Trumpocracy by David Frum


Bestselling author, former White House speechwriter, and Atlantic columnist and media commentator David Frum explains why President Trump has undermined our most important institutions in ways even the most critical media has missed, in this thoughtful and hard-hitting book that is a warning for democracy and America’s future."From Russia to South Africa, from Turkey to the Philippines, from Venezuela to Hungary, authoritarian leaders have smas...

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Release DateJan 16th, 2018
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, History, Philosophy

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  • Lewis Weinstein
    UPDATE 2/4/17 ...Since I have followed the disgusting news about Trump and his presidency, much that Frum writes is familiar to me. Frum despises Trump, as do I, and over 235 pages he makes the case that such a view is well justified. How America is going to exit from this travesty of governance is another matter, one that should concern all thinking Americans, especially those who have besmirched themselves by lying down with Trump.***I just sta...
  • Steve
    First, this is a really good book published at a uniquely, critically important moment in time. It's a worthwhile investment of time and, as a bonus, it's an easy read. (OK, I struggled to put it down, and decided that, once I started it, I'd rather finish it then get a good night's sleep or do some of the work that, temporarily, was put on hold.)While I'm hesitant to (broadly) recommend this book to others, I'm pleased that I bought it (it makes...
  • Mal Warwick
    "Trumpocracy has left Americans less safe against foreign dangers, has diverted their money from its proper purposes to improper pockets, has worked to bias law enforcement in favor of the powerful, and has sought to intimidate media lest they report things the public most needs to know." Thus David Frum sets the stage to explain how Donald Trump undermines democracy in his new book, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic.If there ...
  • Karla
    Sorry, Dave, but the erosion of the Republican base was well underway during Your Guy's administration. Your start date of 2008-ish for when Things Started Going Downhill in the Party is kinduva steaming load of bullshit. I don't disremember those 8 years. It was shit, and your party was starting to show signs of rot & disorder & subversion of norms to the point that Jim Jeffords left you guys.Don't gaslight me, Dave.It'd be nice to see a parade ...
  • Ted Lehmann
    Trumpocracy by David Frum – Book ReviewDavid Frum has written an erudite, scholarly, entertaining, coruscating, and, ultimately, both deeply scary and hopeful book called Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic (HarperCollins, 2018, 320 pages, $25.99/12.99). Using elegant, nuanced writing and thoughtful analysis based on deep, and wide research, fully thirty percent of the text is taken up by footnotes, Frum carefully builds his ar...
  • Kirk
    Considering David Frum’s one-time employer, his unabashed (though not brash) embrace of the conservative label, and the unfortunate occasion of its publication (on the heels of Fire and Fury), it’s possible his latest book may not garner the wide audience it so sorely deserves. Trumpocracy is a thorough, candid, and humorous treatment of the political apotheosis of America’s legendary bully. Though it’s impossible for me to say how Trumpo...
  • Mehrsa
    Ugh. It's only slightly more nuanced than Fire and Fury and all of the rest of them. (Why do I keep reading this books about Trump? Because I feel like if I read them all, I will come to understand why he is our president). There are some really good passages--especially when he talks about the entire Republican party and what its problems are, but the stuff about trump is just everything we already know from the headlines. This isn't a big idea ...
  • Lynn
    Very good commentary from David Frum, a conservative journalist. He is right on about many things about who elected Trump and why they elected Trump. He notes the antipathy about immigrants many of the Trump voters have and he warns that conservatives who feel threatened will check out on the democratic process. In the end he offered hope if the conservative view is included in government, and says that Nazi and Communist are just names. I agree ...
  • Jason Aglietti
    I found Trumpocary to be a thought provoking commentary on the current chaotic status of US politics centered around the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Frum explains how US politics arrived to this point, rehashes the current status of the Trump presidency of the last year, and then focuses on the short-term future of US politics. Frum, a long-time conservative and former speech writer for George W. Bush makes a compelling case against the Trump ...
  • Regina
    Book does not add nor expand on the current knowledge at all. Simply recounts and restates the obvious, anybody watching liberal media can gather as much.
  • Inna
    Will we be a functioning democracy after Trump? After I finished Trumpocracy I was both more frightened and more hopeful. David Frum explains in this book how our entire system (which was designed to make sure that a casually cruel, corrupt person like Trump could never assume power) failed. This did not happen overnight and we will not fix it overnight. David Frum makes that clear from the get-go. Then it gets worse.In a chapter titled “Enable...
  • Eric Wojciechowski
    If I were to write a book about the Donald J Trump presidency and the campaign before it, it would read very much like David Frum’s TRUMPOCRACY. I found myself time and again nodding in recognition of my own thoughts and recollections, noting that I’d written similar warnings and complaints in essays featured on my own blog, to Twitter threads and other social media posts. And in conversations with numerous people, I presented many of the sam...
  • Melissa
    What a disappointing effort from David Frum!  While I do not share many of the author's political convictions, he is one of the writers I turn to to better understand neoconservative Republican viewpoints.  His writing in "The Atlantic" magazine, where Frum is a senior editor, is usually crisp and his points well substantiated, so I was looking forward to reading a strongly argued position expanding on his many articles addressing the peculiari...
  • Paul Demetre
    This is another of the recent wave of books about Donald Trump and the trainwreck that was the 2016 American election, along with its causes and aftermath.Aa a side note, there have been a lot of books written lately that take a negative view of Mr. Trump but I haven't noticed any written in support of him. I'm not saying that those who support him don't know how to read or write, I'm just saying, ha ha ha.Before you think I'm too crass as a Cana...
  • Len
    In terms of the 'why' this happened and 'how' this happened, this is probably the best thing I've read so far, but an extra thing Frum adds in detail are the numbers, the costs, the vacations and the increased Trump Co. revenue that doesn't get as much notice elsewhere.It is angry and passionate, but also researched, validated and intelligent.It is not solely about Trump himself, who Frum clearly doesn't count among his friends or heroes, but als...
  • Thing Two
    If Fire and Fury shows us the stupidity of the Trump administration, Trumpocracy shows us the complicity. The Wolff book is salacious and full of hearsay. Frum spends 70 pages documenting his argument. Our democracy is in serious jeopardy, and we’ve all played a part in its undoing. It’s up to all of us to try to put the pieces back together again. God save the country.
  • Mark Miano
    I've run into David Frum, the author of TRUMPOCRACY, a few times during my years in Washington, DC. This isn't unusual; one often runs into politicians, politicos, journalists, and other capital city "celebrities." My first encounter with Frum was the most memorable. I was walking my black lab, Dash, in Battery Kemble Park when all of a sudden David's two large yellow labs appeared out of the woods and bum rushed us. There was lots of growling an...
  • Sassan
    David Frum’s timely and prescient book “Trumpocracy” is a vital read in not solely understanding the baseness that is Donald Trump – but most importantly those who have enabled him to come to this point in risking the security, reputation, and long term stability of our country in great risk. It is vital that we learn from the lessons of history and the implications that they can mean to our present situation. Donald Trump is a unique thr...
  • Keith
    Trumps's presidential win was a major blow to so many American values, norms and even institutions that a detailed description of it all in this whirlwind of a presidency is elusive. In fact, it's still all unfolding at a fever pitch. While David Frum's book uses details of what transpired, it is only to paint a larger portrait of the impact Trump has had on America's reputation and world standing. From the beginning of this dark time, he seems t...
  • Kiseruyoru
    Yet more right-wing Democrat crap. It ends on more Cold Warrior "I told you so's" and "we have to put the Republicans back together. Because clearly Independants are a threat to our country." No, The two party system is not at fault. No, bribery is not at fault. No, imperialism is not at fault. No, International Corporate Hegemony (what people pretend is Globalism, so they can call you a racist for having a problem with it) is not at fault. In fa...
  • Andrew Georgiadis
    “They came to loot.”David Frum was always reasonable, honest, and incisive. Because he was on the political right and a speechwriter for Bush 43, I never paid his work close attention. It just took a nation-testing event like the Trump presidency to get me tuned in. My bad. This book isn’t exactly about Trump the man, it is about Trump’s power. Frum has said that the cover is a metaphor for the book’s contents – there is a silhouette ...
  • James
    Given the choice between Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" and David Frum's "Trumpocracy," read "Trumpocracy." Both books were rushed to press to meet near term demand on a topic of current interest, and both books suffer somewhat from that limitation, but that's about all they have in common. Compared to F&F, "Trumpocracy" is:* Well researched and documented with 44 pages of footnotes.* Devoid of innuendo and "wink, wink, read between the lines" g...
  • Edward S. Leonard
    If you are a person who keeps abreast of "breaking news" of what is going on within the Trump Administration and U.S. Congress, nothing here will come as a surprise to you. This is NOT "Fire and Fury." It is something much more valuable - the musings and insights of a fundamentally conservative person with a moral and ethical center. For me the two most important take-aways from this very satisfying reading experience were two perspectives David ...
  • Priscilla
    Frum is a disillusioned conservative with a personal bias about what went wrong with his party. His analysis isn't wrong, it just comes from a place of deep disappointment; and there's nothing dispassionate about it. One of the things he pointed out that I had not considered before is how modern autocracies differ from the ones we are used to. Modern autocrats--Putin, Erd0gan (Turkey), Maduro (Venezuela), Kim Jong-un (North Korea), Trump--are mor...
  • Wendy Greene
    Most of this book reads like a horrific annotated list of the terrible things that are happening in the States since the Electoral College gave dt the presidency. It is a well-crafted list, but up until the last three chapters, the book read just like a list with very little "connective tissue" holding everything together. The book became more book-like at the end with the Resentments and Followers chapters, and the last chapter entitled Hope. In...
  • Ryan Petrie
    Written by a former Bush speech writer/ current Republican, this book does an exceptional job describing the interior rot of the GOP in the Trump era, and the profound impacts the party's capitulation to Trump's totalitarian and self-serving tendencies are having on American democracy. He further does an an incredible job identifying the causes of Conservative angst under the Obama administration and growing globalization of the economy. Unlike '...
  • Fay
    David Frum has written an excellent book dealing with the election of Donald Trump and his first year in office. Mr. Frum brings a background of political experience with the GOP over 3 decades which, at least for me, gives more credibility to the criticisms he directs at the Trump campaign and his first year in office. The book lacks the bombast and hyperbole that can be found in many discussions of the same material and again, contributes to it...
  • Kirsten
    The first part is really just a long, depressing tour of the worst events of 2016 and 2017. I'm not sure I was in the mood to revisit Charlottesville or Anthony Scaramucci, or at least not quite this soon. If you've been following the news for the last two years – whether by choice, or because you couldn't escape it – there won't be much here that's new to you. Later on, though, there were some genuinely clarifying bits of analysis. There's a...
  • Geoffrey Kelley
    It is amazing to what point Donald J. Trump sucks all the oxygen out of the room. News channels, late night talk shows, and now the book bestseller lists are singularly focussed (obsessed?) with the 45th President of the United States. Having read both Edward Luce's "The Retreat of Western Liberalism" and David Frum's new book, you'd think that our democracies are on life-support. Yes, era of Trump is cause for concern. Yes the toxic partisanship...