The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman

The Recipe Box

Bestselling, beloved author of The Charm Bracelet spins a tale about a lost young woman and the family recipe box that changes her life.Growing up in northern Michigan, Samantha "Sam" Mullins felt trapped on her family's orchard and in their pie shop, so she left with dreams of making her own mark in the world. But life as an overworked, undervalued sous chef at a reality star's New York bakery is not what Sam dreamed.When the chef embarrasses Sa...

Details The Recipe Box

TitleThe Recipe Box
Release DateMar 20th, 2018
PublisherThomas Dunne Books
GenreFiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Recipe Box

  • Berit☀️✨
    4.5 Delicious Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5This was such a charming read... filled with love, family, and food... each chapter starts off with a recipe... a recipe that sounds absolutely delicious... that is why my mom is getting a copy of this book for Mother’s Day, she needs to try out these recipes... she is a stellar Baker (just in case she’s reading this I want to butter her up)Sam grew up in northern Michigan on her family‘s orchard, alway...
  • Julie
    The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman is a 2018 Thomas Dunne Books publication. Sweet, tender and heartwarming-This book just has that summertime feel to it. Sam Mullins always had an urge to break free from her family’s traditions. She wanted to fly far away from Michigan and the orchard and pie shop her parents and grandparents owned and operate. She finally escapes to New York, determined to be a premier baking chef. But, just as she lands a premi...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 stars to The Recipe Box, a tale of love for family and the food that connects it! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Confession: I’ve bought all of Viola Shipman’s books because I cannot resist the covers! I was thrilled to read an early copy of the author’s latest book. Viola Shipman is actually a pen name for a male author who chose to write under his beloved grandmother’s name as a tribute to her. You can feel the author’s devotion to his grandmother...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    A recipe box for her thirteenth birthday? Is that what Sam really wanted?Probably not, but it made her mother and grandmother happy so Sam accepted it and made her first pie.THE RECIPE BOX was a gift no thirteen-year-old wanted, but it was a gift that kept on giving throughout Sam's life.We follow Sam as she leaves her loving Michigan home and goes to New York to attend culinary school. She was a hit in New York, but her boss was a fake. To her f...
  • Bkwmlee
    This is the second book I’ve read by Viola Shipman and so far, this is definitely my favorite out of the two. Last year, I had the opportunity to read this author’s second novel The Hope Chest and while it was an enjoyable read for me, it didn’t capture my heart like this third book The Recipe Box did. At the heart of this book was a wonderful story about family, love, relationships, identity, and one of my favorite topics : FOOD -- not...
  • Yodamom
    audiobookExcellent narrationRecipes excellentSweet, heartwarming this book brought back so many fond memories of my youth in upper Michigan. This is a book with strong family ties, great relationships, honesty and courage, not game playing. I felt good, peaceful and happy while reading it. A fabulous summer feel good read.I loved this tale of upper an Upper Michigan woman/pastry chef and the orchard her family owns. She was raised on her family's...
  • Judy
    Sweet as pie! This is my first book by Viola Shipman and I enjoyed her writing style and her story of love and family and tradition. Reading this brought back so many memories growing up with Mom baking and cooking and friends and family coming over to enjoy it. She still cooks on Sundays for family and almost always has a wonderful homemade cake or pie.This is the story of Sam Mullins who is at a crossroads in life where she needs to make a choi...
  • Sue
    I enjoyed Viola Shipman's first two books and knew that I was in for a treat when I won a copy of The Recipe Box at goodreads. I wasn't disappointed - this was a wonderful book about family and love and relationships between mothers and daughters.Sam Mullins felt like there was too much to explore in the world and didn't want to stay at her family's orchard and pie shop in Michigan. She went to NY, to go to culinary school and got a job at a famo...
  • Sherri Thacker
    What’s better than a great book about secret family recipes, love, family traditions ... a book with all that AND RECIPES . And these recipes look really, really great that I’ve decided to copy each one and hopefully try them out. I really enjoyed this book - the love this family has for each other is wonderful!!! I loved this book from the very first page to the last. This is my 3rd book by Viola Shipman and I love this one as much as the ot...
  • Patty
    the recipe boxbyviola shipmanWhat it's all about...One thing I know for certain...after reading this book the reader will either crave everything sweet or swear off of sugary treats forever! This book contains just about everything sweet and good that a book should have. It has a family...a Michigan family of bakers who own an apple orchard. The book shares stories from all of this family’s generations of bakers but focuses on Sam...she is the ...
  • Andrea
    It would be nearly impossible for me to dislike this book. Apple orchard? Check. Old family recipes? Check. Devoted, wise grandma? CheckScrumptious, warm bubbling pies & pastry? CheckPretty much a slam dunk. I did find the language repetitive and the main character cluelessly unappreciative, but it still worked...because, did I mention the pastries?! I could smell them from the pages.
  • Linda Zagon
    MY REVIEW OF “THE RECIPE BOX” BY VIOLA SHIPMANViola Shipman, Author of “The Recipe Box” has written a delightful, charming and heartwarming story of family, love, tradition and change. The Genres of this novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The story takes place in Northern Michigan and New York.The author describes her characters as likable, resourceful, hardworking, and enterprising. Sam Mullins comes back to the family orchard and ...
  • Deanne Patterson
    Recipe lovers you're going to enjoy this one as each chapter starts off with a recipe and they sound absolutely delicious. Sam grew up in northern Michigan and her families orchard is all she knows. Looking to broaden her horizons while she adds a little excitement to her life she strikes out and lands a job as a chef in NYC. It's her dream job but when her boss turns out to not be who they portray themself as being she feels like a failure as sh...
  • Sonja
    Samantha arbeitet in New York als Konditorin. Die Arbeit an sich macht ihr Spaß, ihr Chef jedoch ist unerträglich. Eines Tages ist das Maß voll und Samantha kündigt ihren Job spontan und reist nach Michigan zu ihrer Familie. Sie braucht eine Auszeit und hofft, diese auf der Obstplantage ihrer Familie zu bekommen. Tatsächlich findet Samantha auf der Obstplantage langsam wieder zu sich selbst zurück. Mein Leseeindruck:Die Geschichte von Saman...
  • Peggy Geiger
    I enjoyed reading this charming book, complete with family recipes and the instructions intermixed into the storyline. Set against the backdrop of Northern Michigan, Samantha "Sam" Mullins grew up on the land of a family owned orchard. As with many young people, Sam cannot wait to get away from her rural country existence and see the world. After graduating from culinary school, Sam works in New York City as a pastry chef. After she abruptly quit...
  • Sarah
    Sam gets fired from her prestigious-on-paper pastry chef job in New York City and returns home to northern Michigan with her tail between her legs. She is struggling with striking the balance between what she thinks she should be doing and what actually makes her happy. Not unlike many self discovery novels, Sam is her own worst enemy when it comes to both romantic relationships and her career. Sam needs to look no further for answers than her ow...
  • Patricia
    I received an advanced reader's copy of THE RECIPE BOX for an honest review. Although this is not my usual genre, I quite enjoyed this feel-good read. The book begins with a young woman named Sam, a pastry chef, quitting her job in NYC. Sam returns to her family's orchard and restaurant in Michigan to decide who and what she wants to be. There are beautiful descriptions of Michigan and recipe boxes with delicious recipes which have been handed do...
  • Chris Conley
    I really enjoyed this book. I definitely am going to make some of the recipes. I stopped short of five stars because I think Sam had the tools to see her future well before she did. I love the way the adults in this story told the story of the family.
  • Donna Hines
    Make the days count and honor every day you have.Life is short my friends and Viola (pen name) Wade Rouse; reminds us that in this newest work The Recipe Box.A fab read daring to leave the past behind while confronting the obstacles like fear that prevent us from welcoming change, opportunity, growth, and leaving a lasting legacy.So often we get caught up in making a life we forget to live the live we have. Being present and enjoying the view to ...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    Full review on The Candid CoverIf you are a fan of heart-felt stories that will whisk you away on a virtual mini-vacation, The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman is one to read. This book is a beautifully written story that will have you longing for a trip to Michigan. It also explores the theme of self-discovery through the use of recipes and a multi-generational cast of characters.
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    Thanks to Goodreads for this lovely book.A homecoming love family the bonus of delicious recipes that you will want to try.Would make a lovely holiday gift.
  • Meli
    Das Leben in New York verläuft nicht so, wie Sam es sich erhofft hätte. Sie hat sich schon lange nach der weiten Welt gesehnt, doch nun will sie zum Jubiläum ihrer Obstplantage sowie zum Geburtstag ihrer Großmutter nach Hause zurück. Dort backt sie mit ihrer Mutter Deane und ihrer Großmutter Willo die alten Familienrezepte und lernt mehr über die Geschichte ihrer Familie.Sie hat ihre Bestimmung noch nicht gefunden und weiß noch nicht, was...
  • Heidi
    Really loved this one!Five Stars: A delightful and delicious book that is all about love, family, roots and wings.Sam trudges to work. It is early in the morning, but New York City is awake and buzzing. Why does she feel this knot of dread in her stomach every day when she arrives at what is supposedly her dream job? Today is different. The cute little bakery is dark and quiet. A note from the head pastry chef alerting their ridiculous boss that ...
  • Piepie
    Thank you, Netgalley, for this arc.I really liked this story, and I think it would make a wonderful Hallmark movie. I love how the story painted itself into living and breathing characters right in my mind - the scenes of NYC and Michigan were both breathtaking and unforgettable. I would love to go to the pie pantry, pick apples, eat apples, and chat and have fun with family and friends. Willo was probably my favorite character, and I also loved ...
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Debbie
    The Recipe BoxViola ShipmanSTORY 5:Shipman’s (Wade Rouse) latest charmer The Recipe Box is all about family, family traditions, family in transition and passing the torch on to the next generation its also about choices and wanting to make your own mark on the world. The main protagonist in this novel, Sam, is a genuine caring woman who is looking for herself and how this intuitive author lets her do that is remarkable. With a soft soothing int...
  • Jeanne Adamek
    Very much recommended--and (I think) to be read at a time when "life" just isn't quite going the way one wants...
  • Diane Perry
    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is so heart warming. Sam is a pastry chef in search for her place in the world. She comes from a family in Michigan and she is determined that she wants bigger and better. Yet, she finds her heart right back on the orchard she was running from. I fell in love with this entire family. Highly recommend this book!