A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green

A Refuge Assured

Vivienne Rivard fled revolutionary France and seeks a new life for herself and a boy in her care, who some say is the Dauphin. But America is far from safe, as militiaman Liam Delaney knows. He proudly served in the American Revolution but is less sure of his role in the Whiskey Rebellion. Drawn together, will Liam and Vivienne find the peace they long for?

Details A Refuge Assured

TitleA Refuge Assured
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Favorites, Romance, Fiction, Cultural, France

Reviews A Refuge Assured

  • Jocelyn Green
    And when I say I have "read" this book... I can't even tell you how many times I've read it. About eighty-five (it feels like), making lots of changes every time. Just one more pass through the galleys though, and then it's out of my hands!
  • Deanne Patterson
    Based on Jocelyn Green writing my favorite Civil War series I knew I was in for a treat reading this and believe me it did not disappoint. The author writes novels steeped in historical detail so well you will believe you are there with the characters experiencing it, from the descriptions to the sights,sounds,smells and even the characters thoughts.The book starts out in late 1700s Paris, France and gives readers a feel of the French Revolution ...
  • Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls)
    About this book:“Lacemaker Vivienne Rivard never imagined her craft could threaten her life. Yet in revolutionary France, it is a death sentence when the nobility, and those associated with them, are forced to the guillotine. Vivienne flees to Philadelphia but finds the same dangers lurking in the French Quarter, as revolutionary sympathizers threaten the life of a young boy left in her care, who some suspect to be the Dauphin. Can the French s...
  • Sarah Grace
    I'm pretty sure that met all my high expectations. And exceeded them in some ways. This book was just so beautiful, and I will definitely be reading more by this talented author!The characters. Just wow! The MCs, Vivienne and Liam, both had such depth, and were such real, relatable characters. I loved Vienne's willingness to serve others and provide for herself and others, yet it wasn't in a feministic way. And Liam . . . he was such a gentleman,...
  • Staci
    A Refuge Assured is full of historical detail. The beginning of the novel is set in late 1700s Paris, France providing readers with the feel of the French Revolution and background for main character Vivienne Rivard. The majority of the novel, however, takes place in Philadelphia.While Vivienne is the main focus, there is another compelling story line as well. To share more about that would be a spoiler.I close the novel feeling I've visited both...
  • Beth
    A Refuge Assured is hands down one of my favorite reads of the year so far. I loved every element of this story. The characters are endearing and distinct, the plot moves at a perfect pace, and the historical details just make everything come to life.Vivienne has already been through so much heartache when she arrives in Philadelphia from Paris. I loved getting a glimpse of her life in Paris, as it really set the stage for what was to come, as we...
  • Maureen Timerman
    From France to Pennsylvania your life is in danger because you make lace? This is brought about because of a frenzy of people who hate the monarchy, and will go to extremes to get rid of all chances that it will return to power, killing young children, and innocents.With a heavy heart the author has brought our lacemaker Vivienne Rivard actually running for her life, and puts in her path a young mother and child that will forever change her, and ...
  • Hannah
    A lusciously detailed story of a young woman who escapes the French Revolution by the skin of her teeth and finds herself in many more challenges fitting into her new life in America than she had dreamed of facing. Most of the stories I have read about Revolutionary survivors have them going to England or Holland or Italy. Going to America is a nearly-new one for me...this is only the second one I’ve read. Combine Vivienne’s experiences with ...
  • Susie Finkbeiner
    Jocelyn Green's superpower is taking a piece of history, researching every angle of it, and crafting a story set in that era so expertly that her readers feel that they've been placed right in the midst of the character's lives. Green has accomplished this in each of her novels. However, if required to pick my favorite of her books I wouldn't hesitate. It's A Refuge Assured.With breathtakingly beautiful prose, well rounded and fully realized char...
  • Dawn
    This book was so good! I loved watching Vivienne grow from the lacemaker to the queen into the independent American woman she became. I found this period of history rather fascinating. I don't read a lot of early American (Post-Revolution), so this particular period was rather new to me. I enjoyed it. I received a copy from Bethany House to review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.
  • Katie
    I have been eagerly looking forward to reading this book. The combination of the French Revolution with the struggles of the early American government captured my attention and A Refuge Assured delivers and exceeds my expectations. The book is filled with historical detail, but it's never overwhelming. The plot is quick paced and interesting, and the characters will linger after the last page is closed. I enjoyed every word of this book and eag...
  • Victoria Lynn
    My rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.My Review:Wow. This book was intense! It took me a bit to read as I had a lot of things going on and this book was long by today’s standards for sure.Before I even get to the actual story itself though, THE COVER. It is probably one of the most beautiful covers I have seen in a long time. It is matte and gorgeous and even more beautiful than it’s online image when you have it in person. And then there’s the int...
  • Bhriv
    A Refuge Assured, written by Jocelyn Green, is another lovely read by this author. From the lace being made in France to the lace being made in a small refuge in Pensylvania, we are taken on a journey of words at the ends of our fingertips as each page turns to see, hear, and experience the trauma of the French Revolution that didn't cease when these French escaped to America. We also felt the deep relationships that were built, crushed, wished f...
  • Gracelyn Buckner
    4 StarsThis was really good! Not a time period I read about a lot, but really good! I was reallye excited to read it, since its my first book from Bethany House Blogger Review program. ~wonderfuls~ the charactersI really liked how Ms. Green had most of the main characters' perpectives throughout the book. Each of the characters had well-developed personalities. Henri was so sweet!the romanceThe romance in A Refuge Assured wasn't necessarily every...
  • Clara
    He fought for revolution. She was outcasted because of revolution. Can they still find common ground?"Law and liberty. Order and freedom. It was all a tangled mess".A deluge. That's a perfect word to describe this book.The fight for liberty is for equality, freedom, justice. Or isn't it? If we stop and look at the costs can this truly be what was fought for?Vivienne Rivard and Liam Delaney were on different sides of revolutions oceans apart. Who ...
  • Maddy
    This was lovely.
  • Susan
    Hauntingly beautiful! Jocelyn Green delivers another riveting story with the skill of a master craftsman. She masterfully weaves the story of refugees from the French Revolution seeking asylum in Pennsylvania, as our young country struggles in its' infancy with such controversial events as the Whiskey Rebellion. While there is much historical detail, it never overshadowed the story. The author artistically pens images of early American life with...
  • Beth Erin
    Full review on Faithfully BookishThe French Revolution... As much as I love learning new things through fiction, some of the historical events included in this story are simply shocking. How do people (even revolutionaries) justify things like guillotines?!!Fortunately, Vivienne Rivard makes her way out of France before she is sentenced for her "crime" of lace making. Vivienne is a strong, brave, and independent heroine. Her work ethic, determina...
  • Jennifer
    Riveting and fascinating, I couldn’t put this down. I really enjoyed the historical setting of this story. The America during the Whiskey Rebellion and the plight of the French emigrés during France’s own revolution were brought to life in this book. This wasn’t light reading by any means, but it was gritty and compelling. I admired the MCs. The hard choices that both of them had to make clearly illustrated how grey areas abound in real li...
  • Andrea
    Wow. Just wow. I'm a regular person that reads, then reviews from her gut reaction to books. A Refuge Assured leaves me searching for the right words to describe just how good it is. For starters, the history I learned from this book was just amazing. Yes, I learned a little bit about it in school ages ago but it was glossed over. In this book, I felt as if I was there watching it all play out. I did not know being a lacemaker was cause to lose y...
  • Heather Gilbert
    It's no coincidence this richly-detailed historical novel has mostly (if not all) five star reviews. As I read, I sat in wonder at how the author so deftly wove in elements of suspense, faith, and romance. I learned so much about the French Revolution and the Whiskey Rebellion with this novel, and it gave me a fresh view of characters like Alexander Hamilton. I liked the plucky main character Vivienne (something about her was so very French!) and...
  • Rachael
    This book was truly phenomenal, heart wrenching, and so well done! I tried to read this one slowly...to absorb everything that was written on the pages. Such a terrific story with loveable characters, an unusual setting, and ( my favorite part) a lot of obscure history! This book contains so much about the French Revolution and the French themselves. It also contains fascinating facts about the Whiskey Rebellion.The best way I could describe this...
  • Amber (Read it or Leave it Blog)
    Due to this book being set after the American Revolution and during the French Revolution, there was a lot of descriptive war details. A lot of blood, killings, hangings, etc., were mentioned. This book is packed full of historical details, which made the pace seem slow at times. I felt the storyline could have moved a bit faster, but the ending moved along pretty well. I will admit that sometimes the historical details went over my head. There w...
  • Julia Wilson
    A Refuge Assured by Jocelyn Green is an epic Christian historical novel that blends fact and fiction into a thrilling story that grips from the start.The action moves from revolutionary France to the shores of America. It is about a search for safety and to belong. Forever running and looking over one's shoulder is no way to live. America is fraught with difficulties as the search for Louis Charles continues there. No matter what we are running f...
  • Rebecca
    "So when we create, even if it is a mere length of lace and not the stars in the heavens, we honor Him. We bear His likeness when we work."And so, French lace makers Vivienne Rivard and her Tante Rose, worked tirelessly to create the exquisite lace that graced the clothing and furnishings of the queen herself, until a violent revolution separates them forever. Fleeing France, Vivienne boards a ship bound for America and determines to re-establish...
  • Savanna Kaiser
    If you’re a fan (as I am) of historical fiction, then you need this book. 🙂 The story takes you back in time to a young America and the growth pains the country faced during that time. I can’t imagine living back then, but this book did a great job painting a picture of what life was like. With a perfect balance of historical details and emotion, A Refuge Assured captured my full attention.Life is hard for our heroine and hero, but their d...
  • Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)
    Travel with Vivienne from Paris to Pennsylvania. Come along for a journey that will sweep you off your feet and plant your imagination firmly in the pages of this epic tale. This story is a delightful kaleidoscope of vibrant picturesque phrases, abundant in historical details and a rich depth of emotion. In short, a veritable pleasure to the senses.I enjoyed learning new details about the French Revolution as seen through the eyes of a royal lace...
  • Kate (Too Read or Not Too Read)
    I discovered Jocelyn Green a few years ago with her beautifully told Civil War series. Last year I dove in her her breath taking Mark of the King. When I saw this new release to kick off 2018 with, I was excited!A Refuge Assured was so interesting in that in spotlighted many different historical elements I hadn't known about or offered another point of view of a very well known historic event.We hear a lot about America's Revelation and the Frenc...
  • Elizabeth
    An excellent story full of intriguing characters. I had never considered how far reaching the effects of the French Revolution were or the large influx of French refugees that escaped to America. I was totally immersed in post revolution America and the pages practically turned themselves!