Cadaver & Queen by Alisa Kwitney

Cadaver & Queen

When Lizzie Lavenza enrolled at Ingold as its first female medical student, she knew she wouldn't have an easy time. From class demands to being an outsider among her male cohorts, she'll have to go above and beyond to prove herself. So when she stumbles across what appears to be a faulty Bio-mechanical--one of the mechanized cadavers created to service the school--she jumps at the chance to fix it and get ahead in the program.Only this Bio-mecha...

Details Cadaver & Queen

TitleCadaver & Queen
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
PublisherHarlequin Teen
GenreRetellings, Historical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Cadaver & Queen

  • Ella Schantz
    I won this uncorrected proof from a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you for allowing me the chance to read this book prior to its release! Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lavenza is the first female medical student at Ingold, a school in 1800's England. While she struggles to fit in and work around the sexism of a male-dominated school setting, there is a worldwide movement to create a whole army of Bio-Mechanicals. Their purpose is to serve as a soldier in the wa...
  • Liz
    I received this book as an ARC. Lizzie Lavenza is a medical student, the first female in fact, at a school in England during the 1800’s. In spite of her male classmates and professors, she is determined to make a name for herself and become a doctor. In addition to serving as a medical school, the professors are also experimenting on creating Bio-Mechanicals, a new class of soldiers for England who are modified and put together using the parts ...
  • Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
    There was nothing really wrong with this book, but after it started off strong with an interesting female protagonist in a room full of boys at medical school, it dragged. I liked some of the twists, but it wasn't enough to keep me engaged throughout the book.
  • Viva
    Alternate time line kind of book where bio-mechanicals are a thing in Victorian England. Bio-Mechanicals are reanimated dead bodies used as low level servants and being developed as soldiers so people don't have to be killed in war.A lot goes on in the beginning. We are introduced to Lizzie, a lone female and American medical student starting medical school in Victorian England. A medical school that also has a bio-medical department. It's a prom...
  • Erin Calderman
    This was a fairly good read. I didn't have many big issues with it, but it did feel a little rushed after the half way mark. The arc I received is only 315 pages, and it seems like the story could have been drawn out a little more with no problems. There were a lot of questions that weren't answered, and I had more in the final chapters. The romance was cute, and I did like the relationship between the characters, but it felt a little too 'love a...
  • Susie
    I won this uncorrected proof from a Goodreads giveaway. This book is a nice alternative telling of the story Frankenstein. It is a fast, fun, and enjoyable YA read. It has steampunk-ish theme, with science, mystery, and just a hint of romance. The story itself is good, but could have been better. More of it. However, the ending was a bit rushed. Also, the gap between the final chapter and the epilogue could have been explained. What happened in t...
  • Nickie
    I got an advanced reading copy of this book and enjoyed it. It starts off pretty creepy and I'm not really into that, but it quickly turns into a thrilling mystery with a dash of romance. The science is questionable but I was willing to suspend my disbelief for the interesting characters. It was a playful homage to Frankenstein and a look into extending life at any cost. YA
  • Penny
    I won this book through a giveaway on the Harlequin Teen website. I was intriqued by the back of the book blurb but it didn't live up to the hype. The ending was way too rushed and most of the big questions the book raised were not answered.
  • Eva
    In Cadaver and Queen, Elizabeth Lavenza (Lizzie) is a strong protagonist who is the first female student accepted at Ingold Academy of Medicine. Along with her intelligence, she is not afraid to express her opinion at her first day with the other students at the prestigious university. This behaviour attracts the attention of several fellow students.When Lizzie realizes that one of the Bio-Mechanicals is not what he appears to be, she investigate...