The Last Thing She Ever Did by Gregg Olsen

The Last Thing She Ever Did

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a psychological thriller exploring the things we dare to do when no one is looking . . .The community along Oregon's Deschutes River is one of successful careers and perfect families. For years, up-and-comers Liz and Owen have admired their good friends and neighbors, Carole and David. They appear to have it all--security, happiness, and a beautiful young son, Charlie.Then Charlie vanishes witho...

Details The Last Thing She Ever Did

TitleThe Last Thing She Ever Did
Release DateJan 1st, 2018
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Last Thing She Ever Did

  • Meredith
    3.5 starsThe characters in this book are a bunch of self-centered a**holes, but they make for an entertaining read! The Last Thing She Ever Did is a suspenseful, quick read filled with twists and turns. The characters are appalling, the story is over the top, and there's tons of drama--this combination makes for an addictive reading experience! Behind the closed doors of the beautiful facades of Bend, Oregon yuppie couples Liz and Owen Jarrett ...
  • Kendall
    The Last Thing She Ever Did is a fast and engaging thriller. This was my first experience with Gregg Olson and I can definitely see why many people like his style of writing :).Gregg Olson knows how to leave his readers on the edge of their seats! Can I just say... talk about a year of bad luck!! Yikes! Liz and Owen live in a small Oregon community by the Deschutes River. They are good friends with their neighbors David and Carole who appear to h...
  • Brenda - Traveling Sister
    3.5 StarsThe Last thing She Ever Did is an intriguing story and it caught my attention right from the start. I felt a little sympathy for one of our main characters right from the start but that did not last long. In one moment things changed for our characters and it sets off a chain of such awful behavior, it was hard to find any sympathy for these unlikable characters. Of course, except for Charlie.Gregg Olsen does a great job here creating so...
  • Sarah Joint
    What a nerve-racking book! It made me feel for characters I thought I couldn't. A bit, anyway... as this book is full of characters that are difficult to like. Just when you think you've identified the worst character... oh, you're wrong. Bad decisions run rampant in this one. Suspenseful enough to keep your attention if slightly predictable. I know a lot of people won't be a fan of the ending... but even though it was jarring, I was okay with it...
  • Nazanin
    3 StarsWell, this book was really good. It was predictable but the writing was really good. It held my interest and I was enjoying it, then I read the ending and it disappointed me! It didn’t satisfy me! I wanted to know about that unfinished conversation, about (view spoiler)[how Liz was going to tell the truth (hide spoiler)] or what was Carole’s reaction or what she would say after knowing about the truth or what the detective would do; th...
  • Brenda
    I've read a few Gregg Olsen books before and enjoyed them. I tried to keep an open mind as I read this book, but characters doing really stupid things, making really bad decisions, and compounding their lies drive me nuts! There was more than one character in this book that did just that. I see that some readers didn’t like the ending. By then, I didn’t really care. I couldn’t trust anyone to do the right thing, so why would they start then...
  • Tulay
    Couldn't give five stars.Reason for four stars is; readers have to decide what was "The Last Thing She Ever Did." I like clear start with clear ending, don't want to wonder, may this or may be that.Missing three years old boy, his mother's suffering was little long. There are many twists kept my heart beating fast. We know what happened to him, questions was how and when he was going to be found.Glad that this tragedy opened the eyes of Carole an...
  • Sherri Thacker
    Holy cow!!!! What did i just read????? This book is one gripping, fast paced story from the very first page to the last!!! I started it this morning and just kept reading!!! It had me on the edge of my seat. So many lies, so many secrets ... it just fully engaged me the whole time!! But wait ... the ending !!!! Hmmmmmm. That’s all I’m gonna say. You need to read this book. 5 stars from me!!
  • Victor *we were on a break!*
    I didn't like anyone in this story. I didn't like the split-second and life-altering decisions that were made. I didn't like such a simple premise.I read this in one sitting.I didn't look for any opportunity to do laundry or dust picture frames. I planted my backside on the sofa and with the exception of a few bathroom and coffee breaks, I read the whole thing. The writing is that good.Not only did I not connect with anyone, I didn't like them. T...
  • Gary
    A community full of perfect families with successful careers, what could go wrong. But for the families along Oregon’s Deschutes River life is about to change. Liz and Owen have always admired their good friends and neighbours, Carole and David. They appear to have it all, security, happiness, and a beautiful young son, Charlie. But when Charlie vanishes without a trace, and all that seemed safe is shattered by a tragedy that is incomprehensibl...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    THE LAST THING SHE EVER DID Written By Gregg OlsenJANUARY 1, 2018; 380 Pages (Thomas & Mercer)Genre: suspense, mystery, thriller, gritty, fiction(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)RATING: 4 STARSThis novel is crazy! I mean crazy in a good way. I will warn you that there are some uncomfortable scenes in this book, so if you don’t like gritty suspense novels, you might want to pass on this one. Charlie, a young boy, is out of his mother’s si...
  • Samantha
    I tried to enjoy this but I gave up mid way. I’m going in to 2018 with the ‘life is too short for books you don’t connect with’ so I’m giving up with this one. It’s stuffed full of characters who each have this disgusting selfishness about them that makes my skin crawl. A little extreme you may say but it’s my unshakeable reaction to this book sadly. The story (this happens at the beginning so no spoilers!) basically revolves around...
  • Christina Renfro
    This will quickly become a fan favorite! Think you've made some bad choices? Grab this book, have a read, you will see how one bad life choice can snowball out of control!
  • Megan Carpenter
    Where to start with this book? This book is by far the best book I have read this year! From the very first page all the way to the last this book has you on the edge of your seat! The way this book is written you find yourself turning page after page and wanting to just keep reading! The twists and turns in this book are outstanding they leave your mind to wander to what if's and who done it. If I were to rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10 I w...
  • TheCowboyWayne
    Great read I'm honored to think Amazon considers my to be contextually similar enough to Gregg Olson's enough so that they appear to have removed my previous review of this book based on possible bias. However this isn't the case. I read, no, i devoured this book in 2 days. Which for me is quite a feat. It was simply that good of a story.That the author lives locally is pure coincidence I assure you.This story feels real. It can be true a true st...
  • Lee Husemann
    I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is a fantastic book and one that you will not want to put down. There are lots of twists and turns in it with a real surprise ending. This is one of the best books I have read this year. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good thriller.
  • Chris
    if you have not heard of Gregg olsen you must read this book. outstanding writing and a bit scarey in places. loved it.i find with his books you just cant wait to see what is on the next page.
  • Alaina Meserole
    SO GOOD!The Last Thing She Ever Did will have you on the edge of your seat THE ENTIRE TIME. I was probably a hot mess the entire time while reading it. I barely slept while reading this book because it was so freaking addicting! I just wanted to know everything! I couldn't wait! Plus, my mind was like "WHAT IS SLEEP?!?" "DON'T KID YOURSELF! READ THE DAMN BOOK LADY!". Yup, the book won this round and I'm not regretting anything.Okay, so this book ...
  • Yellagirlgc
    Liz was running late to take her bar exam and the unthinkable happened. She hit her best friends son with her truck and hides his body. Her husband Owen helps with the cover up. Watching Carole fall apart not knowing where her three year old is was tearing Liz apart. She wasnt the only person keeping secrets. As things unfolded I sympathized with Carole. Not knowing what happened to Charlie on her watch and blaming herself. As mothers we can't ke...
  • Lynda Kelly
    Hmmm....this was a solid 4* till I looked back before composing this review at the notes I'd made on my Kindle and as I did I realised there are a LOT of things mentioned I'm having to defer to Google for. A lot. Now, I easily preferred this to the 2 true crime books I've read by him, since both were edited terribly. No proper proofread. This is definitely WAY better presented which I was happy about. Plus I selected this as my Kindle First book ...
  • Ella Star
    Beetles never stop. They gnaw silently and relentlessly. Guilt is like that too. OMG this book truly tested my limits! I don’t tend to get squeamish often but this one made me feel sick to my stomach all the while providing a compelling story and a satisfying conclusion I was sooo praying for.This book was honestly incredible and solidifies my belief that T&M thrillers are some of the best out there. This is my third one in a month or so and I ...
  • Lisa
    An edge of the seat thriller.A gripping novel , from start to finish. This is the first time I have read anything by this author, but it certainly won't be the last. Just when you think you know where the story is going, it bends and twists and takes you down an unexpected path. A riveting read x
  • Andrea
    Good fast paced thriller. I liked it, not TOO complex, fast paced enough to keep me turning pages.
  • Lorna Robinson
    when I began to read this book I didn't like the route it was taking, but glad I stuck with it and just had to keep reading to the end.
  • pat goode
    Good bookEnjoyed this book.was full of shape we and just when you tbhi k what happens next. It goes a other way
  • Melissa In The City 🥂
    I had a love/hate thing with this book. I couldn't wait to read it, then I started it and was thiiiis close to just putting it on the DNF shelf. It seemed to be going somewhere I didn't want to go. It was sad, creepy and anything sad and creepy involving a 3 year old child, I just can't get into. But, I am so glad I stuck with it because it went somewhere totally unexpected and then I could NOT put it down. Seriously people, I finished it in 24 h...
  • Donna Hines
    Liz and Owen along with their neighbors Carol and David reside along the treasured picturesque perfect Bend Oregon's Deschutes River Community.They are living the life everyone dreams until their son Charlie disappears.Now two marriages are broken from an awful accident that can't be undone.Liz goes within retreating to her own safe haven and dark place while paranoia sets in along with betrayals from her own unthinkable actions.Did I mention the...
  • Richard D
    Fabulous Bone Chilling Thriller! Really enjoyed this novel!
  • Jo
    Liz is a basketcase. Owen's a little sh*t. Carole was careless with her most precious thing. What mother leaves a 3 year old by a body of water? I don't care if he was the most well-behaved child or not. Leaving a 3 year old alone even for a few minutes is not a good idea. I see the potential in this plot, but I guessed early on what was going to happen. The ensuing 200 pages were full of angst and hate. I wanted to try a Gregg Olsen novel. He is...