Semiosis by Sue Burke


In this character driven novel of first contact by debut author Sue Burke, human survival hinges on an bizarre alliance.Only mutual communication can forge an alliance with the planet's sentient species and prove that mammals are more than tools.Forced to land on a planet they aren't prepared for, human colonists rely on their limited resources to survive. The planet provides a lush but inexplicable landscape--trees offer edible, addictive fruit ...

Details Semiosis

Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherTor Books
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews Semiosis

  • Judy Lesley
    Many thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for allowing me to read a digital galley of this wonderful debut novel.What a pleasure this science fiction book was to read. Author Sue Burke's construction and writing style actually made me slow down and enjoy this story she crafted for readers instead of racing through it like my hair was on fire. There are seven segments of the novel with a different narrator from a different generation to gui...
  • Danielle Tremblay
    I won’t summarize the story. Many reviewers did it very well. Let’s just say that’s a first novel for Ms. Burke and that’s an awesome debut. Year 1 – Generation 1Grateful for this opportunity to create a new society in full harmony with nature, we enter into this covenant, promising one another our mutual trust and support. We will face hardship, danger, and potential failure, but we can aspire to the use of practical wisdom to seek joy...
  • Emily
    A fantastic, high-concept novel that addresses the question “what if a first-contact story, but with plants?” A diverse group of settlers from earth arrive at a distant planet and begin the work of survival with the goal of integrating themselves into the existing ecosystem as much as possible. Each chapter is narrated by a different character and Burke does a lovely job of differentiating these voices. The book ends up being a lovely, thorou...
  • Xavi
    8'5/10Diversa, original y sorprendente.
  • Read Ng
    This Uncorrected Advance Reading Copy was a GoodReads giveaway win. The release date for this book is in Feb 2018. You will want to read this.There is something about the care and patience I find exciting about the books from former reporters. All those years of writing just translate into some of the clearest, well thought out stories. This is no exception.I like hard science tales. The science in this story is not all that detailed nor relevant...
  • Gretchen
    I really enjoyed the structure of this novel (each chapter follows a character from a later generation, giving the reader insight over time while still being closely character-driven). I found the alien-ness of the alien planet intriguing, and I was generally grabbed by each subsequent thing that happened. I wouldn't say this book is a must read but it pushed a lot o f my buttons (alien ecology, survival, attempted utopias, generational drift, co...
  • Hannah
    Really good! Reminded me of Michael Crichton at his best - a steady mixture of science and suspense, with a really interesting character-driven ending. It took me a bit to get into -- there's some world-building (literally!) to be done and it can take a minute to get used to the structure of the book. Each section follows a different character from the next generation, which can a few times be jarring, but is mostly a really interesting and engag...
  • Jessie (Ageless Pages Reviews)
    Covers hundreds of years and several generations of human habitation on an alien planet. A readalike for Children of Time but with sentient, adaptable and communicative plants. Character-driven but impersonal.
  • Marshal
    I had higher expectations. It could have been better.
  • Elise
    This book definitely suffered from reading too close to Children of Time, another recent sci-fi that explored the idea of a truly alien alien. This book, in my opinion, just didn't pull off the concept quite as well.