The Futures by Anna Pitoniak

The Futures

ONE OF REFINERY29's BEST BOOKS OF 2017ONE OF the Skimm's BEST BOOKS OF 2017"The next great New York novel."-Town & Country"A story that feels familiar yet wholly original, like every heartbreak ever."-Marie Claire"Pitoniak's precise and incisive powers of observation give us a book with startling grace notes ... As in earlier, seminal novels about similar 20-something cohorts-among them Jay McInerney's Bright Lights, Big City, Bret Easton Ellis's...

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TitleThe Futures
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherBack Bay Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult Fiction

Reviews The Futures

  • Emily May
    Only then did I see it clearly: everyone was figuring it out. Everyone except me. I had no passion, no plan, nothing that made me stand out from the crowd. I had absolutely no idea what kind of job I was supposed to get. 2 1/2 stars. I can't decide if I'm being harsh or generous by giving The Futures 2 1/2 stars. It's probably best not to put too much weight on the rating. For some time, I really liked what it was doing. Pitoniak perfectly captur...
  • Lola
    The message that THE FUTURES tries to convey? Life is messy, and you can’t always clean it up; some stains remain, but don’t you worry, nothing is final. You can always buy a new shirt, renovate your kitchen or find a new place to make a mess off.In less metaphorical terms, life is unpredictable. You may think you have it good, but the next day you unexpectedly find yourself unemployed. You may believe things are never going to turn out alrig...
  • Larry H
    I'd rate this 3.5 stars.I don't think of myself as particularly old, but there are times when I hear people talk about situations or see them behave in a certain way, and I think to myself, "Was I ever that young?" But then, when I reflect on their particular situation, the memories come flooding back, and I realize that at some point I really was that young. Egads.Reading Anna Pitoniak's debut novel The Futures , I felt nostalgic. It's not so m...
  • Liz
    Told in alternating viewpoints, this novel follows Julia and Evan as they navigate early adulthood after graduating from Yale. Evan has taken a job at a hedge fund,while Julia flounders, trying to decide who she wants to be. “I think everyone was wondering, through the haze of weed and beer pong and tequila shots, whether this - right here, right now - was in fact what they were supposed to be doing”. She ends up as an assistant at a foundati...
  • Dash fan
    4☆ A portrayal of Growing up, life and Relationships.The Futures is a book about Growing up and discovering the ups and downs of work, life and making relationships work.It is written in Julia and Evans point of views, which some readers find tedious.I didn't find this too much of a problem ad it was fairly easy to follow the story.Julia and Evan fall in love whilst studying at Yale. Julia and Evan decide to take the next step and move to New Y...
  • Suzanne Leopold
    Julia and Evan met during their freshman year at Yale. Evan grew up in Canada and attended college on a hockey scholarship while Julia grew up in Boston and attended boarding school. Their relationship continues past graduation and together they move to New York City.Evan starts a job at a prestigious hedge fund while Julia gets employed at a non-profit organization. The financial crisis of 2008 puts enormous stress on their relationship. Evan ge...
  • Mandy
    This book is the story of Julia and Evan, and their relationship as they leave college and move to New York. It is not a plot driven book but I found it compelling reading none the less.I really liked the writing style and I found that I wanted to keep reading. The two main characters were interesting and believable whilst not always being particularly likeable. When reading of some of the situations they found themselves in I could relate a lot ...
  • Louise Wilson
    Julia and Evan fell in love when they were undergraduates at Yale. After graduation and on the eve of the great financial meltdown of 2008, Julia and Evan moved to New York City. Evan got a job at a hedge fund. Julia has only known a life of privilege and is increasingly feeling left out of Evans secretive life. With banks failing, Evan becomes involved in high stake deals at work.The chapters alternate between Evan and Julia's viewpoint. A tale ...
  • Rebecca
    (3.75) Evan and Julia are college sweethearts whose relationship faces serious obstacles when they move to New York City together at the start of the 2008 financial crisis. This debut novel takes a look at the forces that whittle away at love and the way that decisions shape our path. It’s about growing up, and the mistakes we make along the way. And it’s about the way that, even after major failures, we can build a sense of the future once a...
  • Amy
    All of my reviews can be found on www.novelgossip.comTold from both Julia and Evan’s point of view, The Futures is a tale of that awkward period in ones life immediately after college where the transition from the carefree days of school to work begins. Both Julia and Evan struggle to adapt to adulthood in different ways and there is an underlying sense of uneasiness and dread throughout as you know something is going to happen to throw them of...
  • Laura
    I’m sure this book will resonate with lots of people - it’s an accurate exploration of that weird liminal period between leaving university and actually becoming a functioning adult. The characters are complex, if not particularly sympathetic, and there are some insightful moments. Unfortunately though, I struggled a bit with the constant flashbacks and chronological tomfoolery. The story follows young couple Julia and Evan in the year after ...
  • Kate
    The Futures by Anna Pitoniak starts as a campus novel and then moves to New York. It had my name written all over it…Julia’s dating guy #1. She cheats on him with guy #2. Meanwhile, she meets guy #3, and they start a relationship. Julia and #3 move to New York, where #3 starts working long hours and becomes involved in some dubious hedge fund deals. Julia, annoyed, hooks up with #2 again (but doesn’t break it off with #3). Julia heads home ...
  • Timothy Lane
    THE FUTURES rings with truth. This aching novel of finding your identity and place in an increasingly upside down world has a wise, beating heart. I expect I might run into Julia and Evan at the corner bodega. But this novel moves too. Not content to be a longing look at a relationship in peril, it nimbly slips through time and circumstance, brining us from the low-fi banality of domesticity in peril, to the high pressure boiler room of global fi...
  • Elyse
    This book was an infuriating mess. At first I thought what I didn't like was that the two main characters had voices that were in no way distinct from one another, which seems essential if you're trying to do a two-POV situation. Then it became incredibly boring and difficult to sympathize with a 2008 Wall Street banker and a serial cheater. To be clear, I love reading about serial cheaters and 2008 Wall Street bankers! But these particular peopl...
  • Chihoe Ho
    "The Futures" is a solid debut on how a young relationship grows and crumbles through college and adulthood. Because we all know adulting is hard, more so if it's in a highly-charged setting like New York City where the American Dream can build you up as quickly as it wears you down.There is something about this novel that leaves you in an Empire State of Mind, and places you in a safe atmospheric bubble until it pops and all goes to hell. It mir...
  • Patty
    The FuturesByAnna PitoniakWhat it's all about...This book is about Evan and they met, their relationship in college,their problems, their working lives in NYC, and what happens to each of them once they decide to live together. Why I wanted to read it...I wanted to read this book because Evan and Julia were such unique and interesting characters. I really can't tell you much more. This book has a way of pulling the reader in and leadi...
  • Brian
    Checked this out of the library and I still want my money back.
  • Hannah (Sakurahan or ForeverBooks18)
    Hey Readers, Yesterday, I finished a contemporary book called The Futures by Anna Pitoniak and it was great! This would have been what I read for Read A Hyped Book for the booktubathon, as I've heard a few Booktubers hype it up.It's now available to buy/download too. I read the arc from NetGalley so thanks to them for giving me access.It's told in duel POV format, where we see how the main events of the book affect both our main characters, Evan ...
  • RoseMary Achey
    There is so much self reflection in this was extremely tedious. The characters were not like able and were extremely self absorbed and selfish. I truly hope this title does not represent our recent college graduates-if so we are in trouble.
  • Nancy
    Gambling on the future involves risk. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Mostly, we make mistakes, restart, and move on. There are no guarantees in life. If we can learn from our errors, we improve our chance of success in the future.The Futures is the story of young people growing up in a specific time in America, but the lessons are universal. Julia and Evan meet at college. Their relationship is not perfect but they love each other. When Eva...
  • Debbie
    Not only do Julia and Evan have the usual after college experiences, frustrations and challenges that most people have, they also have their social rankings to deal with. And then it is also 2008. And, Evan decides to become a hedge fund trader. On the cusp of the evil empire, Enron, having cooked all their books. Now, we find out that the banking industry is fixing to tank. And Evan's boss, not learning enough from the evil empire, has decided t...
  • Jennie Canzoneri
    I think this might have been closer to 1 star, the more I think on it.I realize I never wrote a review of this (NOT GOOD) book. I can sum up my Strong Feelings for this book with this: the privileged main girl who so royally and dumbly screws up without a smidgen of repercussion goes home to hide in her parents' mansion at the end, and do you know what she does? To come to terms with her mistakes? Let me tell you. She decides to read all the clas...
    "THE FUTURES" has all the hallmarks that make for a compelling, well-written novel. It has a palpable sense of time and place that is readily relatable to any reader. And characters - both major and minor - who spring immediately to life within the first few pages or chapters. What's more: for anyone who has gone through and/or graduated from college or university and then found him/herself at a loss what to do with their life for 2 or 5 years af...
  • Jo
    The Futures is a beautiful coming of age story set in New York. We follow Julia and Evan from when they first meet while studying at Yale, through to them moving to New York to start their life together. The Futures is a novel that focusses upon character and relationships. The story is in the small details, what is said, how a person reacts. It is a book that cannot be rushed.Evan and Julia move to Nee York, rent a small apartment in one of the ...
  • Peebee
    This was not a bad book, and in fact, probably benefited by my reading it after a bunch of literary tomes for the Tournament of Books. I chose it because it was about to expire, but I have been meaning anyway to break up some of the heavier reading I've been doing lately. I also read it right after I read Anna Quindlen's latest, which is also based in NYC, and to be honest, The Futures is probably the book I enjoyed the most of the two, even thou...
  • Patti's Book Nook
    I rode the struggle bus to finish this. I appreciate coming of age stories, particularly when older characters finish college and embark on full fledged adulthood in their careers/family of choice. This couple just couldn't hold my attention. I was vaguely curious about the trajectory of their lives, so I slowly finished it....but only because I'd invested over 100 pages. I almost skimmed to the last page, but didn't want to DNF a book when I'm a...
  • Hannah Bierwirth
    While I appreciate the New York City setting, the recent college graduate protagonists, and the search for career passion in this book, it was hard for me to get past how outrageously selfish both of the main characters are. At each turn of events, after each poor decision, I thought, 'Really?' Obviously Julia and Evan spend most of the book unhappy, if they're willing to treat each other the way they consistently do. The backdrop of the financia...
  • Suzy
    I really enjoyed The Futures. It's definitely my favorite so far for 2017. The book is written exceptionally well and tells the story of a young couple's life after college. The chapters alternate between Evan and Julia, which makes it more interesting. Highly recommend.
  • Sarah at Sarah's Book Shelves
    [2.5 stars]Thanks to Netgalley and Lee Boudreaux Books for providing me with an advance copy of this book.I quite honestly don’t have a lot to say about The Futures. It’s the story of a quarter life crisis…something I certainly went through and could identify with. The “coming of age in your twenties in the big city” storyline always seems to suck me in, yet has proved disappointing the past few rounds (also Why We Came to the City).Jul...