Brave by Rose McGowan


My life, as you will read, has taken me from one cult to another. Brave is the story of how I fought my way out of these cults and reclaimed my life. I want to help you do the same.-Rose McGowanA revealing memoir and empowering manifesto – A voice for generations.Rose McGowan was born in one cult and came of age in another, more visible cult: Hollywood.In a strange world where she was continually on display, stardom soon became a personal night...

Details Brave

Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Feminism, Biography

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  • Ian
    I'm not going to review this book.I'm not going to talk about Rose McGowan. I'm not going to talk about how much better I am than all those "other" men. I'm a male.I'm a white male.I'm a white male heterosexual.This book isn't about the other men. It's about every man. It's about every woman.What I'm going to do is look at myself and think about the things I can do better. So buy this book. Read it. Give it to your daughters and give it to your s...
  • Ana
    I read this because I love Rose McGowan. Charmed is one of my favorite shows of all time. She is known for her portrayal of Paige Matthews. She appeared in movies such as Scream, Planet Terror, Death Proof and The Doom Generation. This is a fascinating, personal, and enjoyable read. Rose was never a typical Hollywood actress. She's no-nonsense and gutsy, as exhibited in 'Brave.' Since I and so many brave survivors have come forward, titans of e...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    I saw Rose McGowan on an episode of The View recently. I found her edgy, forthcoming, and, well, brave. Hollywood and pop culture are not interests of mine at the moment, but seeing her on The View had me intrigued. When I saw the audiobook available, and that she read it, I figured why not? Same with this book. Rose is rough around the edges. She does not mince words. All the same, she says and said things that not many others will. She confront...
  • Imane
    “Whatever is different about you is what makes you amazing. Others will try to homogenize you for their own comfort level, because God forbid discomfort. Fuck that. Do not bend yourself to make others feel taller.” ― Rose McGowan, BraveRose McGowan offers a revealing self-portrait which focuses on the trauma of sexual assault and the experience of being a female actress in Hollywood. This was Honest, Fearless, Powerful and filled with that...
  • Andrew Smith
    I was certainly aware of Rose McGowan as a movie and television actress, though I’m struggling to recall ever watching a film or programme in which she appeared. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from this autobiographical account – even if the title and cover picture offered a clue. What I certainly wasn’t prepared for was exactly how tough her early life had been and how she’d fallen prey to a series of men who bullied, sexualised and a...
  • lov2laf
    Quite frankly, this was fantastic.Whatever image of Rose McGowan you've had previously, scrap it. Whatever box/label/crazy filter/gas lighting/perception of her you have or see currently in the media, set that aside, too.Instead, take some time and just listen. Hear this story. Because, for me, it was my story, too, and I'm guessing it's many of yours. The book is, in fact, brave and, dare I say it, trailblazing.And also at its most fundamental l...
  • Glitterbomb
    First off, "feminist" is not a dirty word, and fuck you if you think it is. You're exactly the kind of person who should read this. I know a lot of men and women (yes, women too) who are going to hate this book. They are going to palm it off as feminist bullshit, roll their eyes, and then bask in their own egotism. They're going to say "That doesn't happen anymore, this is all over sensationalised!". Sorry sweetheart, hate to break it to you, but...
  • Vanessa
    Here lies a BRAVE female opening up an intelligent discussion and also a complete up yours to every male who ever took a piece of Rose McGowan. She lays it all on the line and leaves nothing in the tank. She exposes the dirty and mysogynist mentally that dominates the Hollywood industry since inception and lays it all bare. She takes our collective voices and shouts for us, in this book she gives all women a shove to speak up and do it LOUDLY. I...
  • Simon
    Rose McGowan’s Brave is a brilliant, bold (and Brave) battlecry to society. A memoir which becomes a manifesto to be kinder, better, not take shit and change things. Highly recommended.
  • Crystal
    Girl, I know. I think the majority of us do know exactly how this goes down. If things have changed or people are aware and trying to make change that is great. However, my responses to this subject have been along the lines ofstop talking about it nothing even happenedand my favorite since I'm in Florida and it's typically 100 degrees: wear big sweaters I hope you have a better outcome Rose, I'm behind you 100%
  • ashley
    So, let me start by saying that I have given this a one star review, because I think this book should not have been published. I think the publisher is exploiting a very sick woman, who is losing her grasp on reality, and herself. I do not doubt McGowan's life has been hard. I'm certain there are truths in her stories. I do not doubt it at all. However, the ramblings in this book, and in her recent television appearances show a woman who is menta...
  • Matthew Sciarappa
  • Brooke
    Personally, I always find it a bit difficult to rate memoirs. Not only are you basing your rating off of the book's text, but (inevitably) it's hard not to take into consideration the author's personal life/beliefs, since the memoir is all about said person of course. I wouldn't call myself a fan of McGowan; in fact the only recollection I had of her was when she appeared on Nip/Tuck & I spent a week worried about carbon monoxide poisoning. When ...
  • Belinda Missen
    Phenomenal. Full review coming shortly.Update: 05 Feb 2018.The media wants us to believe Rose McGowan is unhinged – she’s certainly reported that way in the mainstream. Each day, I open my newsfeed to find yet another story of how she’s ‘gone off the rails’, ‘attacked’ another woman, or women. She acknowledges this in the first few pages of my #bookpublishedin2018, Brave. In 2016, almost twelve months before the #MeToo movement gain...
  • Danielle
    Rose is a true inspiration.I hope her story and words can reach everyone and bring about a change that desperately needs to happen. A phenomenal book.
  • britt_brooke
    “I felt like I was in a fun house and all the mirrors were reflecting my horrors.”McGowan has undoubtedly had a strange and difficult life. Some very valid points are made here, but they’re often shrouded in grandiosity. I (mostly) appreciate her candor, but she certainly thinks she smarter than most people. That’s annoying. She has somewhat altered my view on Hollywood, so I applaud her for standing her ground, but this book was just oka...
  • Stephanie Meyers
    Don’t dive in expecting literary prose, this is more a 250 page rant against an industry that teaches society what women are, and they’re leaving out humanity. I’ve wanted Rose to write a biography since the 90’s when I read a Rollingstone article where she touched briefly on her childhood. This is a quick read, that is very relatable to all women. We are supposed to be small, and quiet, and pretty, and polite. Our justifiable anger is wr...
  • Kelly
    You are brave. Sexual harassment is about power. It happens at schools, institutions, blue and white collared jobs. We don't want to see it. And when it happens to you, you don't want to believe it. The shame and the lack of compassion is a killer.I'm glad Rose has the strength 💪 to be one of the voices of millions!But as quoted by Chester, in the end it doesn't even matter.
  • Krista
    When I shaved my head, it was a battle cry, but more than that it gave me an answer to the question I so hated.Did I break up with someone?Yes, I broke up with the world.You can, too.My name is Rose McGowan and I am BRAVE.I have to admit that I didn't know Rose McGowan's work – I've never seen Charmed, or Scream, or the Rodriguez/Tarantino Grindhouse movies. I've certainly heard McGowan's name tied to the recent takedown of the Weinstein machin...
  • Alice Rachel
    I have MANY thoughts on this book!First, I will start by saying that I have been following Rose McGowan's career since she played in Scream. I've always loved her and her work and I've always admired her and how smart she is. This is the best book I've read so far this year, content-wise. I was surprised by nothing in the book only because I've been following Rose's work for decades and I had read her tweets about the Monster and other people lon...
  • Jeanne
    Rose McGowan is brave. She set the stage for a frank discussion about sexual harassment and gender equality. McGowan takes on Hollywood and exposes the phony, two-faced Hollywood elite. Good for her! I have not been to see a movie in 3 years because of the trash that is produced. I used to watch Project Runway until I discovered McGowan’s monster is behind the show so I am boycotting that as well. I hope McGowan’s movement and book sparks a s...
  • Olivia
    Be braveWhat a kick ass book. Read this! It's a quick read, but not just for that, read it to understand what it feels like to be just a girl. Thank you rose for this revolution!
  • Johaly🖤
    This is officially my first 5⭐ book of the year. (It was We Are Animals for about a day and then I reconsidered and gave it 4.5⭐). What a POWERFUL book. This is my first nonfiction book of the year and honestly shame on me. I forgot what it feels like to hear about other people’s stories and hardships and finding strength from them. This memoir brought a lot of memories back to me that I have pushed down and silenced for so long. Having all...
  • Brandon Forsyth
    An unbearable read, at times. Rose McGowan's life has been so full of trauma and abuse that it is a small miracle she's still around today. For all the controversy around what she's said and how she behaves, it's easy to see why she reacts so fiercely when she feels attacked - because she actually has been for most of her life. It's not a perfect book, but it's undeniably moving and it certainly made me (a straight white man) think about the ways...
  • Jonathan Pool
    What a life story!Rose McGowan’s determination to speak out has been the catalyst for the #MeToo campaign. Rose McGowan is a plausible, even compelling, spokesperson for women who have suffered abuse at the hands of men.As such this biography was one I felt it was important, and necessary, to read. I’m not generally a reader of autobiographies, and especially ‘celebrity’ autobiographies. I was not expecting beautiful prose, nor would that...
  • Raine
    This book is a call-out for male supremacy, male violence, and misogyny. Rose McGowan has had an absolutely incredible (for better and for worse) life; I knew NOTHING about her (apart from the basics, having seen her work) before this, and regardless of how you feel about her, you should read this.If you hate her, read Brave so you can have an opportunity to understand this woman who has been through hell and come out swinging.If you like her, re...
  • SUSAN *Nevertheless,she persisted*
    I am very conflicted about the content of this book and I am having a difficult time articulating my thoughts. This book is a platform in which Ms.McGowan was able to speak her truth,tell her story and perhaps provide solace to those who have never told their story to a living soul.