Mister Tender's Girl by Carter Wilson

Mister Tender's Girl

*Now under option with Legendary Television for development as a TV series*How far are you willing to go for Mister Tender?At fourteen, Alice Hill was viciously attacked by two of her classmates and left to die. The teens claim she was a sacrifice for a man called Mister Tender, but that could never be true: Mister Tender doesn’t exist. His sinister character is pop-culture fiction, created by Alice’s own father in a series of popular graphic...

Details Mister Tender's Girl

TitleMister Tender's Girl
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
PublisherSourcebooks Landmark
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Mister Tender's Girl

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: .....I catch his stare, and his gaze is locked on me. There's an endless longing to it, as if I'm the ghost of someone he once loved. . .Sometimes I meet a person and my paranoia insists they already know me. Know everything. Where I live. How many scars I have. My real last name. It's a game my mind likes to play when it thinks I'm getting complacent, or cured. THE BLURB: How far are you willing to go for Mister Tender?At fourteen, Alic...
  • Kendall
    Oh my! Now.... that was a unique psychological thriller! Hello Mister Tender ;)Now, who do you ask is Mister Tender?! At the age of fourteen, Alice Hill was viciously attacked by two twin girls that were obsessed with mister tender. Mister Tender is a fictional character that Alice's father created through a series of graphic comics. Alice survived this crucial attack and moved away from her horrible past with her brother and mother. She changed ...
  • Debra
    "There's nothing in this world more trapping than one's own mind."Now this is how you do a psychological thriller. I could almost feel Alice's fear, her anxiety, her dread, her anger, her desire to finally be done with people's obsession with Mister Tender and the attack which almost killed her.When Alice was fourteen years old she was viciously attacked by twin sisters who believed they were doing the work of Mister Tender. But there is a catch ...
  • Jan
    Damn, I'm sad this one is over! I was intrigued when I read this was inspired by the 'Slender Man' fictional character, who was brought to the nation's attention when 2 local WI teenage girls stabbed a friend 19 times in it's honor. Having happened in a neighboring state, the coverage of this crime was constant. I remember being baffled and confused as to how something like this could even happen, so I grabbed this book in hopes of some better cl...
  • Dennis
    Mister Tender's Girl is one sick, twisted, WILD RIDE! Wow... I feel like I just got off of a roller coaster and my brain is still rattling. I need to take deep breaths while I write this because I'm still gasping.Alice, what did the penguin always tell you?Alice Hill is fourteen years old when she was horribly attacked by two of her classmates and left for death. Melinda and Sylvia Glassin both claim that they repeatedly stabbed Alice because it...
  • Sean Peters
    Firstly, thank you to Carter for a signed copy/preview book to read and read, and also for supporting my group "A Good Thriller. Also for spending a day doing an A & Q for my group.Although an unusual title this is a full blown fantastic Psychological Thriller and more.This is an Intriguing, gripping, rollercoaster of a thriller, full of suspense, shocks and some massive surprises. This book is addictive, very hard to stop reading!Compelling that...
  • Brenda
    I thought this book was headed toward five star territory, but I felt let down by the ending. I needed a bigger bang.It winds up with three people in a room. (view spoiler)[The absolute climax happens off stage after Mister Tender leaves the room. I needed more insight into his thoughts and reasoning at that moment. After all those years of “saving” Alice, why did he give up right then? I was left shaking my head for poor Richard, after all h...
  • Shannon
    Oh em gee! What a thriller! Mister Tender’s Girl by Carter Wilson was AMAZING! Make sure you add this to your TBR when it comes out in February.Do you remember the Slender Man Case? I didn't at first until Chandra reminded me. A girl was stabbed by two of her friends left to die. They did it because of the Slender Man. I saw a documentary on it and I mean, come on, two teen girls stabbing their friend?! Sign me the eff up! So to find a book tha...
  • Perri
    There's so much I like about this book. The similarity to the freakish real life Slender Man episode. To those of us horrified by the incident, the story gives a theory to the unexplainable. And the murderous twins feeds our fascination with twins such as the Welch Gibbons' girls. I wish there had been more about them. That cool name Mr Tender? Hardly tender. I even love the cover. The only draw-back for me were some static spots which slowed dow...
  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    Release Date: February 13, 2018 Genre: Thriller and SuspenseThe Bad News: This book was NOTHING like what I had expected it to be. The Good News: It didn't even matter what I expected because this book far surpassed what I would have wanted anyways. Mister Tender's Girl is a fantastically written, fast faced, and insanely twisted ride that had me flipping the pages almost faster than I could read. I am new to Carter Wilson's writing but I have ...
  • Nicole (Read Eat Sleep Repeat)
    Mister Tender’s Girl hooked me from page one and wouldn’t let me put it down. Even when I had to, because being a responsible adult includes work and other such nonsense, I simply could not stop thinking about it.Carter Wilson is apparently a USA Today bestselling author, but I had never heard of him or his books before seeing the eyes on this cover peering out to me and I just had to check it out! And what was inside these pages utterly matc...
  • Kim
    I am completely fascinated by urban legends, so when I heard Mister Tender's Girl by Carter Wilson was inspired by the very real 'Slender Man' stabbing, I couldn't wait to read this creepy novel.Alice owns a coffee and sweets shop called the Stone Rose. 'Silence, memories and nighttime' frighten her. She suffers debilitating panic attacks. Her fears are not unfounded; she lives her life scared with good reason. When Alice was a young girl living ...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    "Alice, what did the penguin always tell you?"Alice, at the age of 14, was stabbed repeatedly and left for dead by two of her classmates as a tribute to Mister Tender, who promised to make them famous if they carried out this deed. How far would you go to get the one thing you have always wanted? That's the million dollar question, isn't it? And if someone digs into your mind, finds your hearts desire and promises it to you on a plate for the act...
  • Bandit
    Been reading Carter Wilson for a while now, he's always done well and occasionally more so. This one, though, is unquestionably his magnum opus or, at least, the best of the best, the one that showcases just how far he's come as an author. This is a pretty thrilling thriller, a genuinely intense suspense. This is good, very good. All the more so for being set right around the spookiest time of the year from mid October until November 1st. Mister ...
  • Sara
    Ah sometimes I just want a good scare. I want to disappear into a beautiful nightmare for a little while and just float around in the dark. Sometimes I want tragedy and broken people and violence. But its so damn rare to find that and beautiful language, a writer who really makes love to the page so that the ghastly becomes gorgeous.I confess I was anticipating a quick and cornball pop true crime riddled gore fest with this fabulous book but, con...
  • AnisaAnne
    Thick black hair, high cheekbones, and dark jade eyes. He is a part bartender and part demon. He will listen to your woes but he needs for you to act. "So, then, what is your fight against the world today" Mr. Tender is a central character in a graphic novel created by Alice Hill's late father. A fiction that has created and caused tragedy in the Hill household in England. Alice almost lost her life by the actions based on the novel. Two twin tee...
  • Bill
    I’ve never heard of Carter Wilson prior to my friend Bandits review of this one and who clued me into requesting it on NetGalley. Thanks, Bandit! It was good. Real good.It makes me tired to even think about trying to summarize this one, so I’m not going to. Read the synopsis if you wish. I didn’t, but don’t let that stop you. Actually, I changed my mind. Don’t. It gives away way too much. I hate that. Seriously.The writing here is smoot...
  • Anne
    To say I loved this ARC would be an understatement! I've loved his other books but this one literally took my breath away! I kept saying, "I'll just read one more chapter," and then the end of the chapter "forced"me to read another. Seriously, you can't stop reading! Clearly this is my favorite genre, but not all thrillers are created equal. This one gripped me from page one, thrashed me around, gave me a little hypertension (not really as I take...
  • Heather
    This is a story very loosely based on the Slender Man stabbing. This is a compulsively readable thriller that I very much enjoyed! I did have some issues with it. I don't think any of the characters were very relatable, and their connections with one another seemed pretty hollow to me. The way Alice interacted with and responded to Richard in particular was especially confusing to me. I would have thought considering everything they'd been thro...
  • Lissette
    Review coming soon.
  • KC
    In England, 14 year old Alice one night was brutal stabbed multiple times by twin sisters claiming "Mr. Tender" told them to do it. Mr. Tender was a graphic novel character Alice's father created. After she, her mother, and brother left England to go to America, Alice ended up in a charming New England town, opened up a coffee shop, and tried to get on with her life. Even more than a decade later, Alice found herself struggling with panic attacks...
  • Angela
    After contacting JellyBooks, they said the publisher has granted permission for an early review. Daddy dearest. Alice is attacked at 14 by twin girls that have never really shown an interest in being her friend before. They claim Mister Tender is behind it and they would be famous if they did what he wanted. Alice's father created Mister Tender, a charismatic, manipulative bar tender that has just one question, what would you do for what you want...
  • Mya O'Malley
    I received Mister Tender's Girl as an advance copy from author. As a voracious reader of mysteries and thrillers, I was very impressed with the author's ability to create the cryptic world surrounding Alice Hill. I had many predictions for how this novel would play out and I was surprised by the many twists and turns. The overlying message Alice received long ago holds true–trust no one. Loved the New England setting and countdown to Halloween ...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "We all need to pull the sheet up over our faces and hide every now and then. The monster will still be under the bed when I go looking."Slenderman was one of those legends that sort of caught my attention when kids starting going crazy and luring their friends deep into the woods to appease this mysterious phantom. You do his bidding and your wildest dreams come true. Extremely far fetched but intriguing all the same. When I heard they were writ...
  • Stefani Sloma
    Creepy, horrifying, and absolutely disturbing. I couldn't put it down. Don't know what that says about me.
  • Alexene Farol
    This book is a study in abject thrills. Right from the start the heroine of the story is morbidly and fascinatingly neurotic, and the pace at which her backstory is revealed is masterful. I consider myself pretty adept at predictions, but this story never fails. Hard to consider 'constant paranoia' a narrative compliment, but in this case, it was; read this with goosebumps, and loved every minute.
  • MLI
    I know there are four reviews below this, however according to the rules I saw at the end of the book, sent to me in email and on the site where I received access to this story, unfortunately I cannot discuss this book until at least three months before its publication date. I'm dying to share, however I will be patient. Many thanks to Jellybooks, Sourcebooks and the author Carter Wilson for this incredible opportunity. How am I going to hold my ...