Beautiful Lawman (Devil's Rock, #4) by Sophie Jordan

Beautiful Lawman (Devil's Rock, #4)

From the wrong side of the tracks and with most of her family in jail or dead, Piper Walsh is used to everyone in town thinking the worst about her. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s worked hard to build a good life for herself. So she isn’t surprised that when she comes into contact with Sweet Hill’s wildly irresistible, arrogant sheriff, Hale Walters, they’re instant adversaries. Piper has nothing in common with the town golden-boy...

Details Beautiful Lawman (Devil's Rock, #4)

TitleBeautiful Lawman (Devil's Rock, #4)
Release DateDec 26th, 2017
GenreContemporary, Romance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Beautiful Lawman (Devil's Rock, #4)

  • Alyssa
    ***Review to come***This book was wonderful! Probably my favorite of the series. The Hale/Piper dynamic is PERFECT!Pre-read squees:OMGGGGGGG I NEED IT!!!!!!! I am so excited about Hale and Piper's story! Eeeeep! 😍😍😍
  • Esther
    ARC provided by Edelweiss and publisher in exchange for an honest review. Rating 3.75 -4.00 I liked these two intense characters and their chemistry was fantastic. But what I found somewhat lacking was the development of the plot. The mystery was thrown in three quarter into the book and then it became a rushed and condensed resolution at the end.The romance development was a fairly good in pacing but lagged at certain points and then at the end ...
  • Dísir
    Whatever it is—jobs or money or security—that most people take for granted, Piper Walsh hasn’t had an easy time of it. It isn’t often that I feel a huge affinity for a protagonist, but Piper certainly made my chest ache big time. There was so much I loved about her: her work ethic, her willingness to sacrifice so much for her family, as she silently took the barbs in about being the town’s loser family (with the often run-in with law en...
  • Stacee
    2.5 starsHate to love + Sophie Jordan = something I had to read. Sadly I was pretty disappointed. I really liked Piper and Hale. She’s strong and has a great work ethic and desperately wants to provide a safe life for her sister. Hale is loyal and has a lot of good intentions. Together there is chemistry, but there needed to be some actual conversation.Plot wise is where I struggled. I didn’t see the relationship between Piper and Hale progre...
  • ♡Julalicious Book Paradise♡
    Review coming closer to release date. :)Rating: 4.25/5
  • Amber Hughes
    Review to Come!
  • Maida
    4.5 beautiful stars. The title of the book, Beautiful Lawman, refers to Sheriff Hale Walters and I love him even though he started all judgmental and tight-assed. He ended up so in love I forgive him for his early behavior. That he's yummy and so heroic wasn't too bad, either. But, the star of the book for me is Piper. Sophie gutted me with Piper's struggles to be a parent to her sister Malia and her determination to rise above the desperate situ...
  • Take Me Away To A Great Read
    My favorite book in the series!!! REVIEW TO COME
  • Lisa
    E-ARC is received thanks to the publisher via Edelweiss.Despite some flaws, Beautiful Lawman is an entertaining read for me; I couldn't put it down once I started. What I LikePiper Walsh. She's such a strong girl, and I love how resilient she is, trying to get by in a small town that hates her because of her last name. I admire her fierce commitment to her little sister, Malia, and her love for her older brother, Cruz. Hate to Love. Piper and Hal...
  • Tricia
    I've been anxiously waiting for the next book in Sophie Jordan's Devil's Rock series. The first three were hot, and this one didn't disappoint. Hale and Piper didn't want to like each other, but couldn't seem to keep their hands to themselves. There are secrets and plot twists to keep things interesting. Get your hands on this book, you won't regret it!
  • Marina
    ARC received from Edelweiss and the publisher for an honest review.Another book in this series that seemed to rely upon an immediate attraction and physical connection between the two main characters. And especially the QUICK turn around from No-Relationships-Ever-Hale to Yes-I'll-Be-Monogamous-Hale. But, hey, maybe when you find The One it's like that in the real world? Sometimes I just appreciate a getting-to-know-you period rather than the imm...
  • Laura Hannaway
    This is the fourth book in the Devil's Rock series but easily reads as a standalone story. The protagonists are Sheriff Hale Walters and Piper Walsh and young woman from a notorious family. From the beginning their relationship is adversarial with both of them having preconceived notions about the other. However the more they get to know about one another the more their feelings develop and a really sweet romance occurs.This was really well writt...
  • Nelle
    I loved Piper instantly when we met her in Fury on Fire! Hale, damn, he was such a sanctimonious prick. Their meet-cute was in Fury on Fire and it was definitely an explosive one and certainly not instant love. Instant, reluctant lust? YES. Piper is the "bad girl" from the bad part of town and Hale is the golden boy Sherrif, what could they have in common? Their need to protect for one. Piper is such an admirable woman! She's raising her sister M...
  • Donna
    Piper Walsh has always been the girl from the other side of the tracks. Everyone knows about her wild family and their constant brushes with the law! Her brother is in prison and she's working hard to earn a living for herself and her younger sister. This time she has a brush with the law and she runs into Sheriff Hale Walters. He may be handsome and rugged but he has a heart under all that arrogance. There's something that he sees in Piper that ...
  • Ellen Shingleton
    I was lucky enough to get an ARC from the great Sophie Jordan....I have loved every book in the Devil Rock series..... but this one really got to me. Piper Walsh is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks while Hale Walters is the golden boy and the county sheriff. What happens when their worlds collide.... fireworks and lots if them.... Piper is caring for her younger sister and carrying some gulit and working at a strip joint...when her sist...
  • Gretchen
    I was so excited to receive an early copy of Beautiful Lawman!! I love Sophie's writing so I knew this one would be fabulous!! It is the fourth book in her Devil's Rock series and it is my favorite in the series!! Hale was the best kind of alpha. Confident and sure when he needed to be, but also soft and understanding when that is what Piper needed. Piper in turn was one of the best female characters. She was strong which is always good, but she ...
  • Amanda
    So this book is definitely outside my comfort zone. I generally am not a fan of grittier romance novels. I hate strip clubs, even as a "this is my last resort" kind of setting. I did enjoy the characters of this book and their chemistry. I didn't find this book very romantic but it was very exciting!I think this book would appeal to Lori Foster and Kristen Ashley fans, as well as fans of Old School Romance. There's a lot of high emotion and drama...
  • Jeannine Emmelot
    I received an ARC from the author. I've loved every book that Sophie had written, and this one was no exception. By the end, I was crying my eyes out. I can't wait to read what she comes up with next!!!