Allied (Ruined #3) by Amy Tintera

Allied (Ruined #3)

In the final book in the New York Times bestselling Ruined series, the romance of The Selection and the epic stakes of Red Queen come together in a story of revenge, adventure, and unexpected love.Emelina Flores and her sister, Olivia, were determined to bring peace to the people of Ruina. But as the war for liberation raged on, what triumph and freedom meant to Em and Olivia slowly changed. As Olivia’s violence and thirst for vengeance became ...

Details Allied (Ruined #3)

TitleAllied (Ruined #3)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews Allied (Ruined #3)

  • Shreya (☆High Lady of The Night Court☆)
    "You were born useless, but you dont have to be helpless" I actually enjoyed the ending of this trilogy. The characters definitely grow on you and I knew I would like Em from the very beginning. The characters were written very realistically and the concept of the Ruined was also written well. I feel very happy right now because looking back I feel like a lot of what happened could have been made more theatrical and unrealistic but it wasn't and...
  • Caitlin
    I loved this. But the first ones still my favourite so I felt like I couldn’t give this one a full five stars. BUT it was amazing
  • Sandra (LadyGrey Reads)
    review coming soon
  • Rissa
    Allied 5⭐Em is healing humans secretly while Olivia is killing as many humans as possible. Cas is now the king with both parents now dead. Galo is head guard but feels the wrong fit, he feels as though he is not good enough to be Cas’s protector given the rebellion and war that rages all around them. Cas and Em are still trying to become Allies and make others see that there can be peace while everyone around them wants war against the other....
  • Samhita Peechara {fictionismyfandom}⚔
    I didn't enjoy this as much as I would have liked and I had certain expectations for this book that weren't met- hence the rating. This book was really easy to get into and I highly recommend y'all read this series if you need something to binge read or break your book slump (like I did). I didn't love the characters of this book as much as I did in the other two and the plot in this book did feel quite slow compared to the first two books. I lik...
  • Anna
    I overall think this series is good if you just started reading fantasy. For me it was an ok, fun read!
  • Adah Udechukwu
    Allied was good. It didn't meet the exceptional standard set by book 1 and 2 but it was good
  • Sydney (sydneysshelves) West
    The day I had been waiting for finally came. I held ruined in my hands. And I indulged in it. I wrapped myself around it. For purely nostalgia and enjoyment reasons I loved this book. It was almost exactly what I wanted from Tintera. Em & Cas made me swoon. There was sarcasm. There was bromance. There was evil. And I just really enjoyed this book. If you have a geniune love for the first two books in the series then I think you will honestly love...
  • Giulia (_perfa.addictedtobooks)
    Libro veloce e scorrevole, senza neanche rendervene conto siete già a metà.E' un fantasy molto semplice, senza troppe evoluzioni. E' un po' trash e abbastanza superficiale, va detto, ma ogni tanto ci può stare. Il primo libro è il migliore, anche perchè risulta essere quello più curato secondo me. Gli ultimi due libri sono così così.Se cercate un buon worldbuilding, descrizioni o personaggi, state lontani da questa trilogia.Dopo un libro ...
  • Pamela Stollings-hensley
    Ruined SeriesThis was a great series. I couldn’t put it down. Characters were well developed. I would recommend this for anyone who also enjoys the Grisha books by Leigh Bardugo. The Ruined are very much like the Grisha.
  • Angel - Angel Reads
    ah, I loved it! Full review to come soon
  • Ashley (Bound to Love YA)
    The perfect finale to this series.
  • Bailey
    Wow. I don’t know what else to say other than these books are amazing. They just get better and better with each one, and this book was no exception! I love that you can just see every single character grow into new people, while trying to find a place in their new world and what part they play in the chaos of it all. I love every character (even Jovita and Olivia) and I am extremely impressed with this entire series!! I can’t wait to see wha...
  • Rita Mariani
    [4.5 Stars]
  • Shaylene
    This action anticipated conclusion to the Ruined trilogy comes to it's final battle as kingdoms go to war to fight for peace and equality as powers collide. A somewhat good conclusion to the series left me eagerly awaiting this to come out for a while now and sorta made it all worth it. I did realize in the first book that the writing is not totally amazing and some of the descriptors seem a little off or awkwardly described. But, I overlooked al...
  • Cait Jacobs
    Curious about the first book? Here’s my review of that!I love this series. It's grown on me more and more with each book, and this one was no exception!To see my review on my blog, click here!Overall: 4.5/5 StarsCharacters: 5/5Setting: 4.5/5Writing: 4.5/5Plot and Themes: 4.5/5Awesomeness Factor: 4/5 Would you recommend this book for fans of the first? Yes Blog || Bookstagram || Twitter Allied is the final book in the Ruined trilogy, and it is a...
  • Sarah
    Oh my gosh, I loved this so so much. Amy has written another fantastic book. She is one of my favorite authors!This is my new favorite series/trilogy! I sped through this book! I loved the character development of all the characters. This book made me smile and surprised me. I was in suspense the whole time! Cas was amazing, and made me laugh with his obsession with cheese bread. I loved the fact that Iria was bi, and the way that same sex relati...
  • 🐝Edie🐝
    I waited an entire year for this book and I wasn’t disappointed. It took me around 13 hours to read, but that included a full school day and a sibling's spring program (which I did read some at, honestly). I’m glad Cas and Em's relationship wasn’t thrown into jeopardy like some authors would do. There simply wasn’t the room for 3 relationships' (yes, three) worth of angst. I was happy they were able to get married again with little fuss, ...
  • Nicole Helberg
    There were many things lacking In making this a great book. This book is wholesome, but nothing truly exciting happens , it’s just one council meeting after another . It would have been nice if there was more of a build up for Aren and Iria’s romance. Is it missing character building moments, tension, and plot twists.Olivia’s character flaw is too obvious had she been crafty and somehow got Jovita to agree to lend her power like aren does w...
  • Amy Braun
    And this is the end! The finale was almost exactly what I thought it was going to be, and I'll miss these characters and their adventures. There was a large amount of betrayal, adventure, and of course, romance with tons of different characters. The story was pretty straight forward, but there were a few breathers after the middle of the book. There were a few scenes that I wish were a little longer but I'm not really complaining. Each of the cha...
  • Pam (YA Escape)
    3-3.5 stars. Satisfying ending, but I do have some issues/thoughts about the entire series: (view spoiler)[ I kept expecting some sort of explanation of the Ruined and their powers. No explanation was ever given. They even refer to everyone else as "humans," like they're not? The world-building was just lacking as far as that was concerned. Also, this really didn't need to be a trilogy. The first book was great, and the second and third seemed dr...
  • Bookaholic_sarah
    Sempre Qndo termina uma série, eu fico feliz para saber o final, mas ao mesmo tempo fico super triste pq vai deixar saudades. Gostei muito. Apesar desse não ser o meu livro favorito da trilogia, acredite ou não, o meu favorito foi o segundo, isso mesmo, o segundo. Geralmente segundo livros das séries são os piores né, Kkkkk, mas não nesse caso. Achei a conclusão ótima. Os personagens são super carismáticos e queridos. A escrita flui su...