Bring Me Their Hearts (Bring Me Their Hearts, #1) by Sara Wolf

Bring Me Their Hearts (Bring Me Their Hearts, #1)

Zera is a Heartless – the immortal, unageing soldier of a witch. Bound to the witch Nightsinger ever since she saved her from the bandits who murdered her family, Zera longs for freedom from the woods they hide in. With her heart in a jar under Nightsinger’s control, she serves the witch unquestioningly.Until Nightsinger asks Zera for a Prince’s heart in exchange for her own, with one addendum; if she’s discovered infiltrating the court, ...

Details Bring Me Their Hearts (Bring Me Their Hearts, #1)

TitleBring Me Their Hearts (Bring Me Their Hearts, #1)
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
PublisherEntangled: Teen
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Magic, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews Bring Me Their Hearts (Bring Me Their Hearts, #1)

  • Em (RunawayWithDreamthieves)
    OHHH TELL ME WHATCHA WANT WHATCH REALLY REALLY WANT (I'll tell ya what I want what I really really want) I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna see a female lead who doesn't sacrifice everything for a half-baked romance with a man who has the personality of a soggy lettuce and with whom she had a total of 3 conversations. I thought we all collectively agreed to leave that in 2017. Let her wrench his heart out for a...
  • Katerina
    Here, Sara, take my heart, it's yours.Rips her heart out, gives it to the author, dies. Her ghost now returns to write this review and haunt Sara until the second instalment is out.Sometimes you see a book, drool over the cover read the premise and know, in your blood and your bones, that you are going to love it. That you'll lose yourself in its pages, see what the characters see and feel what they feel, and that you won't rest until you savor ...
  • C.G. Drews
    This was an absolute delightful bucket of sass, witches and stabbing. And a few bloody tears and fantastic dresses along the way. Honestly it's just so much fun. And while I thought this was a standalone going in lmao no the ending basically pets you on the shoulder and then throws your feels off a cliff. So #nice. I'll just be sitting here on a tree stump crying for book 2.+ So it's a bit like part twisted-fairy-tale and part your classic fantas...
  • Ishmeen {hiatus}
    Don’t y’all just love it when an anticipating release blows you away?? I don’t even know what kind of expectations I had but this story skyrocketed past all of them!! It even gave me a new favourite MC you guys I LOVE HER . This chick has such a unique personality, it was such a nice change from the classic YA damsel in distress heroine - Zera is sarcastic af and I love her ability to make light of such dark situations lmao can she teach ...
  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestDNF @ 50% When I was in high school, I was really into Inuyasha - to the point where I would actually seek out fanfiction for it, because the manga was not enough and I wasn't really allowed to watch that much TV growing up. One of my favorite characters in the series (apart from Seshoumaru and Naraku, because villains) was the witch, Kagura, who was a servant of Naraku and rode around on a g...
  • Candace Robinson
    The majority of new fantasy books lately have been boring me to tears. Too much time describing pointless things and no real characters! I was automatically drawn into the cover and blurb here, so I hoped it wouldn’t fall into that same endless loophole I’ve been stuck in! And I’ll have to say, this book was so much fun!Finally, interesting characters! I loved Zera’s snarkiness and the constant battle she had with her inner monster. Loved...
  • Carrie
    Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf is a young adult fantasy read that from the moment I saw the cover I began a stalking campaign to get my hands on this book. Thankfully this one turned into one of the times that the story lives up to the beautiful cover and I didn't regret my obsession with getting a copy.What Sara Wolf has done with this story is taken a new twist on a zombie like character. Zera is what is known as a Heartless.  When Zera'...
  • Aimee ♥ | Aimee, Always
    TBH, I thought I'd DNFed this one, until I checked my Kindle app and saw that I did, in fact, reach the 100% mark. That's how much this book annoyed me.It was just your typical YA fantasy--and tried too hard to be that, if you ask me. The heroine Zera constantly made these not-really-funny side comments and comebacks that did NOT appeal to me. And why does the voice of the "hunger" have to be WriTtEn liKE tHiS?! IS IT A MEME!? So yeah, the writin...
  • Khadidja
    THIS IS SOO GOOD OMG I LOVE IT I WOULD DIE FOR THE ZERA IM CRYING GIVE ME THE SECOND BOOK nfhfjfjd i guess the end was the huge plot twist of this book BUT being the smartass i am *le flip hair* saw it coming. So yeah, kids. Being smart does have its inconveniences.
  • Rachel E. Carter
    HOLY HELL, THIS BOOK WAS GLORIOUS. Everything I wanted in a YA fantasy. Now I'm just depressed I have to wait for the rest of the series (I thought it was a standalone when I picked it up), but even so, the wait will totally be worth it. I DNF'd one of this author's contemporary romances and now I think I should go back and give the book another shot in case I was just in the wrong mindset to give it a fair chance, but in any case Sara is now an ...
  • Jacqueline
    Video Review: BOOK WAS EVERYTHING. It was so refreshing to read something that had me this excited to see what was going to happen next. Although I didn’t love Sara Wolf’s contemporary, this blew me out of the water. From the fantastical elements, to the characters, to the characters that stole my heart; I throughly enjoyed seeing what was going to happen next. I was completely hooked. I have so much to say th...
  • Beatrice in Bookland
    “Fate has never once shied away from the opportunity to take a massive shit on my life.”#poetryThis book was such a surprise. I had zero expectations but as soon as I started reading I knew this was going to be a good one. I think the most amazing part of the book is the protagonist, Zera. She's a heartless, her heart is literally in a jar. She was 'saved' by a witch, Nightsinger, when she was on the brink of death but not having a heart mean...
  • Fables&Wren
    UmMmMmMmMmMmMmMm..... has anyone read that blurb because it sounds like something out f a fairytale and I’m talking like Grimm Fairytales where everyone dies and no one ends up happy. Where do I sign up?
  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔
    OMG, this was amazing!!!*Review to Come*
  • D.M.
    Zera Y'shennrias eligible maiden from old money. Her family still worship the old gods and the noble people have turned their back on them. This is Zera's cover story. She has a mission, one goal to steal the Prince's heart. How romantic! No wait I mean actually steal his heart. Prince Lucien d'Malvane, Archduke of Tollmount-Kilstead, fireborn, the Black Eagle. A prince with too many names but the most important one is the secret one. He has had ...
  • Yesy (The Book Vagrant)
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf was so much fun—much more fun than its grisly premise would lead you to believe. The book stars Zera, who was murdered in a brutal bandit attack when she was just sixteen years old, but was then “saved” when the witch Nightsinger resurrected her by carving out her heart, keeping the organ safe in a magical jar. Now Zera has become ...
  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    I love Sara Wolf's Young Adult Contemporary "Lovely Vicious Series". I didn’t think Wolf could top herself as an awesome storyteller after the Vicious Series, but then she goes and gives us a Young Adult Fantasy that is totally out-of this-world. Amazing world building, witches, a heartless immortal soldier, a rebellious prince, and fantastic creatures—it has it all. But—yes, there’s a but—Wolf is killing me with her keep us readers dan...
  • Rebekah
    I’m literally sitting here holding my chest, slowly dying at the realization that I have to wait for book 2. This book was everything I hoped it would be and more. That ending....AH!full review to come closer to release date...
  • joanna ☽ the little brown fairy
    apparently the only way to fall in love is through attempted murder — and I was so here for it. this book ended up being a lot more fun than i originally gave it credit for! :)rtc
  • Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥
    ***4.5/5 Stars***Bring Me Their Hearts was absolutely spellbinding and will stay with me for a long time to come. With an intriguing story and witty characters, I found myself quickly flying through the pages. Especially since I always had that feeling that I had to know what happened next. So if you enjoy YA Fantasies that are filled with banter, mystery, romance, political intrigue and darkness, then you definitely have to give this book a try!...
  • Amanda
    You can also find my review here:https://devouringbooks2017.wordpress....For some reason I didn't expect this to be as good as it was. I loved this book! I initially thought that this was a retelling of Snow White and the Huntsman, and I guess it is, extremely loosely so, but not in the way I expected. This story is unique and filled with some fantasy elements that made for a very interesting book. The characters were developed exceptionally well...
  • Nicki Chapelway
    This was such a fun book and while it was a little slow near the beginning, it certainly picked up and I ended up really enjoying it and laughing in several areas. All The Lovely Things... The characters (except for Fione, I'm still not sure if I trust her and so help me if she turns against my babies...)!The relationships!The world building, this world was so complex and real and unlike any other world I'd ever read of before.All the snark, sarc...
  • Misty
    4.5 There's some cheesiness, there's some OTTness, and the end felt a bit rushed. But damned if I didn't just eat this up.And now I have to wait a whole year for more! 😧
  • Jelena Milenković
    3.5 stars “If you fear the past, it becomes your future.” The story starts with Zera, a Heartless (a person who's been dead, and resurrected by a witch and that now is under the said witch control, being unable to be far away from his/her heart which is now in witch's possession) who's on a mission of stealing Prince's heart in order to prevent the second war between humans and witches and, more importantly, retrieve hers and her fellow H...