A Land of Permanent Goodbyes by Atia Abawi

A Land of Permanent Goodbyes

In a country ripped apart by war, Tareq lives with his big and loving family . . . until the bombs strike. His city is in ruins. His life is destroyed. And those who have survived are left to figure out their uncertain future.In the wake of destruction, he's threatened by Daesh fighters and witnesses a public beheading. Tareq's family knows that to continue to stay alive, they must leave. As they travel as refugees from Syria to Turkey to Greece,...

Details A Land of Permanent Goodbyes

TitleA Land of Permanent Goodbyes
Release DateJan 23rd, 2018
PublisherPhilomel Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews A Land of Permanent Goodbyes

  • Amy Layton
    What an astounding book.  Though not too violent at its core, this book certainly displays an affinity for discussing the aftereffects and reactions to the violence which humanity commits on a day to day basis--namely, in this book, terrorism caused by Daesh in Syria.  As we begin to follow Tareq, we are also allowed insight not only into what used to be his everyday life, but into the horrors he now bears witness to and the fears others harbor...
  • Rachel Strolle
    The last paragraph of this left me breathless
  • Lisa Heins
    2.5 stars. I went back and forth trying to decide if this was a 2 star read or a 3 star and finally decided to round up based solely on the story. It's important for these stories to be told, for YA readers to be exposed to them, and for the experiences of refugees to be heard and understood from their perspective. This book does exactly that. Unfortunately, the story was the only element I really enjoyed. The book is told by destiny much the way...
  • Atia Abawi
    It’s my book 😊 Thanks to all who have taken the time to read ALOPG! And to those who plan to read it. As someone who was a refugee myself this story was important for me to share.
  • Claire Draper
    This book made me cry. At my desk. In public. It was every bit of a lovely book that I needed this year.
  • Lisa Welch
    Thanks to Penguin Random House First to Read for an advance copy.I am reading some amazing and diverse books to start off 2018! This book packs a big punch, but is a powerful and important read. Written by a woman who is a journalist in the Middle East, this novel brings the Syrian refugee crisis to life in a way I never could have imagined. Narrated by Destiny, the journey of Tarek and his family, from their happy days in Syria to their escape t...
  • Books, Vertigo and Tea (Danielle)
    You may also find my thoughts and a guest post from Atia Abawi on Books, Vertigo & Tea. “The human heart is the most complicated creation I’ve ever encounter. The formation of the cosmos was easier to understand.” ~Atia Abawi, A Land of Permanent Goodbyes (Uncorrected text)Some books enter your life and leave a mark, and then there are those that stay etched within you permanently. You know by the time you close them, that you are wiser and...
  • Laura
    This one fell firmly on the line between 2 and 3 stars for me. It's a serious and heartbreaking story about a teenage boy from Syria who becomes a refuge when his home is bombed, and his journey from Syria through Turkey and Greece. It's devastating, timely material. Unfortunately, the execution was poor. Tareq's story on its own was compelling, and the scenes told from his POV are what tipped the balance toward three stars instead of two. But Ab...
  • Lucy Booth
    This book is amazing. Beautifully written. It it truly inspiring. It tells not only of Syrian refugees, but refugees in the Middle East today, as well as throughout history. I also loved how it was narrated by destiny. This put an interesting twist to the book. I honestly can say this is one of the best, if not best books I have ever read. (This book was given to me by a local book store to read and review)
  • Jaime Davis
    Absolutely phenomenal! A beautifully written, yet heart wrenching story of the struggle for survival in the war torn Middle East. Narrated by Destiny personified, this novel depicts the tragic experiences of a Syrian youth, and his determination to find a safer world for his sister. Without a doubt.......a MUST READ!Thank you to Penguin First to Read for access to an advanced reader copy!
  • Wendy Dopkin
    This book is heavy, but SO worth it. It is so powerful and well-written...Highly recommended!
  • Noor
    The refugee crisis is one that needs to be talked about, and despite this book’s many shortcomings, it did, at least, do that. It doesn’t do so as well or as powerfully as I hoped, but it is one of the few positive things that definitely cannot be discounted. It’s just a shame, because it could have been so much more. This is clearly a book that panders to a white audience. From the offset, the book was obviously invested in creating charac...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Abawi, Atia A Land of Permanent Goodbyes 278 pages. Philomel Books (Penguin Random House), 2018. $7 (paperback). Language: G; Mature Content: PG; Violence : PGTareq’s family has a wonderful life until the Syrian Civil conflict comes showering down on their heads. Of the family Tareq, his father, a younger brother and a younger sister are the only survivors and they work to make their way to Europe, specifically Germany. The going is really hard...
  • Pat
    4.5 Stars This novel depicts the ravages of war torn Syria and the young Tareq who, with his four year old sister, desperately tries to cross the border into Europe where they hope they will be welcome and safe. I realize this is historical "fiction"...but even if only half of it is true, this story will devastate you and make you always want to view the world and its people with great compassion and understanding. Memorable and haunting.
  • Margie's Must Reads
    WOW. I am still thinking about this book.
  • Becky
    This book uses a similar narrative device as The Book Thief, using "Destiny" as the narrator. But every part where the narration steps back from Tareq's story into Destiny's pontificating is overwrought and obviously didactic. I thought the portions with the volunteer Alexia were also like that. For example, on page 115, the narrator describes urinating as "the most human of actions." Despite this, A Land of Permanent Goodbyes is a very moving no...
  • Sam Law
    Raw. Human. Timely -a story of a Refugee crisis. This book will make you look with new eyes on the crisis.Read More Book Reviews at It's Good To Read The Land Of Permanent Goodbyes is written from the perspective of Destiny. It summarises, in this case the fictional, but unfortunately real-life struggle of our young protagonist, Tareq, fleeing his war-torn country (Syria) in the company of his father (Fayed) and four-year-old sister (Susan).The ...
  • Amanda James (ajandherbooks)
    A free e-galley was provided to me by Penguin Random House through the First to Read program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Tareq is fleeing the only home he has ever known in Syria after a bomb strikes his apartment killing most of his large, loving family. Fayed, Tareq's father, is taking the children he has left and finally doing what he wished he had done sooner. Get as far away from the war as possible...
  • miss.mesmerized mesmerized
    The family is at home, even if it is war outside, they still have themselves; Tareq, his younger brother Salim, the girls Farrah and Susan and the baby twins. He respected his mother Nour and his father Fayed and of course also his grand-mother. When a bomb hits their house, only Tareq and Susan can be saved, luckily their father was at work and is also alive. They decide it is time to leave the country, after such a loss, what is it that keeps t...
  • Amber Garabrandt
    Summary:Destiny takes us through war torn Syria and other countries as one family tries to make a life in the midst of destruction.  After loosing his home, mother, grandmother, and several siblings to a bomb; Tareq understands that it’s time to leave Syria.  His father takes him and his sister Susan to the relative safety of his brother’s home.  What they find is a city under Daesh (Isis) control.  The city is in ruins and the citizens t...
  • Laura Gardner
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫/5 for A LAND OF PERMANENT GOODBYES, one of the most heartbreaking reads ever for me. I reviewed this book for the MA library youth services blog; all opinions are my own._*_*_*_*_*Tareq is a young Syrian teenager whose life is rocked when bombs kill more than half his family and his remaining family must flee all that they know. Tareq, his father, and his little sister Susan must endure hunger, exhaustion and grave danger to trav...
  • Nadia
    ”So yes, you were born to die. But in between, you are meant to live.” 2 stars TW:n/aread full review here*full review include favorite quotes and a spoiler section The Writing The writing was. Bland. This was narrated by Destiny, which sounds kind of similar to the Book Thief situation, as that one’s narrated by Death. However, the execution is nothing like the Book Thief, and I could not help comparing the two. We get a total of maybe 3 c...
  • LeeAnne
    “I don’t understand how the human eye works. It seems so impaired at times. So, for a moment, let me lend you mine.”Destiny narrates this powerful novel about Tareq’s family’s escape from war-torn Syria. He lives with his grandmother, parents, and siblings - Salim, Farrah, Susan, Ameer, and Sameer. As his once-beautiful city is bombed, Tareq begins to know a life of loss and grief as he struggles to survive and care for those that are l...
  • Lenoire
    The heartbreaking novel is narrated by "Destiny" who tells the story of a family who lives in the war torn Syria. Tareq is surrounded by his big close knitted family. He is surrounded by people who love and care about him. Unfortunately, that all changes when a bomb hits his neighborhood causing his family to suffer a few casualties. Tareq and his family that survived must leave Syria, if they hope to remain alive. Their journey to "freedom", is ...
  • Keely
    When a teenage boy named Tareq loses most of his family to bombing in their Syrian hometown, he and his father determine to make the dangerous journey out of their homeland, with Tareq’s four-year-old sister in tow. Along the way, the family faces hardship after heartbreaking hardship, including separation, hunger, exposure, and the necessity of placing their lives in the hands of careless smugglers who can “help” them on their way from Tur...
  • Cheryl
    This is one of those books that is so important to read. The reading made me very sad, but I know that it is outside the experience I will have in my life. This is a story about being a Syrian refugee. What happens to many before they leave, what happens on the way, and what happens when they arrive in a new place. I am an American white woman who does not face the prejudice that these refugees face every day. I am not in danger of having my smal...
  • Cassey
    One of the most powerful books I have read this year! It was a beautifully written and wrenched at my heartstrings; it addressed a major concern in our society today: how to address refugees. As many individuals flee their warring nations, we find ourselves battling the idea of where to place these citizens. Constantly we are taught to fear these individuals who are different from ourselves, but this book showed how these individuals are in fear ...
  • Tiffany
    I really enjoyed this book. So much so, that I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. on a school night (yeah, I know how to get down!) to finish it. This is the story of one young man's journey as he flees Syria. Oftentimes, I feel as though refugees are all lumped together with very little that humanizes and individualizes each person and the struggles they face coupled with the hopes they have for the future. This book does that for each character. In addi...
  • Liz Haggerty
    This book was heart wrenching from the moment I opened it to the end. The book follows Tareq a Syrian boy as his home is bombed and his family makes the decision to leave the country. The other voice in the book is Destiny, telling Tareq's story as well as giving a window into others as well. The author does not shy away from violence, death, or sadness. There is not a lot of description of the actual violence but the aftermath of the situations ...