The Neighbors by Hannah Mary McKinnon

The Neighbors

In 1992, a car accident kills a young man and forever changes the lives of three people… Now, twenty years later, they’ll all come to regret the choices they made that day, as the secrets and lies they’ve told to protect each other become the very things that tear their lives apart.After a night of fun, Abby was responsible for the car crash that killed her beloved brother. It is a sin she can never forgive herself for, so she pushes away t...

Details The Neighbors

TitleThe Neighbors
Release DateMar 13th, 2018
PublisherMira Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Suspense

Reviews The Neighbors

  • Carrie
    When Abby and Nate notice that there is a new family moving into the neighborhood they of course try to be friendly to the newcomers. Nate made his way over and offered to help but when Abby arrives she gets quite a shock when she realizes that the husband is none other than her ex, Liam, who was the love of Abby’s life until a tragic accident rocked her world.Years ago Abby and her brother had been in a car accident with Abby being the only on...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    The Neighbors was an entertaining story from the first page to the very last. New neighbors move in next door, and everything just unravels from there. Lies between husbands and wives. Tension between mothers and daughters. Old flames coming back into your lives. Secrets that you’ve kept buried for years and years. Lies you’ve told yourself to keep yourself sane. Deceit. Dishonesty. Unfaithfulness That’s what this book is.This story is told...
  • Judy Collins
    Review to follow.
  • Mindy Mejia
    In Hannah Mary McKinnon’s THE NEIGHBORS, two families are torn apart by a long-ago tragedy and secrets that won’t stay buried. When the Jeffersons move in next door, Abby Morris immediately recognizes her ex-lover, a man she left after a car accident shattered her life over twenty years ago. Forced to face the past, Abby realizes love, like tragedy, knows nothing of time. I was immediately hooked by the star-crossed premise and the expert pac...
  • Kaira Rouda
    Poor Abby. Twenty years ago, a fiery crash changed the course of her life forever. Now married with a teenage daughter, Abby is muddling along in the suburbs when her former boyfriend, and his family, moves in next door. That’s when the trouble begins. THE NEIGHBORS keeps building, pulling you in, and just when you think you’ve figured out what will happen next, a twist will leave you breathless. An emotional, smart and gripping story, you’...
  • Kimberly Belle
    Secrets and scandal are at the heart of Hannah Mary McKinnon’s up-all-night tale, in which new neighbors threaten to unearth long-buried skeletons. Filled with a tangled web of twists and turns, The Neighbors is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat story all the way to the shocking end.
  • Mary
    Review galley from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my review.The Neighbors is the story of Abby and Nate and Nancy and Liam who are new neighbors. The remarkable thing about that is Abby and Liam share a past. They knew each other many years ago but don’t let on to their spouses. Both are equally shocked to find themselves living near each other. You can imagine the various directions the plot could go. And it does. So much so that ...
  • Thamy
    And I turn more and more into McKinnon's fan.Have you ever wondered how it would be to have The One You Lost move to the house next door? Well, let's just say Abby is not as happy as we think we would be when she finds Liam to be her new neighbor. After losing her brother, her best friend ever, Abby has found herself the perfect family—or almost, considering the constant arguments with her teenage daughter. But the farce she has built along the...
  • Milena
    The Neighbors was an emotional, edge-of-your-seat read about how secrets and lies can shape different relationships and impact people's lives. The story is written in four different POVs and two different timelines (past and present). It could've have been confusing with so many different POVs but it actually worked well, each character had a very distinct voice. Each character is hiding something and is haunted by bad decisions or events from th...
  • Autumn
    Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. OH. EM. GEE. I NEED PEOPLE TO READ THIS SO I CAN DISCUSS THIS BOOK WITH THEM!!!!!!I knew from the description this was going to be a page turner and it did not disappoint. At the beginning I felt like this was definitely a 5 star book. Then somewhere along the way I thought...NO this is a 10 star book - just give this book all the stars. Then, the twists and turns happened and I wan...
  • Cassidy
    This was an uncorrected proof copy I received from Harper Collins.Rating: 3.5/5 StarsThe Neighbors is a heart-throb of a novel, brimming with emotional tension. Abby and Nate appear to be a perfect couple, but when new neighbors move in next door the past begins to unravel. McKinnon packs drama and decisions based mostly on selfish impulses into this novel.McKinnon successfully used the power of dialogue and emotion to write her story. I could fe...
  • Carol
    will have a different reaction to it. This story flashes back and forth from the present to the past and a through the voices of different characters. When new neighbors move in next door, the person who starts off the narration adds at the end of the chapter what he should have done if he only knew about what he learned later. Just one little question as the expression on someone's face would have made for a very different ending.Just prior to f...
  • Ann
    I received this book as an advanced reader copy with a promise to make an honest review. I am accustomed to reading Christian fiction and mysteries, so this is a different genre for me.. The only issues I had with this book were the foul language and the adult sexual content of the book. If that was omitted from the book, I would have simply loved it. With that being said, the book was very intense, which I loved. It grabbed my attention all the ...
  • Harold
    A GoodReads GiveAwayNice quick read. An old lover moves in next door and old lies come into play.
  • Nick Pengelley
    Brilliant! Seriously, just open the first page. You won't be able to put it down. Guaranteed!
  • Karma
    Secrets never stay buried forever...and in Hannah Mary McKinnon's suspenseful domestic novel, THE NEIGHBORS, this truth leads to the dramatic unravelling of two families connected by more than their addresses. Loved the twists and turns and surprises through the pages, and stayed up far too late finishing this book!
  • Patty
    The NeighborsByHannah Mary McKinnonWhat it's all about...Nate and Abby and their teenage daughter Sarah seem to be living a relatively happy life. One day new neighbors move in and Abby realizes it is Liam and his wife and son. Liam is a man she has a past with. This unnerves Abby totally. Liam was the man she loved when her brother was killed in a fiery crash from an automobile accident. Abby believes the accident was her fault. Liam reminded he...
  • Heather
    This was the first book I have read by Hannah Mary McKinnon and it was a fabulous read! Suspenseful and such a great page turner. I could identify with Abby and felt like we were long lost friends. Wow! How much sorrow can one person go through?! I was happy to see that she was able to turn her life around after a tragic accident. I don't want to give the story and plot away, but I would definitely recommend this book. McKinnon keeps you guessing...
  • Lindsey Eick
    I received an advanced reader’s copy of this book from @Harlequin for an honest review. This book intrigued me from the first few pages and just kept getting better. I loved the story and how it’s familiar concept was portrayed to me in a way that I have never read before. Each character’s story was portrayed in alternating chapters alternating between past and present to weave the stories between Abby, Liam, Nate, Nancy, and Sarah (Zac, an...
  • An Introvert Reads
    I originally thought this was going to be a murder mystery, but I was glad it wasn't ! It was a great change from my usual mystery genre. I absolutely loved this book ! It was just the perfect amount of drama, romance, secrets. It was beautifully written and was a page turner. Also, maybe I'm crazy but I could really relate to the main character Abby. Highly recommend.
  • Sarah
    This was a fun suburban domestic drama--not really the psychological thriller I was expecting, though there were some (predictable) twists at the end. I would recommend it if you want something slightly twisty with Desperate Housewives levels of secrets and drama.*I received a free pre-release copy of this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
  • Kristie
    I really enjoyed this book a lot more then I thought I would when I had read only the synopsis. This was a great suspenseful story with many twists and turns and an ending that I honestly did not see coming.
  • Susan Wright
    Thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to share it with others! It is a mix between suspense, romance, and family drama. Some of the plot twists were a little predictable (hence the 4 star rating) but the narration and point of view story telling was excellent!
  • Alaina Maxam
  • Sandy Lusardi desiervo
    Excellent story, I could not put this book down! Highly recommend!
  • Kathy
    ☆°☆°☆ARC provided by Netgallery☆°☆°☆Wow,Just wow!This book was twisted in so many ways. IT THREW a curve ball around every page. I absolutely loved it.
  • Shannon Dyer
    Not at all what I was expecting. Review to come at AAR.
  • Julie Busa
    Great read. Lots of twists and turns. Great ending!
  • Dawn O'brien
    I found this book to be more of a domestic drama than a psychological thriller and quite slow moving until the end. There were at least 3 twists at the conclusion, one if which I’d guessed right at the beginning, but the others, wow I’m glad I continued to read!
  • Tina Milledge
    I was given a DRC in exchange for an honest review from Edelweiss+. Right from the very first page I was captured by the story telling. Cleverly written with plot twists and an unexpected tragic finale, I was drawn on through the story which is narrated by multiple characters, then and now, all seamlessly connected. In summary, a very good heart-wrenching story of love, lust, secrets and tragedy in two neighbouring families. I would definitely re...