The Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller 1) by Todd Merer

The Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller 1)

When the world’s most notorious cartel bosses get arrested, they call Benn Bluestone. A drug lawyer sharp enough to exploit loopholes in the system, Bluestone loves the money, the women, the action that come with his career…but working between the lines of justice and crime has taken its toll, and he desperately wants out. He’s convinced himself that only an insanely rich client can guarantee him a lavish retirement.When the New Year begins...

Details The Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller 1)

TitleThe Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller 1)
Release DateNov 1st, 2017
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Fiction, Suspense, Contemporary

Reviews The Extraditionist (A Benn Bluestone Thriller 1)

  • Tulay
    One of the best Kindle First choices I made.Fictional books written by a real attorney is always really good, sometimes even learn something. Like didn't know lawyer were called doctor in Colombia, or in federal court, only the judge decides whether a prospective juror should be disqualified for cause. Benn Bluestone character is developed from the start as someone you'll hate doing business with. He's definitely "ultranarcissits" (author's descr...
  • Darcia Helle
    Todd Merer has an engaging writing style. He puts readers right in the midst of the characters' world. The pace is quick and the concept unique. That being said, I didn't love this book.To begin with, I didn't like Benn Bluestone at all. He's a womanizer, he's greedy, and he lacks compassion. This story is written in first person, from Benn's perspective, so the reading experience came down to me spending hours with someone who grated on my nerve...
  • Ira Brandstein
    A true thrillerA very quick and entertaining book, with many twists and turns. Also, I’m from Brooklyn, so I may be a little biased.
  • Sharon Bogen
    The dark sideI didn't think I would find this book all that interesting. I was very wrong. Like history? Like legal thrillers? Interested in how contaminated we are by drugs? Read this book....
  • Rebecca
    Awesome. Hang on the edge of your seat. Stay up late to finish another chapter. Twisty turns and conspiracy theories run wild. Best book I've read this year (2017)
  • Alex
    Strange book. Uneven. Too many characters to keep track of. After a while, it's a morass of anonymous names, and if you're not taking notes, you can't remember who they were or how they're connected to anything. It's enjoyable at times, but the opening chapters are trying way too hard to sound like one of those pulp detective books. Once he got past that and just started telling his story, I enjoyed it for a while. But the protagonist never reall...
  • Schuyler Wallace
    In real life Todd Merer is a criminal defense attorney in New York City. Benn Bluestone, protagonist of Merer’s first novel, “The Extraditionist,” is the same, representing the same criminals, high-ranking drug cartel chiefs, who have been extradited to the United States to answer for their transgressions against US citizens. Merer probably explored his files for material to construct his story, a move, if his novel is to be believed, which...
  • Ed Doolan
    Enjoyed this bookI really liked this book very much. It was very fast paced with new twists and turns every few pages. The characters in the book were very believable and developed in a very crisp narrative. You could tell the author had knowledge of this drug world and how it works. I would recommend this book. I am sure Benn Bluestone will be back.
  • Nancy E. Schadt
    Boring. Did not like the narrator, Benn Bluestone; he did not have any redeeming qualities. Also there were too many one dimensional characters and too little plot development. Did not feel invested in any aspect of the novel by chapter 16 and so did something I rarely do; I stopped reading. Life is too short.
  • Tracey
    Although the story was fairly predictable, you can’t help get sucked into the story or care what happens to the main character
  • Brett
    Good read. Interesting characters and great story line I look forward to another installment from this author I see a sequel in Mr.Bluestone
  • Amy Peck
    I quit at 50% read. Too circular. I keep reading page after page and get nowhere. I’ve come to the point that I don’t care anymore. Disappointing.
  • April
    I literally devoured this book in 48 hours! Mr. Mere kept me on the edge of my seat with the unending plot twists and "ah ha" moments! Remarkable literary debut...looking forward to what Benn Bluestone will stumble into next!
  • Carl Kessler
    Held my interest right to the endTight dialog and compelling plot movement held my interest enough to read this in one sitting. Looking forward to the next volume.
  • David Daniel
    A Fascinating ReadThis book exposed me to a new world I’d never imagined. Given the author’s background, and the general air of verisimilitude, I tend to believe it is accurate. Reading this book was a guilty pleasure; most of the characters are utterly reprehensible, and yet once I got into it, I didn’t want to put it down. If you’ve ever been interested in what happens after significant drug traffickers are arrested, read this book. I l...
  • Gronk
    Every character is a worthless crook. Anyone and everyone is likely to be killed on the next page. What's the point?
  • Ken Hulse
    Not goodI have heard that war And peace is a book can cure insomnia. This book is in the running for another one that can do the same job. Meandering plot with zero character development and no real story line. An attorney who does almost no legal work represents south American drug dealers hoping to buy immunity by snitching on other drug dealers. That's it nothing more. The dealers are one name and one dimensional. No one is believable or the l...
  • Kelly
    *** Full review on ***Actual rating: 3.5 starsSometimes, I need a good old fashioned kick in the butt by a decent book in a genre that I do actually enjoy but don't pick up nearly enough to make me realize that reading a variety of books is GOOD for me.  The Extraditionist was a solid reminder of my love of thrillers.The Extraditionist is an intense debut novel by Todd Merer, wherein his background  as a criminal...
  • Toni
    For some readers, the main character of Todd Merer’s novel may be a difficult character to like. By his own admission, Benn Bluestone is mercenary, definitely greedy, and fighting to be the one coming out on top. More a protagonist than a hero, he’s already lost the woman he loves, though he has a foolhardy hope he’ll eventually win her back, but that is probably a dream if not a nightmare. Benn is alone, in more ways than one, haunted by m...
  • Jessica Bronder
    Benn Bluestone is an attorney that represents the worst of the worst. He is an ultranarcissits and someone you won’t like. He represents drug cartels and plays a major role in getting them off the charges or getting their lives shortened. Of course he has to watch his back because there is always someone that wants to keep their secrets safe and Benn on the wrong side of a gun. But then he finds himself tangled up with Sombra and things take a ...
  • Lynne
    This was another Kindle First choice that I wouldn't have normally read. This book was complex in that there were many characters to keep track of and plots within plots. I had trouble following at times. Reading it was like a love-hate relationship as there were times that I enjoyed reading and other times I couldn't wait to be finished with it. Almost the entire time I was reading I "knew" I wouldn't read anything else by this author. But he ho...
  • Dbl
    Too many charactersThis book was well written but there was way too many characters and subplots. It was difficult keeping up with everything. The main character, Benn, avoided many pitfalls and this part was difficult to accept. It seemed there were too many close calls that always allowed Benn to keep going. Not too realistic. I downloaded this free book through Kindle so I didn’t expect too much. I was right and probably won’t read this au...
  • Julie Patterson
    This was a little slow to start but interesting enough to keep reading. Then it gets really good when the action really starts picking up and the things that are alluded to being connected start connecting. Also it has a great ending. Which for me can make or break a great story!I look forward to more from Benn Bluestone in the future
  • Jerik
    A good legal mysteryIf you can keep up with a plethora of Colombian drug ties, the story pulls you in. If you are not good at keeping track of names and places, this book is not for you. I figured much of it out about the halfway point, but it still kept me interested enough to finish it rather quickly.Lots of language, death and drug content, so not for the feint of heart.
  • shirley strulovic
    Un mundo al que no quiero pertenecerEl libro te acompaña en un mundo real y ajeno, con mucho detalle en las distintas dimensiones de los personajes; sin embargo, no está escrito de una manera que engancha. El autor dedica mucho en los detalles que su experiencia domina, más denota desconocimiento escribiendo.
  • Dnyanesh Talpade
    Todd Merer weaves a compelling story with his first book and with Benn Bluestone. A good alternative if you are fond of the legal thriller genre. Although there are too many plots happening at the same time all seem to have a very obvious common thread and that makes the plot lines a tad tedious but never uninteresting. Looking forward to book two in the series.
  • JC
    Got this one free from Amazon as part of their fistreads program, and one of my less favorite books. The book was actually well written, just not really the type of book that I generally like. I just didn't really like the main character and couldn't connect. Interesting story, just not my favorite style and found myself frustrated several times.
  • Meredith McCarthy
    Super first novel—a new Grisham in the making Loved the well woven themes tied so seamlessly with wit, humanity and reality that only comes from those who have been there! Great characters, I hope we see more of Benn and Laura in the not too distant future. A great read, funny and thought provoking at the same time.
  • Norm Elpers
    The ExtraditionistMerer is an excellent writer given his narrative skills coupled with wry humor. I had a problem following the confusing plot due mostly because of dozens of characters, some of whom I couldn't quite relate to the story.
  • Fred Coleman
    I Never Thought About ItWow ... A first time for me to read & consider the drug issue and the world involved in its management from Hope to Here to Stay & Really?!?...a war without End....