His Risk (The Amish of Hart County #4) by Shelley Shepard Gray

His Risk (The Amish of Hart County #4)

New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray brings us another compelling suspense in her Amish of Hart County series, this time featuring an undercover English DEA agent who will do anything to protect the Amish girl he loves.Calvin Fisher left the Amish community at fourteen and never looked back. Only his brother’s illness can bring him back to Hart County.  Now, as Calvin works to make amends, he meets Alice, a local nursery scho...

Details His Risk (The Amish of Hart County #4)

TitleHis Risk (The Amish of Hart County #4)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherAvon Inspire
GenreAmish, Christian Fiction, Amish Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

Reviews His Risk (The Amish of Hart County #4)

  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader
    His Risk is book 4 of a 5 book series. I have loved this whole series.Gray writes so you think you are there in the middle of the story and are friends with the characters.Alice and Calvin you have to wonder if they should even be friends with Calvin being a rebel and no longer Amish.You have to read this book. You are going to get lost on the pages.I gave this book 4 stars. I recommend the whole series.The Mary Reader received this book from the...
  • Kristin
    I love this author's works and this series has been fairly solid. So, I was a tad bit surprised that I didn't enjoy this book as much as previous installments.Calvin returned home to Amish country because his brother was diagnosed with cancer. Upon his return, he meets Alice, a young woman living next door to his brother and sister-in-law. Immediately he was smitten with Alice. His desire to protect her and his concern for her seemed sudden to me...
  • Anne
    4 1/2 STARS!!!I like a good story with a male POV included. Shelley Shepard Gray has written a vivid character when it comes to Calvin Fisher. He had a hard life growing up and left home at fourteen, making a lot of unwise choices afterward that have led him to living a double life. He takes a huge risk returning to Horse Cove, Kentucky when he finds out his brother is sick. Trying to make up for the past, he hopes his presence in his Amish broth...
  • Kav
    Love the title tie-in to this story. It can be spun in so many different ways -- all of them connecting in a profound way as characters discover the meaning of self-worth and sacrifice. Shelley Shepard Gray knows how to create a page-turning read. This time it is delivered in a delicious suspense/Amish blend and I do so love that combination!Calvin is so...burdened. He has fought his way up from the devastating results of a tragic childhood but h...
  • Brittany
    I have really enjoyed this series and was happy to learn more about Calvin Fisher in this novel. The reading of His Risk flowed very quickly for me, however, I did not connect with these characters very well. I liked Alice and I even liked Calvin, a person I was not fond of in a previous book. I am just a bit skeptical about certain events in the story actually working out the way they did. I can’t say more than that or I will give away major s...
  • Deana Dick
    This has to be one of my favorite books by the author. She has mixed Amish country, gangs and DEA agents into one action packed story that should be made into a movie. The premise of the story is about Calvin coming back to his roots because his brother is ill. There are some hard feelings between the brothers that are very evident as they see each other. I loved how the author showed how bitterness can get in the way of relationships. Calvin has...
  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    I have fallen in love with Shelley Shepard Gray's latest series, The Amish of Hart County. In the fourth book in the series, His Risk, readers are once again transported back to the Amish community of Hart County. There you pick back up with familiar characters from the previous novels as they now become secondary characters in this novel.Alice Yoder is the community's school teacher and she adores her job. She believes it is truly her calling an...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    HIS RISK is a story of struggle, perseverance, hard choices, faith, and trusting in friendship, family, and love. With a slowly developing romance, a constant underlying feeling of suspense, and characters easy to fall in love with, readers are sure to enjoy this story.It took me a little bit to get into this story. It slowly builds at the beginning and, as I hadn't read the other books in the series, there were a few references to the town and c...
  • Molly Cafinated Reads Jaber
    Amazing! Another amazing novel and addition to the Amish of Hart County series. To date, I think this is her best one yet in the series, though I did love all of them. Ms. Gray, whose talent has always intrigued me, wrote a novel that pulled me instantly to the center of the story with Calvin and his life. I fell head over heels instantly with him and loved following his risky story. When Ms. Gray introduced me to Alice, yet another character to ...
  • Lucy
    This is book four in the Amish of Hart County series, but I was able to read and enjoy without reading the previous titles. I would like to go back and read them to catch up with the secondary characters stories. I found this to not be your mundane Amish Book. It falls into a category of its own with very interesting characters and writing that keeps you turning pages. I found myself drawn to the character of West and was shocked at the twist his...
  • Kristi Keel
    Was a wonderful book from the very first page. Calvin had such an air of mystery to him that was carried out through the book. Alice a very sheltered person who has a heart of gold. This fourth book in the Hart County series truly didn't disappoint. Even if it is part of a series, it was easily followed if you didn't read any of the previous books. So could be read as a stand alone. Once again another book well done by Shelley! I was provided a f...
  • Dawn
    Romance and risk all wrapped up in this book. The characters draw you into the story and at times make you laugh. Will Calvin's past and secrets cause harm to his brother, sister-in-law and Alice or will an unlikely hero evolve to save the day. Shelley makes the characters come alive and the mystery seem real.I received this book from the publisher for review. I was not required to give a positive review and the review is my opinion only.
  • Terri Bond
    I read this book in one day, its hard to put down. Rich character's that you will fall im nlove with
  • Amy
    His Risk is the fourth installment and my first introduction to Shelley Shepard Gray's The Amish of Hart County. I did not feel as though I was missing much by not reading the other books in the series. However, I do want to read them to see what had happened prior to this one. I thought it was pretty good and liked the suspense, mystery, and danger. I was intrigued with Calvin right from the stars and loved him with Alice. His Risk is a good, sw...
  • Kristina
    His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray is the fourth novel in The Amish of Hart County series. Calvin Fisher left Horse Cave, Kentucky when he was fourteen years old and has done many questionable acts. Calvin is now an undercover informant for the DEA. He gives them intel on the Kings, a gang who commits illegal acts. Calvin has worked his way up the ranks to get close to West Powers, the president of the organization. Calvin receives a phone call fro...
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    “Anything worth holding on to was worth risking it all for.”His Risk continues Gray’s The Amish of Hart County series, a series of loosely-connected Amish suspense novels set around Horse Cave, Kentucky. While most of the books (including His Risk) can be read as stand-alones, this one follows up with Calvin Fisher whom we first met briefly in His Guilt, a story that focused on his brother Mark. In this novel, we get to visit with Mark and ...
  • Connie Saunders
    I always enjoy reading books set in my home state of Kentucky so I was thrilled that the author chose to center her series The Amish of Hart County around Horse Cave, Kentucky. His Risk is the third book of this series but I didn't feel that I was in the dark because I hadn't read the first two. As I began reading His Risk I was able to understand the relevance of the title in the story that features Calvin Fisher and Alice Yoder as the two main ...
  • Amy
    I was hooked right from the start with author Gray’s newest in her Amish of Hart County series. Calvin Fisher, once a troubled Amish teen, is back to his hometown only now he is English. Coming back for his brother due to a family emergency, Calvin is concerned about bringing his troubles with him. Trying to turn his life around and now working for the DEA as an undercover agent in a gang, he has a lot on his plate. And he especially has no tim...
  • Lori
    I think Im going to have to agree with everyone else. This is truly Ms. Gray's best yet!!I also loved this book because it's packed full of action! Mrs. Gray has a talent for making you feel like you are in the story and yelling at them "No don't do it!! you silly person! or look out behind you that sort of thing! I absolutely love Alice and Calvin.Alice because she's a quiet and shy type of person ( pretty much like I used to be until I started ...
  • Yvette
    This unlikely romance brings Calvin Fisher, younger brother of Mark Fisher from His Guilt (book 2 in the series, so better read in order but not strictly necessary), back to Hart County where he soon becomes acquainted with the Amish woman housesitting across the street from Mark and Neeta's home, Alice Yoder.  Suspicion and danger follow both Calvin and Alice, as he attempts to navigate his status as a gang member while an undercover DEA agen...
  • Vicky Sluiter
    I don’t know how she does it, but author Shelley Shepard Gray just keeps putting out great books. This one is a dandy!An Amish story with a twist, His Risk is full of suspense and danger. Add in a sweet romance that can’t be and you have a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Written realistically, expect that as you read. There is talk of smoking, drugs, and other things that go with the criminal element but Gray wrote all this very...
  • Diana
    While I enjoyed His Risk because it was so unique for an Amish novel, I wrestled with a few inconsistencies having to do with this group of people. First of all, the Amish characters never seemed to attend church, there were no stringent rules placed on them by overly strict bishops, and the Amish heroines didn't seem to feel much compunction about falling for rough Englishers (non-Amish men.) The hero smoked and toted a gun and it didn't bother ...
  • Marilyn
    Calvin Fisher took a risk returning to Horse Cave with his current positions in the English world. He didn’t want to bring his past and current problems into the community, but he needed to be there for his brother Mark. There’s plenty of adventure with Calvin meeting Alice Yoder, who had been protected during her life growing up in her Amish community. Shelley Shepard Gray created another tale that will bring readers back to the Amish commun...
  • Edward Arrington
    I enjoyed reading another story in the series, The Amish of Hart County. I think the Amish in Hart County, Kentucky, have more excitement than any I have ever read. I am not totally serious. But when you have two respectable young Amish women spending time with two gang members, and one of the gang members is the president of a major gang, things are bound to get exciting. One of the gang members, Calvin, was born into an Amish family but left ho...
  • Laura
    HIS RISK is Ms. Gray's most recent book. Fans of Amish romance will love this book. There is enough of a suspense to appeal to Amish romantic suspense readers, but it isn't overly scary or anything. It is more peaceful, written in Ms. Gray's quiet way. Alice is a naive Amish girl, overly protected by her parents, yet she works in a daycare. Horse Cave is a quiet, peaceful town. Yet Calvin is anything but quiet and peaceful. He is undercover as a ...
  • Maureen Timerman
    We are back in Hart County and with the second Fisher brother Calvin, we met him when he wasn’t very good, but now there is a real problem with his brother Mark.I loved that the author has brought bad men, but we see them at their best, and others at their worst, we see some dark sides to being Amish, not all are people of faith.The author has us with people that have some life changing decisions to make, and then life intervenes and some thing...
  • Cheryl Baranski
    His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray is book four in The Amish of Hart County. Shelley has written a captivating story that grabs you right from the start and doesn't let go until the very end. A story that is full of love, faith, suspense and much, much more. I received a complementary copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion. 5 stars!
  • Diana Montgomery
    Another wonderful Novel by Shelley Shepard Gray. Well written, Loved the characters. This book will keep you flipping the pages. Lot of action and wondering who could do such a thing in a Amish community. Calvin back home to help his brother and finds interest in his neighbor. But with the life he is living how can expect to have anything with Alice ? Wonderful book.
  • Kailey
    This is the fourth book in the Amish of Hart County series. Having read the others made me appreciate this one even more, but the books don’t have to be read in order. They seem like they are standalone books. I absolutely loved this one! The characters were all great. I found myself caring for a character that I didn’t think I would like. I couldn’t put this book down! Real life kept getting in the way of reading! I highly recommend this b...