Brave by Rose McGowan


My life, as you will read, has taken me from one cult to another. Brave is the story of how I fought my way out of these cults and reclaimed my life. I want to help you do the same.-Rose McGowanA revealing memoir and empowering manifesto – A voice for generations.Rose McGowan was born in one cult and came of age in another, more visible cult: Hollywood.In a strange world where she was continually on display, stardom soon became a personal night...

Details Brave

Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Feminism, Biography

Reviews Brave

  • Ian
    I'm not going to review this book.I'm not going to talk about Rose McGowan. I'm not going to talk about how much better I am than all those "other" men. I'm a male.I'm a white male.I'm a white male heterosexual.This book isn't about the other men. It's about every man. It's about every woman.What I'm going to do is look at myself and think about the things I can do better. So buy this book. Read it. Give it to your daughters and give it to your s...
  • Andrew Smith
    I was certainly aware of Rose McGowan as a movie and television actress, though I’m struggling to recall ever watching a film or programme in which she appeared. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from this autobiographical account – even if the title and cover picture offered a clue. What I certainly wasn’t prepared for was exactly how tough her early life had been and how she’d fallen prey to a series of men who bullied, sexualised and a...
  • lov2laf
    Quite frankly, this was fantastic.Whatever image of Rose McGowan you've had previously, scrap it. Whatever box/label/crazy filter/gas lighting/perception of her you have or see currently in the media, set that aside, too.Instead, take some time and just listen. Hear this story. Because, for me, it was my story, too, and I'm guessing it's many of yours. The book is, in fact, brave and, dare I say it, trailblazing.And also at its most fundamental l...
  • Simon
    Rose McGowan’s Brave is a brilliant, bold (and Brave) battlecry to society. A memoir which becomes a manifesto to be kinder, better, not take shit and change things. Highly recommended.
  • Matthew Sciarappa
  • Danielle
    Rose is a true inspiration.I hope her story and words can reach everyone and bring about a change that desperately needs to happen. A phenomenal book.
  • Kelly
    You are brave. Sexual harassment is about power. It happens at schools, institutions, blue and white collared jobs. We don't want to see it. And when it happens to you, you don't want to believe it. The shame and the lack of compassion is a killer.I'm glad Rose has the strength 💪 to be one of the voices of millions!
  • Stephanie Meyers
    Don’t dive in expecting literary prose, this is more a 250 page rant against an industry that teaches society what women are, and they’re leaving out humanity. I’ve wanted Rose to write a biography since the 90’s when I read a Rollingstone article where she touched briefly on her childhood. This is a quick read, that is very relatable to all women. We are supposed to be small, and quiet, and pretty, and polite. Our justifiable anger is wr...
  • Jeanne
    Rose McGowan is brave. She set the stage for a frank discussion about sexual harassment and gender equality. McGowan takes on Hollywood and exposes the phony, two-faced Hollywood elite. Good for her! I have not been to see a movie in 3 years because of the trash that is produced. I used to watch Project Runway until I discovered McGowan’s monster is behind the show so I am boycotting that as well. I hope McGowan’s movement and book sparks a s...
  • Olivia
    Be braveWhat a kick ass book. Read this! It's a quick read, but not just for that, read it to understand what it feels like to be just a girl. Thank you rose for this revolution!
  • Belinda Missen
    Phenomenal. Full review coming shortly.Update: 05 Feb 2018.The media wants us to believe Rose McGowan is unhinged – she’s certainly reported that way in the mainstream. Each day, I open my newsfeed to find yet another story of how she’s ‘gone off the rails’, ‘attacked’ another woman, or women. She acknowledges this in the first few pages of my #bookpublishedin2018, Brave. In 2016, almost twelve months before the #MeToo movement gain...
  • Jessie
    Beautiful ideas in this book. Brave Rose, Godspeed.
  • Raine
    This book is a call-out for male supremacy, male violence, and misogyny. Rose McGowan has had an absolutely incredible (for better and for worse) life; I knew NOTHING about her (apart from the basics, having seen her work) before this, and regardless of how you feel about her, you should read this.If you hate her, read Brave so you can have an opportunity to understand this woman who has been through hell and come out swinging.If you like her, re...
  • Simone
    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 starsP O P S U G A R :✔ a book about feminismHoly. SHIT. This is HANDS DOWN the best memoir I’ve ever read. As a naive, uninformed 15 year old (5-6 years ago) watching Rose on Charmed, to now reading her tragic yet triumphant life on paper, I am speechless. This manifesto is powerful and 100% what we need to be reading and aware of, especially in 2018.So much respect for Rose (even if some of her opinions are seen as co...
  • SUSAN *Nevertheless,she persisted*
    I am very conflicted about the content of this book and I am having a difficult time articulating my thoughts. This book is a platform in which Ms.McGowan was able to speak her truth,tell her story and perhaps provide solace to those who have never told their story to a living soul.
  • Linda
    This memoir is heartbreaking and also very hard to put down. I used to be a fan of Charmed, I never knew about Rose before the show and didn't keep up with her after it. I am glad to see where she is now and that she is happy. My heart breaks for what she has gone through at the hands of various people throughout her life. It seems like an insane amount for one person to suffer through, but she made it out the other side and that is amazing. I ad...
  • Angela Groves
    First, let me say, generally not a fan of the celebrity autobiography. I often find their lives a lot less interesting than I think they will be.My knowledge of Rose McGowan before reading Brave came from the horrific revelations of the Weinstein scandal, bits picked up from the news. I loved her in Charmed, and enjoyed the Grindhouse movies. I picked this up because she has done so much to help highlight the horrors some women have suffered in t...
  • Katherine Michelle
    "Brave" has given the reader a deep and dark look into the bowels of the Hollywood machine. McGowan's candid, and at times, uncomfortable, recount of her life in and out of cults is truly alarming.McGowan writes how she speaks, with an overt “fuck you” attitude. A disposition she has every right to have. She has been to hell, she has seen the devil, and now she’s sharing her story. I have been an avid pop culture fanatic most of my life, an...
  • Christina
    I really really really wanted to like this book. Rose McGowan has some powerful things to say about the #metoo movement and abuses of power by men in Hollywood and around the world. I personally just couldn't get past the writing itself. She uses really clunky and sometimes nonsensical metaphors ("Her mind works at a very fast rmp, like a Ferrari brain."). She also changes tense regularly without any reason. An anecdote might start out in past te...
  • Theresa
    DNF, page 130 (about). I was really excited about this book, because Rose has a very important story to tell and it truly is Brave for her to put it out there. However, her textual "voice" has a similar effect as someone grabbing you by the front of your shirt and screaming at you like a drill sergeant. Many of her statements (NOT her experience-she admittedly went through some truly horrible experiences) were over dramatic, but more importantly,...
  • Rhiannon Brown
    Listened to audiobook in one day. Listen, all, THIS BOOK is a game-changer! It matters not if you like her, dislike her, or have no idea who she is. THIS IS A MUST-READ! Oprah and Reese need to put it on their book club lists. If you don’t want the autobiographical part, skip to the last two chapters, THOUGHT OF THE CULT and WE ARE BRAVE. These words should be the anthem of the Women’s Movement, the #MeToo movement, and will be worked into th...
  • Ana Greenwood
    This book is inspirationalMy heart goes for all children that had to grow up without parental support. Rose was one of them. This story could be another one about a child whose life's circumstances had everything to end up in jail or die of overdose but somehow this courageous girl managed to became a famous actress. But her story does not end there. She is now causing a revolution in Hollywood. This book makes us to reflect not only about the mo...
  • Kaylabookworm22 L
    This book has become one of my favorite reads of this year, and of all time. I admire Rose for being brave and telling her story in this book and interviews, and everywhere. I love that no one can shut her up, and I hope she continues to keep spreading her message, and does not let anything stop her. I admired her before I read this book, and I admire her a lot more now.
  • Acacia Ives
    I’m not sure if I can separate the art from the artist here. While the story is really angry dark and has some very good and raw points. The actions and beliefs of Rose must be challenged. I feel very conflicted by this book.