Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan

Tell Me More

A warm, insightful look at the twelve phrases that strengthen and sustain our relationships, from the New York Times bestselling author of Glitter and Glue and The Middle Place"The poet laureate of the ordinary."--The Huffington PostIn "I Don't Know," Corrigan wrestles to make peace with uncertainty, whether it's over expected invitations that never come or a friend's agonizing infertility. In "No," she admires her mother's ability to set boundar...

Details Tell Me More

TitleTell Me More
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
PublisherRandom House
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Self Help, Writing, Essays

Reviews Tell Me More

  • Michelle
    A funny, irreverent, and often poignant examination of motherhood, friendship, the grief of losing a parent, and the shock of crashing head first into the body's frailty. Highly recommended for fans of Anne Lamott.
  • Roger Royer
    While I would not have normally read this autobiography I am so glad I did. I loved the heart felt way that the author places it all out there for us to do with as we will. I would not really have considered this a self help book until I realized that it had done more for me than most of the people in my life. I would like to take the time to thank the author for that.
  • Sue Fernandez
    Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for an e-ARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion. I've read everything by Kelly Corrigan, but this is my favorite. I kept thinking that maybe it came to me at a time I needed it, but really, I think this book will be one of the few I return to, and that I read passages out loud to family. I already know a few people I plan to give it to as a gift...highlighting passages. It touched me...
  • Alissa
    This is a book I will return to again - dipping into chapters as I need to be reminded of the lessons Corrigan imparts. I want to give this to everyone on my Christmas list but alas it comes out in January. This collection of beautiful essays about connecting with those you love and going onward is poignant, funny and heart wrenching. I had moments where I had to stop and pause and say "EXACTLY" as I marveled how Corrigan was so aptly able to des...
  • Cheryl Crotty
    This was a wonderful book by an author that I didn’t know until I went to the Random House event in New York a month ago. We were given an advanced copy of this book. I’m not sure I would have noticed it on my own but now that I have met Kelly Corrigan and read this book, I will go back and read her two previous books.This book is a biography of of her life right now. Tell Me More is about her wanting to learn to speak eleven different though...
  • Kapila Monga
    Hats off to Kelly for being so honest about her life, and for sharing so many personal details i.e. basically traits which makes her who she is, and defines her beliefs. The book talks about 12 important things which author feels are critical to say, to learn how to say and to know when to say (and in some cases even not to say) in life.Every chapter in the book is dedicated to one of those 12 critical things. The chapter starts with author shari...
  • Jennifer
    I won this novel at a Goodreads giveaway. Reading this book was similar to having a 100% honest conversation with one of your best friends. The author is warm, down to earth, relatable, funny and refreshingly honest. There were a lot of "Me Too" moments, where I've dealt with similar issues or felt emotions similar to the author, such as fighting teenage daughters that are only arguing because of something I've done, too the section on her breast...
  • Mary
    This was a goodreads giveaway. I believe the reason I entered was the description 'what are the hardest -and most potent - things we say to one another?' sounds interesting right ? not so much in this case and that description seems to have gone away. After the first chapter full of descriptions of her daughters, husband and dog and her usual (?) morning routine - I just can't. Terrible start to the book, what is this even supposed to be about? D...
  • Rhonda Lomazow
    I am a fan of Kelly's books her open sharing of her life her family everyday trying to get through the day issues, This open honest book always with humor shares with us her life difficulties her trying to cope with the loss of her father & life's ups &downs twelve steps told in her unique quirky way.Thanks @ Net Galley for advance reading copy for honest review,
  • Patrycja
    I heard Kelly Corrigan during Q/A session at Off The Page Random House event. She was funny and I loved listening to her stories.Her book Tell Me More is personal, but hilarious and honest. Kelly gives examples from her life, and from her personal experience, while talking about important words we often don't use enough in our lives. Right words, told in right moment can fix almost anything.Author talks about importance of saying "No". About bein...