Wild Hearts (Wild Lake Wolves, #6) by Kimber White

Wild Hearts (Wild Lake Wolves, #6)

EXPECTED 16 MAY 2017 – Don’t miss the thrilling, sensual prequel novel featuring Patricia Bonner. PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVELY ON iBOOKS. AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE ON MAY 16, 2017She’s a feisty farmer’s daughter. He’s a young, virile Alpha Wolf. When fate brings them together, it could destroy everyone they love.It’s 1965 and farmer’s daughter Patricia Bonner is used to her simple, quiet life on Wild Lake. After losing her mother far too young...

Details Wild Hearts (Wild Lake Wolves, #6)

TitleWild Hearts (Wild Lake Wolves, #6)
Release DateMay 16th, 2017
PublisherNokay Press LLC
Number of pages230 pages
GenreRomance, Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Werewolves, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Reviews Wild Hearts (Wild Lake Wolves, #6)

  • ❤️
    Title: ➜Wild HeartsSeries: ➜Wild Lake Wolves series #6Author: ➜ Kimber White Wild Hearts, is the prequel novel to the Wild Lake Wolves seriesThis a Long anticipated book- for those of us who started from the being with this series. Mind you all the books in Wilde Lake series are stand-alone.. We all still wondered about how it truly begin for Patricia Bonner & how the treaty made its way into pack law...In this book we go back in time to 19...
  • Cheri
    The Wild Lake series from Kimber White are some of my all-time favorite wolf shifter books. This story is how it all began. Viet Nam era Patricia is eighteen and has been taking care of her family for years. Her father didn't recover from the loss of his wife, leaving her in charge of her eight-year-old brother. Her grandfather is disabled and needs a lot of help. Patricia does it all with little complaint. Dealing with a now teenage brother, oft...
  • Erin
    How wonderful to be able to read Patricia story in this book.She is taking care of her grandfather, father and brother. All with their own problems. But her brother brings in some more trouble, he has new friends. These friends aren’t totally human they are shifters and they are on the run.When he brother gets in a fight his new friends and Luke their alpha bring him home. That is the moment when Patricia meets Luke and sparks fly.But she is mo...
  • Tara Dorough
    Let me start by saying thank you Kimber for giving us Pat Bonner's story. She had been such an integral part of the Wild Lake Wolves series that her story was so important. There are still some questions of love answered but I'm hoping to get those in Lucia's book. After reading Wild Hearts I want to go back and reread the rest of the series to see if I understand things in a different light now. This is a must read for followers of the series. S...
  • Karen
    If you have read any of the books in this series's This book tells you how it all started about 50 yearsa go. If you have not read any of the books before thisone it doesn't matter because each book has it own ending.Be worn once you start this series's you are going to find ithard not to want to read all of them.Wow what a beautiful written book.If you have not read any of the Wild Lake Wolf Shiftersseries's than this is the best way to start.In...
  • Pam Louis
    Story takes place in wild lake, michigan 1965Since the death of her mom Patricia has been taking care of her grandpa, dad, and little brother add to that they own the privately owned land in the state. So it's a full time job. When she finds out thier are werewolves on her family's land she feels a connection with not only them but the alpha too. Their is a lot going on in this story I love the action, danger, drama and spice. The characters are ...
  • Daniele
    Pat Bonner has been such a constant, nurturing presence in the wild Lake series. For me, she was the intriguing character always in the background, but as a reader; I just knew her story would be emotionally charged.Her first meeting with Luke was explosive and the fireworks continued every meeting thereafter.This is a phenomenal PRN book and the readers are going to love Pat's story. Although, now I'm curious of how she has a son named Luke Tull...
  • Cheryl
    If you are a fan of Kimber White's Wild Lake Wolf Shifters then you're going to love Wildhearts. It starts the series. Yes we know two of these characters but this takes us back to when it started. I loved Patsy's backstory and how brother Harold was scarred for life. How Wild Lake and the Bonner farm became a sanctuary. This prequel is filled with suspense, danger and love. I received this book in advance for my honest review.
  • Kerry
    Intrigued with these two characters from the beginning of the series and now we have part of the story. There is a whole lot more going on from what I've read in the other books, can't wait to see what else arises. Great story from beginning to end. I voluntarily received a complimentary copy for an honest review.
  • Christine Karmelreads2665 W.
    Finally Patricia's story of how she met Luke. Thank you Kimber for finally giving readers a glimpse into Patricia past.I have read and reviewed this book received from the author without obligation to do so.
  • Jessica Mitchell
    Wild HeartsKimber WhiteRomance, adventure and shifter mayhem!Patricia just thought her day was going to be boring like any other day. She's going to find her out of it dad, take care of her grandfather, and find her no good hooky playing of a brother. Boy was she wrong. Running into her brothers newest friends leader Luke McGraw is setting off sparks in not just her mind but body also. With eyes like his and a body it's a wonder, why is he still ...
  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    Title: Wild Hearts    Series: Wild Lake Wolves PrequelRelease Date:  #AlreadyReleasedAuthor: Kimber WhiteReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre:#PRN #WolfShifter   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆••••••••••••••••••••••••     Love how this lady writes these books, this series, its just absolutely phenomenal. Defiantly a Must Read.      Patricia Bonner aka Patsy, Pat is a human farm girl. When he...
  • Jane
    What would you do? Patsy has become the caregiver for her elderly grandfather, her depressed father, and her younger brother, along with trying to keep their farm going!Luke McGraw and his pack are now in the area looking for sanctuary. There is a pack war brewing, and Patsy and her family are right in the middle of it!So much turmoil they may become either the "spoils" of war or the casualties!This is an action packed story full of twists and tu...