Endure by Alex Hutchinson


"Reveals how we can all surpass our perceived physical limits." --Adam Grant - "This book is AMAZING!" --Malcolm GladwellLimits are an illusion: a revolutionary book that reveals the secrets of reaching the hidden extra potential within us allForeword by Malcolm GladwellThe capacity to endure is the key trait that underlies great performance in virtually every field--from a 100-meter sprint to a 100-mile ultramarathon, from summiting Everest to a...

Details Endure

Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreNonfiction, Science, Sports, Fitness, Psychology, Sports and Games

Reviews Endure

  • Susannah
    Perfect book for anyone gearing up for the Olympics. I'll post my NY Post feature on it when it runs...
  • John Spiller
    Much like Homer Simpson was disappointed to learn that "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson was not a book on how to win the lottery, I was dismayed to discover that "Endure" offers very little concrete insights on how endurance can be increased. Instead, "Endure" is an exploration of the various factors that affect endurance and how much -- or how little -- we know about each. In a nutshell, Tim Noakes' theory of the brain as a "central governor" of...
  • Lawrence Xie
    Out of all the books I’ve added on Goodreads, Endure is the most difficult for me to review with an unbiased eye. The reason is that the topic discussed lies within the backdrop of a community I am very immersed in – that of competitive running. Indeed the author is friends with many of my close current track teammates. In addition just this past summer, I remember watching Nike’s Breaking 2 live as it was streamed online late at night. Now...
  • Allison
    Disclaimer: I don't typically enjoy nonfiction books. I always-ALWAYS-need a narrative. It can be a bunch of little narratives that turn out sort of like short stories (e.g., What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell), or an overarching narrative (...nothing comes to mind, actually). But no matter what, I need a story to hold all the "facts" together.Hutchinson does a great job weaving what would otherwise be almost chapter-length "research reviews" t...
  • Christopher Lawson
    Secret Weapon: Believe You Have Another GearIn ENDURE, sports journalist Alex Hutchinson explores the latest theories and experiments designed to breakthrough endurance limits. The big question is, Why do we stop? And, Is there any way to go past the stop?One view of limitation is the âhuman machineâ view, where our fuel tank is simply empty. Another view is the âAll in your headâ notion, where you stop by choice, rather than physical limitat...
  • Mac
    Positives. Numerous. In Endure, Hutchinson explores our capacity to endure, our ability to push beyond seeming limits in many endeavors--sports of all kinds, mountain summiting, exploration... He investigates the increasingly important role of our brains, not just the machines of our bodies. And he does all this by personalizing many ideas with fascinating in-depth looks into specific ultra marathoners, triathletes, divers, swimmers, skiers, expl...
  • Sebastian Gebski
    Neat surprise, I didn't expect that I'll enjoy that one as much, but I did.It's not a typical "running" book (as one could have thought, knowing that it was written by the runner) - by typical I mean one that covers all the technical aspects of running, diet, picking proper training regime, choosing shoes, etc. It's not even a typical sports book - this book is about humans' endurance in general & it covers this topic damn well, by exploring each...
  • Brandt Kurowski
    A lot has been written about the effects of the mind over the body's performance, much of it contradictory. Hutchinson masterfully takes us on a tour of the best science available to disentangle the various pieces of this puzzle, then puts them back together for us. The book impresses in it's scope: the settings range from the Antarctic to Mt Everest, and from research labs to 400m track. In these settings, Hutchinson reviews what we know about t...
  • Krzysiek Palka
    A great summary of current knowledge about the human limits.“Do you notice he’s not dead?” he’d say, pointing at Lee. “What does that tell you? It means he could have run faster.”In this book, Alex describes what and why was considered as the limits of human endurance, and makes a walk through the current experiments and believes with a constant amount of skepticism and common sense. The witty style of his writing makes it easy to go ...
  • Eric
    This is a great book that tries to answer the question of why we stop when competing in endurance events and how we might be able to push a little more. How much of a role does the brain play in slowing us down as opposed to actual muscle fatigue, dehydration, heat, etc.? I really enjoyed this book but beware that the author cites a lot of studies. You often read a summary of study, make a small note to yourself to remember the results, and then ...
  • Sameer
    These lines towards the end of this book sum it up pretty well: "This book isn't a training manual ... If you want to run faster ... Run a lot of miles/Some faster than your race pace/Rest once in a while ... In any honest accounting, training is the cake and belief is the icing". Mostly, this is worth a read to realize how little is known for sure about the physiological and psychological factors for performing well.
  • Dave
    It is great for those researching mainly running endurance and to a lessor extent athletic endurance. It explains the latest research regarding endurance in running and it ultimately states it comes down to preparation through training and mental belief. I managed to read the entire book thinking the next chapter would provide an epiphany but it didn't happen for me.
  • Mike Dennisuk
    Alex Hutchinson’s intriguing journey into the sport science of endurance athletes. He attacks the issue with an interesting and methodical approach, breaking down all the contributing factors. In the end, the answer is kind of simple but the journey is a lot of fun. Marked it down a bit for the dryness of some of the material.
  • Ozgur
    This book is a list of interesting studies on exercise performance with contradicting results.The message is that exercise science is very complex and hard to conquer the secrets of the brain in controlling endurance.If you are waiting for practical take aways to increase endurance just skip this book...I personally think was a waste of time.
  • Grcus
  • Tena
  • Naomi
    Phenomenal book for anyone curious about expanding the limits of the mind and body
  • Bethany
    Fascinating and informative!
  • Dale Biagio
    Extremely comprehensive, great read
  • Amanda
    It was everything I hoped it would be. I’m just sad that I’m done with it already.
  • Hari
    Incredible read if you are interested in pushing yourself to the limits. It also reminds me of how nascent our understanding is of our own body and mind.
  • The Which
    I love reading about the science of endurance sports, so I am already squarely in this book's target audience. Even so, it's a topic that can sometimes be a little dry--but that is not the case in Endure.I've read Alex Hutchinson's column online at Runner's World before, and always appreciated the straightforward, evidence-based advice. Endure is not an advice book, however. Instead, it combines fascinating stories about people who have pushed th...
  • Jagjit Singh
    This is a great book. He breaks it down into the different parts involved (brain, lactic acid etc.) and analyzes its effect on different activities e.g. long distance running, cycling etc. The conclusion was surprising, to say the least. He quotes Mayo Clinic physiologist Michael Joyner,"Run a lot of milesSome faster than your race paceRest once in a while".Clearly, this book is un-put-downable.