When to Jump by Mike Lewis

When to Jump

When Mike Lewis was twenty-four and working in a prestigious corporate job, he eagerly wanted to leave and pursue his dream of becoming a professional squash player. But he had questions: When is the right time to move from work that is comfortable to a career you have only dared to dream of? How have other people made such a jump? What did they feel when making that jump—and afterward?Mike sought guidance from others who had “jumped,” and ...

Details When to Jump

TitleWhen to Jump
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
PublisherHenry Holt & Company
GenreBusiness, Self Help, Nonfiction

Reviews When to Jump

  • Kim
    won from librarything.comgot in mail today
  • Gina
    A collection of mini-bios about people who made major career changes. It doesn't really offer any practical advice aside from telling people to just do it.
  • Serendipity Marie
    Watching my niece's gymnastics competition - I use the term "competition" loosely considering I changed her diaper less than 3 years ago - I'm struck by the difference in the little girls' faces as they jump from the balance beam. They are all the same age. They all have had similar classes. Yet, there is a hesitation and almost fear on the faces of some, while others leap without much of a glance at the ground. I was reminded of these girls whil...
  • Jo-Ann Duff (Duffy The Writer)
    There are lots of books out there which promise you your dream life, job and love if you follow the authors simple rules and it can all seem like a bit of a pipe dream. Mike Lewis has tapped into something a little bit different with When To Jump. Using his own experience of taking the leap from venture capitalist to professional squash player as inspiration, Lewis sought out other people who have made the leap.What I like about When To Jump, is ...
  • M. Abdul Ali
    Many self-help books show, bolster, and help you plan your life change. This book has a unique angle at providing evidence of people who have made the big jump. The the stories are great - from living the perfect career to not having a career at all and then jumping to something the subject felt a passion for. His examples are great.But I can't help, but comment at how the 'normal' person cannot relate to this. Some stories - like the art gallery...
  • Lisa
    I would rate this book 2.5 stars. I had such high expectations when I started, but it just fell flat. There was no inspiration like I expected, although I did enjoy some of the stories. The author was annoying, arrogant, and one of those guys who steps in crap and it turns to gold.
  • Melissa
    If you haven't found a mentor yet to discuss your own jump ideas with, this book can fill the gap for now. It providers real stories of successes and failures with practical advise on how to move forward.
  • Kate
    The author is, unfortunately inaccessible to the average American. The sentiment is there and the stories from others were great but some of this really comes off as contrived. The idea of the "little voice" felt inauthentic as it weaved its way through the narrative. It felt overplayed.
  • Sanford Chee
    Talks at Googlehttps://youtu.be/WE7l0HZg1R0Don't look back if it fails. Another door opens.
  • Dave Herman
    This is an excellent collection of famous and not-so-famous people who made a huge career shift. Hearing these stories tremendously helped me plan my future!
  • Justin Jackman
    This was a very timely read for me. I am currently debating making a jump, and this book was filled with inspiring examples of people who made that jump.
  • Kristen
    Meh. Some of the stories are compelling but it’s just okay overall. If you want to make a change and need to feel inspired you might like it.
  • Anne
    It was so interesting to hear how a diverse assortment of people were living out their interests in creative manners. I found this inspiring and invigorating!
  • Emily
    I enjoyed the variety of people and their stories. Some great advice and encouragement for me as I think about my jump.
  • Bri
    Skimmed through maybe half of the stories...I liked it, but didn't read very deeply.
  • Sarah
    A collection of people's "jump" stories. Although an interesting read, I was hoping for some more practical take-aways.
  • Elizabeth Chabe
    Some interesting stories.