The Wounded Shadow (The Darkwater Saga, #3) by Patrick W. Carr

The Wounded Shadow (The Darkwater Saga, #3)

The kings and queens of the northern continent lay siege to the Darkwater Forest, desperate to contain its evil. But rumors of gold and aurium have lured deserters and the desperate into its shadow, creating a growing army held in its sway. Desperate after the death and dissolution of their greatest ally, Willet and the Vigil seek the truth of what lies at the heart of the evil they face. They delve the mind of an old enemy and find an answer far...

Details The Wounded Shadow (The Darkwater Saga, #3)

TitleThe Wounded Shadow (The Darkwater Saga, #3)
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreFantasy, Christian Fiction, Christian, Mystery, Christian Fantasy, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews The Wounded Shadow (The Darkwater Saga, #3)

  • Rachael
    I had considered the reviewing each book of the trilogy separately, but the reality is they could be one near-1500 page volume, so close do the books follow on each other and so intricately are they entwined. There's hardly any repeat of information from the previous books (which I, reading them all in the course of a week, appreciated, but I feel for anyone who had to wait a year to complete the series). This is one intricately-plotted story. No...
  • Laurin
    I really liked the first two books (and the introductory novella) in the series, but I loved The Wounded Shadow. It was absolutely crammed with everything I love in a good read: terrifically crafted and intelligent characters, intricate world building, intense and exciting adventure, good and evil, love and heartbreak, and fabulous wit. Willet, Gael, Rory, Bolt, and all the characters that I have gotten to know over the first books, I came to che...
  • Robinn
    This book is amazing! I have been waiting for it since I finished "The Shattered Vigil!!" I'm fairly new to Mr Carr's books, but have loved all of them! This one was certainly worth waiting for and I love it as much as the others, if not more! I really like that there isn't any sex beyond first base - yet another good thing about reading books written by a fellow Christian! These books led me to look into other Christian fantasy authors' works an...
  • Rebekah Gyger
    4.5 StarsVery rarely does a good book take me longer than two days to read. I speed through them, soaking up the story without much effort, and anything written so densely as to require more time is usually skimmed or set aside. The Darkwater Saga is the first series I have ever read in which that was not the case and The Wounded Shadow is best of the three.I may have said this in my other reviews, but clearly this trilogy is not an easy read. It...
  • Jennay Amber
    I have never felt more pressure to get a review ‘right’. So naturally, I’ve cleaned my desk, refilled my water bottle and written out my ‘to-do’ list for the rest of the week first, just so I can really concentrate. It’s just that this book, this series for that matter, is so dear to me…I want this review to do them justice…I have been a fan (is there a better word for ‘fan’?) of Patrick W. Carr since A Cast of Stones and fell...
  • Amber
    The Wounded Shadow is a heart-stopping, action-packed end that will satisfy any fantasy reader. The third book pulls out all of the stops as it barrels to then end. Secrets are revealed and shadows come to the light as an enemy older them time dares to unleash his evil on a completely unsuspecting and vastly unprepared world. As the loose ends and myriad of questions are answered, horrors beyond comprehension and wonders beyond imagination unfold...
  • Faye
    Picking up right where the previous books left off, the kings are trying to contain the Darkwater as it closes in. Willet Dura seeks the answer to defeating the Darkwater, while also looking for answers for the vault within. Meanwhile searching for heirs and missing members of the vigil, while Toria goes to the front lines and Fess tries to find peace with his two gifts. This can be a rather daunting and confusing read if you have not read the pr...
  • Lisa
    The Wounded Shadow by Patrick W. Carr is the third installment in the Darkwater Saga. It was a little slow going at first; but once I got into the story, I could not read fast enough. I predict this will be one of my favorites for the year. There are so many things to say about this book I am not sure where to start. So, I am going to just jump right in with the world building, which has to be the most elaborate I think I have had the pleasure to...
  • Brittany
    It has been a long time since a book series so thoroughly captured my imagination. It has probably been since the first time that I read The Lord of The Rings that a story has drawn me so deeply into its lair, and that is high praise indeed coming from me. I'm definitely wanting to see an epic movie series made off of this series!I really enjoyed this third book of the Darkwater Saga. Patrick Carr is an amazing author, and does an incredible job ...
  • Catherine
    Disclaimer Notice: I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review. I have no other affiliation with them.There are many positive things that can be said about this last book in the series, and those who have posted before me covered them quite well. For me, my biggest issue was with the handling of shifts in points of view (POVs). I have a hard time staying with a story that shifts betwe...
  • Marian Baay
    With The Wounded Shadow, the Darkwater Saga comes to an end. Patrick Carr has done a remarkable job. He has a gift to keep things exciting even in the parts with little action. Personally, I don’t care much for books that are stuffed with action on every other page. Carr has a nice balance when it comes to that. What I admire in Carr’s books is that there are no flaws in his stories. I read quite a bit of fantasy and often there are facts or ...
  • Phillip Cole
    Willet Dura and the rest of the Vigil must find how to stop the evil of the Darkwater. This is made harder by distrust, and by the Darkwater wanting to stop them. Who is going to be the victor?The Wounded Shadow is the final book of The Darkwater Saga and continues the well written and imaginative series. Patrick W. Carr does a great job of making the characters seem realistic, as well as keeping the plot moving. As with all of his books that I h...
  • Denise Talen
    In the third book of The Dark Water Saga by Patrick Carr, the kings and queens of the northern continent lay siege to the Darkwater Forest, frantic to contain its evil. But rumors of gold and aurium have lured deserters and the reckless into its shadow, creating a growing army that can see in the dark and fight like the gifted. Desperate after the death and dissolution of their greatest ally, Willet and the rest of the Vigil seek the truth of wha...
  • Janet Sketchley
    This is one of those books I didn’t want to end. It felt so good to be back with these characters, even in their overwhelming struggle, and I found myself rationing the reading time to make it last.Willet Dura, the hero, has been my favourite all along, and I became very fond of Mark early on in this book.The Wounded Shadow is the third and final book in the Darkwater series, and it’s not one to pick up if you haven’t started at the beginni...
  • David Bergsland
    Feelings were mixed as I opened the review copy I received from Bethany House of Darkwater Saga 3 Patrick W Carr The Wounded Shadow. Bethany has been sliding away from the faith for quite a while. I was afraid that Carr would do what he did with the amazing Cast of Stones.. It turns out I was wrong. The Darkwater Saga loses touch with Truth entirely. This tale wallows in entertaining worldly wisdom, at best. Christianity lies completely outside t...
  • Carol
    The Wounded Shadow Is a heart pounding book. It has secrets revealed and don't you want to know what they are? Mr. Carr has created a fantasy world that is so vivid and exciting but you also get what he is trying to get across as a Christian which is why you get it for isn't it? A fantasy book that is clean in thought word and come out well so on. The storyline is so fascinating and Am I sorry to know that it is over. Busiest fun, action filled a...
  • Cynthia Maddox
    Wow! An amazing end to the Darkwater Saga. I couldn't put this down. Carr follows thru on the promise of the first two in the series. My only problem with this particular book was that once the Vigil split up it was difficult at times to shift gears between when switching viewpoints. But it didn't stop me giving it 5 stars. I love the series.There is some beautiful writing in Carr's books but the descriptions of the relationship between the chara...
  • Jodi Woody
    Book three of the Darkwater Saga. I loved the first books, including the prequel and this one did not disappoint. These are well written, have a great storyline, and the characters are fleshed out. The books are written with a Christian viewpoint, and it seems maybe a Catholic background, making for some interesting fantasy themes. This is the second series I have read by this author and I have to say he is one of my favorites! I give The Wounded...
  • Steven Thiele
    Patrick Carr did an excellent job tying the story all together.Even in the slower sections of the book, sometimes the court intrigue with Willet, Bolt, Rory and Gael, I was never bored, as I couldn't stop smiling at Bolt's pithy remarks. The other groups in the book followed their own storylines and they were also very moving.The world-building was exquisite, and there were minimal plot holes.I have placed The Darkwater Saga amongst some of my fa...
  • Sharon
    This book is as highly entertaining as its predecessors in this series. It becomes ever more exciting as the suspense builds and the plot thickens and the threat of an epic war/ battle looms ominously. I hated putting this book down even though I liked the ending; I just didn't want to say goodbye to my newest fiction character friends. I would be happy to learn that the author brings them to life again someday in another series.
  • Sasha
    I bought book 1 of The Darkwater Saga, The Shock of Night, on my Kindle, and was thoroughly mesmerized by the story I had just delved (he he he - see what I did there?!) into. I quickly finished the first book and had to buy the other two. The Wounded Shadow follows the Vigil as they try to defeat the evil of the Darkwater. I enjoyed reading chapters from the viewpoints of other characters. I can't wait to download his other books.
  • Amy
    Very satisfying ending I have been waiting impatiently for this book and was not disappointed. Nice world building and well-developed characters. These books must be read in order to follow everything that happens. I should have reread the previous before reading this one.I will follow this author to see what he writes next!
  • Josh
    With the conclusion of the Darkwater Saga, Patrick Carr has cemented his place as one of my favorite authors. The previous books in the series showed how wonderfully Carr can weave plot and characters. The Wounded Shadow continued that, and added a masterful ending that left me stunned.This whole series is well worth the investment!
  • Bernice
    Really liked it but the ending was so open ended it clearly was'nt the end but more like the end for now like the author said which means waiting for another book in the darkwater saga that might never come or would take years to come.
  • Rosemary
    Now that I'm done, I'm ready to read it againThis is a series that deserves to be read and then re-read. I am certain that once I do, I'll pick up so much more but I just had to know how it would all be brought together. I was not disappointed. Thank you, Mr. Carr.
  • Bill Bradford
    Very well done series. Good world building and character development. Looking forward to the next series or the continuation of this one.
  • Thad
    Finished it and LOVED it. Derring-do, heroes who have thoughts AND feelings! Well done, Patrick!
  • Michael Newville
    Another Carr series that ends with every loose end tied, and surprises left and right..So well done, read the series in three weeks, so good:)
  • Rachelle Sperling
    This is not a stand alone novel. Following the prequel (By Divine Right) and books one and two in the series (The Shock of Night and The Shattered Vigil), this is a continuation of a complex and slightly dark tale.The Darkwater saga draws you into a brilliant series full of creativity, with a broad expanse of world building and in depth character development. Truthfully, I was sorry to see the series end making the final pages of the book move a ...