A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2) by Roseanna M. White

A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2)

Willa Forsythe is both a violin prodigy and top-notch thief, which make her the perfect choice for a crucial task at the outset of World War I—to steal a cypher from a famous violinist currently in Wales. Lukas De Wilde has enjoyed the life of fame he's won—until now, when being recognized nearly gets him killed. Everyone wants the key to his father's work as a cryptologist. And Lukas fears that his mother and sister, who have vanished in the...

Details A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2)

TitleA Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2)
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherBethany House/Baker Publishing Group
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Christian

Reviews A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2)

  • Jazzy
    ayee fren... follow my blog :)) https://atragicwonderland.blogspot.co...WHY ARE THESE BOOKS SO IMPOSSIBLY GOOD? I never ever want them to end!! RTC (after I write a review for the first one lawl)REVIEW:I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review... thanks, Publishers!Well well well, look what we have here: ANOTHER BOOK REVIEW! I'm super duper excited to talk/fangirl about this book because lemme tell ya something... it was just ...
  • Sarah Grace
    Oh. My. Word. I cannot express in words my love for the Shadows Over England series . . . I didn't think it was possible for this to be better than the first book. But I think it might have been. The characters are truly what makes White's Shadows over England series. Both Willa and Lukas were both exceptional characters, with so much depth and beauty. Their individual character arcs were both so well done. Their transformation was so beautiful a...
  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)
    About this book:“Willa Forsythe is both a violin prodigy and top-notch thief, which make her the perfect choice for a crucial task at the outset of World War I—to steal a cypher from a famous violinist currently in Wales. Lukas De Wilde has enjoyed the life of fame he's won—until now, when being recognized nearly gets him killed. Everyone wants the key to his father's work as a cryptologist. And Lukas fears that his mother and sister, who ...
  • Victoria Lynn
    *sigh* Review to come. Let's just leave it at the fact that I am in love with these books.
  • Clara
    When I finished the first book of the series the first word that came to mind was “special”, and here I thought none would be able to top that one... goodness, did I not know what was coming.I wish I could find words to do this book justice. It is an entire melody, filled with cracks and breaks that make you feel you've come to the end of yourself, only to then be swept away by the sweetest harmony that overcomes any obscurity.Willa Forsythe ...
  • R.F. Gammon
    This book was BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT, I TELL YOU. So why am I not giving it five stars? Well, there's a couple of reasons. The first being that it took me a little while to get into this book--it just didn't capture me from page 1. The second is that his-fic never has been and never will be my favorite. BUT! This one is World War I, the forgotten war, which makes it excellent. (And, it's Christian. Which I absolutely love.) I think I liked this boo...
  • Staci
    This novel included so many things I love: - Kind-hearted heroine that has not had the easy life handed to her- Humorous dialogue between the two main characters - Mathematics (score for the number minded!)- Fact based characters woven inI anticipated enjoying this novel, but it surpassed my expectations. I especially loved Margot. Her dry sense of humor and mind filled with numbers made me smile. This novel was simply delightful.Now for Barclay'...
  • m a r y l i z
    This book destroyed me.And I love it for it. Lovely Things: - Willa. Let's just get this out right now: I'm obsessed with all these characters. Willa reminds me a lot of Rosemary, but she's still uniquely Willa. Afraid to love because that opens her up to hurt. Prickly as a cactus on the outside yet soft as a marshmallow on the inside. She's strong and sassy and spirited. Never afraid to speak her mind. Smart and attentive to allll the details. F...
  • Karis
    A Song Unheard by Roseanna M. White blew me away! I knew to expect excellent writing after reading the preceding book in her Shadows over England series, but I wasn’t expecting to be so immediately engaged or invested in the characters and storyline of this book. I enjoyed the first, but this sequel? It kept me up till three in the morning reading and gave me chills. It’s all about family, however unconventional. Music. Heartache and memories...
  • Shantelle
    I was looking forward to returning to Roseanna M. White's new series set in early 1900s England by reading A Song Unheard! Though I didn't like it as much as the first book, it still made an intriguing and lovely read.It was wonderful to get Willa Forsythe's story. Delving into her past was heart-wrenching ... especially seeing how it affected her present and future. Seeing her love for the violin and how God reached her through music was poignan...
  • Melanie
    A Song Unheard was a great continuation of the Shadows Over England series. I really enjoyed the first book, A Name Unknown, so I was eager to pick up this book and see what was going to happen next. Even though the main characters from the first book were barely in this one, I didn't mind that because I loved these main characters so much! Lukas was hilarious and I loved the way he pursued Willa.The danger in the story was good. I especially was...
  • Amanda Tero
    There were so many aspects of this book that I loved. The thief family (yeah, I do like them even though they’re unlawful…the family aspect is wonderfully sweet!). The music (oh my, the music! Yeah, the music really sold me on this book.) The WWI era. The characters. The math. I think this just may be my favorite of Roseanna’s books (maybe it’s the music… it just may be the music…).Okay, now for cohesiveness.Willa was me written all o...
  • Chautona Havig
    In a sequel even better than the first book, A Name Unknown, Roseanna M. White has given us everything you could want in a book. Characters that dance off the page—sometimes marching to the beat of their own inner-drummer and other times waltzing across to the tune that only they can hear. The rest weave in and out with perfectly synchronized movements to the melody of the plot and the harmony of the setting.I said A Song Unheard was my most an...
  • Courtney Clark
    A Song Unheard is a novel for anyone who loves history or music. Set during the early days of WWI, it portrays a unique era, a slice of history, and the trials ordinary people endured. I liked that it showed multiple intertwining viewpoints-- that of a spunky thief-turned-government aid practically working as a spy (Willa), a refugee estranged from his family and struggling to maintain his normal lifestyle (Lukas), and that of an intelligent youn...
  • Hayden
    The more I read Roseanna M. White's novels, the more I'm sure she's becoming one of my favorite Christian fiction writers. She takes a lot of the stereotypical elements in Christian and romantic fiction and refashions them in new, dynamic ways so that they work without coming off as cheesy or cliched. (which I think I've mentioned in one of my reviews of her books before, but I guess it's worth saying again) However, she also throws in loads of u...
  • Kara
    I've been hearing nothing but rave reviews for Ms. White's stories for a few years now, so she's been on my radar. And after seeing the same gushing over this particular story, something about it convinced me I needed to try it. I'm so glad I did! Because the chemistry between Willa and Lukas...?? Oh my stars!!! :DYet it's not just their chemistry, I think my favorite part is simply how music resonates for both of them. It reaches down deep in th...
  • Rachael
    “When you are ready, Jesus will forgive you.”This book totally enraptured this reader. First of all, there aren’t many books set in WWI. I love books that pick an unusual time, place, and setting- this one did!The book has amazing facts, full of history, and the relationships between the characters is so well done. The book flows amazingly well, and was impossible to put down. Yet, I tried to savor every page.I enjoyed everything about this...
  • Eva
    Actual rating: 4.5OH MY WORD THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. I think I liked it better than A Name Unknown - actually, I know I do because I use 'love' to describe my reaction to this book and 'like' to describe my reaction to A Name Unknown. The characters were spot on and wormed their way into my heart so quickly. Like all of Rosanna M. White's books (that I've read so far) it took me a bit to get into the story, but once I did...GAHHHH.
  • Chloe (aka Crystal)
    RTC, but just know that I am fangirling over this series
  • Dawn
    This one took me a little bit to get into, but once I was hooked, I couldn't put it down. I loved getting to know Willa and seeing more of Barclay and the others. Looking forward to book 3 about Barclay.One of the things I loved about this book was getting to know Lukas's sister Margot. She was such a fun character. I also loved Willa's surrender. I received a copy of this book from the publisher to share my honest opinion. My thoughts and opinio...
  • Maddy
    Oh my goodness, where do I even start with this book?? I have heard lovely things about this author and jumped at the chance of reviewing this. I had high expectations for this book and wow, it was even better than I thought it would be. I have definitely found a new favorite author.THE SETTINGThe setting of this book was so perfect. London, the war, spies, music sheets, violins, fancy dinner parties, the little French phrases thrown in. Ah, I co...
  • Rebecca
    "For the sake of the music. - Lucas De Wilde."Lucas De Wilde, a world renowned violinist, finds himself recovering from a gunshot wound and virtually exiled in Wales, forced to flee his Belgium home at the onset of the World War I invasion by the Germans. His now deceased father, was a brilliant cryptologist, making Lucas and his remaining family members a much sought-after German commodity. When Lucas becomes strategically acquainted with Willa ...
  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    4.5 stars TOP PICK
  • Olivia
    This is me attempting a review. This is me sitting staring in space wondering where to begin.*takes a deep breath and begins*I expected a theme of music, but this book held even more than that. I enjoy music, but the depth presented in this book made me realize how much more I should appreciate it. Lukas and Willa both dwell on different aspects of music, but together it truly becomes alive. By the end, the song is heard in a beautiful way.To beg...
  • Janell R.
    Wow, this is one of the most amazing books ever! First of all, it’s by one of my very favorite authors. Honestly it never ceases to amaze me how Mrs. White continues to produce quality work and storylines that are always unique. You never feel like you’re reading the same book over again with different names. And her talent for putting words together to convey the realistic emotions, and basically put a painting before your eyes with words. S...
  • Megan
    “A Song Unheard” by Roseanna White is a masterpiece! This book is the second book in the “Shadows over England” series, but it can be read as a standalone. Ms. White’s writing is lyrical. She crafts her own song through storytelling. This story is filled to the brim with so much to love! There is danger, mystery, spies and romance. There is also a lot of faith content. And one must not forget the music! Ms. White obviously knows a lot a...
  • Rachel McMillan
    With White's customary historical efficiency and readable style, A Song Unheard may not hold the intuitive passion of the first in this series, A Name Unknown, but it does whip quite a dollop of suave sophistication as Willa Forsythe (London thief introduced to readers in the fist book) is pitted against the devastatingly charming Lukas De Wilde. Excavating little known tenets of the Great War while infused with a smile of an adventure you know t...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    Encore! Encore! What a fabulous second instalment in Roseanna White’s Shadows Over England series. History, drama, romance, intrigue, and music melded together in this novel to create an engrossing read that became more and more suspenseful as the story continued. Willa ends up solidly in the sights of four men as she attempts to complete her mission: Mr. V, her employer; Brown, the mysterious German who tries to recruit her out from under Mr. ...
  • Lynda Edwards
    This novel is set during WWI, a period that I haven't read a lot about. But White does an excellent job of placing the reader firmly within that time in history with details incorporated into the setting and dialogue, as well as using key differences to highlight how many decisions people made at this time were literally about life and death. Modern conveniences we take for granted are absent, leaving gaping holes in communication, for example. H...
  • Kav
    Such an exquisitely beautiful book! And the title tie-in is just one of the many details that makes this a masterpiece of a story. There's depth of character, an inspiring faith thread and plenty of intrigue -- not to mention the kind of toe-curling romance that will leave your fainting couch in need of reupholstering 'cause you're going to wear it out with all the swooning you'll be doing over Lukas.Reformed rake. Squeal! Relentless in his pursu...