Neverwake (Dreamfall #2) by Amy Plum

Neverwake (Dreamfall #2)

For most people, nightmares always come to an end. But for Cata, Ant, and the others, there may be no escape from theirs. After an experimental treatment meant to cure their insomnia went horribly wrong, the teens were dragged into a shared dreamworld where their most terrifying fears became reality.The six of them have no way of waking up. And they’re beginning to realize that if they die here, they might actually die in the real world. One of...

Details Neverwake (Dreamfall #2)

TitleNeverwake (Dreamfall #2)
Release DateAug 7th, 2018
GenreYoung Adult, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews Neverwake (Dreamfall #2)

  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult / Horror*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Neverwake is the second and final installment in author Amy Plum's Dreamfall duology. The series was partly inspired by the 90s film Flatliners, which was remade into a September 2017 movie. Neverwake picks up right where Dreamfall left off. In case you haven't yet read this series, I'll briefly summarize for you. In the beginning, there were 7 teenagers who agreed to become patien...
  • Melanie (TBR and Beyond)
    I'm debating between 3 and 4 stars right now. I'll sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. I really enjoyed it though! I'm glad I gave this duology a fair shot. It was great fun. RTC.
  •  Amelia
    This was a solid trilogy. I might've liked it more if it didn't feel so repetitive. The plot in both books went like this:they get in a nightmare and fight it - get to the Void - spend a few minutes trying to figure out things - mostly fail - get in a different nightmare - fight it- the Void - reflecting on things - nightmare and so on..Between their chapters of survival, there are a few Jamie's chapters - he's a lab assistant of sorts and he's t...
  • Whitney
    I don't know how I feel about this. I realllllllllly liked Dreamfall. Way more than I thought I would (and I thought I'd like it a lot). So I was very excited for this book. I didn't like it as much as Dreamfall. Not because it wasn't good, but because it just wasn't what I was expecting. The dream portion of this book are much creepier than the first one (in a good way). The characters that remain alive are explored more in depth and given a cha...
  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    I finally picked up Amy Plum's conclusion to Dreamfall with Neverwake! I read Dreamfall as an ARC last year and was positively DYING to get my hands on this one! It picks up pretty much where we left off, which was a good thing because things were getting rather intense when we learned that among the teenagers was a psychopathic murderer! Cue the dramatic music!We already know who the killer is and that's Sinclair. Yet the teenagers are still cau...
  • Kayla
    I didn't like this as much as the first book but it was still very unique and weird in a good way.
  • Teenreadsdotcom
    In the sequel to DREAMFALL, Amy Plum continues the story of several teenagers stuck in a dream world in NEVERWAKE. Cata, Ant, Fergus, Sinclair and Remi are the surviving members of the experiment. Trapped in the Dreamfall, they have figured out the pattern of the dreams and the Void. Not only must they survive each terrifying nightmare, they must figure out a way to escape the Dreamfall before death is imminent. New secrets and twists are introdu...
  • Alina Dinu
    Horror show! Or maybe not so much. If Dreamfall was a single book I would have been satisfied. But…book two kind of jinxed it. It was frustratingly nightmares abundant or stretched to nightmares infinity and becoming somewhat boring. If in book one the horrors the characters were exposed to made for an entertaining action, in book two it feels repetitive. The plot brings new intriguing turnovers and some characters die but their sleeping state ...
  • Beth
    What a great ending! I really enjoyed both books, and I appreciated the fact that Amy Plum keeps her story moving. The characters are great, and I found myself pulling for these teens. I am sure all of my teens who like horror will enjoy these two books! Fun, fast read.
  • Dee Price
    I love this creepy sequel to Dreamfall! Imagine Freddy Kreuger teaming up with all of your worst nightmares and terrorizing you in a perpetual dream state that you literally get no reprieve from. That would be the perfect synopsis for this book series that follows a group of kids who face their greatest fears, supernatural beings, and killer dreams in a horrifying world that they created in their own minds. Their only chance of survival is a st...
  • pdbkwm
    Fresh off of finishing Dreamfall, I decided to go straight into Neverwake to see what happened after that cliffhanger ending. Even though I had some issues with the first book, in the end I felt ho-hum regarding the entire thing. Dreamfall had great potential, but I don’t know if it translated all that well in book form. Now that I’ve finished reading Neverwake, my feelings remain the same. I love the idea for this series. Seven kids connecti...
  • The Beauty and Her Reads
    I was so excited for this installment to come out! The first novel ended on quite a cliffhanger.The description of nightmares was out of this world. I don’t even understand how could the author even conjure such horrific things to write about. Brett’s nightmare especially gave me goosebumps.The writing style, as well as the description of the Void and the nightmares, is much more vivid than the first installment. I felt like the duology kind ...
  • Kate
    With six teens still surviving in the dream study that went very, very wrong, Jaime is working to get the doctors to see what's happening: the teens are going through expanding intervals of nightmares, and decreasing intervals of the Void between the nightmares. With everyone becoming more and more exhausted, the teens struggle to deal with Brett's atypical brain and figuring out who is the psychotic patient Fergus heard about. The dreams continu...
  • Lynndell
    Never Wake by Amy Plum, the sequel to Dreamfall, starts right where the first book left off. Dreamfall ended with the documented knowledge that one of the teens is a psychopath. The intensity is amplified and the suspense keeps building! The dream state is lasting longer and the void is shortening, so the teens are inside nightmares longer each time and their rest time will eventually disappear. They’re already struggling to survive while the n...
  • Laura Metz
    So Sinclair finally got what he deserved...I thought he would of been psychotic enough to make it out of the dreamfall. But I am very glad at how he was forced to stay in the dreamfall. Incredible writing. Great for Cata and Furgus to get their happy ending and very commendable of Jamie who we still don't know is male or female and I like that mystery for going above and beyond saving the kids from dreamfall. What an amazing book. That it's a sma...
  • Amanie McGee
    I enjoyed the first one a lot more but this one was still pretty good. The dream sequences were even more vivid and creepy which I really enjoyed. It didn't lag at all which was nice. My main issue was the switching point of views between the teens and with Jaimie. I enjoyed Jaimie in the first book but this time around I was more ehh towards him. Other than that the horror and creepy factor was pretty darn good.
  • Haley
    The sequel-finale to Dreamfall, Neverwake is a really interesting mix of horror and sci-fi. I loved Amy Plum's Die For Me Series. These books arn't romantic like that series, but they're still really thrilling and cool. I personally don't have any scary nightmares, just a few gross ones that are bad dreams, like bugs or dirty bathrooms. I still wouldn't want to be in the situation these characters were put through, jeeze, one nightmare after anot...
  • Tayler Gallant
    Beautiful this novel was a work of art their fears their horrors and traumas i felt them as if they were my own everything they endured i felt this novel was brilliantly written i would recommend this series to everyone because i feel its an important novel to read reading this helped shed some light on my own horrors and struggle i loved every second of this novel and im glad everyone got a happy ending well most everyone
  • Candra Hodge
    Not a trilogy I want to start by commending the author for not falling into the trap of the trilogy. This commendation is in part because trilogies have become expected by many readers and the other part being that I couldn't have waited for the third book! This is the stunning conclusion to the dreamfall series. Will the dreamers ever wake?
  • Megan Lindsay
    The story line was really interesting and would make an amazing movie series, but I still couldn’t help but wish the book would have ended sooner. Not that it was a bad book/series by any means, I just had a hard time connecting with the characters and story line as a whole. I would recommend these to friends, but it wasn’t one of my favorites.
  • H
    I loved Dreamfall. I loved the switch of POV between the characters. And I preferred it that way. I think the dreams were explored a bit more in this book but I kind of was expecting something more. Idk what. Maybe it was something more creepy or maybe the vibe became different. But anyhow I enjoyed the book. Iam satisfied. ^_^
  • Kylie
    A very satisfying conclusion to an excellent duology. With the nightmare scenarios increasing both in length and horror factor, it builds to a very agreeable ending, which is all you can ask for really!
  • Layla
    This book was excellent. I enjoyed it immensely. Cata and the other teens are stuck in their nightmares. Something went wrong and they are trying to survive until the doctors of the trial can wake them up
  • Jim
    Great sequel to Dreamfall. Satisfying ending.
  • Xing Zhi
    I thought this was a good wrap up for the duology!That small world nightmare is something I bet every kid who went to see it probably had at some point in their lives though D: