The Mighty Thor, Volume 4 by Jason Aaron

The Mighty Thor, Volume 4

Who is the new Ultimate Thor? The Ultimate Universe's Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who wields it now? Ponder that question along with Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, as she faces the Ultimate team-up! War is coming to the Ten Realms - and when the Queen of Cinders sets them ablaze, even the combined might of not one, not two, but three Thors may not be enough to put out the flames! Meanwhile, Malekith's army grows and...

Details The Mighty Thor, Volume 4

TitleThe Mighty Thor, Volume 4
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels

Reviews The Mighty Thor, Volume 4

  • Artemy
    2.5 starsThe Ultimate Thor's hammer finally reaches somebody's hands and turns them into... The War Thor.After the previous volume, I was ready to drop Jason Aaron's Thor series because I was just not feeling it anymore. But then I found out that his story is coming to an end soon, and this fourth volume is supposed to be the penultimate one. Naturally, my inner completist couldn't resist. Unlike the previous The Asgard/Shi'ar War, this volume wa...
  • Red Panda
    Just... smegging... awesome.
  • Nicolo Yu
    A chapter by chapter outline of what happened in this trade collection that introduced yet another hammer wielder. #20 - The War Thor revealed! The War Thor, the new bearer of the alternate Mjolnir that survived the destruction of its universe, the one who will fight the War of Realms!I can't shake the feeling of the Doctor Who vibe; John Hurt's War Doctor, anyone? This Thor exists to fight a war and that is the reason the other Mjolnir called to...
  • Roy
    Again some parts that really feel like filler. Art is always very cool, but some of the plot sith War Thor feels like it wasnt that important to the main story arc. I think the next Vol is the last in the story so I'll prob read it when its out just to just to finish the story. Still very emotional with Janes battle
  • Richard Guion
    The identity of the War Thor was surprising. Good clash between Jane vs War and some drama involving the original Thor as well. The story by Jason Aaron is very good but I am not sure the artwork is completely up to the task of illustrating this epic clash. After Dauterman anything is a let down, he returns for the next arc.
  • Tom
    Jane Foster is the Thor I want my daughter to grow up knowing. Thank you, Jason Aaron.
  • Megan
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to get my hands on the newest volume of Mighty Thor (kind of wish I was reading them by issue now, to be honest). I’ve read all of Jason Aaron’s Thor up until now, and plan on continuing to do so for as long as he continues writing for it (and I’ll probably read whoever does Thor next as well, because of course). Out of all of the versions of Thor I’ve read, I think Jason Aaron’s have been among m...
  • Kristin
    Things take a turn for the grimdark as Volstagg--boastful veteran of thousands of years of bloody viking battles- has a civilian death horrify him into taking up the mantle of War Thor. This didn't work when Marvel turned Speedball into Penance, and it doesn't work here. Although the "Give my regards to Thunderstrike" line was great.Aaron used to be one of my favorite writers but lately he's been burying the plot under piles of posturing. There a...
  • Sean Thompson
    Female Thor spends yet another volume preaching that fighting is bad and contemplating if being alive is really worth it. Odinson remains in a stagnant love triangle. Malekith continues to brood over the “War of Realms” that never seems to come. The story has not moved one smallest bit since The God of Thunder arc ended six volumes ago. Just end this female Thor nonsense and re-focus on actual storytelling. The Generations comic is the highli...
  • Sheri
    I enjoy lady Thor, wish they'd bring it to the mcu to give Natalie Portman a better role.
  • Dan
    War is coming to the ten realms thanks to the machinations of Malekith and Loki. When it comes to Nidavellir Volstagg finds himself caught up in events and it changes him utterly. He finds the Ultimate universe's Mjolnir and becomes the War Thor.With some other than Odinson being Thor, this is an exploration of what could happen if the wrong person wielded Mjolnir. Not by being a villain but by being so messed up they desperately want to use thei...
  • Willie Krischke
    Volstagg, or War Thor, kicks some ass, including the Enchantress, who hangs a lampshade on it all. meanwhile, Jane Foster is dying. War Thor does battle with Sindr the fire demon, and tries to destroy all of Muspelheim, but Jane Foster Thor stops him, because even fire demon babies are kind of cute. Foster Thor transports them to the yawning void, and they get ready to fight it out. Battle Royale in the yawning void. And then unworthy Thor shows ...
  • Adam Fisher
    War is brewing with Muspelheim. Thor has revealed her identity (Jane Foster) to Odinson. Everything seems tense and on the brink of collapse... but a hammer stands unclaimed. When children are in danger and war gets to be too much, Volstagg does the only thing he feels he can do... take the hammer (previously owned by Ultimate Thor) and become the War Thor, taking the battle directly to Sindr and all of Muspelheim.War Thor is fierce and full of r...
  • Robin
    I know I always say it, but the art is still great. It's really nice to have consistently beautiful images in a continuing series.I'm glad I read in advance that the War Thor hammer was an escapee from the Ultimate universe, because that... was not at all clear in the book itself. So I guess you'd have to be reading both Ultimate and main universes for that part to make sense? That being said, I liked the idea of the War Thor, and it was effectiv...
  • Kate
    Maybe if I was reading this series in comic form, as they come out, I would enjoy it more. But like all comic books, it just gets more and more convoluted as the circumstances of the universe around it changes.It was just an okay book, with an okay storyline. Volstagg becomes the The War Thor after some kids die in his arms, Jane Foster picks up the hammer for the last time (only not really? This plot point is being drawn out too long), Odinson c...
  • Kat
    This installment of Thor's story broke my heart a little. Lady Thor isn't really the focus of the story, but rather the War Thor, whose identity and reason for existing is extremely sad. It ends on a bittersweet note and I'm curious to see what happens next. (I will say that I'm still rather perplexed as to why Jane Foster won't allow magic to be used to heal her when she's basically using Mjolnir as a temporary cure. There's also a greater sense...
  • Lukas Holmes
    Still my favorite thing Marvel is putting out. The female Thor is terrific, a great story idea of sacrifice and responsibility. You can tell they are getting close to changing it back to the original, and I don't look forward to that. The art is terrific, the storytelling second to none. My only complaint is I wish they had more time to give us more of the War Thor story line. The idea of that character becoming so overcome with the grief of war ...
  • Rod Brown
    My biggest problem with Jason Aaron's Thor run is I just don't understand the tone. Is it over-the-top camp or serious melodrama? Is it an action comedy or a tragic drama? Goofy jokes and cheesy gags intermingle with war crimes and cancer storylines in a balance that leaves me confused and uneasy. I'm not sure I'll come back for more in the future. Or at least not until I've heard the big story has reached some sort of conclusion.
  • Kyle Berk
    This volume I felt was rushed, spinning its wheels too. Everything happens quickly and is resolved quickly in the span of four issues.The generations issue is alright, cool to see a story with Odinson again.I like Jane as Thor though it should come to an end now, from what I hear the next volume is her final bow as Thor. And we will finally get to see the war of the realms that has been going on this entire time.
  • Nate
    Jason Aaron has a better handle on Thor and Asgardian themed comics than anyone on earth not named Walter Simonson. While this will not go down as his best work it is an interesting exploration of the character Volstag that added layers to the character that had never been there before and continues to add emotional depth to the Jane Foster/cancer story line. Every artist involved in this collection should also be credited with some first class w...
  • Bram Ryckaert
    Blood! Thunder! Fire! Uru! This is not the most subtle arc in Aaron's Thor but by Odin's beard does it deliver on spectacle. I was reading this on iPad Pro and issue #22 is just a non-stop treat. Schiti's art and the vivid colors (so much lava) really pop. The War Thor was the best kind of diversion before we go back to the War of the Realms for real.
  • Blair Conrad
    Better than the previous volume, but the war is still moving pretty slowly. Unlike many here, I enjoyed Jane's solution to the problem of the War Thor, and I like how she's wrestling with the concept of self and how to live out her remaining days, but I am about ready for her to be cured. Unless it means she gives up Mjolnir.
  • Daniel Clark
    Epic action and charactersI enjoyed this much more than volume 3. The thing that was lacking from the first two was awesome artist. This leaves you looking forward to how the story will progress.
  • Daniel
    Still very little Thor Odinson...... and I don't expect to see much of him in the next volume. The story is pretty solid and the War of Realms bubbles away in the background. The word 'dalliance' was a mistake. The art was inconsistent.
  • Olivia
    Similar to my feelings on the previous volume, the more battle oriented focus of this volume makes it less enjoyable than the other volumes. I also greatly miss Dauterman's art. However, Jane Foster's role as Thor is so compelling that I want to read it until the end.
  • José
    70/100.Sigue la línea de las publicaciones de Marvel; no hay exceso de oscuridad, aunque sin intuya. Veo tanto potencial dulcificado... Sin embargo, se van abriendo tramas, se van cerrado otras y todo parece que va a llevar a una buena conclusión.Con ganas de más.
  • Matt
    Collects The Mighty Thor issues #2-23The War Thor is front and center in this collection as we get his origin and his first confrontation with Thor. Meanwhile, the War of the Realms still looms.
  • Katie
    The kind Volstaag has his heart torn apart by seeing the atrocities of war; innocents burned in front of him. Unable to take the pain, he lifts the Mjolnir of another realm & becomes the War Thor.
  • Morgan
    this is my favorite one yet! the story was SO GOOD! much darker than i anticipated but SO GOOD!!