Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely

Gunslinger Girl

James Patterson presents a bold new heroine—a cross between Katniss Everdeen and Annie Oakley: Serendipity Jones, the fastest sharpshooter in tomorrow's West. Seventeen-year-old Serendipity "Pity" Jones inherited two things from her mother: a pair of six shooters and perfect aim. She's been offered a life of fame and fortune in Cessation, a glittering city where lawlessness is a way of life. But the price she pays for her freedom may be too gre...

Details Gunslinger Girl

TitleGunslinger Girl
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherJimmy Patterson
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Westerns

Reviews Gunslinger Girl

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I'm sorry, I got nuthin'Mel 🖤🐾🐺
  • James Patterson
    A girl who can draw a pistol faster than any man. A United States devastated by a Second Civil War. A decadent city teeming with vice and a particular kind of virtue. Lyndsay Ely imagines a new West where gunslinger Serendipity "Pity" Jones seeks her fortune. And you won't be able to put this book down until you finish Pity's thrilling story. I know I couldn't.
  • Katerina
    “Welcome to Cessation, Serendipity Jones. The last place on the continent where you can do whatever the hell you want.” I didn't know Gunslinger Girl existed before the day it arrived on my doorstep. I didn't know what to expect, only what the cover and the blurb suggested: an explosive blend of futuristic dystopia and Wild West laced with danger, conspiracies and intrigue. It is with great pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, to declare that Lyn...
  • Kerri
    Fans of WESTWORLD will devour this and beg for more! Dark as a dystopian future and wild as the old West, this is a debut to keep in your sights.
  • Shae McDaniel
    It is entirely possible that the story improves past page 76, but I just can't stick it out. This book reads like bargain basement YA from 2007. It does nothing new. It takes the standard dystopian tropes, adds some Western "flavoring," and calls it a day. You have a horrifically misogynistic commune (literally called the Commune) where everyone talks like an old time Western painted over in sepia and women are coveted for being fertile and trade...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    Well... I've got a bit to say here. Some of it will refer specifically to this edition, that is the audio. Other things will be general comments. I liked the idea behind this book . I'm a fan of "weird westerns", "science fiction westerns" etc. and frankly they are either way too few of them or their just really hard to find. I've picked up most every book I've come across that might/may fit the title/description fantasy type western...and sadly ...
  • Melanie (TBR and Beyond)
    “Survival was about who stood beside you." Lyndsay Ely will be stopping by for a live chat on my Facebook Group Book Group on July 26th at 8PM EST- be sure to come check it out! TBR and Beyond This was not at all what I was expecting. Tough ass chick? Check. Political intrigue? Check. Theater/side show storyline? Check again, wait what?Yep, you heard it. The setting for this gem of a book is a town where anything can happen and danger is always...
  • Darque Dreamer
    Fast paced and riveting, Gunslinger Girl is sure to thrill you! Praise goes to Lyndsay Ely for creating a world where the wild west meets a dystopian future. This story has adventure, danger, and a bold heroine you won’t soon forget!The Plot: Serendipity wants nothing more than to be free of her tyrannical father and unhappy life in the commune. She jumps at the first chance of freedom, but quickly learns that it comes with a price. She soon fi...
  • ☽☆Jean☠BookRampage☆☾
    GIVE ME A SEQUEL NOW!Given this books ending, I can totally see one in the future. But if not, break my heart why don't you?I need to get my thoughts in order but I will say now that was an incredible debut novel.
  • Alaina Meserole
    OMG SO GOOD!Gunslinger Girl is about Seredipity, aka Pity, Jones. She is the best sharpshooter ever. Okay, maybe not like ever ever.. but she's pretty bad ass. I really enjoyed her character throughout the book. The way she viewed this world and theater was just mind blowing. Nothing was black and white - everything was just shades of grey. This book also kind of gave me a vibe of the show Westworld which I've only seen a few episodes of but I di...
  • Samm | Sassenach the Book Wizard
    PS this book awesome. Excited to chat with the author this month. Such a fun dystopian and the ending made much more sense to me the second time around.
  • Kelley
    4/5 Stars Gunslinger Girl by Lindsay Ely is an alternate history about a strong-willed girl named Serendipity “Pity” Jones; who is an amazing shot and learned everything she knows from her mother. Since the second Civil War things never really returned to the way life was before. Readers find out early on that losing her mom took a toll on her and her family. Pity has two brothers and a father that treat her like she is their maid, they don...
  • BrocheAroe
    As much as I'd like to say I don't judge a book by its cover, sometimes I do pick one up solely because the cover calls to me. Isn't this cover intriguing? I want to be her. So I picked it up and read her in almost one sitting (darn that work shift getting in the way), and now I can't stop talking about how much I love this book. It's a debut novel, too! Which means to me, and no pressure, Lindsay, but I'm excited for all the years of reading you...
  • Cindy
    If Louis L'Amour wrote MOULIN ROUGE and set it in the Capitol of Panem... you'd have GUNSLINGER GIRL. (Okay, so I've actually never *read* a Louis L'Amour book—I know, Mom, don't hate me—but he was the most notable Western writer I could think of.) I can honestly say I've never read another book quite like Lyndsay Ely's debut... and I can also honestly say I'll probably never forget it! Ely's characters and setting are both larger-than-life; ...
  • YA Wednesdays
    This wasn't for me. Not at all. I thought that by cover and title, this would be about a gunslinging girl in the wild west. Just look at the cover. This is what they're selling you as a reader. While the beginning did feel like we were in an alternative wild west, 85% of the novel took place within a carnival. Instead of focusing on the wonder and weirdness of carnival life, though, the novel focused on a scared girl who was anything but a gunsli...
  • Aneta Bak
    Gunslinger Girl was a powerful book set in a dystopian western society. It was so creative and unique, I loved every minute of it.Pity can't wait for the day she can escape the commune. After her mother's death, Pity has lived a life of being told what to do by her father. When her father returns to town and tells Pity of his plan to sell her off to some stranger because she's "fertile," Pity decides that her escape is either now or never. Pity i...
  • Ashley Speakman
    This book is very different from any book I've ever read. It is set in a futuristic Wild West. I was hooked from the first page. Here was a girl who called herself Pity. Her life was terrible. She and her BFF Finn attempt to escape to a big city and out of the confines of Pity's abusive father. She's escapes with her dead mother's two guns. Pity finds herself in Cessation. It's like a carnival city with a fortress at the center called Cassmir . P...
  • Holly (Holly Hearts Books)
    The only thing “Wild West” and “Western” about this book is the fact the main character wields 2 revolvers. Other than that, I got nothin’..
  • Suzanne
    An okay read but Pity was a bit obnoxious and slow on the uptake so to speak. The ending was a bit unsatisfactory. I did enjoy the emerging relationship between Pity and Max the most out of everything that happens in this book but honestly the book was like a slow movie; where you are just going with the flow and not too invested in what is happening or what will happen. My quick and simple overall: an okay read that I was hoping for more from.
  • Grace
    NOTE: I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review by Date a Book/Hachette Books Australia. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.Spoiler-Free Review is up on my channel: MY!This debut western/dystopian was really good and it's not getting as much buzz as it deserves!I'm honestly hoping and praying that there is going to be a sequel because I NEED!
  • Derek Milman
    A bright, daring, wonderful adventure. Neon dusty shades of Mad Max, Westworld, Firefly, and Cormac McCarthy. A fearless heroine who packs heat--and a whole lot of smarts. A unique take on a dystopian world, with crooked, complex, crackerjack characters. This whole novel just spits and sparkles in all the right ways, as everyone just tries to stand their ground and survive the crumbling society they've inherited. Highly recommended!
  • Cori Reed
    4.5 Stars!Gunslinger Girl is part Western, part Dystopian, and a hell of a lot of fun. I really enjoyed exploring the lawlessness of Cessation and the intricate workings of how politics were working. There were definitely some twists and turns when it came to who was crossing who and I did not predict the outcome!This book has a lot of heart and I definitely recommend adding it to your TBRs!
  • M.K. England
    A futuristic wild west? YES PLEASE. Gunslinger Girl had me hooked right from the start with characters I could hear so clearly and a world both dazzling and dark in equal measure. There's a heroine you can empathize with, a light romance you can honestly root for, and a setting so compelling you almost don't mind the corruption at its heart. Wholly unique and highly recommended.
  • Justin Turczak
    Finished gunslinger girl and wasn't as western book Ssi thought and not as dystopian either that it hints to. It's more of circus book if sorts and trying to decide from what is right and wrong. Overall of book is ehh but it's ending gets better. 3.5-4ish stars/5.
  • Just Reading Everything
    A brilliant, expertly-written Western YA that includes incredible world building, a strong-as-hell, kickass female character, a sweet romance, and an action-packed plot! This debut is simply stunning — and hard to put down!
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    4.5 stars...Not exactly what I was expecting but very good nonetheless. I had this mental image of a more traditional western setting but this world is more lawless than western and set in a futuristic time period- parts of it kind of reminded me of Mad Max Fury Road. All-in-all it was a pretty cool story. If there's a sequel, I'm definitely going to read it.
  • Nicole Alycia
    My first ever western. It was good but not great. Pity wasn’t my favorite character. I thought she was overly trusting and slightly naive but that made her seem more normal. The setting was cool, the wild mixed with the west. Pity’s talent as a sharpshooter wasn’t really displayed that much. When it mattered she had a tendency to miss. You would have thought she’d hit every shot and every target. All in all it was an enjoyable read. The e...