Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan

Tell Me More

In "I Don't Know," Corrigan wrestles to make peace with uncertainty, whether it's over expected invitations that never come or a friend's agonizing infertility. In "No," she admires her mother's ability to set boundaries, her liberating willingness to be unpopular. In "Tell Me More," she learns something important about listening from a facialist named Tish. And in "I Was Wrong," she comes clean about her disastrous role in a family fight--and ex...

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TitleTell Me More
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
PublisherRandom House
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Writing, Essays, Self Help, Audiobook

Reviews Tell Me More

  • Esil
    I had never heard of Kelly Corrigan. But I was encouraged to read this book of personal essays when I saw GR friend JanB’s lovely review that described reading Tell Me More as sitting down to talk with a close friend. At the core of the each chapter is Corrigan’s grief over the recent loss of her father and a close friend. But throughout the book there are many anecdotes and lots of relatable self reflections about being a parent, a partner, ...
  • JanB
    What a beautiful, poignant and moving book. Reading this book is like sitting down with a good friend and chatting over lunch. She’s the friend who can say what's in your heart but expresses it so much better. She conveys these 12 phrases through offering us glimpses into her own life. One minute she's telling you how she went ballistic over a toilet that wasn't flushed (by the way, if you ever find yourself at Kelly's house don't let the dog l...
  • Trish
    The subtitle of this book is “Stories about the 12 Hardest Things I’m Learning to Say” and her chapter headings are those twelve phrases. Corrigan’s grandmother always reassured her that she was “good enough,” and would be able to withstand the vicissitudes of life because when she failed, she just got right back up again and did something else. That resilience is a quality more important than beauty or intellectual horsepower when it...
  • Lucille_3
    Sometimes, there just aren’t enough stars.
  • Andrea
    All of Kelly Corrigan’s books have been winners.Here is another one.Read this book alone, just for the chapter “Onward.” What a beautiful tribute to an incredible friend. My heart shattered and then, piece by piece, was put back together. Both better and worse for the wear.And the “No” chapter, because who doesn’t need reminding?And of course, I fully intend to make my own “Things I Will Always Say Yes To” list, starting with Häa...
  • Riva Sciuto
    I fell in love with Kelly Corrigan years ago, after I read 'The Middle Place' and it hit me right in the center of my heart. Her words have always spoken to me, particularly as I watched my own mother suffer from breast cancer at the same time I read Corrigan's captivating memoir. In 'Tell Me More,' her deeply empathetic heart flies right off the page. "Empathy was the tonic," she writes. This book demonstrates, yet again, Corrigan's refreshing c...
  • Lisa
    I just love the way Kelly Corrigan writes. Her sentences have warmth, humor, truth and feeling. I felt much during this audiobook and even cried a few times. I think Kelly makes me cry during every book she has read to me. Kelly writes of her grief over her fathers death as well as her young friend Liz. Mothers especially will appreciate this book.
  • Michelle
    A funny, irreverent, and often poignant examination of motherhood, friendship, the grief of losing a parent, and the shock of crashing head first into the body's frailty. Highly recommended for fans of Anne Lamott.
  • Leigh Kramer
    The author's chapter titled Yes is a list of things she will always say yes to. One of the items on my Yes list? Reading Kelly Corrigan's books. I am now three for three with loving her books. I can't remember how I came across her memoir The Middle Place a few years ago but it was a revelation, as was its follow-up Glitter And Glue.I didn't even need to know what Tell Me More was about before I requested an advance copy. I knew I'd love it and I...
  • Sue Fernandez
    Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for an e-ARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion. I've read everything by Kelly Corrigan, but this is my favorite. I kept thinking that maybe it came to me at a time I needed it, but really, I think this book will be one of the few I return to, and that I read passages out loud to family. I already know a few people I plan to give it to as a gift...highlighting passages. It touched me...
  • Roger Royer
    While I would not have normally read this autobiography I am so glad I did. I loved the heart felt way that the author places it all out there for us to do with as we will. I would not really have considered this a self help book until I realized that it had done more for me than most of the people in my life. I would like to take the time to thank the author for that.
  • Tamara
    I wake up every day and try to be a slightly better person than the day before, despite the overwhelming evidence that life is hard and unfair, and - at times - so perplexingly rewarding. My favorite authors can ascribe words to that phenomenon, and Kelly Corrigan is one of them. Recommend for fans of Tiny Beautiful Things.
  • Karen
    Even though I still love Corrigan's writing style this one was heavy and sad. It felt self-indulgent...getting things off her conscience more than inspiration. She wrote this book at a difficult time in her life. Her Dad and good friend died prior to writing this book, so that may be why it was so heavy. It felt like she wanted to get the "bad" she had done out in the open.
  • Cindy
    Other reviewers have described this book as being like a conversation with a friend. Yes!!! But it's that friend who dominates the conversations and jumps from topic to topic, none of which are interesting to you. At all. After reading almost half the book, I just couldn't waste any more time. And I am completely bewildered by all the 5-star reviews.
  • Chris
    "Dearly beloved, we are gathered together to get through this thing called life."I've never read a Kelly Corrigan book before, despite seeing her in Vermont at Booktopia one year. Her books always struck me as ones with themes that I didn't want to address. Difficult themes; life, relationships, family. Death. Lots of death. And this book had all those and more. When I was at the library and I stood and read three pages and didn't want to stop, I...
  • Mary
    4.5 stars. A moving, beautifully authentic meditation on grief, love, and living. Kelly has a way with words that is raw, honest, refreshing and just unparalleled.
  • Kate
    This was a very enjoyable biography to read. Much of it is shaped by the recent deaths of two people close to the author - her father and her best friend. It’s a thoughtful expression of some of the experiences she has had in her life so far.
  • Jen Brodehl
    I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I laughed, I cried. Kelly Corrigan is so authentic and easy to relate to. I especially loved this on audible because she read it. Highly recommend!!!
  • Michelle
    I tried to like it, but it just smacks of self absorbed middle aged white lady. Meh.
  • Kristen
    It's like...I want Kelly Corrigan to write about everything I fail at. Her grace, humor, and clarity is so refreshing. I laughed out loud and cried at many points--often in the same essays. I love that the title includes "learning" because this book very much represents Corrigan's progress and evolution. I absolutely adored it.“That's how it works: someone important believes in us, loudly and with conviction and against all substantiation, and ...
  • Roxanne Meek
    The most important thing I have done over the last 2 days is read this book. It made me feel things and think big thoughts about life’s important stuff. Reading books like this one is one of life’s simplest treasures, something that brings life into focus- what matters, who matters and how in the end it’s “me and my little life: good enough” Thank you Kelly Corrigan!
  • Stefanie Onieal
    Absolutely loved this book. Her candor and honesty reminded me of another favorite, Nina Riggs. I connected with so much and it felt good to read a book that almost celebrates our flaws.
  • Allison Pickett
    Kelly Corrigan is now an author whose books I will always read. She was completely open about her life, including ugly parts that I would hide. I love to read a book with no filters (this includes no language filters for my more conservative friends!). Kelly tells about the 12 hardest things she's learned to say over the course of a life filled with marriage, kids, sickness, tragedy, happiness, and sadness. Her ability to lay it all on the line a...
  • Melissa
    Grief, pain, yelling, happiness, friendship, relationships, marriage - stories about real life, real people and real families, told by an extraordinary writer.
  • Alissa
    This is a book I will return to again - dipping into chapters as I need to be reminded of the lessons Corrigan imparts. I want to give this to everyone on my Christmas list but alas it comes out in January. This collection of beautiful essays about connecting with those you love and going onward is poignant, funny and heart wrenching. I had moments where I had to stop and pause and say "EXACTLY" as I marveled how Corrigan was so aptly able to des...
  • Belle
    I laughed out loud twice. That earns a 5.Clearly not everyone is going to "get" Kelly Corrigan the way I do as a woman her own age. She makes 50 funny. Her stories about her mother are so funny. I want to be that kind of mother badly. I'm going to practice it.Her stories about Liz who died too soon. Well, I cried, as anyone would.It's a heartfelt book about love and life.Enjoy!
  • Julie Bestry
    Read Kelly Corrigan's book of essays,Tell Me More. Even if you don't read essays. Even if you only read fiction. Even if you don't read authors you don't know much about. Read it.Honestly, that's all I should have to say. She grabbed me from the first page and by the time I finished reading the first chapter, I'd decided I was buying the book for my best friend since college, and later that day, I thrust my copy into my sister's hands, and though...
  • Sandy
    When I read these types of books, I start to believe that anyone who has a story has the potential for writing a book. Somehow their story has to connect to the masses for it to sell, but nevertheless they have potential. They don’t have to tell us its going to be okay or end on a happy note, they just need to connect to their readers and be real. Reading this short novel was like sitting down with a dear friend over lunch and just catching up ...
  • Jenny
    Loved loved loved this book. Two thumbs way up. She writes real life and sums it up so creatively. I'm so glad I'd read her other books first though, not only to have the foundation of her life, but also because I was able to appreciate more her ah-ha's, the depth of her love and loss, and see through some of the stories I may not have appreciated otherwise. There's so many things I want to remember (this probably won't make sense to anyone unles...
  • Leigh
    KC has come to be one of my favorite authors. I feel a kindred spirit in her writing and this book lived up to my expectations. I especially liked the part about her Grandma and the regrets she has. I’m sure that was uncomfortable to write but Kelly, if you’re reading this - please know that by sharing those raw details of how you fucked up you are helping others to avoid making those same mistakes. What a gift to hear it from you and not hav...