If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch

If I Die Before I Wake

How Do You Solve Your Own Murder?Everyone believes Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up. As his family debate withdrawing life support, and his friends talk about how his girlfriend Bea needs to move on, he can only listen.But Alex soon begins to suspect that the accident that put him here wasn’t really an accident. Even worse, the perpetrator is still out there and Alex is not the only one in danger.As he goes over a series of clues fro...

Details If I Die Before I Wake

TitleIf I Die Before I Wake
Release DateJan 11th, 2018
PublisherHarvill Secker
GenreThriller, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews If I Die Before I Wake

  • Paromjit
    This is an original crime mystery with a narrative delivered entirely from the perspective of 27 year old Alex Jackson, a passionate rock climber and journalist on the Bristol Post. He is living with girlfriend Bea, whom he met when working in a Canadian camp on his gap year. He loves Bea completely although their relationship has its ups and downs. The novel begins with Alex having a climbing accident that leaves him in a coma, suffering from lo...
  • Brenda
    The horror Alex felt when he woke to tubes, strange sounds and the unfathomable feeling of being unable to move, talk or see, shocked him to his core. As he gradually discovered by listening to the nurses and his girlfriend, Bea, as well as his Dad and sister Phillipa – he had had an accident with his last climb. He was in a coma and had been for over a year. They were saying he was in a vegetative state, unaware of his surroundings, unable to ...
  • Rachel Hall
    If I Die Before I Wake is a startlingly original crime fiction debut which remains singularly captivating from beginning to end and has an eloquence all of its own. This story is narrated in its entirety by twenty-seven-year-old Alex Jackson, a journalist at the Bristol Post and an ardent rock climber until two years ago when a fall in the Avon Gorge left him in a coma and suffering from locked-in syndrome. The doctors believe he faces little cha...
  • Emma
    An interesting concept that reminded me somewhat of The Lovely Bones, this thriller is told by Alex from his hospital bed, seemingly lost to his friends and family in a coma. Following what was originally thought to be a climbing accident, Alex is conscious but has no means of communicating his awareness to those around him, and when he realises there are questions about what happened that fateful day, he bends his mind to working out just who ma...
  • Gary
    This book is told from Alex's view point, he is in a coma and everyone gives him little hope of any improvement. He lies motionless in an hospital bed but can hear the goings on around him. Alex is torn between wanting to die and wanting to live. Unable to communicate he tries to work out what has happened to him and how he has ended up in a coma, and fears he may still in danger.This is an excellent read and I will be looking out for more books ...
  • Nicki
    Imagine being trapped inside your own mind,you can't move any part of your body,you can see but only every now and then and then that's only blurry images.The only thing that is working properly is your hearing and you are forced to listen while others decide wether you have a future or not.That's the nightmare world that Alex Jackson has found himself trapped in.Everyone believes that he is in a coma and is unlikely to wake up and all he can do ...
  • Heidi
    I know that this book is not going to be published until January. Plus, I have plenty of books on my reading list that I should be reading first. But I felt like I just needed something a bit different, something that stood out from the fray– what would fit the bill better than a mystery told from the POV of a character in a permanent vegetative state, his active mind trapped in a lifeless body and unable to communicate? I just couldn’t resis...
  • Liz Barnsley
    Still a fair few to go in my “Ones to Watch in 2018” feature and next up we have a tense and brilliantly edge of the seat psychological thriller – If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch.Now this is one of those books that grips you from the outset to the point that you ignore everything else until you are done. Told entirely from the point of view of Alex, in a coma with everyone believing he is to all intents and purposes gone, he is still i...
  • Kate~Bibliophile Book Club
    I know I said I’m taking a break, and I am. But I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts out on If I Die Before I Wake. IIDBIW is billed as a psychological mystery, and it is, but it is so much more too. When we meet Alex, he’s lying in a hospital bed, with all those around him believing he’s in a coma. Yet he can still hear, and feel, and think for himself. He just can’t move. He is trapped in his own body. We see everything from Alex’s pe...
  • Laura
    Book reviews on www.snazzybooks.com Ahh, another great read to continue my excitement at the fantastic novels being published in 2018! This is a tricky book to write my review on for two reasons - 1) I wanted bits of it to be different, and 2) I'm glad really that those bits weren't different! You need to read this novel to see what I'm saying, but I hugely enjoyed starting If I Die Before I Wake without knowing all that much about it, so I'm g...
  • Emma Mitchell
    I've heard of locked in syndrome, I'm sure most people have. It sounds utterly terrifying and Koch brings that terror to the pages of her debut novel, If I Die Before I Wake.Alex is in a vegetative state. The doctors have convinced his friends and family that he cannot see, hear, feel, or well, anything really. He isn't there anymore. An accident has claimed him mind and body, it's quite a miracle that he's still able to breath alone, but that's ...
  • michelle
    The whole story is told by Alex. After a climbing accident Alex is left in a vegetative state and everyone thinks that he is not going to wake up. But although the tests show there is no brain activity, he can hear and smell and feel pain. But, he cannot move. He can hear all that’s going on around him. But he cannot do anything about it, even when her hears that his family is thinking of ending his life and his girlfriend is being stalked. He ...
  • Todd Simpson
    This was such an interesting and captivating story. The plot is definitely unique, and I think this is why I enjoyed it so much. I also like a novel that is thought provoking, and there were a number of times in this book where I stopped to think about things. Emily Koch has done an amazing job with this wonderful piece of writing, and she has certainly captured my attention. Alex loved his rock climbing more than anything, but after a terrible a...
  • Paul
    If I Die Before I Wake – A Good Debut ThrillerEmily Koch is an award-winning journalist and a graduate of the fabulous creative writing course at Bath Spa, has written a debut thriller that will keep you enthralled. If I Die Before I Awake, should not work, but it does in so many ways, and will keep the reader gripped throughout.Alex is in a coma, and there are doubts he will ever come out of it, he is surrounded by the machinery that is keepin...
  • Amena
    Release date: 11th January 2018 - harvillseckerI read the last few pages of this book and then sat there after it was all done and just stared at it for what felt like a very long time. There are so many aspects that made it an excellent thriller. The protagonist is Alex himself throughout the book. Whilst I enjoy reading other character's point of view, this really stood out in the novel as not only does Alex tell his story by going back and for...
  • Jodi
    We follow Alex, who is in a coma, unable to move but can still hear everything that is going on around him. Although this brain activity doesn't show up on any scans.Alex is an extremely likable character and you'll find yourself feeling so uncomfortable knowing what he's going through and the frustration that he can't make anyone see that he's aware of everything.Upsetting in parts, shocking in others, this is well worth a read.
  • Rebecca
    Provided with an ARC in exchange for a fair reviewI'm really surprised at how highly rated this book is. I found it pretty boring, the protagonist is literally in a coma for the whole thing and it's all just flashbacks and snippets of overheard conversations. I wasn't really invested in any of the characters. It feels like an effort to even review and I think I'll have forgotten it entirely pretty soon.
  • Kathy - Books & Munches
    Now this, this is a book you have to read. This is an author you have to keep an eye on!My review:The whole story is told from Alex' point of view and he's in a coma. He knows what's going on around him, hears and understands what his visitors and caretakers are saying. He can feel, he can still smell. But he can't move, at all.Being in that situation, he's in all but a good place to find out what happened to him. He picks up bits and pieces thro...
  • Trev Twinem
    This girl can write! If I die before I wake is one of a number of books that I have read which introduces the reader to a condition referred to as permanent vegetative state: Westlake Soul by Rio Youers and Blood Sisters by Jane Corry are both excellent in their interpretation and use of PVS as the basis for a novel. Emily Koch expertly creates a crime thriller around the tragic accident that happens to Alex Jackson one Saturday morning when he f...
  • Jeanette
    So pleased to have had the opportunity to read this edge of your seat novel! So refreshing to read a crime thriller that is totally different to any other. This was a very thought provoking novel. A novel whereby Alex is in hospital after a climbing accident and is in a coma (PVS), on life support. The story is told through the mind of Alex, who can hear and feel others who are around him. A clever story whereby Alex pieces together a puzzle as t...
  • Breakaway Reviewers
    Stuck in a body being unable to communicate.Alex, lying in bed with a tracheotomy helping him to breathe and a pipe going into his stomach to feed him, has woken up after a long spell of being comatose. He is disoriented and cannot understand how or why or even where he is and it takes some time for him to realise that he is in a hospital bed connected to all these pipes because; “Alex Jackson, twenty-seven, is believed to have fallen twenty me...
  • Emma
    I finished reading If I Die Before I Wake a few days ago and I'm still bereft, still heartbroken.  This haunting debut thriller will stay with me for some time, but do you know what? I nearly gave up on it! I'm not really one for discarding books part way through.  Actually, I can probably count the number of books I have 'DNF'd' on one hand.Regular readers of the blog will know that I am a) a crime fiction fan, b) I like character driven fic...
  • Roy
    I read this late last year. I had this weird Lovely bones feel as its told from a person in a coma( obviously not from heaven). He can hear and think and comes to realise that the reason hes in the hopsital bed may caused by someone he knows. Solid psych thriller but not amazing. The thoughts and feelings do take an emotional strain but it sometimes goes a little too abstract for a thriller.
  • Veronika
    If I Die Before I Wake was one of my most anticipated novels of 2018. It sounded exciting, unique and positively *thrilling*. Alas, it wasn't any of those things. *cries* In the following, I'll showcase the three main reasons why I nicknamed If I Die Before I Wake "The Least Thrilling Thriller of Ever".PROBLEM #1:WHERE'S THE THRILLER AT? While reading I kept wondering - did I remember the blurb correctly??? For the sake of this review being as ac...
  • Ronnie Turner
    Son, brother, friend, lover. Climber, explorer, hard-worker, thrill-seeker. Alex is all of these things, until he isn’t. Until he is forced into the position of a bird in a cage. Trapped. His mind is the bird and his body is the cage. He fell in a climbing incident and suffered terrible head injuries. Now he is in a vegetative state, listening to his family as they decide whether to keep him alive or let him go, unable to move or speak. But whe...
  • Jay Dwight
    A debut novel for this author, and it is something very different. Our narrator Alex is in hospital, having been in a coma for nearly two years after a fall whilst rock climbing. He’s is a vegetative state, and in all medical tests, he shows no sign of brain activity. However, Alex can hear everything going on around him, and understands all that is happening around him. It comes to light that his fall may not have been an accident, and Alex is...
  • Paula Sealey
    A terrific thriller with an enthralling narrative, I read from cover to cover in one sitting! After a climbing accident, Alex awakes in hospital and from the conversations occurring around him, discovers that he is in a coma. Unable to show anyone that he can in fact hear them, he begins to give up trying, and convinces himself that his death would be the kind way forward for his girlfriend Bea and his family and friends. But during the conversat...
  • Claire Reeder
    If I Die Before I Wake is such an interesting book and I enjoyed it from start to finish.So, how do you solve your own murder? Alex’s family and friends are convinced he is in a coma, put there as a result of a tragic climbing accident with no chance of recovery. So much so they’re contemplating withdrawing his life support. As his future is discussed, Alex can only listen. Slowly he begins to realise maybe it wasn’t an accident after all a...
  • Laura Turner
    All my reviews can be found on my blog: https://pageturnersnook.wordpress.comWell, well, well ... Emily Koch can certainly write a good book! If I Die Before I Wake has kept me on the edge of my seat from the first word to the last. What a corker! How much suspense can I take??? Well I've just found out after reading this! I most stipulate, however, before I carry on with this review that I was expecting a different ending but I guess that's just...
  • BookishSteph1
    This book was surprisingly poignant and emotional, more so as the story progressed. It felt quite Hitcockian to me - I could imagine a classic Hitchcock style film created from the storyline. I think the narrative point of view from Alex trapped in his own body in a hospital bed worked really well and, what could’ve been quite repetitive and restrictive, really added to the progression of the story and added suspense. I found myself wondering w...