Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1) by R.A. Salvatore

Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1)

As the Blood Moon rises high upon the mountain of the Usgar a demon hunts. But this is not the demon's story. This is the story of a young woman, the daughter of a witch, born under the Blood Moon, how she finds herself alone in a tribe of vicious barbarians, and how she came to know the world.From the bestselling author who created Drizzt Do'Urden comes a brand new series that is sure to capture the hearts of lifetime fans, and ignite the passio...

Details Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1)

TitleChild of a Mad God (Coven, #1)
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherTor Books

Reviews Child of a Mad God (Coven, #1)

  • Felix
    This is a dark & gritty tale. Slavery and demon fossa hunting. Covens that teach magic through use of crystals. Warriors selecting females for their potential mates to further strengthen their prowess.This is the best Salvatore novel in some time. I highly recommend it!(I won this ARC through Goodreads)
  • Michael Furman
    NO SPOILER REVIEW:Child of a Mad God by R.A. SalvatoreOn February the 6th, New York Times Bestselling author R.A. Salvatore will launch his newest epic fantasy novel series. Child of a Mad God, a Tale of the Coven is Salvatore's first novel in almost 8 years to be set in the land of Corona. This world, created by Salvatore himself, is also home to his very popular Demonwars and Saga of the First King novels.I was lucky enough to receive an advanc...
  • Bookworm LLC
    Complex choices are a staple of living a life worthy of the time to tell one's story. R.A. Salvatore has created a world filled with these choices and the effects they have on the people around us. I was struck by the social injustice of society`s. Salvatore shined the light of a full moon on the trap of living without recognizing the people and their worth as people. He showed the cost of change and the courage mixed with fear that it takes to o...
  • Colin Flanigan
    This book features a female protagonist raised in a terrible tribe that mistreats women much like the present day Boko Haram. So expect kidnappings, murders and worse along with a woman who fights back against this systematic abuse.A dark fantasy world reminiscent of Andre Norton with R.A. Salvatore’s complex characters and fighting scenes.
  • Bob
    Well written, as one would expect, but not at all pleasant. Mostly brutal and terrible things happening to very strange people. I barely forced myself to finish it. Wasted time. Another problem? Folks who are attacked with great regularity, but make no effort to learn to defend themselves. Simply makes no sense.
  • Paul
    Child of a Mad God is another formidable example of Salvatore's great fantasy. The story weaves the harrowing plight of Aoleyn, a young woman stuck in a brutal patriarchal mountain tribe, with the story of Talmadge, a solitary frontiersman who lives on his wit and the profit of his trade. This is a harsh and gritty world populated by slaves, witches, cruel masters, and paranoid tribes. Whether it is the laws of the tribe, the death of loved ones,...
  • Erin (A Grimm Review)
    Writing this review has proven to be quite a challenge. That might seem odd given the four-star rating, but Child of a Mad God has left me with a lot of conflicting feelings. But isn't that in itself the mark of a good book?First an foremost I feel I have a responsibility to issue a warning to potential readers. To anyone uncomfortable or sensitive to the issue of rape this book may not be for you. While the act is never really graphic or expl...