We Own the Sky by Luke Allnutt

We Own the Sky

“We looked down at the cliff jutting into the sea, a rubber boat full of kids going under the arch, and then you started running and jumping through the grass, dodging the rabbit holes, shouting at the top of your voice, so I started chasing you, trying to catch you, and we were laughing so hard as we ran and ran, kicking up rainbow showers in the leaves.” Rob Coates feels like he’s won the lottery of life. There is Anna, his incredible wif...

Details We Own the Sky

TitleWe Own the Sky
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherPark Row
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction

Reviews We Own the Sky

  • Angela M
    A sick child, parents desperate to find help, to do anything to cure their child. The story begins with Rob Coates in a low place, depressed, drinking and grieving alone. The story of a family dealing with a crisis is told from Rob’s point of view. Rob and Anna love their five year old son Jack and each other, but as it sometimes happens, relationships are affected as people struggle to deal with sadness and loss. Decisions are made and rifts o...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    4 stars to We Own the Sky, a tribute to the love between fathers and sons! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Luke Allnutt had me hooked from his opening where he spoke personally of his own serious illness. He began writing this novel to help him cope while receiving chemotherapy. Allnutt spoke so sensitively about his wife and children that I knew this book was going to grab hold of my heart. And that it did. Rob Coates is married to Anna, and their son, Jack, re...
  • Lindsay
    3.5 stars. A very touching story about family, hope, love and loss.Rob and Anna Coates are happily married with a young son named Jack. Tragedy strikes their lives when a devastating illness is diagnosed. This novel follows Rob through the aftermath of this diagnosis. It is an honest, emotional, raw and sincere look into the face of family tragedy and grief.The author, Luke Allnutt, writes from the heart. His own personal battle with cancer spark...
  • Kendall
    We Own the Sky is a beautifully written novel about love, loss, and family.Luke Alnutt delivers a very raw and emotional read about a family Anna and Rob struggling with their son Jack's brain tumor. Interesting fact about myself... during graduate school I did bereavement counseling and that was a very eye opening experience. One thing that I learned you can't judge someone based on how they grieve or don't grieve with loss. Relationships and pe...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:Oh those Facebook mothers. The way they talked, as if they had invented motherhood, as if they had invented the womb, telling themselves they were different from their own mothers because they ate quinoa and had cornrows in their hair and ran a Pinterest board on craft ideas for the recalcitrant under-fives.Her eyes are like lizard tongues, darting toward me when she thinks I’m not looking.There was a strange musty smell in Anna...
  • Tracy Fenton
    Sometimes you start a book and within the first few paragraphs you just connect. Maybe it's the writing, the situation or the characters, but occasionally these books get under your skin and hook you until the final page.For me personally, this was one of those books. As a parent it is never easy to read about a young child becoming ill, or follow the parents anguish and hope and desperation to save their son, but this story deals with the subjec...
  • Joanne Robertson
    Make sure you read the introduction to this as it gives you an in-depth understanding of why Luke Allnutt wrote this book. I found it very emotional and was in need of tissues before I had actually even read the first chapter! And you better make sure you keep those tissues handy as you are going to need them!This is a wonderful book, beautifully written and with an unexpected calmness as the storyline develops. There is no screaming and shouting...
  • Jen
    This book ... It should come with a health warning. Do not read if suffering from heavy cold as elicited emotional response may lead to loss of ability to breathe. I kid you not. There were times when reading this book that I cried so much I almost suffocated as I was suffering from the lovely seasonal flu bug at the time. Oh and do not read this in public unless you are planning of getting a lot of strange looks because if you can read this with...
  • Nina Draganova
    2.30 е . Седя и не мога да спра сълзите си. Независимо , че е написана равно и методично, тази книга бръкна до най-недостъпните места на моето сърце.Ужасяващо тъжна.И в същото време изпълнена с любов.Такава , каквато не знам дали съм виждала и дали съще...
  • Mo
    What an emotionally driven book ! Told from the fathers viewpoint , this is a book of love and loss . To what ends would we go to to save our children ? A sometimes difficult read but also a compelling and intellectual one I found it hard to put down . 5 stars with my thanks to tbc for my chance to read
  • Lainy
    Time taken to read - really 1 day Pages - 368Publisher - TrapezeSource - ARCBlurb from Goodreads A story about love, loss and finding hope-against all odds.Rob Coates can't believe his luck. There is Anna, his incredible wife, and most precious of all, Jack, their son, who makes every day an extraordinary adventure. Rob feels like he's won the lottery of life. Or rather-he did. Until the day it all changes when Anna becomes convinced there is som...
  • Villivonkansbooks
    Rob levde ett lyckligt liv, han var gift med fantastiska Anna, pappa till sonen Jack och de bodde i ett eget hus i London. Allt ändras när Jack börjar ramla allt oftare. En läkare bekräftar varje förälders värsta mardröm, Jack har en hjärntumör.🐴Efter att ha läst väldigt skiftande recensioner på boken, både hyllning och totalsågning, var jag väldigt nyfiken på att läsa boken och se vad jag själv skulle tycka om den. Jag til...
  • Cheryl
    I am actually a little sad to be writing that I didn't enjoy this book as much as I wanted. I really wanted to "love" this book. The Coates...Rob, Anna, and Jack were good. They were a loving family. You could tell what they were experiencing was affecting them as a family. Yet, through this all, I still felt like a stranger standing at the window trying to look in. For me, I craved the emotional heartfelt connection that I personally did not exp...
  • Monica Mac
    Oh my goodness, what a book!Rob is a lucky guy - he has a job he loves, he has a beautiful wife and a wonderful little boy. Then everything changes for him, and his whole world spins out of control. This is an incredible read; heartbreaking, poignant and complex but the end result is that it is all about relationships, love and hope. And there are a lot of all three in this book. Considering this is a debut, the author has done an amazing job wit...
  • Kasa Cotugno
    Luke Allnutt's own diagnosis inspired him to write this truly wrenching novel about a family facing the impossible. His writing, fluid and poetic, brings Rob, Anna and most importantly, Jack to life so that the challenges they face and the choices that are made are all the more evocative. I usually don't choose books covering this subject, but picked it based on the author backstory, and that is what gave an extra layer of meaning to a story that...
  • Les lectures de Dobby
    Un roman dur, beau et touchant. L’écriture de l’auteur est tellement fluide qu’il est impossible de ne pas dévorer les chapitres. Une excellente lecture qui m’a bouleversée!
  • Marieinsweden
    Fint berättat om en pojke som får cancer. Kan inte låta bli att jämföra föräldrarna med Emma och Dexter i En dag.
  • Jay Dwight
    Normally a crime and legal reader, this one got snuck into my reading pile. And I'm glad it did, for I enjoyed the read.An emotional read, a story of love, loss, despair and then hope. Told from a father's perspective, this novel runs through the love and courtship of Rob and Anna, and the birth of their son Jack. Then their world is thrown into chaos.An engaging, well-written story, that might contribute to the odd something getting in your eye ...
  • Madeleine Black
    I was gripped by this breathtakingly beautiful book in just the first few pages and couldn't put it down. This story is about every parents worst nightmare and as someone who struggled to have children but went on to have three, I really felt Rob and Anna's pain when they receive the devastating news of Jack's diagnosis.I really enjoyed the story being told through Rob's eyes, was refreshing to hear about love and loss from a male perspective. It...
  • Sarah
    I feel as though I am doing a disservice to this book as I doubt I can properly express what an extraordinary novel this is. Obviously, as I gave it my rare five star rating, it is one I cherished. Some of that is owing to the subject matter; I've long been a fan of medical novels, both fiction and non-fiction alike. We Own the Sky, though a work of fiction, most certainly draws upon the author's experience as a cancer patient himself. He accurat...
  • Colette Lamberth
    When you finish a book one evening then wake up the next morning thinking about the characters you know the author did something a bit special. This is a moving and at times heartbreaking story and not one I will forget easily.
  • Jo
    Oh my heart! What an emotional read. I loved this book for its honesty, it's rawness and for its abundance of pure love. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it will, I know, stay with me for a very long timeThis book is told from Rob's point of view. He is a father. He is a husband. And he is a nan who is trying to deal with the reality that is that of his young son being seriously ill. We meet Rob in the present day but we also read about he m...
  • Karenita
    This is as realistic as it gets! A couple in the UK learn that their little boy has a brain tumor. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride with the parents as they grapple to understand, navigate the medical field and deal with this tragic situation,The parents are led to believe by the doctors, that the tumor can be removed and all will be well. That is not how it turns out. The angst and worry of the parents, and the love they exude for th...
  • Britt-Marie Kullin
    Betyg: 5 av 5. Himlen tillhör oss är en mycket, mycket bra bok, tycker jag, som absolut får högsta betyget från mig. Den är väldigt gripande och berörande. Boken är skriven ur en pappas synvinkel och handlar om hans femåriga son som får en hjärntumör. Men det är även en fint skildrad kärlekshistoria mellan föräldrarna. Boken är välskriven, lättläst, väldigt bra, och rörande. Grät ett flertal gånger när jag läste den. M...
  • Linda
    The story starts out in the middle, and the reader may not fully understand it until the end.In the actual beginning, Rob meets Anna, they date, they move in together, they marry, and try to have children. Eventually they start a family and everything is as it should be until it isn't anymore.The book, written by a cancer survivor, details the paths people follow to find a cancer cure, especially when the medical establishment has gone as far as ...
  • Orvokki
    Veľmi dobre si spomínam na knihu Třetí poločas od Kluuna, ktorú som dočítala so slzami v očiach. Dojáky s rakovinou radšej už nevyhľadávam, no Nebe je naše ma lákalo. Tak veľmi, že aj napriek rozsahu (knihám nad 300 strán sa od narodenia Adamka väčšinou vyhýbam) som sa do nej pustila.Anotácia je celkom zavádzajúca a podľa nej som si román predstavovala inak. Hlavne sa patrí povedať, že najväčšiu časť tvorí bo...
  • Susan Hampson
    You need a big Do Not Disturb sign up when you begin this book because you will just not be in a good state to talk to anyone while you are reading. This is an emotional charged story that just rips you apart and glues you back together but you won’t be the same person that you were. This will be my chosen read at the end of the year for February and I know that I will still remember this story like I have just read it. It really is so powerful...
  • booksofallkinds
    Before you sit down to read this book you need to make a cup of tea, have a box of tissues close at hand, and if you have kids give them a huge hug and a kiss. Then and only then should you turn the first page and become caught up in this emotional and heartbreaking tale of love and family that will change you forever.Rob Coates had the perfect life but everything he loves is suddenly threatened when his little boy becomes ill. As the story moves...
  • Cal
    How do I even start to review a book like this one? It touched me on such a personal level and is a book that will stay with me forever.It’s the story of a family, of the love between a father and a son, a mother and a son, and a husband and wife. How their lives are changed in the blink of an eye, and how they deal with the devastating blow life has dealt them in very different ways.Beautifully written, it shows the harsh reality of grief and ...
  • Between The Pages Book Club (Gemma M)
    Before I even started this story I knew it was going to be a heart breaking and tear jerking story, which is based from true events. We Own the Sky is an emotional story that parents should never have to face. I must also mention how this story highlights the power of love and the relationship between a father and son. A story that may not be to every readers taste due to individual circumstances but a beautiful story. One that will remain in my ...