Mythos by Stephen Fry


The Greek myths are the greatest stories ever told, passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce and Walt Disney.They are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales and cultural DNA of the West. In Stephen Fry's hands the stories of the titans and gods become a brilliantly entertaining account of ribaldry and revelry, warfare and worship, debauchery, love affairs and life lesson...

Details Mythos

Release DateNov 2nd, 2017
PublisherMichael Joseph
GenreFantasy, Mythology, Nonfiction, History, Audiobook

Reviews Mythos

  • Bradley
    I don't know about any of you, but this one's a winner. Far from feeling like another dry recounting of a number of our favorite Greek myths, Fry's down-to-earth humor and traditional (modern) storytelling have turned these gods into something most relatable.I've read Edith Hamilton and Bullfinch's recountings and I've had the pleasure of countless other sources, but here's where Fry shines: he cherry-picks the very best stories and tells them so...
  • Trish
    I first heard of Stephen Fry many years ago, have since watched him debate with the Church and wander through dense jungles trying to find nearly extinct animals, listened to him bring one of my favourite magical worlds to life, and learned a great deal from him on what must be one of the best quiz shows on (British) television. Not to mention his influence on LGBTQ rights and the acceptance of mental health issues (he himself is suffering from a...
  • Cheese
    The history of greek mythology told in a long long story.This is the audio book and it was a challenge to finish, but interesting nonetheless.Stephen Fry is faultless in his narration.
  • Netta
    It is regrettable that Stephen Fry's talent to be effortlessly snobbish in a very appealing, charmingly British way, does absolutely no good to the subject of his book. The main problem with this book is that Fry's retelling of the myths of Ancient Greece is exactly what the title promises – it is the retelling of the myths of Ancient Greece with some supposedly witty (but more often irrelevant) remarks which can be easily omitted. The question...
  • Margaret
    At a time when other children had their mothers reading "Sleeping Beauty" and "Little Red Riding Hood" to them, my father was telling me the story of the abduction of Persephone with his own adornments (I particularly liked the squirrels wondering why she was picking flowers instead of nuts).I bring this up so you understand that I was exposed to the Greek myths at a young age. Once I was able to read I got my hands on Bullfinch's Mythology and R...
  • Andrea
    Once again, a BIG FAT THANK YOU to my awesome friend Bubu who send me this book via audible. THANK YOU!!!
  • Jake
    This was by far the easiest 5 stars I have had the pleasure to give in quite a while. It is one of the very few books I would read again.Mythos is fascinating from start to finish. I have attempted to get into numerous mythology books before (yes even Edith Hamilton) and struggled. Stephen Fry has made these captivating stories into a very readable and even hilarious style. He has made each God not only memorable, but also much easier to obtain a...
  • Ally (the.imperfect.library)
    I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed this NEARLY as much if I’d simply read it. Listening to Stephen Fry’s narration was what really made this book shine, with his wry sense of humour, commentary and brilliant characterisation. I’ve always been a big fan of Greek mythology and this retelling didn’t disappoint. The main moral of the story: don’t annoy the gods. They’ll mess you up! ⚡ I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed this NEARLY...
  • Ana Rînceanu
    While the book is filled with Fry's wit, the stories of the gods do not sugarcoat anything. Recommended for the novice and the long-time devotee!
  • Sam Obigbesan
    This was most certainly one of the most enjoyable books I have had the opportunity to read. I’ve known the Greek myths so well, like the back of my hand, as I grew up in the country that had those myths as their regular fairy-tales. At school I was told the stories of the petty Greek gods, their antics and their characteristics; about their blunders and plane human nature, the heroes and heroines that populated the Cosmos of the Greek legends. ...
  • Emma
    Top three reasons why I found this book absolutely FANTASTIC:1) I love Stephen Fry, and his narrative here is the best, it felt like he was sitting next to me on the sofa, drinking tea and telling me all these amazing stories. (Audiobook)2) The Greek myths are just so damn entertaining—you just can't go wrong here! 3) ETYMOLOGY I smiled my way through MYTHOS as Stephen Fry reminded me why I used to be obsessed with Greek legends and mythology. ...
  • Koda Whitney
    This retelling of the Greek myths achieved something unexpected - it made me interested in Greek history and mythology. This was quite an achievement given my classics degree left me completely uninterested in all things Greek.Fry’s retelling began a little shakily and I found myself wishing Neil Gaiman had been doing the telling in a similar style to his Norse Mythology. But by the end of Midas legend I was left craving more. If you’re inter...
  • Helen Carolan
    The great thing about this book is that it is not written by a historian with a mad educated passion for the Greek myths. Instead it's written by Fry who like most of us enjoys the Greek myths but doesn't pretend to understand how they all work. The book is written with Fry's usual wry humour and is more enjoyable for that. As Fry himself says you don't have to know a loot about these myths to enjoy his book.I very much enjoyed his simplistic sty...
  • Vickii
    Loved this collection! A chronological take on the popular Greek myths, as well as some lesser known tales, ranging from the beginning of Chaos right down to the trials of the heroic mortals. Fry's witty prose just makes these stories that more enjoyable, and is a great start for those wanting to dive into the historical fables.
  • Catherine
    This is such a wonderful retelling of some of the Greek myths! It is written with such humour and passion that it is impossible to put down. I really hope Stephen Fry will someday write a sequel containing more myths (about the age of heroes, for example).
  • Paul ataua
    I chose the audiobook version to get the benefit of Stephen Fry's reading, and certainly he added much to the stories. On the negative side, the audio version made it more difficult to change the order in which you 'read', which sometimes left you listening to some of the less interesting tales. Fry's 'retelling' worked for most of the stories and yet seemed to trivialize others, but in the long run, the myths had the last say. It was good to rev...
  • Anne
    This books takes it's reader back to the 'Greek version' of the 'Big Bang'/ 'Creation'! We are introduced to the Gods of ancient Greece, and the morals who worship them! Stephen Fry, is an amazing storyteller! He writes in away that has the reader feeling like they are being transported back to the times of the Titans, the Cyclops, the Immortals (Gods), like Zeus, Apollo,Ares,Cronus, Artimis, Athena, Aphorodite, Hera, Hestia, etc! And let's not f...
  • Chris
    This was a great retelling of these tales from Greek Mythology in a nice readable format, with minimal academic distraction (footnotes sometime excepting).The humorous asides and some of the modern culturally colloquial context used made an otherwise scarily remote (ancient even) set of stories attainable.The journalistic nature of the text means It reads more like a series of short stories than a novel or even a factual biography. This work woul...
  • Rach
    The absolutely excellent Stephen Fry has done it again ladies and gentlemen!Having never studied Classics and knowing very little about Greek Mythology (aside what Disney’s Hercules taught me) I was excited to pick this book up and give it a go. It’s something i’m so interested in, having visited Greece and the ancient world several times- and being massively into art and sculpture- and honestly- if you’re a total Greek Myths novice- this...
  • P.D. Dawson
    Very good overview of Greek myths in interwoven stories, while giving special artistic license to timelines in order to make it possible according to the writings of Hesiod. Greek Myth is a subject I'm just getting interested in but had I already been familiar with the subject, I guess I might have still been entertained in the way Fry has weaved them into his own fictions based on the myths, but I probably wouldn't have learned anything new. How...
  • Joy
    My review on: Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece by Stephen Fry.I really enjoyed this book, the story telling was great and had me smiling; you could feel Stephen Fry personality within the book. I also enjoyed the footnotes; yes you read right, even the footnotes. I did read this on my Kindle, but I enjoyed it that much, I’ve got myself a Hardback copy just in case something happens to my Kindle. So that must tell you something...
  • Shameema
    A wonderful way to finish the year. A charming, witty, clever and most importantly humourous take on the Greek myths. Like many others, apparently including Fry himself, I have been a big fan of the Greek/ Roman myths since a child ( we must be twins then, Fry and I haha) . Nostalgia makes things appear sweeter than they are. Yes I know. Even then, this was a great heap of fun and on many occasions offered better adult understanding of the tales....
  • Henna
    Who's more perfect for retelling the Greek myths than witty Stephen Fry? No one, as Mythos was brilliant retelling of the Greek myths: from the beginning of the world when there was only Chaos, through the First Order, the Second Order, the Third Order (which is the Olympians), and through the creation of mankind and their Golden and Silver Ages. Mythos does not retell the later ages, including the Age of Heroes, so you won't meet Herakles, Achil...
  • Sara
    Greek mythology retold by Stephen Fry, with a witty commentary and etymological facts. My favorite quote is Fry telling us about Poseidon's sex life and that he fathered a lot of heroes and demigods, like Theseus and Percy Jackson. I laughed a lot at that, or his comment about how every myth star "the most beautiful man/woman ever". An entertaining read for all those who love Greek mythology.. and for those who wants to know what it's all about. ...
  • Jayson Ho
    Witty, wonderful and worthy to be read by the pantheon of gods themselves.Much like Gaiman's Norse Mythology, this is a retelling of well-loved myths, but what sets it apart from the other versions of Greek myths is reading them in Stephen Fry's own voice. He has a flair for absolute alliteration and a passion for poetry, and that shows a lot in this book.My only drawback with this is that the stories only focus on the gods and not so much about ...
  • Laura
    Just finished the audio book and I'm ready to start it all again. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.I love mythology and all the names, relationships and lessons. This book is spot on for beginners or mythology veterans. Stephen Fry tells the stories in a organised and understandable way that makes the stories easy to digest. And all his interpretations of the speech is very entertaining.Finally, I will never not be blown by learning how much o...
  • William Marler
    I had the pleasure of seeing Stephen tell some of the stories from Mythos live on stage and this was a superb extension of that pleasure.I found not a single story in the book dull and got at least something from all of them. This was also partly read for research purposes and now I feel like a have a much better understanding of the fundamentals of Greek myth.Whether you’re into Ancient Greek mythology or not, this will certainly be full of en...
  • Abra Heinrich
    15 1/2 hours of mortals having a terrible time with the gods - but in all honesty, Stephen Fry put lots of efforts into researching these myths and framing them in a colorful narrative. Not only that, but he will also tell you which words have been inspired by which God, what became of the places in which the stories are set and other divine trivia. And it is quite delightful learning about how the gods never seem to be able to stop turning morta...
  • Kieran McAndrew
    The Greek pantheon were cruel, capricious and conniving. Yet they were the inspiration for what could be the greatest collection of myths in the Classical Era.'Mythos' manages to gather the great stories from this mythological tradition and Fry's representation of these stories for a modern age is vibrant and exciting.