The Mighty Thor, Volume 4 by Jason Aaron

The Mighty Thor, Volume 4

Who is the new Ultimate Thor? The Ultimate Universe's Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who wields it now? Ponder that question along with Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, as she faces the Ultimate team-up! War is coming to the Ten Realms - and when the Queen of Cinders sets them ablaze, even the combined might of not one, not two, but three Thors may not be enough to put out the fl ames! Meanwhile, Malekith's army grows an...

Details The Mighty Thor, Volume 4

TitleThe Mighty Thor, Volume 4
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel, Comic Book, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews The Mighty Thor, Volume 4

  • Artemy
    2.5 starsThe Ultimate Thor's hammer finally reaches somebody's hands and turns them into... The War Thor.After the previous volume, I was ready to drop Jason Aaron's Thor series because I was just not feeling it anymore. But then I found out that his story is coming to an end soon, and this fourth volume is supposed to be the penultimate one. Naturally, my inner completist couldn't resist. Unlike the previous The Asgard/Shi'ar War, this volume wa...
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    Review to follow.
  • Sheri
    I enjoy lady Thor, wish they'd bring it to the mcu to give Natalie Portman a better role.
  • Dan
    War is coming to the ten realms thanks to the machinations of Malekith and Loki. When it comes to Nidavellir Volstagg finds himself caught up in events and it changes him utterly. He finds the Ultimate universe's Mjolnir and becomes the War Thor.With some other than Odinson being Thor, this is an exploration of what could happen if the wrong person wielded Mjolnir. Not by being a villain but by being so messed up they desperately want to use thei...
  • Willie Krischke
    Volstagg, or War Thor, kicks some ass, including the Enchantress, who hangs a lampshade on it all. meanwhile, Jane Foster is dying. War Thor does battle with Sindr the fire demon, and tries to destroy all of Muspelheim, but Jane Foster Thor stops him, because even fire demon babies are kind of cute. Foster Thor transports them to the yawning void, and they get ready to fight it out. Battle Royale in the yawning void. And then unworthy Thor shows ...
  • Robin
    I know I always say it, but the art is still great. It's really nice to have consistently beautiful images in a continuing series.I'm glad I read in advance that the War Thor hammer was an escapee from the Ultimate universe, because that... was not at all clear in the book itself. So I guess you'd have to be reading both Ultimate and main universes for that part to make sense? That being said, I liked the idea of the War Thor, and it was effectiv...
  • Sean Thompson
    Female Thor spends yet another volume preaching that fighting is bad and contemplating if being alive is really worth it. Odinson remains in a stagnant love triangle. Malekith continues to brood over the “War of Realms” that never seems to come. The story has not moved one smallest bit since The God of Thunder arc ended six volumes ago. Just end this female Thor nonsense and re-focus on actual storytelling. The Generations comic is the highli...
  • Blair Conrad
    Better than the previous volume, but the war is still moving pretty slowly. Unlike many here, I enjoyed Jane's solution to the problem of the War Thor, and I like how she's wrestling with the concept of self and how to live out her remaining days, but I am about ready for her to be cured. Unless it means she gives up Mjolnir.
  • Matt
    Collects The Mighty Thor issues #2-23The War Thor is front and center in this collection as we get his origin and his first confrontation with Thor. Meanwhile, the War of the Realms still looms.
  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
  • mercedes
    absolutely NOT a fan of war, but this volume was great as always
  • D.J.
    Too short!
  • Ramon
    A short book, but an interesting turn of events.
  • Adam
    After the God Volstagg witnesses the slaughter of innocent elven children, something inside of him snaps. Thus, the War Thor is born. Good instalment.
  • Mr Osowski
    Great exploration of Jane's run at Thor. War Thor is a nice addition to the supporting cast.
  • Josh
    The war of the realms rages on while a new Thor emerges. There are some strong moments, but this storyline is getting a little long in the tooth. Decent.
  • Chris Taylor
    Love all of Jason Aarons stint on Thor. This is equally as good, with amazing art.
  • James Elkins
    I believe I have read ALL of Jason Aaron's runs on Thor (individually as digital issues) and I have enjoyed them thoroughly. I'm not going to try and avoid spoilers while touching on different aspects of the story, I'm just going to say that I really enjoyed the creation and resolution to the War Thor and how this volume follows The Unworthy Thor.