Crimson Lake (Crimson Lake, #1) by Candice Fox

Crimson Lake (Crimson Lake, #1)

Crimson Lake, by Sydney-based, Ned Kelly Award-winning author Candice Fox, is a thrilling contemporary crime novel set in Queensland, Australia, perfect for readers of authors like James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Lisa Gardner, and Tana French. How do you move on when the world won’t let you?12:46: Claire Bingleystands alone at a bus stop12:47: Ted Conkaffey parks his car beside her12:52: The girl is missing . . .Six minutes in the wrong place at...

Details Crimson Lake (Crimson Lake, #1)

TitleCrimson Lake (Crimson Lake, #1)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
GenreMystery, Crime, Thriller, Fiction, Cultural, Australia

Reviews Crimson Lake (Crimson Lake, #1)

  • Paromjit
    This is atmospheric crime fiction set in small town Cairns in Queensland, Australia. It is intricately plotted to weave in three separate murder investigations. Detective Ted Conkaffey's life falls apart when it is alleged that he abducted and raped a young girl, Claire Bingley. He is held in prison for some months until the prosecution drops the case for insufficient evidence. His wife has left him, he hurts from being separated from his baby da...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    4.5★“Another passer-by in the dark. I wasn’t safe here. I ditched the car in the rainforest and walked through the bush to the mangroves, fumbling along in the dark, trying not to think about crocodiles. Spider webs caught in my outstretched hands and palms sliced at my forearms as I made my way to the gate.”Ted Conkaffey is in strife. He did his time and has fled to a small town near Cairns in Far North Queensland to start a new life. I ...
  • Dash fan
    4 ☆ Atmospheric and full of Suspicion This is the first book I have read by Candice Fox and it won't be the last!Crimson Lake is a story full of suspense, suspicions and mystery.When Detective Ted Conkaffey happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time... He is falsely accused of the abduction and assault of a young girl.Things go from bad to worse for Ted when he is put into prison pending investigation.When Ted is finally released with n...
  • Matt
    Candice Fox returns with this debut novel in her new series, sure to leave readers disturbed, yet wanting more. Ted Conkaffey has a decent life as a police officer ruined in eight short minutes. When witnesses place him in direct contact with young Claire Bingley around the time of her sexual assault, he is presumed guilty and tossed to the wolves. When, mid-trial, the charges are dropped, Ted is left with the pall of being labelled a paedophile ...
  • Carolyn
    Ted Conkaffey, accused of the abduction and rape of a young girl, but not convicted due to lack of evidence, has run away to Crimson Lake, near Cairns to lick his wounds and try to start a new life. Neither his workmates, fellow detectives in the Drug squad, nor his wife believe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now labelled a pedophile after serving eight months in remand, he has lost his job, access to his baby daughter and live...
  • Zoe Mann
    Where has Candice Fox been all my life? "Crimson Lake" by Candice Fox is set in a croc infested town in northern Australia. It follows the life of accused peodophile and child snatcher Ted Conkaffey and his new partner, convicted murderer Amanda Pharell as they privately investigate the disappearance of famous author Jake Scully, but, everything is not as black and white as it seems. This novel has everything I could ever want from a crime thrill...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    **4.5 starsCandice Fox first caught my eye in 2014, when she released her debut Australian crime novel, Hades. From that point onwards, I have found myself very taken with Fox’s work. It seems I am not alone. Fox won the 2014 Ned Kelly award for a best first novel for Hades. She backed it up a year later by winning the coveted Ned Kelly award again, this time for her second book Eden. Most recently, Fox has ...
  • Brenda
    3.5★sAfter spending eight months in prison after being accused of thirteen year old Claire Bingley’s abduction and rape, then having the charges dropped through lack of evidence, ex-Detective Ted Conkaffey knew he needed to escape Sydney and everything it now represented to him. When he found himself in Crimson Lake near Cairns in far north Queensland, he thought he’d be safe. The dilapidated rental; the lack of material belongings – none...
  • Purple Country Girl (Sandy)
    I received a copy of Crimson Lake from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The life Detective Ted Conkaffey used to lead has been obliterated. Falsely accused of abducting and assaulting a young girl, Ted is grilled by his former colleagues like a criminal and then tossed into prison while a case is made against him. When the prosecution drops the charges for a lack of concrete proof, things do not improve for Ted - he is still branded a p...
  • Jenny
    Crimson Lake is about Detective Ted Conkaffey whose life was destroyed when he was accused of raping a young girl and Amanda Pharrell who was convicted of murdering a local Crimson Lake teenager. When Crimson Lake local Jake Scully went missing, Ted and Amanda joined forces to investigate his disappearance.Readers of Crimson Lake will learn about the consequences to people when they are accused of something they did not do and how it affects thei...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    The Queen of Quirky characters returns.Last week I had the privilege of meeting Candice Fox as part of her extended Western Australian book tour. What a great night it was- Candice was open, honest and often hilarious, talking about everything that mattered to her – her childhood, family, marriage, divorce, second marriage, her childhood ambition to become a writer, her writing inspirations, the inspiration she draws from reading true crime nov...
  • marlin1
    Ted Conkaffey a Sydney policeman, has been allegedly accused of abducting a 13 yr old girl from a bus stop and attempting to kill her. For him it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and lack of evidence sees him being released from prison after 8 months. With his marriage broken and all friendships dissolved he relocates to a new life on the outskirts of Cairns. But as he was never proven innocent, the nightmare can never go away. On t...
  • Chloe
    I really enjoyed this one. A man is accused of a crime. He's a cop, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He knows he didn't do it, but it's only his word against everyone else's who all seem to point their fingers at him. Through a legal loophole, his trial gets suspended. He flees to far north Queensland (hello crocs!) to hide.There, he meets someone else - just about the only person who could understand what he's going through. This wo...
  • Mandy White
    love a good Aussie book! and part of it was set in my local area at Mt Annan! i have just recently discovered discovered Candice Fox thanks to her writing with one of my fave authors James Patterson and she is definately now on that same list. this is a great book, great story and characters and i hope that there will be a 2nd book soon!!
  • Karen
    If two Ned Kelly Awards and one short-listing hasn't given you a big enough hint already, CRIMSON LAKE should absolutely confirm that Candice Fox is an Australian writer of immense ability.Always on the darker side, Fox's books incorporate clever plots with strong characters. She has a particular ability to create unusual, unexpected partnerships, teaming up the unlikely, creating tension and unexpected affection and acceptance. It's that idea of...
  • Tien
    I was soooo excited to see Candice Fox was to release a new book. I must admit to being a teeny weeny disappointed to find out that it is NOT an Archer & Bennett but still… It’s a must-read. If you love crime novels, Candice Fox’s books are must-reads!Despite being told that this is her best book yet, I can NOT make this distinction. I love ALL her books fairly equally and they are ALL my favourites. The mysteries are terrific but the chara...
  • Theresa Smith Writes
    Crimson Lake is one of those novels you want to talk about as soon as you've finished reading it, and you want everybody else to read it too so that you can talk about it together. Thankfully, this was my bookclub pick, so I'm going to get to talk about it for two solid hours pretty soon! But in the meantime, I'll talk about it for a little while here.For me, this novel worked in so many ways. The characters were authentic, and in the case of Ama...
  • Sam
    This crime fiction book is gritty and compelling. I was hooked from the off. Ted Conkaffey, ex police officer, is suspected of a disturbing crime. Ted moves to Crimson Lake in the hope of putting the past behind him. He teams up with convicted murdered, Amanda Pharrell, who is the area private investigator. What follows is an interwoven tale of their purported crimes, and their investigation into a local missing person. With all of this going on ...
  • Deborah
    This book offers readers everything we've come to expect from Fox: complex characters, a multilayered plot and an incredible sense of dark foreboding about what awaits us.Ted's story unfolds pretty quickly and when we meet him he's left his old life, with a cloud still hanging over his head. He's pretty much hit rock bottom when his lawyer suggests he contact Amanda, a convicted murderer who's served her time and is now working as a private inves...
  • Josh
    Crimson Lake, set in and around the tropical north Queensland city of Cairns is centered around three distinct crimes linked by circumstance after the fact. Candice Fox weaves both Amanda's and Ted's history into the present day setting; that, along with the coupling of the damaged protagonists gives the book added depth, making Crimson Lake a meaty read but still an easy page turner. Crime one is the abduction and rape of a 13yr old girl, last s...
  • Milkysilvermoon
    Es sind nur sechs Minuten, die das Leben von Detective Ted Conkaffey (39) völlig aus der Bahn werfen. Die 13-jährige Claire Bingley verschwindet an einer Bushaltestelle, wird missbraucht und beinahe getötet – und Ted wird verdächtigt. Die Anklage gegen ihn wegen Vergewaltigung wird zwar aus Mangel an Beweisen fallengelassen, doch fast niemand glaubt an seine Unschuld. Der frühere Polizist zieht sich deshalb nach Crimson Lake, eine Kleinsta...
  • Lisa
    When you read it in one day, it warrants 4 stars.Found the characters extremely relatable, and any book full of random crocodiles and geese is a good one.
  •  Alli
    This was a really enjoyable, easy to read and follow Crime book. It is the first time I have read one of Candice Fox's books and I am definitely keen to pick up another (Actually I have already and have a copy of Never Never that is co-authored with James Patterson!)The writing was done well- I would almost say in the style of an 'Airport Novel', you know the ones where you pick it up because it looks interesting and need to kill some time and yo...
  • Janine
    I really loved this book and found it hard to put down. Flawed but likeable main characters and many sub plots with lots of twists and turns. My first by this author but won't be the last.
  • Roman Clodia
    3.5 starsSet in humid, small-town Cairns, this is a book with bags of personality in the writing and characters: especially in Amanda Pharrell, a convicted murderer with a nice line in rhyming doggerell! Now a PI, Amanda teams up with new arrival Ted who has been arrested, but not convicted, of the rape of a young girl - can the two outsiders uncover the mystery of a bestselling author's disappearance? Fox writes well and keeps things turning ove...
  • Jay Dwight
    Candice Fox’s best book yet (and the others are excellent!) Not as dark as the Hades series, but totally addictive, with two likable new lead characters. Their back stories provide compelling sub-plots, as they combine to investigate what has happened with a missing author. I look forward to more in this series.
  • Giulia
    Really really liked the mysteries surrounding Ted and Amanda and their characters. However I did find the crime that they were trying to solve itself a little long-winded and not as entertaining
  • Christine
    Crimson Lake started off really REALLY good. I was sorry that I had Christmas decorations to take down and children wanting to be cared for. I liked the main character, Ted Conkaffey, who was accused and jailed for eight months for the attempted murder and rape of a 13 year old girl. Ted had been seen speaking to the victim moments before her abduction from her bus stop by several vehicles passing. Despite Conkaffey’s accusation he won me over ...
  • Sally
    I did enjoy Crimson Lake but I can't work out whether I thought there was too much happening or not enough happening.Ted Conkaffey has escaped to Crimson Lake after being arrested and put in prison for eight months for the abduction, rape and torture of a teenage girl in Sydney. A crime that he was accused of but never convicted of, the case was thrown out before trial because of lack of evidence not because he was found not guilty (and this caus...