The Coincidence Makers by Yoav Blum

The Coincidence Makers

The Coincidence Makers tells the story of Guy, Emily & Eric, whose job is creating coincidences and initiating various events in other people's lives. The three graduated from a “coincidence creation course” that took place 2 years prior to the events in the book, in which they learned techniques for creating what look like random events which will cause people to change their own lives. Fate is nothing more than a well-executed mission. Coin...

Details The Coincidence Makers

TitleThe Coincidence Makers
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreFiction, Fantasy, Humor

Reviews The Coincidence Makers

  • TL
    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own:). -----This was what I expected and yet not.. which had me laughing a bit on the latter. Bit like where a magician shows you one thing but we all know something else is going on behind the scenes, even if we don't spot it.An interesting concept, this world where there are people behind the scenes making things happen. Imagine if that winning lott...
  • Melina Souza
    Tem vídeo resenha no canal <3Que livro mais amorzinho!Comecei hoje e terminei hoje mesmo.Quero ler mais livros do autor :)
  • Anatoly
    An excellent debut! The writing was simple but in a good way and was very enjoyable and fluent. The story itself was absolutely lovely and original and Blum did a fantastic work especially when at the end he connected all the dots, though some were kinda obvious (well, the book is about coincidence makers).
  • Knox
    הקדמה לאחר שסיימתי לקרוא את הספר הקודם, מותש ומתוסכל, ישבתי בבוקר שבת והרוח העיפה את העיתון שקראתי ודיפדפה בעדינות במוסף הספרים (שאיני קורא אף פעם) אל עמוד שבו שורה של סופרים ואנשי ספרות ממליצים על "הספרים של השנה". לא, "מצרפי המקרים" לא הופיע שם, אבל א...
  • Angie
    It's hard to say what the genre of this book is. Most of the reviews say "quirky", and that fits but isn't adequate. It is original and enjoyable but definitely requires a tolerance for the fantastic. Do not be misled by the reference in the publisher's description to a "mysterious killer"; this is not a thriller. Probably the most accurate review I read was : "A cheerful adventure book, full of imagination and invention, romantic and moving, wit...
  • Ummehani
    Wow!!This has been a delightful read. I don't think I've ever read a book with a plot so different and new. It was a refreshing change. When I first started this it was a little confusing and didn't know where this was going however as I went further ahead I was just amazed by the thought that has gone into this. Every little detail made sense. This is a book I would recommend to anyone. Great work by Yoav Blum!!Happy reading!!
  • Adi
    ~ Gonna make an English review for everyone interested ~I've read this book as part of my school book club since it's our September-October pick (it's 2 months so everyone can truly read and have time with this book since we all will be meeting the author next month! I'm beyond excited!).This book was hard to get into. I didn't understand the world and the characters until about the last 150 pages. The writing was unique and beautiful, two events...
  • Eyal
    It was a bit hard to get into, as there is no clear setting, but you easily understand the story's world as you go.It was an easy read, with wits and funny moments and definitely some twists.The summary makes it look like a thriller, but as some other comment stated, this has nothing to do with a thriller. It is more suitable as a light romantic book, but nothing cliche' or cheesy, such that even I, as a guy who doesn't like chick lits at all, co...
  • Siv30
    ספר חביב ומהנה על צירופי מקרים וההשפעה שלהם על החיים שלנו עם טוויסט קטן בעלילה בסיום הספר.רעיון מקורי ומעניין על יישויות שאחראיות לגרום לצירופי מקרים בחיי אנשים מתוך תכנון קפדני שיצור שרשרת אירועים שתוביל למטרה הרצויה. זה לא תמיד מצליח, זה לא תמיד ...
  • Netta
    לא הצלחתי להבין את ההתלהבות הרבה מהספר הזה. הוא די שיעמם אותי, ובסופו של דבר החלטתי שעייפתי ממנו ופרשתי לפני הסוף.
  • Golan Schzukin
    excelently weaved. And surprisingly makes you think about life decisions.
  • Marie
    This is imaginative, smart and thoughtful. So many twists, and so many opportunities to explore deep topics. It should be available in book format too. For a while I thought it might turn dark, but the resolution is uplifting, although the book is way to complex to be corny. I'm glad I stumbled on it as a Kindle freebie.
  • Yan
    Disappointing and annoying...
  • Kesem Samson
    מדהים!אחד הספרים היותר מעניינים שיצא לי לקרוא. כתיבה קולחת שלדעתי היא "בול", ועלילה בלתי רגילה עם רעיון מופלא. שאפו. אחד מאלה שקשה לשכוח :)
  • Hadas Tsury
    ספר מושלם! אחד הטובים שקראתי לאחרונה. איך שכל הפרטים מתחברים יחד... פשוט נפלא!
  • Zip
    Original and fascinating book. A nice surprise. Enjoyed it a lot.
  • Elad Shiloni
    ספר עם בסיס מאוד מעניין, עלילה מצד אחד די ברורה מצד שני בעלת פיתולים בכל המקומות הנכונים,כתוב בצורה (לטוב ולרע) המאוד מתאימה לישראל כיום.
  • Tammy
    A whimsical, gem of a book.
  • Elaine
    I won a copy of The Coincidence Makers from a Goodreads Giveaway.Minor spoilers ahead!The premise is so original and I was really looking forward to reading it.In an unnamed location, we are introduced to the three main characters; flat, dull as dishwasher Guy, the equally forgettable Emily and Eric, the so-called rogue, whose jobs are to create coincidences, forge love affairs, encourage creativity and what-not with their clients.Readers are g...
  • Linda Munro
    I received this book via a goodreads giveaway.This is not at all what I anticipated; and, it is hard to explain. This book truly does not fit into any specific genre; although it can be considered science fiction, fantasy and romance (or at least it can in my own mind)The story centers around three coincidence makers, Guy, Eric & Emily. These three must shift something in their subjects area, which will give that subject the notion to start on a ...
  • Carole Knoles
    Well written-check. Imaginative-check. A book for me-not so much. I tend to be on the pragmatic side and, with the exception of "Game Of Thrones" and the magical realism writing of some South American authors, I am not a lover of fantasy. Not being a believer in angels, the concept of beings like the coincidence makers of the title existing to reorder a person's life is a stretch for me. That being said, I do believe that there is an audience tha...
  • Susan
    An unusual novel. It took me a while to grasp what was going on but again this is a different type of novel. In a way it is a love story. I do recommend to read it because of the uniqueness. It plays true to the title so keep the title in mind while you enjoy the storyline. I am going to read it again during the cold winter months.I received my ADR copy from Goodreads. Thank you for the chance to read this novel.
  • Samantha
    I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads giveaway program. I truly enjoyed this book. Refreshingly original and creative. Well written. A good book journey to go on that was well worth my time.
  • Noam
    Excellent! A masterpiece! It's written in such a plain language yet it manage to be very sophisticated, philosophical and touching way. It raises many interesting questions about life and in a very non-cliché way. HIGHLY recommended.
  • Nancie Lafferty
    I received this book as a Giveaway and am so happy that I did. Thank you!What a delightfully different way of looking how lives move along - why things might happen as they do. This could absolutely be a movie or a tv series. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it.
  • Sarah Bowe
    What an original, clever story this was! I really enjoyed it and the end was perfect. *thanks for the giveaway Goodreads!*
  • Itay
  • Adee
    לא יכולה לתאר במילים כמה נהניתי מהספר הזה. עמוק ומרגש מצד אחד, קליל ופשוט מצד שני. כל כך יפה איך שיואב בלום כותב באופן שבדרך אגב על דברים משמעותיים.
  • + Dragonfly+
    This title made me want to read this one. Interesting idea and I would tell others to read it, I won this book on a Goodreads giveaway!
  • Faith 09
    Hard to get into from the beginning but to me it got a lot better from then on.