A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3) by Melissa Jagears

A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3)

Mercy McClain joined the school board to protect the children of Teaville, Kansas, from the bullying she experienced as a child. When the worst offender from her school days applies for a teaching position, she is dead set against it. Yet Aaron Firebrook claims to be a changed man. Can he earn Mercy's trust--and her support for the challenges to come?

Details A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3)

TitleA Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Christian Romance, Fiction, Christian

Reviews A Chance at Forever (Teaville Moral Society, #3)

  • Anne
    A great third installment of the wonderful Teaville Moral Society series that did not fail to captivate me!I absolutely loved the opening chapter...there is something unexpectedly endearing about a former bully who finds himself attracted to a woman he used to torment mercilessly as a child. It's a twist on the typical "redeemed rake" trope I have a penchant for, and worked wonderfully well in this book. And also, a heroine who finds herself fall...
  • Staci
    In this final book of the Teaville Moral Society, there is a focus on the red light district and helping those that want to have a better life. This followed the same pattern as the first two books in the series.What was new for this novel is the subject of bullying. Main character, Aaron, has a past as a bully. Mercy knew Aaron when he was a bully and finds it difficult to see him in another light. Aaron is desperate to make amends for his past....
  • Brittany
    This book was so good!!! I could hardly set this novel down because I was seriously invested in the these two main characters.Mercy had a lot to deal with in her life, from being born with a deformed arm, to being bullied relentlessly as a child, to being treated as a burden by her brother. So when her former bully showed up claiming to have changed, I understood her reluctance to trust. Aaron was also a great character. It was fascinating to see...
  • Hannah
    Whew...what a beautifully crafted story! I have a hard time reading Melissa Jagears's books quickly because I just want to soak up all the details. I managed to make this one last a week. Of course, though, I finished the last hundred or so pages in a single night because I simply couldn't stop to put it down.At the end, I had warm fuzzies and a deep regret over having to say goodbye to these characters. The small-town feel is authentically craft...
  • Aerykah
    Two good, mostly uninterrupted, afternoons of reading and this book was finished!  Obviously, it was a pretty fast read for me. ;)I was a bit disappointed in the first book (A Heart Most Certain) in this series-- not because it was bad or anything (it was pretty good), but because I was unable to connect with any of the characters-- and I will admit that had me a bit worried going into this book.  However, I ended up really enjoying this one a...
  • Caitlyn Santi
    I have been loving this series and I was highly anticipating Mercy's story! This book was phenomenal, I loved every single minute! I already knew that I really liked Mercy, so I was sure that I would love her hero too, there is just something about a hero who is working super hard to be better and overcome his past mistakes, and doesn't feel that he deserves to be loved that never fails to make me swoon, and Aaron was no exception, what a hero, I...
  • Clara
    Bullying is a horrible practice that leaves unfathomable consequences, especially in regards to trust and self-acceptance. What can be most heartbreaking is that it may come from those who should be unconditionally at your side.Mercy McClain knows the many sides of bullying, being from someone close or from another kid. This other was George Firebrook, someone she thought she'd never had to see again and be reminded of all her limitations. But, a...
  • Beth
    Melissa Jagears is one of my favorite historical romance authors. When I want a story that is romantic yet still focused on true-to-life issues, I can count on Jagears to deliver. A Chance at Forever is one such story. Endearing characters and the theme of forgiveness are the highlights of this novel.Mercy McClain is such an admirable yet relatable character. Born with a limb deficiency, she grew accustomed to others making comments and behaving ...
  • Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)
    I have enjoyed reading all the books in the Teaville Moral Society, but this one is my favorite! This story deals with some heavy topics and situations, but every page points back to Jesus and His love. This is a beautiful story of Faith, Forgiveness, and Love. This story could easily be read as a stand-alone, however, for those who have read the other books, characters from previous stories do make appearances. From the first chapter to the las...
  • Nicki Olsen
    _____________________________________ *My Thoughts*I have been a part of Melissa Jagear's influencing team ever since "Love in Store", and I'm not lying, her books get better and better. Mercy is the character everyone loves to love. She is kind, sweet, and loving but she still has flaws and a hard time with forgiveness. She's the kind of character that you can "feel" with, and commiserate with. Her name is something she struggles with, but not i...
  • Cathy
    Such a beautiful, beautiful love story...love between a man who had been emotionally crippled by a wounded past ...who took his hurts out on others when he was younger and lived to deeply regret it...a man who turned into a godly, humble, sensitive, romantic and totally swoon worthy hero. This was a deeply moving story of a woman who was born with a disability, yet she didn't drown in self pity...she chose to trust God and use her life to help or...
  • Rebecca
    "Aaron Firebrook . . . . . . she'd figured he was likely related to the worst bully she'd ever known, but to actually be him?"George Aaron Firebrook has a lengthy list of those in Teaville with whom he feels led to make restitution; Mercy McClain being at the top of the list. Seeing her in a school board meeting, with his very future in her hands, wasn't exactly how he would have written the script.Mercy McClain is stunned to encounter "Aaron" Fi...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    Can a person really change? What are morals? Those are some of the interesting thoughts that I had while reading this book. There are examples of cause and effect. Someone who is abused can become a bully. This book is about choices, the choice to change or live a life of unhappiness.Mercy is an amazing character. She illustrated compassion throughout the book, but knows where the boundaries are. You cannot remain compassionate and let people use...
  • Dana Michael
    I really enjoyed A Chance at Forever. This is the third book in the series. The heroine Mercy was bullied as a little girl by the hero Aaron. As an adult, and a born again Christian he attempts to ask forgiveness from Mercy and others as well.This book is well written and easy to read. I loved the message of forgiving others. I also loved the sweet romance as well.*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher and this is my honest opinion.
  • Trixi
    “You shouldn't let the voices of your past or present define who you are. Let God do that.” Aaron embarks on a journey to try to make up for hurts he caused others in his childhood. The one person in the world Mercy McClain could go without seeing again is Aaron Firebrook. It seems God has plans for these two in spite of their painful pasts. Melissa Jagears does it again with this emotionally charged tale of forgiveness, redemption, and becom...
  • Shantelle
    4.5 starsA Chance at Forever is a worthwhile read! Even if it took me awhile to start enjoying the story, I ended up loving this book. I'm definitely a fan of author Melissa Jagears with her wide variety of characters and deeply meaningful messages.Book Three in the TEAVILLE MORAL SOCIETY series centers on Mercy McClain, who we've meet in previous books. Still hurt by rude remarks made about her missing hand, Mercy is horrified when the boy who b...
  • Kav
    A blockbuster ending to a spectacular series! Each book has made me think and evaluate and even squirm a wee bit as Jagears examines all aspects of charity. A Chance at Forever reads beautifully as a standalone novel but I highly recommend the entire series.I've been waiting for Mercy's story. Love her name and how she tries to live up to it, though sometimes it's annoying to have that constant reminder -- especially when she is confronted by her...
  • Heidi Chiavaroli
    Melissa Jagears never disappoints for a sweet historical romance. The premise of an old bully falling in love with the handicapped girl he once made fun of grabbed me instantly. Jagears themes of forgiveness and a love that loves the unlovable completed this story, as did the satisfying ending, which nicely tied up the Teaville Society series. I was given a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers.
  • Trisha
    "A Chance at Forever" is a wonderful story of forgiveness and love between Mercy and Aaron. Mercy is a woman who serves in many roles and doesn't want to see other people hurt by Aaron, who as a young child hurt her and her family. She doesn't believes he has changed and doesn't want anything to do with him. She believes that she has succeeded only to realize that Aaron has agreed to another job that dictates she see him daily. Aaron, a man who c...
  • Maureen Timerman
    We are in the early 1900’s in Kansas and the author puts faces on bullies, and by doing so we try to understand how someone does what he does. We also see how these bullies respond when God is finally in their lives, and watch transformations, and keep reading as you will be shocked!This book touches on some tough subjects, alcoholism, prostitution, bullying, and those that judge and don’t live their faith, but wait there are others that seem...
  • Read it or Leave it Blog
    4.5 Stars This book has so much happening, but it flows really well. One of the main topics in this book is prostitution. I know. You might be thinking, “What! Why would I want to read a book with a topic like that?” I was not aware that it was a main topic that would be talked about, but how it is handled is done nicely. In the story, there is a place called The Red Light District. This is where the saloons are and where the prostitutes live...
  • Debbie
    "A Chance at Forever" is a Christian romance set in 1909 in Kansas. It's the third book in a series. This book wrapped up two side romances that have been building throughout the series, but it still worked fine as a stand-alone novel. Each romance was prevented from moving forward due to events in the past that need to be forgiven.The main romance was between Mercy and the man who bullied her when they were children. He was abused by someone and...
  • Amy
    A Chance at Forever is the third installment and my favorite from Melissa Jagears’ series Teaville Moral Society. I felt connected to Mercy immediately and I understood why she did not want anything to do with George / Aaron. She soon finds out how much he is trying to be a better and changed person. This is a delightful story with a few giggles and a powerful message of letting go and learning to forgive. I give A Chance at Forever 5+ stars an...
  • Kathy Heare Watts
    GOD CALLS US TO DO HARD THINGSWhile the Teaville Moral Society books are part of a series, they will each read very well as a stand-alone. There are some key characters from the other books, but the story will hold its own, and the characters are well defined. The story is packed full of emotions, life lessons, judgment, secrets, compassion, and genuine, unselfish acts of Christianity. While this story is Christian based and does share the love o...
  • Janell R.
    It was a pleasure to read the third installment in the Teaville books. Mercy isn’t a character we knew much about from the previous books, but I enjoyed getting to know her through this story. We get to see more of the going’s on at the orphanage, and I really enjoy the principles behind the books of reaching out to the needy in the unsavory parts of town.Aaron was such a sweet guy, and some might say ‘ too good to be true’ but I personal...
  • Lucy
    I think I loved Mercy’s story the most in this series. It is a story of mercy, grace, healing from past hurts, love, and even a little mystery. It shows how hurting people hurt people and what the love of others and Christ can do to make a difference in someone’s life. Healing and forgiveness of others and yourself can sometimes be long in coming but when we trust God with our life it is possible. I received so much from this story that I hat...
  • Beth Erin
    Full review on Faithfully BookishMercy McClain has endured years of taunts, teasing, and being brushed aside. Mercy displays great courage and learns important lessons in compassion, forgiveness, and self-worth. Aaron Firebrook wants to atone for his past behavior and make a positive impact on his community. Years after the fact, he is paying the consequences for bullying his classmates.Often abusers are also victims of abuse but bullying others ...
  • Vicky Sluiter
    I loved this book! The history of the time was well researched, but more than that author Melissa Jagears wrote a book that has heart. The characters faced such things as bullying, prostitution, and stealing but God’s redemption was the theme woven through out. Through Him, we see that lives can be changed and made into what He desires. While it’s not a smooth path, hurts can be healed if we are willing to pray and give second chances.This bo...
  • Sherri
    A Chance at Forever takes an unlikable character and transforms him into a sweetheart of a hero. How many lives could be changed if we would pray for our enemies instead of badmouthing them? Aaron requests mercy from Mercy, who he had tormented during their childhood. It takes a while but she eventually sees that he has indeed become a new man. This book reminds me of how much I’ve changed through the years yet I don’t often give others that ...
  • Adrienne
    Aaron Firebrook returns to Teaville hoping to make amends for his bullying ways as a child by being a teacher and influencing others for good and protecting the innocent. However, Mercy McClain, one of the girls he bullied, is a member of the school board and when Aaron comes looking for a job, she doesn't believe that Aaron has changed his ways and won't vote for him to receive the position. Aaron doesn't blame Mercy for not trusting him, but he...