I'll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos

I'll Be Your Blue Sky

The New York Times bestselling author revisits the characters from her beloved novels Love Walked In and Belong to Me in this captivating, beautifully written drama involving family, friendship, secrets, sacrifice, courage, and true love for fans of Jojo Moyes, Elin Hilderbrand, and Nancy Thayer.On the weekend of her wedding, Clare Hobbes meets an elderly woman named Edith Herron. During the course of a single conversation, Edith gives Clare the ...

Details I'll Be Your Blue Sky

TitleI'll Be Your Blue Sky
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreFiction, Adult, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews I'll Be Your Blue Sky

  • paulie
    4.926 stars - - - expected publication date 03/06/18 i don't believe in perfection much; i feel, if we think about it, while we may not try and achieve that need to be perfect we do look to be picturesque. i'll be your blue sky is pristinely picturesque. this book affected me in a rather unique way; books like eleanor oliphant, all the ugly and wonderful things, me before you had me bawling, gasping for breath, sometimes on the floor, fragmente...
  • Ang
    CAN YOU GIVE A BOOK 37 STARS?Seriously, though. I loved Love Walked In, I really liked Belong to Me and I loved loved loved this book so much. From the first moment until the last moment, everything about it was just right. (Save your gripes about everything falling into place too neatly for someone else, because I like a book with a neat symmetry and a mystery relationship or two.)ANYWAY, I can't wait to give patrons the whole trilogy again.Than...
  • Kristy
    The weekend of her wedding, Clare Hobbes meets an elderly woman, Edith Herron, at the venue. While they only have a few brief conversations, they provide Clare with the insight and courage she so badly needs. So much that she finds the strength to call off her wedding and return home alone. A few weeks later, Clare receives some sad and surprising news: Edith has passed away and left Clare a seaside home in Delaware. Desperately seeking a place t...
  • Catherine McKenzie
    I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book. I love how Marisa keeps coming back to this set of characters; it's like visiting with family you like! There's an added element in this book - an historical story which adds a new dimension. If you're a fan of Love Walked In and the other books in this series - or good books in general - you will enjoy this!
  • Julie
    Charming and big-hearted and masterfully written. Another perfect read from Marisa de los Santos, who somehow hits it out of the park with each and every book.
  • Alissa
    Super satisfying to see Clare as an adult. Enjoyed
  • Maureen Timerman
    A story that just when you think you know all the answers, better guess again, or maybe your right.We walk in two women’s shoes here, and span from the 1950’s to the present and back and forth. Through the author we really get to know Edith and Claire and the beautiful Blue Sky House, and we are left with putting the facts together.Love how the author melds these two strong women’s lives together and our journey to help the less fortunate, ...
  • Kristen O'Daly
    Marisa de los Santos' books are just magical. Her writing never fails to enchant me like few other authors. And the tales this author can weave. Amazing. Thank you for this story (and the galley)!
  • Kelly
    De Los Santos has really upped her game with this one. As always, her characters are the best thing about her books. These people are funny, smart, and kind, and I love spending time with them. But this time, she added a bit of a mystery that made the pages fly even faster. An elderly woman named Edith shows up on the day Clare is supposed to get married, and the stories of Edith’s past and Clare’s present alternate until all is revealed. Alt...
  • Sarah
    I have only a vague memory of reading Marisa de los Santos's earlier novels in this series. A quick perusal of my review indicates I liked them but it wasn't until I was a few pages in to her latest work that I realized some of the characters from the earlier books were ones with which I was familiar. Although I may not recall much detail about those previous installments I am absolutely certain I'll Be Your Blue Sky is the best of the bunch. I c...
  • Meera Nair
    On the precipice of Clare’s wedding, Edith (a total stranger) helps her realize what a big mistake she is about to make. Gathering all her courage, Clare breaks off her engagement to kind yet temperamental Zach. Weeks of anguish later, she receives a letter that informs her of Edith’s demise and that Edith has bequeathed a vacation home to her – the Blue Sky House. When Clare moves into this scenic property, she finds two ledgers that hint ...
  • Tracy
    Another amazing title from Marisa de los Santos. I could swim in this writing, just wanting to be surrounded by it. More to come when I can go into more detail...
  • Anna Laprade
    “This had been my summer of finding truth in locked boxes...”A broken engagement, a beach-side cottage, a “shadow ledger.” This was one of those books: one you anticipate for months in advance, one you wake up excited to read on its release date, one you read voraciously, carrying it from room to room, until you get to the last few chapters, when you slow down for fear it will end, one you begin reading again as soon as you’ve finished....
  • Rebecca
    Thank you to the publisher (via Edelweiss) for an advance e-galley of this book in exchange for an honest review. Somehow, despite grappling with tough subjects, Marisa de los Santos has once again written a story that is warm, honest, and absorbing. I'll Be Your Blue Sky features characters from Love Walked In and Belong to Me, this time told from the perspective of Clare. Clare's story, beginning just before she is supposed to get married, alte...
  • Mary
    Clare from LOVE WALKED IN is now an adult preparing for her wedding and all is not well. This is a more serious book with a tighter, more complex plot. However, this book's strength, like the author's other books, is her compelling narrative voice with her engaging characters and their playful banter. A beautiful family saga with powerful themes of healing, courage, and true love.
  • Eileen Goudge
    Heartfelt and Moving I am an admirer of this author’s work, and she did not disappoint. Luminous prose and memorable characters make this a novel to savor.
  • Claudia Silk
    This was the right book at the right time for me. A well written romance with a little bit of a mystery. Suspend belief and just enjoy!
  • Laurie
    Marisa de los Santos does not disappoint.Thanks to edelweiss and the publisher for providing an e-galley in exchange for an honest review. What an absolute treat!
  • Susan
    Thanks to edelweiss and the publisher for this DRC. This was a sweet, touching story of love and family...those we choose and those we are born with...and how those relationships shape our choices in life. I loved how easily I feel in step with this story.
  • Erin
    I can't wait for this book to be published. I love all of Marisa de los Santos' stories and this one sounds wonderful!
  • Emily Shearer
    I got my hands on an advance reader copy of this book and gobbled it up in 48 hours. The characters were all lovable and relatable, the stories intertwined perfectly, and every sentence rang true. The author mastered nature writing and her poetic background shone through. I also loved the way that she made a house a character. I did not realize this was the third of a trilogy - I'll look forward to reading more of these living, breathing characte...
  • Elaine -
    I'll Be Your Blue Sky is a beautiful story. It's one of those books that feels good to read. I had no idea that I'll Be Your Blue Sky has characters from two of Marisa de los Santos previous books. I haven't read them and I don't feel like you need to read them to enjoy this book. Although, this book was good enough that I would go back and read them. I really liked Marisa de los Santos writing.The book's chapters bounce between Edith in the 1950...
  • Diane
    What first attracts you to Marisa de los Santos's novel I'll Be Your Blue Sky is the gorgeous cover- a red butterfly against a blue sky backdrop, with a green plant on the bottom left corner; it's striking.The story opens in June of 1950 on Edith and Joseph's wedding day, as they enter their beautiful home. De los Santos reveals the home in loving detail, and you can close your eyes and picture each room as Edith describes it, and even smell "the...
  • Angie
    I'll Be Your Blue Sky is the sequel I never knew I wanted. I adore the first two books in this trilogy and was a little scared about reading about a grown-up Claire, especially one who was no longer with Dev. The book is actually the story of two women- Claire, now grown up and engaged to a man that, let's be honest, she never should have been with in the first place, and Edith, a nurse in the 1950s who owns a beautiful home on a beach in Delawar...
  • Anna
    Marisa de los Santos is my favorite chic lit author. Her characters are so beautifully quirky, her romances breathtakingly right and her plots wonderfully comforting. This plot stretches the bounds of the believable, but not to the bursting point. It is particularly lovely for Clare who I fell in love with in Love Walked In to have her own grown up story. And it was also nice to catch back up a little bit with Cornelia and Teo and etc. Although I...
  • Letty
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its characters. Very charming and just lovely. Marisa De Los Santos really knows how to captivate readers with her beautiful writing. I highly recommend this I'll Be Your Blue Sky. Even though I received an advance review copy via Edelweiss, I think I'll be buying a paper copy of this to go with my paperback copies of Love Walked In (Book 1) and Belong to Me (Book 2).
  • Tracy
    I should pay MORE attention to Marisa! This is a lovely well written book and captivating story
  • Kathryn
    4.5 stars. Review to follow
  • Susan Mcdonald
    Marisa’s writing is magical and is meant to be savoured...every sentence is a gift. Love.
  • Shannon Dyer
    Round up to 4.5 stars. Lovely in so many ways. Review to come at AAR.