted the author to ask for a review copy while sitting in the very small private library of an organization. He said they weren’t available unless through his publisher. As I got up to leave, a book came flying off the top shelf of the bookcase. I caught it and laughed out loud. It was an Advance Reader copy of The Coincidence Maker...
  • Bmquiram
    I have a rule for every book I read. I won’t put it down for good until I have finished my rule of three. * Read the first 3 chapters * Read at least 30 pages* Make 3 attempts to get interested in the story On page 45 I was so bored I stopped reading to watch cartoons with my kids. I even caught myself watching commercials with singing boxes instead of reading. Needless to say I probably missed a lot but I cannot say I care to pick the book bac...
  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    via my blog:'I wish I could love you, but I can’t. This seat is taken.'It took a while for me to really get into the story but once I did, what a unique tale. All those coincidences in life, small and large, often pivotal are orchestrated here by the Coincident Makers. Sometimes they are given personas by humans (children, teens, and adults in need) as they call to imaginary friends and always serving them...
  • Amy
    Somewhat surreal, The Coincidence Makers is a fictional fantasy where what seems to be happening by chance is actually carefully planned. Protagonists Guy and Emily have gone through training together and work as coincidence makers who receive special projects that they must enact. Whether making a piano fall from a window unto a passerby or sparking the urge in an accountant to write poetry, the coincidences they create are often life altering. ...
  • yoav
    הקדמה לאחר שסיימתי לקרוא את הספר הקודם, מותש ומתוסכל, ישבתי בבוקר שבת והרוח העיפה את העיתון שקראתי ודיפדפה בעדינות במוסף הספרים (שאיני קורא אף פעם) אל עמוד שבו שורה של סופרים ואנשי ספרות ממליצים על "הספרים של השנה". לא, "מצרפי המקרים" לא הופיע שם, אבל א...
  • Ummehani
    Wow!!This has been a delightful read. I don't think I've ever read a book with a plot so different and new. It was a refreshing change. When I first started this it was a little confusing and didn't know where this was going however as I went further ahead I was just amazed by the thought that has gone into this. Every little detail made sense. This is a book I would recommend to anyone. Great work by Yoav Blum!!Happy reading!!
  • Michelle
    Some say this is similar to Adjustment Bureau but as I'm unfamiliar with that book (movie?), The Coincidence Makers was incredibly unique and satisfying to me. This blew me away and I absolutely loved every page of it. The three characters at the heart of this story are responsible for making "coincidences" in this world. These can range from the mundane and meet-cute to extremely far-reaching and important. A coincidence today to affect somethin...
  • Karen
    See my full review and much more on my blog KissinBlueKaren THE COINCIDENCE MAKERS follows coincidence makers as they set up events and people to alter their fates. How they know what to do isn’t evident at first but through flash backs we get the whole concept. This story is really about Guy, a coincidence makers as he laments the loss of his one true love.Guy trains with two other coincidence makers named Emily and Eric. Their work brings to...
  • Lucas Fogaça
    Se você gosta de livros em que tudo fica 100% explicado no final, sinto muito, você vai achar este livro absurdo. Ele começa bem realista e calculado, quase pendendo pra ficção científica, mas na metade se aproxima do realismo mágico e pro final, tudo está tão louco que não se encaixa em nenhum desses gêneros. Essa que é a definição de thriller? Bom, é um livro sobre organizações secretas e destino X acaso, então você não pode...
  • Kim Pet
    "Every now has a before.." Do you think there's such a thing as a coincidence? Think again. Blum offers a different perspective, that of people who make coincidences occur in order to create a wanted outcome. This is also a story of love; loving what's real and not imaginary, and accepting yourself. Blum's writing is masterful and he weaves a unique tale. This is definitely a different kind of story, but it captured me from the beginning and didn...
  • Jenea Whittington
    This is a really hard book to review without giving away too much too, but I am going to do my best. The concept behind The Coincidence Makers is an intriguing one for sure, the idea of having people who we don’t know. Only see someone in passing, might even say hello to, having such an impact in out lives. Setting events in motion to get a specific outcome, whether a blooming romance or set on a course for success. Or something completely diff...
  • Joseph Carano
    This was a fantastic piece of science fiction that I fell in love with. The story follows 3 people who are beginners in a craft that try to arrange things to make a persons fate happen, such as meet and fall in love with your perfect mate .Great plot, characters ,pacing and dialogue. Very little to not enjoy here, even if you are not a fan of science fiction. The ending alone is worth a five star rating.
  • Linda
    4.5 starsThis book was so much fun to read! It was the reason I looked forward to my lunch break each day this week, never mind the need to actually eat. The story starts out a bit slow, but by the time you realize things are starting to happen, they start happening more quickly as you see all the threads start to come together. By the end, I was smiling at all the unexpected turns. One of my favorite parts was finding out what happened to The Ma...
  • Julie
    I wanted to love this book because of the premise but it just fell flat for me. Perhaps because the author spent a lot of time explain how to do coincidences instead of doing them. I want enough background to understand but then I want more of the story.I did enjoy the trio of Emily, Guy and Eric but knew that no good would come out of the meddling in their own lives.
  • Snejy
    Once I started reading this book I couldn't take my hands off it. A really nice story, written exceptionally well and so easy to read :)
  • Diana D
    " Творци на съвпадения" се осланя на концепцията, че нищо в света не е случайно.Йов Блум развива историята по един фантастичен начин, вмъквайки идеята, че за всичко, което ни се случва, внимателно се грижат помощници на съдбата. Тяхната намеса е нез...
  • Debbie Robson
    As my blog, says I am a firm believer in synchronicity, so of course when I came across The Coincidence Makers in a local bookshop I couldn’t resist it. In Yoav Blum’s intriguing novel we firstly meet Guy, a coincidence maker. He could also be a guardian, an agent, sentinel or perhaps a spirit, angel or demon. He is conducting a coincidence which causes a waitress to lose her job. But as we soon learn, every coincidence h...
  • Marta Marlau
    3,5/5 ⭐ Un principio un tanto confuso, demasiada información poco hilada para mi gusto. Después llega la intriga, dando vida al libro. Adiviné gran parte de lo que iba a ocurrir al final pero hace reflexionar sobre la importancia de las casualidades. Próximamente reseña en 3,5/5 ⭐️ Un principio un tanto confuso, demasiada información poco hilada para mi gusto. Después llega la intriga, dando vid...