A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

A Conjuring of Light

Witness the fate of beloved heroes and notorious foes in the heart-stopping conclusion to V.E. Schwab's New York Times bestselling Shades of Magic trilogy.As darkness sweeps the Maresh Empire, the once precarious balance of power among the four Londons has reached its breaking point.In the wake of tragedy, Kell--once assumed to be the last surviving Antari--begins to waver under the pressure of competing loyalties. Lila Bard, once a commonplace--...

Details A Conjuring of Light

TitleA Conjuring of Light
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherTor Books
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews A Conjuring of Light

  • Regan
    hot damn.
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    (No major spoilers). I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Oh my goodness I adore these characters and that ending was everything I wanted. The final books in trilogies are usually my least favorite because they can't possibly live up to all of my expectations... but this was perfect. "I've got a bad feeling," he whispered..."A piece of magic is parading as a god, a poisoned fog is destroying London, and three Antari are sparring aboard our ship. I'd be worr...
  • Ben Alderson
  • Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink
    I.... don't know what to do with myself. I am so completely overwhelmed with emotions and so far past blown away... and now I'm trying to write a review for one of the greatest stories ever told. "Love and loss," he said, "are like a ship and the sea. They rise together. The more we love, the more we have to lose. But the only way to avoid loss is to avoid love. And what a sad world that would be." You guys... if you haven't picked up this seri...
  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    In case you had any doubts...THIS BOOK WAS SHEER FRIKKIN PERFECTION AND I'M A DAMAGED MESS. HI. I mean, how do I even review this. I don't think I really will?? I don't want to give spoilers. I just want to say (a) VE Schwab is a writing queen and wonder, (b) this is exactly what a series conclusion should be like, (c) i hurt man i hurt so bad in the best possible way, and (d) it was perfecccccccccccccctttttttt.SMALL LIST OF THINGS I LOVE• Kell...
  • Petrik
    As of now, this is the number one most overrated and worst trilogy that I've ever read so far. “Anoshe brought solace. And hope. And the strength to let go.” No need for Anoshe, I don’t need any additional strength to let go of this series. Let it be known here that I won’t be reading any more books written by VE Schwab. This is where I must part way with her works. Trust me it’s better for me to do this. For her fans, I’m happy tha...
  • Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~
    The reason I am giving this book a 2 stars is because I expected so much more from both this book & this series overall and I am not very satisfied with the development or the ending. Schwab had so much potential going into this series, but ultimately I find myself very let down.I honestly don't know how to review this book without spoilers and so from this point on there will be unmarked spoilers for the entire series. ***SPOILER ALERT TURN BACK...
  • Simona Bartolotta
    “Myths do not happen all at once.”You would not be wrong in thinking of me as a girl of few certainties. “...They do not spring forth whole into the world.” The usual ones: the love of my family, my love for them, and one big dream -we all have one of those, even when we don't know we do- that keeps me going.“...They form slowly, rolled between the hands of time until their edges smooth...”There are also one or two things peculiar to ...
  • Kai
    “A myth without a voice is like a dandelion without a breath of wind.No way to spread the seeds.”Victoria Schwab is my favourite. I've read every one of her books, from The Archived to The Near Witch, This Savage Song and Vicious. Alright, not the middle grade/childrens books, but I feel like I'm a little too old for that.I love her. She is one amazing, badass author. She has such a beautiful mind, she writes the most fantastic, dark and thri...
  • prag ✨
    yes i'm going through this again & no idk whyPatient Name: Pragya Maresh BardStatus: DEADCause of death: Unknown; possible sources: V.E. SchwabSymptoms: Screaming; thrashing; crying profusely; repeatedly muttering lila bard Diagnosis: WHAT THE FUCK I AM DEAD HOLY SHITSANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SANCT SA...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    LORD HAVE MERCY! THIS BOOK!I was so afraid to go into it because I just knew everyone was going to die and that would be it, THEN END! Yes, people died. Yes, I let out some tears at parts. Yes, it was amaze balls. Yes, there was a lot of blood and violence. Yes, there was evil and magic and good. YES! YES! YES! I love Rhy, Kell, Lila and Alucard so much. I even started to love ole Holland. There are other side people too. ❤There is so much stuf...
  • Cece (ProblemsOfaBookNerd)
    Updated 9/11/17:I will be crying for the next 75 years. This was perfection. It was such a good conclusion.▪▪▪UMMMMM so I finished A Gathering of Shadows and placed an order for this book within 10 minutes. It only took so long because I had to find my credit card. GIMME. Updated 9/11/17:I will be crying for the next 75 years. This was perfection. It was such a good conclusion.▪️▪️▪️UMMMMM so I finished A Gathering of Shadows ...
  • Anne
    Ehhhhhh. I finished this one a while back, but I just couldn't decide how I felt about it.I mean, it was ok. Nothing was horribly wrong, and I certainly didn't feel pissed off when I closed the book. It just left me with this vaguely meh feeling.Like...why did I read all of this?This was, at 624 pages, a HUGE book. <--for me!I know some of you read massive tomes every night before bed, but I usually snack on comic books or fluffy romance novels, ...
  • Emily (Books with Emily Fox)
    I was incredibly excited to read the last book in this series and wow was it action packed. Almost too much if that's possible. I definitely enjoyed it (and recommend it!) but it wasn't as good as the two other ones in my opinion. I overall liked how things were wrapped up at the end but I felt like Lila's character was a bit one-dimensional.More in my wrap up at the end of the month!
  • destini mia
    the only reason i haven't skewered and started roasting myself like a kabob for not finishing A Conjuring of Light the first time around is because i finished it the second time and appreciated it for all that it is worth, dEAR LORd.you know that feeling when you've just walked out of the theater after watching a bomb! ass! movie! that has literally changed your entire being because you've, like, dementored the shit out of it and feel like you're...
  • Ashley Nuckles
    If A Gathering of Shadows deserved 100+ stars, A Conjuring of Light deserves 10x that many. I have no words. This series is honestly my favorite out of everything I've ever read and I just want to reread the first one now that it's all over! My heart is so happy. Anoshe ADSOM.
  • rin (lorenzo)
    Anoshe was a word for strangers in the street, and lovers between meetings, for parents and children, friends and family. It softened the blow of leaving. Eased the strain of parting. A careful nod to the certainty of today, the mystery of tomorrow. When a friend left, with little chance of seeing home, they said anoshe. When a loved one was dying, they said anoshe. When corpses were burned, bodies given back to the earth and souls to the stream,...
  • Kaylin
    4.25 StarsOverview: “Anoshe was a word for strangers in the street, and lovers between meetings, for parents and children, friends and family. It softened the blow of leaving.” Okay, I know my rating is picky and oddly specific, but it’s true. I enjoyed this more than AGOS (making it my favorite of the series) but it's still just shy of 5 stars. In fact, that's what I rated it in a blind-emotional fury immediately after I finished. Becaus...
  • Maram
    "A myth without a voice is like a dandelion without a breath of wind. No way to spread the seeds."Too. Much. Feels. hElp. This is hands down my FAVORITE book from the Shades of Magic trilogy! It's rare for me to be satisfied with a conclusion to a series as a lot of the times the spark gets lost along the way but not in ACOL's case. It has everything I want in a conclusion and more!• We get to see a different and a more in-depth side of some of...
  • Piera Forde
    A truly beautiful ending to an incredible series. Schwab never disappoints and this book, as well as the first two, were phenomenal.
  • April
    Okay, I'm a mess inside. Nope. This series is not over. Never the less this book was such a perfect wrap to this series. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. Definitely deserves all the stars. "Anoshe - until another day."
  • sana °¤°
    *MAJOR spoilers ahead. THEY WILL NOT BE MARKED* like, seriously they are all over the place, you've been warned.---lol so, fuck this book for not giving me the ending i wanted. who am i kidding though, the day i started reading this book, Schwab decided it was a good day to HIGHLIGHT THE FUCKING ENDING for this damn book and spread that shit all over my feed. people commented the ending and my fucking traitorous eyes saw that damn spoiler so, \_(...
  • Nastassja
    In myths, the hero survives.The evil is vanquished.The world is set right.Sometimes there are celebrations, and sometimes there are funerals.The dead are buried. The living move on.Nothing changes.Everything changes.This is a myth.This is not a myth. It feels like the whole era just ended with this book. I am so sad... I can't deny that through out the years Shades of Magic became one of my favorite series as it is for many other people, I am sur...
  • Stacee
    February 2018: I don’t know why I thought I would be able to give a coherent review when I binged the series because that might have made it worse. I stand by everything I said in last year’s review. I’ll only add that I want to start reading them all over again because I never want to not be reading them.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ February 2017: I don't even know what to put here. This book was filled with laughs and swoons and badasse...
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    “Kell isn't the only one you fail to understand. My bond with him didn't start with this curse. You wanted him to kill for me, die for me, protect me at all costs. Well, Mother, you got your wish. You simple failed to realize that that kind of love, that bond, it goes both ways. I would kill for him, and I would die for him, and I will protect him however I am able, from Faro and Vesk, from White London, and Black London, and from you.” list...
  • Whitney Atkinson
    I spent so long today crying and thinking about this book that it completely slipped my mind to mark it as completed on Goodreads. I was beginning to lose faith in this series because book two was a very weak sequel in my opinion and the first half of this book took me quite a while to finish. I will admit that I did skim read quite a few chapters in here (I found the addition of POVs other than lila/rhy/alucard/holland's quite slow), but it fina...
  • P
    “A queen could leave her throne.But a mother never leaves her son.” The ending of A Conjuring of Light left me where Fast and Furious 7 did two years ago. And Paul Walker, sadly, I'll never get the chance to see him again. Then I listened to the song See You Again and tears came streaming down my face after that. What a beautiful life when you meet someone and know that they can't stay with you forever, though they're becoming a part of your...
  • Bradley
    The third definitely has a very good and satisfying end. :)It's pretty much an epic ride and destruction of Kell's homeland, with the demon of chaos and magic running rampant and generally being smarter than the rest of the characters as well as being a lot more powerful. I was sitting on the edge of my seat to see just how our heroes would pull off a fix or even if there could be a fix.It is definitely hard to pull off a good end with a series l...