The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

The Girlfriend

Laura Cavendish can’t wait to meet the woman who’s won her son’s affection. Despite a successful career in television and a long, prosperous marriage, Laura’s world revolves around kind, talented Daniel. She pictures his new girlfriend, Cherry, becoming a close friend and confidante . . . one day, even a daughter-in-law.But although Cherry is beautiful and amiable, Laura can’t warm to her. There’s something about the possessive way sh...

Details The Girlfriend

TitleThe Girlfriend
Release DateJan 30th, 2018
PublisherKensington Publishing Corp.
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Reviews The Girlfriend

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    This review is featured on my Mini Review Monday segment:I think this would be better suited as a domestic drama than being pushed as a thriller of any variety. I know that psychological thrillers are hot right now and the title sells books, but readers like me who go in with certain expectations will only feel lukewarm about this story. While it wasn't a bad read by any means, I'm afraid it wasn't great or anything I haven't read before. There w...
  • Kendall
    The Girlfriend was highly highly addictive. It's clever, unique, and fast paced! What I liked about this psychological thriller is it's something that I haven't seen before. I feel like I've read quite a few thrillers over the last few months that have the SAME storyline. So, Michelle I commend you on creating an addictive and sassy thriller!This little baby kept me on my TOES... like I'm talking almost falling off the edge anticipation to find o...
    Addictive to the point that whilst on a two hour flight, I found myself wishing my flight was longer just so I could spend some more quality time with this gem.I have mentioned before that I am very stingy with my 5 star ratings, only saving them for my absolute favourites and this one definitely fits into that category! When it grips you to the point that you can't help thinking about it and talking about it to all who will listen, then you know...
  • Carrie
    Cherry has never known what it was like to have money coming from the poor side of town where her single mother worked for years in a supermarket with no hope of anything better. Cherry was determined that was not going to be how she spent her life and spent a few months making appointments for real estate showings only to learn the business and snag a job at a nice firm. In her new job she meets Daniel while showing him an apartment up for rent....
  • Dash fan
    5☆+  ReviewI absolutely loved the girlfriend. It was fast paced, exciting, very clever, and a chilling in places. Daniel is from a very wealthy family. He meets the charming Cherry in an Estate Agents whilst looking for a place to buy.Cherry is from a poorer family in Croydon. She dreams of living the wealthy lifestyle and strives to achieve bigger things Then along comes wealthy Daniel. They have instant chemistry and things between them move...
  • Theresa Alan
    This novel, set in Kensington, England, pits the two women that love twenty-three-year-old medical student Daniel against each other: His mother Laura and his new girlfriend Cherry. Daniel never wanted for anything growing up. Cherry, on the other hand, lived in poverty and is desperate for a way out, even if it means lying a bit on her resume and pushing her mother out of her life as much as possible. Both Cherry and Laura initially hope to have...
  • Nazanin
    4.25 Stars"A mother thought their child more perfect than anyone … but mothers also knew their children better than anyone else did."Well, for her first book it was damn great!! Such a thrilling story! So compelling! She enraged me with those characters! Howard for his damn coolness about his family! Actually I think his family didn’t matter to him! Daniel with all his naivety that chose his NEW girlfriend above his MOTHER! Oh, Cherry!!! I li...
  • Mandy
    This was actually really good. A fast-paced, compelling read.The protagonist is Laura, a woman who has a good job, and is wealthy but is estranged from her husband but won't divorce him. They live in the same house, and she cooks for him sometimes but Howard has been having an affair for years. Laura's one great love is her son, Daniel.He is now 23 years old and a trainee doctor. Laura is pleased and proud and quite smug that her son is so handso...
  • ReadAlong With Sue
    Oh I so count myself lucky I got on with my Mother-in-law and that I am grounded.This is a book you will start and be prepared you won't want to drag yourself away from. I stayed with it until I finished it the early hours of this morning.RelationshipsYes, they are the hardest to keep, the hardest to keep steady but throw in an unsteady person, jealousy and then things crack.Daniel and Cherry. The Girlfriend.Daniel was raised in a well to do fami...
  • Tooter
    3.75 Stars. The Girlfriend is a fast paced, well written mystery by Michelle Frances. It’s a bit predictable with an abrupt ending that left me wanting more…maybe an epilogue from Daniel’s point of view. Overall it was a good read and I would not hesitate to read more from this author. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC!