Respect by Aleatha Romig


Respect - An Infidelity Novel“The making of a man”Standing at what I believe is the precipice of my life, I, Oren Demetri, was too young to understand that it wasn’t and too old to imagine that it couldn’t be. The already hefty accumulation of my successes and failures, bravery and fears, and rewards and suffering, had brought me to this point. It was hard to contemplate the things I’d done, and yet in reality, I’d only begun to learn...

Details Respect

Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherRomig Works LLC
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Respect

  • Tanaka K
    In my years as a reviewer, in every month, I find a book with a deep and thought provoking story. These kinds of books hold a special plot that sinks you in and traps you. The kinds of books have characters that you want to pick apart and get to know the person inside. The person behind the tales. The person behind the mystery. Respect is certainly that book. When I saw this book, I did not know what this book was about. I went in blind and what ...
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    Review to come but I loved Oren’s story!!!*advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review*Coming Jan 23rdPre Order:iBooks: US: UK:
  • Timitra
    Rated 4.5 StarsDon't be fooled this book is not beautiful but there are beautiful parts to it. It's not a romance but there are romantic elements in it. I won't lie this book will make you hurt, it will make you cry but it's an amazing read that you will be happy you read. It's an epic tale of one man's journey and the way his life affected those around him and the way outside forces shaped him into who and what he is. Oren's story will fuck you ...
  • Christine Jalili
    Wow! What an emotional book this was for me. I cried so hard. The love of Oren and Angelina touched me. But she’s the niece of mob kingpin Carmine Costello. As he’s so busy working, will he ever take time out for his family? I was so heartbroken over them. You’ll have to buy the book to find out more and go through all the emotions I did. I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I recommend this book.
  • Tia Louise
    An epic story about ambition, determination, betrayal, and love. I savored every page.If (like me) you were intrigued by Oren in the Infidelity series, this is the book for you. It's a true stand-alone, because it's Oren's story. It focuses on how he became the man he was in Infidelity. It's about Oren and Angelina (Nox's mom), and the life that led to the beginning of Betrayal. It's intense, mafia, thrilling--like all of Aleatha's books. The hea...
  • Mistress
    Well, she did it again! It amazes me how this author can write all-consuming books one right after the other. I absolutely love the Infidelity series and was so thrilled to hear that I was going to get to read Oren’s backstory. I actually secretly liked Oren throughout the series even though on the surface one would think he was a bad man. I’m so glad he had the opportunity to show his true self in Respect. In this book we get to see why he d...
  • Dawn Nicole Costiera
    Blow away. Where do I even begin?! First of all, Respect is my introduction to the Infidelity Series and now I know what I have been missing!! Wow! In my opinion, Respect is the perfect lead way into the series if you have not read it. It gives you all the detailed history you need to dive into the rest......You will be running to read Betrayal!Aleatha Romig proves once again that she is in a league of her own with Respect! Her writing is impecca...
  • Kelly
    Spelling Bee 2018The word is Aleatha’dDefinition pleaseTo be swept away in literary wonderment; to be bedazzled; to be left feeling utterly satisfied.Aleatha’d……. AˑlˑeˑaˑtˑhˑaˑdI have read everything that Aleatha Romig has published.  Respect is one of the BEST BOOKS SHE HAS EVER WRITTEN.  When I sat down to read Respect, it didn’t feel like I was reading a novel.  It felt like I was sitting down watching a box office hit as ...
  • Michelle
    *ARC provided by the author for an honest review*Wow just wow. This is the first full book I 've read from this author and omg it was amazing. I was hooked from the time. The story was full of everything heartbreak betrayal love and respect. I 've not read the other books in this series so I was lil worried. But there was no need. You could read this as a standalone. I didn't feel like I was missing anything if anything it's made me want to read...