The Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2) by Mark Siegel

The Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2)

5 Worlds. 3 Unlikely Heroes. 1 Epic Battle for the Galaxy!Oona Lee surprised everyone--including herself--when she lit the first beacon to save the Five Worlds from extinction. Can she light the other four beacons in time? Next stop, Toki! On the blue planet, Oona must face the sister who left her, and bring to light the Cobalt Prince's dark secrets. Meanwhile, An Tzu is fading away as his mysterious illness gets worse. Will it stop him from join...

Details The Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2)

TitleThe Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2)
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherRandom House Children's Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Comics, Childrens, Juvenile, Science Fiction, Middle Grade

Reviews The Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2)

  • Francina Simone
    Worst part of reading this is finishing it. Love this series!
  • Tanja Voosen
    The "5 Worlds" series is one of my all time favourite comic series - and I read a lot comics the past few years. Everything about this one fits perfectly together: emotional, original story with humor, heartbreak, action and great fantasy elements. Outstanding and georgous illustrations. Lovabale characters and some really wise dialogues about courage, family and finding strength within yourself. Can't wait for volume three!
  • Cassie Stever
    WOW. this series is so adorable and has left me with so many emotions! highly recommend these graphic novels. the story is beautiful and the illustrations are lovely. truly cannot wait for the third installment!
  • Kris Springer
    Great art about alien worlds and a heroine with great skills. Should be 5 in the series. Marketed as a juvenile graphic novel.
  • Andrienne
    I love this continuation of the Sand Dancers. Oona is searching for answers. She thinks she knows what’s happening but her lost sister makes an appearance and she doesn’t know what to believe. Who is the Cobalt Prince and what are his intentions? Gorgeous artwork and an engaging storyline will appeal to those who like the tales of Hayao Miyazaki.Access to review copy provided by publisher.
  • Emmielaine
    A great sequel to a great book! The art of the first 5 Worlds comic was what caught my attention when I saw it on the library shelf, and the sequel is no different. Every page is a beautiful diorama of color and motion. It's just jam packed with personality! Five worlds; five artists, but it all feels like one unified style. Well done, guys! There are a lot of plot twists that really come as unexpected instead of the typical tropes. Definitely no...
  • Ron Turner
    Reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Geared towards kids but the storyline is much more advanced.
  • Fiona Watson
  • Lauren
    Such a great series. I'm not-so-patiently waiting for the next one. This is a great series for lovers of Bone or Amulet
  • Louis Dore-Savard
    Everything makes a little more sense in Volume 2 of this saga. Which makes it more enjoyable. It stays pretty light in the dialogue but the plot gets more original and more distant more its obvious influences such as Bone and Amulet. IT's getting pretty good.
  • hallie bertling
    💜have you read this series? it’s young readers & not just gorgeous, but very exciting. a perfect quiet caffeinated afternoon read!!
  • Jenee
    I love this series, can't for Red Maze to come out!
  • Jenna
    A fun world and it just keeps getting bigger!
  • Diana
    Another great installment with immersive art and a transportive story that culminates with fast-paced action and ends on a tantalizing set up for the next book! Gah, this would be so amazing to see animated!
  • Stephanie
    A great sequel! Good series to recommend for those who love Amulet.
  • Aaron
    The Cobalt Prince is a perfect addition to the 5 Worlds series. Equal parts Miyazaki and Moebius, it deals with the absurdity of racism and the dangers of blindly accepting other people's truths as your own. Can't wait for Book 3.
  • Hailey
    I love this series so much! This is the best young readers fantasy graphic novel series that I have read so far. It's beautifully drawn, it has engaging characters, and the world building is unique and interesting. Overall, this is great story that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and I think will especially appeal to fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm impatiently waiting for the next in the series!
  • Héloise
    It was INCREDIBLE. i have no words. The wolrds are just amazing. Can’t wait for the 3rd one !
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Siegel, Mark and Siegel, Alexis Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2) 245 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL Random House, 2017. $17.99. Language: G ( 0 swears) ; Mature Content:G; Violence: G. There are five worlds, with five different races, each world suited to each race. Their habitats are breaking down and some believe that is due to the fact that each planet has not been able to light its ancient beacon. The mother world, the largest, house's a magical group of sa...
  • Travis Mueller
    In reading this volume, I found myself wondering what I found so enchanting about the first book. Though I think the issue is more with me than the book, since this is a fun little adventure story with nice art and an interesting setting full of neat little visual details of alien cultures and biomes; but it isn't quite what I'm looking for now, apparently. Though there are some details that annoy me. Like Jax's supposed death; it is obvious that...
  • Anna Qualls
    I read this book as a favor and I was surprised at how it actually told a decent story. The characters were all varied, and had to problem solve and accept new hardships in order to continue their fight to defeat the dark Prince. The story also didn’t lose anything through the graphic novel. The story was told concisely and nothing was lost in the translation between the graphics and the words. This was the second installment in a series and it...
  • Surly
    I'm reviewing the first two volumes of 5 Worlds as a unitary work. The vaguely Asian-anime styling, with elemental powers, falls into the growing genre built on Avatar: The Last Airbender. There's plenty of adventure, some strong but not very deep characters (with more than a hat tip to diversity), and plenty of melodrama. How could they! How could you!It's all good enough, and probably great for fans of the genre. But even with allowances for th...
  • Barbara
    Picking right up where The Sand Warrior left off, this graphic novel takes readers to Toki, the blue planet. There, Oona Lee is reunited with her beloved older sister, Jessa, who left her years ago. But as it turns out, Jessa has been betrayed by the Cobalt Prince, and things are not what they might seem. In fact, much of what the sisters held to be true about their own origins turns out to be false. With An Tzu continuing to fade away and Jax Am...
  • Anna
    I loved this. I enjoy this series so much! I can't wait for the next ones to come out. The illustrations are beautiful as the last one, maybe even better. The colors are phenomenal and the story is great and engaging. I loved Oona's outfits in this book so much! The ending was lovely and had quite a twist. I won't tell you what it is, you will have to read it on your own to find out! It is worth the read though!We learn more about the sisters, th...
  • Amanda
    4 1/2 starsIt had twists that I didn't see coming! Yeah! And, (view spoiler)[no beacon was lit in this book?! What?That totally caught me by surprise as that is kind of the whole point! (hide spoiler)] Madam just finished reading this, this morning and we had a great discussion about the series in the car on the way to morning drop-off. Happiness. We both have favorite characters and we both love how taking care of nature/your world plays such a ...
  • Laine
    there's so much about this i love. the world building is so fun, the landscapes are so gorgeous. i love how the series is exploring deep seated bigotry with ahn tzu and the toki people. i love the vagina ship! i love the sisters and their relationship so so much. i want the third volume now, please!!5 stars.
  • Matt Glaviano
    An improvement over the first volume. I still don't like the color palette, and the action panels are occasionally hard to follow. But the story continues to build and engross, creating a surprisingly full world.
  • Angie
    Oona, Jax and An Tzu have lit the white beacon and are now headed to Toki for the blue. There they will have to face Oona's sister and the Cobalt Prince. They will also have to discover where their friends are and hopefully rescue them. This series is so much fun and I hate having to wait for the next installment. The world-building is awesome, the art work is beautiful and the story will keep you wanting more.
  • Brianna
    A wonderful middle grade fantasy series. I enjoy the art and the intricate world. There are real and impactful themes in this series, such as the importance of found family, intolerance based on skin color or species, and environmental preservation. The little sacred oil buddy was the cutest!
  • Megan Staples
    It was soooo good I recommend it to everyone who loves adventure and I am so exited for the next one